White Robed Chief Chapter 584

Chapter 584 Divine Church

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Chu Li returned to his own courtyard in the Imperial Residence of King An.

By dawn, he had finished his cultivation and was having a meal with Xiao Shi in the Tianshu Courtyard. Suddenly, they heard Chief Zhu’s voice calling for him from outside, “Head Chief, Great Master Fa Yuan from the Tempest Temple is here and would like to meet you.”

“Fa Yuan? Let him in, I’ll come immediately.” Chu Li’s eyebrows raised.

“Yes,” answered Chief Zhu respectfully, before seeing himself out.

Xiao Shi wore a light blue gown and was holding a piece of pastry in her hands. Her eyebrows furrowed when she heard the news. “Why is that blasted monk here again? I’m sure it’s not for something good!”

Chu Li nodded with a faint smile.

Xiao Shi’s words were blunt, but they often hit the nail right on the head.

Chu Li put down his chopsticks and walked out to the main hall.

Once there, he saw that Fa Yuan was already seated. There was not a speck of dust on his grey cowl. He was holding his cup of tea in a dignified manner whilst sitting there silently.    ( Box novel.c om )

Chu Li pressed his palms together in front of his chest and bowed toward his guest. “You don’t visit unless there’s a good reason, Fa Yuan. What is it?”

Fa Yuan returned the gesture before sighing. “Almsgiver Chu, I am here today as a bearer of unfortunate news.”

Chu Li’s eyes narrowed.

Fa Yuan murmured, “Zhou Lingfeng has escaped.”

Chu Li was startled for a moment before promptly breaking into a laugh. “You’re joking, right? Wasn’t Zhou Lingfeng suppressed by the martial arts of the Tempest Temple? How has he actually managed to escape?”

The Tempest Temple had extremely tight security, even more so than the Imperial House. Stories of people managing to escape from the Tempest Temple were basically unheard of.

Fa Yuan slowly nodded. “I know it sounds odd, but it is what it is. Zhou Lingfeng has escaped; I have come here to inform you personally that he has his mind set on killing you, Almsgiver Chu.”

Chu Li stared at him.

Fa Yuan sighed again. “The matter has grown extremely serious, and you should be aware of it too, Almsgiver Chu.”

“Tell me everything. It’s hard to imagine that Zhou Lingfeng has managed to escape even though he was suppressed by the martial arts of the Tempest Temple. Have his capabilities grown, or are the disciples of the Tempest Temple not as reputable as they say?” Chu Li shook his head.

Fa Yuan was unaffected by Chu Li’s insult as he pressed his palms together in front of his chest once again. “He was aided by an accomplice. We were caught off guard, so they managed to rescue him.”

“It couldn’t possibly be his father, right? He is a disciple of the Tempest Temple, so he knows the internal workings of the sect. He could have acted as an informant, cooperating with the people outside,” Chu Li asked.

“… It is not Zhou Lingfeng’s father. It is another disciple from our temple,” Fa Yuan hesitated for a moment before replying.

“That’s interesting. So they worked together?” Chu Li smiled.

“…Yes.” Fa Yuan reluctantly nodded.

Chu Li stood up and began to pace around the room with his arms behind his back. He stared off into space as he prompted the monk further, “So, what’s the relationship between the two?”

“They won’t recognize each other. After all, Zhou Lingfeng is not a disciple of our temple. Meanwhile, Brother Fa Ren has always lived within the temple, so he could not possibly know him,” Fa Yuan replied.

“Fa Ren… He didn’t know Zhou Lingfeng, yet he still saved him?” Chu Li muttered.

Fa Yuan sighed and shook his head. “Brother Fa Ren has cultivated the Asura Power Technique as well.”

Chu Li chuckled. “That’s even funnier. People who cultivate the Asura Power Technique have always regarded each other as enemies; since when have they started helping each other?”

( Box novel.c om )    Chu Li had a good understanding of the Asura Power Technique and had looked into the Asura race as well. With the existence of the Grandmaster’s Boundary, they were different from others. They did not rely on each other, and in fact usually only saw each other as competition. They always kept to themselves, and rarely interacted with one another.

They would not listen to anybody, with the exception of someone who had the pure blood of an Asura and would most certainly fight to the death when faced with an opponent.

“From what my temple has gathered, a group of people who have cultivated the Asura Power Technique has gathered together, forming a Divine Church of Asura,” Fa Yuan explained.

Chu Li furrowed his brows. “How well have they mastered the Asura Power Technique?”

“We are not sure. But even if they have yet to master it, they have nonetheless still achieved a high level of cultivation. This is quite terrifying, and the Elders of my temple have started preparing to see if they can suppress them. Almsgiver Chu needs to be careful as well,” Fa Yuan continued.

Chu Li’s face looked drained of color and he slowly nodded.

A single Asura could litter the earth with blood and hundreds of bodies. If it was a band of Asuras, who knew how many people would die, the death toll would be unfathomable.

Fa Yuan saw Chu Li’s sour expression and attempted to comfort him. “They are based around the Path of Ning Jiang, quite a way from the Chong Ming Road, so there is no need to worry just yet.”

Chu Li sighed. “Really… I was actually waiting for you to come for my secret manual too.”

Fa Yuan flashed him a slight smile. “Worry not, Almsgiver Chu, we know that those rumors are just lies.”

“Oh–? How do you know? Are the rumors outside baseless? I reached the Grandmaster’s Boundary in two years, I could possibly have cultivated the Cloud Slashing Treasure Manual too.” Chu Li chuckled.

“I know for a fact that Almsgiver Chu isn’t cultivating the Cloud Slashing Treasure Manual,” Fa Yuan said.

Chu Li’s eyebrow twitched. “Could it be that the Cloud Slashing Treasure Manual is in the hands of the Tempest Temple?”

Fa Yuan shook his head. “The Elders of my temple have observed people who have cultivated the Cloud Slashing Treasure Manual, so they know how unique the heart technique of the Cloud Slashing Treasure Manual’s inner energy is. Almsgiver Chu is skilled in martial arts and has progressed amazingly well, but what you cultivate is not the Cloud Slashing Treasure Manual.”

‘No wonder.’ Chu Li suddenly realized. He nodded his head thoughtfully.

It was no wonder that the Big Four Factions had never joined in on the fun, it was because they knew the truth. They had witnessed the Cloud Slashing Treasure Manual’s martial arts before.

Now that Chu Li thought of it, it was certainly true. The people who cultivated the Cloud Slashing Treasure Manual must have crossed paths with the Big Four Factions before, or the Cloud Slashing Treasure Manual would not have had such a feared reputation. The overwhelming power of the Cloud Slashing Power would definitely have left a deep impression on the people it came across, so much so that it would not have been easily forgotten.

“Almsgiver Chu, my temple shall explain to everyone clearly that what you’re cultivating is not the Cloud Slashing Treasure Manual,” added Fa Yuan.

Chu Li scoffed. “Is this supposed to be some kind of an apology? Are you trying to make up for your past mistakes?”

Fa Yuan let out a small grin. “You could say that.”

“Thank you, then.” Chu Li smiled to himself. Dealing with smart people was always so hassle-free. He did not have to be explicit, yet Fa Yuan would know what to do.

Chu Li returned to the main topic of discussion, “Has Zhou Lingfeng’s martial arts grown stronger?”

Fa Yuan quickly shook his head. “He did not advance while within the temple, but we can’t be sure now that he’s escaped. If he has really joined the Divine Church of Asura, then he might have become considerably stronger!”

Chu Li slowly nodded. “If it comes down to it, I’ll have to kill him to make my life easier. He’ll have to deal with the others in his next life.”

“If you can spare him, then spare him please,” Fa Yuan requested.

As the two were talking, a voice suddenly yelled out, “Who are you?!”

Chu Li sighed. “Here he comes!”

“Amitabha Buddha–“, Fa Yuan chanted the Buddha’s name, his voice traveled across the Imperial Residence of King An.

Two men in blue robes were battling with four Protectors of the Imperial Residence of King An. When the two men heard Fa Yuan call out the Buddha’s name, they immediately tossed aside the four Protectors. They glided into the living room like wisps of smoke, easily getting past the protectors.

Chu Li’s voice boomed, “Protector Zhu, do not approach the living room. Everyone perform their assigned duties, don’t stray from your posts!”

“Yes!” Everyone yelled back in a low voice.

Zhou Lingfeng and another middle-aged man landed in the living room. They calmly stared at Chu Li and Fa Yuan, their gazes cold and collected.

Chu Li sized up Zhou Lingfeng. His appearance had not changed much; he was still skinny and frail, but he had a different aura to him. He was still like water, but not a bit of his previous malevolent aura remained, he almost seemed harmless.

The other middle-aged man had a round face and looked amiable. He looked at Chu Li and Fa Yuan with a smile on his face.

Chu Li turned to look at Fa Yuan before remarking, “It seems like his skill has improved a lot – we’re in trouble.”

Fa Yuan quickly chanted the Buddha’s name, his expression was solemn. He slowly nodded. “Almsgiver Chu, if it really comes to it, we will kill them.”

“Don’t worry, we can use the Adversity Surpassing Pill to resuscitate him after killing him. Just don’t let him escape again!” Chu Li growled.