White Robed Chief Chapter 585

Chapter 585 Conversion

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Chu Li stared at Zhou Lingfeng. “We meet again.”

Zhou Lingfeng calmly looked at Chu Li and sighed. “I need to thank you, Chu Li.”

Chu Li smiled. “What for?”

“If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t have joined the Divine Church and achieved true tranquility and freedom,” said Zhou Lingfeng.

“True tranquility? What is true tranquility?” asked Chu Li. He was confused as to what Zhou Lingfeng was talking about.

“Knowing where I come from, and where I should go. Because of this, there is nothing for me to be afraid of; I now know how to obtain true serenity of the soul, so that I am not bothered by killings and murders,” continued Zhou Lingfeng.

Chu Li was surprised. “You can control the urge to kill now?”

“… I don’t have to control it. Why do we need to control it – we are Asura in all its glory. We hunt humans and killing is our nature, we don’t have to control our natural instincts.” Zhou Lingfeng shook his head.

Chu Li broke into a smile. Then, he looked at the other middle-aged man with the round face.

The middle-aged man gently nodded. “What Brother Zhou said is indeed true, we have succeeded in our cultivation of the Asura Power Technique and attained the body of Asura – we are no longer considered as humans. We are Asuras, even after we die, we will enter the Asura’s World to continue fighting and killing. Every person we kill in this world will greatly benefit our future.”

The man smiled as he said this as if he was talking about something normal.

Chu Li felt a chill down his spine when he heard this, he turned to look at Fa Yuan.

Fa Yuan immediately chanted the name of Buddha, “Amitabha Buddha…”

Chu Li grit his teeth and muttered, “What do you think. It’s going to be a calamity if the Tempest Temple still chooses to ignore this issue!”

“I will tell the Master’s Junior and the others myself. Almsgiver Chu, we need to apprehend them,” Fa Yuan slowly said.

Chu Li nodded. “Of course.” Then, he turned to the two men once again. “Aside from killing us, do you intend on harming anyone else here?”

“We don’t want to kill you. We are here to pacify you and help you become a part of us, the Asuras.” the round face man shook his head and smiled.

Chu Li chuckled. “So, even I have to become one?”

“Chu Li, you are a naturally gifted genius. Such a genius typically belongs with the Asura. Brother Zhou was willing to sacrifice his killing intent just for the Divine Church; he is even allowing you to join the Asura, you should thank him.” the round face man smiled again, his face portraying kindness.

Chu Li shook his head and laughed silently. “I do not wish to join the Asura.”

“You may not want to cooperate now, but as soon as you actually join us, you will understand our good intentions. You will only truly be free when you become one with Asura. You can live as you wish, free from the control of the mundane world, free to do as you wish!” the rounded face man sighed.

Chu Li scoffed. “There is no such thing as true freedom. I think it is better for me to deal with the suffering. But still, I really appreciate you all for thinking so highly of me!”

“Hehe, if that’s the case, then I’m afraid you leave us no choice, you will thank us one day!” The rounded face man sneered.

Zhou Lingfeng added, “Chu Li, there are disciples in the Fairy’s Capital who are on their way to the Yi Public House to start a slaughter; They are going to do it under your name. You will be wanted by the Yi Public House and can only be protected when you join our Divine Church!”

Chu Li furrowed his brows. “The Divine Church of Asura really does think highly of me!”

“We don’t treat everyone like this. You are highly regarded by the Bishop for being a talented individual. With your aptitude, you actually have a chance of being the Asura’s King after becoming Asura!” The rounded face man grinned.

Chu Li ignored the man’s statement and pressed him for more answers. What Zhou Lingfeng said had struck a nerve. “Which part of the Yi Public House is the Divine Church planning to kill?”

Chu Li’s eyes did not move from Zhou Lingfeng and the round face man.

Zhou Lingfeng himself was unsure, but the round face man knew all about the scheme. Chu Li soon found the details after going through his thoughts hastily.

Luckily, the distance between the Divine Church of Asura and the Yi Public House from the Fairy’s Capital was quite considerable. Even though the two of them were here now, Chu Li was fairly certain that the people from the Divine Church of Asura would not have reached the Yi Public House yet, so there was still a chance to save things.

Chu Li turned his head and smiled. “Fa Yuan, as you can see, I am still in great demand!”

“Almsgiver Chu’s innate skill in martial arts is extremely high, no wonder the Divine Church of Asura wants you. In any case, what idea do you have in mind, Almsgiver Chu?” Fa Yuan grinned.

Fa Yuan had never expected the people from the Divine Church to be this vicious. They were hellbent on forcing Chu Li to join them; normal people certainly would not have been able to resist them.

Chu Li asked, “Can you slow down the two of them by yourself?”

“I can try,” replied Fa Yuan

Chu Li nodded. “Do your best. Hinder them, I’ll be back soon!”

Fa Yuan chanted the name of Buddha and quickly pointed two of his fingers out toward Zhou Lingfeng and the round face man.

Zhou Lingfeng saw this and growled. “Be careful of his finger force!”

The round face man nodded.

He had heard from Zhou Lingfeng that the Tempest Temple had a secret martial arts study – The Petrifying Finger. Although Fa Yuan was young, he was the youth champion of the Tempest Temple and thus, he was proficient in the Petrifying Finger.

They had initially thought about converting Fa Yuan too but gave up after a while. Fa Yuan’s dharmic base must have been extremely deep for him to be able to cultivate to this level. Those with a deep dharmic base would easily have been able to resist the Divine Church of Asura, so there was no point in them wasting their energy, they just had to kill him.

Both of them turned into wisps of smoke and surrounded Fa Yuan whilst moving swiftly. They were looking for an opportunity to attack.

Fa Yuan kept his arms extended outward, continuously switching between the Spear Finger Strike and the Petrifying Finger. His finger force had morphed into a net of sorts in order to protect himself, which in turn, caused the two men to not dare to get too close.


Zhu Tianhua landed swiftly on the rooftop and stayed prone on the green tiles. His tall and sturdy body looked as though he was fused onto the rooftop.

From this vantage point, he could see the Tianshu Courtyard clearly. Xiao Shi was inside.

Xiao Shi was dressed in a light blue gown. She was leisurely enjoying the garden of the green bamboos in the courtyard and occasionally approached them to look at them in detail. Her movements were light and elegant, every expression and movement she made was beautiful beyond comparison.

Zhu Tianhua was dazzled and stunned, he could not control himself at that moment.

He felt that Xiao Shi was a gift from the heavens and that the Gods themselves had gathered the beauty of every woman on Earth and put it into her. He could not imagine how any woman could be prettier than her.

A figure suddenly entered the Tianshu Courtyard.

The figure looked like a shadow; it did not make any noise, nor did it alarm any Protectors. If he were not looking at the place himself, even Zhu Tianhua would not have realized this person’s intrusion.

Without making a sound, Zhu Tianhua swiftly landed on the floor as well. He stood in front of the figure while protecting Xiao Shi by making sure that she was behind him.

Xiao Shi’s expression remained unchanged, she stood behind Zhu Tianhua and bemusedly asked, “Can you beat him?”

Zhu Tianhua shook his head. “Princess, please go into the house, I will handle him!”

“Be careful. He must not be any normal master of martial arts for him to be able to sneak in here without making a sound. Don’t force yourself, just run if you can’t win!” said Xiao Shi.

“Yes,” replied Zhu Tianhua in a deep voice.

He sized up the middle-aged man in front of him. The man’s body was slim and he appeared normal. He certainly would not attract any attention in a crowd of people. His gaze was clear and he did not seem to have a fierce aura or killing intent. Nonetheless, he still made Zhu Tianhua nervous. There was something off about him.

Suddenly, the middle-aged man dashed toward them as soon as he saw that Xiao Shi was about to enter the house.

Zhu Tianhua was extremely proficient at the Light-body Technique, and he immediately got in front of Xiao Shi again before striking outward at the man.

“Bam!” the man received the brunt of the strike and leaped backward.

Zhu Tianhua himself lost his balance and immediately realized his opponent’s skill – he knew that there was no way he could possibly win.

Despite this, Zhu Tianhua merely clenched his teeth together and continued to fight. He intended to keep this guy occupied until the Head Chief had arrived.

“Hmph, you don’t know your place!” The middle-aged man scoffed in a deep voice and suddenly swept past Zhu Tianhua, dashing toward the door of the house.

However, Zhu Tianhua quickly got in front of him once again.

The middle-aged man glanced coldly at him before leaping into the air once more. He swept past Zhu Tianhua and, in the blink of an eye, got into the house. Zhu Tianhua did not even have enough time to react.