White Robed Chief Chapter 586

Chapter 586 Merit

Chapter 586: Merit
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Zhu Tianhua could only feel his head ringing, the world around him suddenly started changing colors.

He could not imagine what would happen if this man actually managed to get into the Princess’s room. At the thought of the beautiful Princess dying, Zhu Tianhua immediately felt endless fear and madness wash over him.

“Bam!” his the size of his body suddenly increased. His hair instantly stood upright, every strand of hair on his body was like needles. Zhu Tianhua’s long robes puffed up into a ball and he dashed into the house like a streak of lightning.

The middle-aged man extended his hand outward to grab Xiao Shi, but Xiao Shi calmly looked at him without any fear. This made the man extremely angry, he felt like he had been turned into a laughing stock.

At that point, his foretelling abilities as a Grandmaster rang out, there was danger behind him.

He turned his head to look and immediately received a fist strike from Zhu Tianhua.

“Bam!” the middle-aged man staggered and was forced to take a step back. The force of both men’s fists knocked into each other. Their inner energies were surging.

“Woosh!” A vase on a table nearby flew out of the window.

The pentachord followed too, but it got stuck on the window sill and made a stuffy sound, “Zheng!”.

“Bam!” Two garden stools were knocked onto the wall, generating a loud thud.

Zhu Tianhua was afraid that the man would turn around at any moment and hurt Xiao Shi. Thus, he did not care about his wounds and panting breath. He dashed up again.

“Bam bam bam bam!” A string of loud thuds could be constantly heard.

Xiao Shi stepped back and entered her bedchamber. When Zhu Tianhua saw this, he let out a breath of relief, but at the same time, he was worried that the man would turn and rush into the room too. He might not be able to stop him if he did as it only took a while for a Grandmaster to kill his opponent.

Feeling anxious, Zhu Tianhua started to attack the middle-aged man wildly, throwing caution to the wind.

The cultivation level of the middle-aged man was much higher than Zhu Tianhua’s, but Zhu Tianhua had activated his secret skill. This coupled together with his tough and wild attacks, actually rendered the man unable to do anything in that short period of time. He was tangled up with Zhu Tianhua and unable to get away, thus, he was unable to get to and kill Xiao Shi.

“Ah…”Zhu Tianhua’s heart swarmed with anger and absolute fury.

He wanted to kill the middle-aged man, but unfortunately, with his level of inner energy, there was no way he could gain the upper hand.

This realization made Zhu Tianhua even angrier. He hated his low levels of cultivation, and he also hated this man.

In his fury, Zhu Tianhua’s already violent power rose within him once again, causing the middle-aged man to retreat a further few steps back.

“Hmph, you are resilient indeed, forcing me to use my secret skill!” The middle-aged man was outraged as well. He was obviously stronger than Zhu Tianhua but was still somehow being held back and beaten. He could not take it any longer therefore, he decided to activate his secret skill.

His originally thin body shrunk quickly in size, growing even thinner. His figure was akin to a stick of bamboo, his face was sunken, his eyes were cold without a shred of emotion.

“Pu!” Zhu Tianhua shot out a string of finger force attacks. Taking the opportunity to attack the man as he was transforming, the blows landed on his body with dull thuds.

The middle-aged man staggered backward.

Zhu Tianhua was ready to spring into action, he knew that this move was impressive. Seeing how the man was slowed for a moment, Zhu Tianhua did not allow himself time to think, he instinctively struck out at the man with his fist.

“Bam!” The middle-aged man flew backward, slamming into the wall.

Zhu Tianhua was startled, he had not expected this outcome.

Zhu Tianhua only unconsciously struck him with all his strength focused on one fist, but he did not think that he would actually cause the middle-aged man to fly up in the air.

( Box novel.c om )     Upon seeing the man trying to get up, Zhu Tianhua hastily struck out another fist at him.

“Bam!” The middle-aged man shook again, his body sinking into the wall.

The wall that was embroidered with flowers was crumbling behind the man’s body. Cracks started to appear in the wall, but Zhu Tianhua could not care less nor pity the state Xiao Shi’s house was in. He lashed out another fist at the man.

“Bam bam bam bam…” Zhu Tianhua’s fist energy landed on him like raindrops during a thunderstorm. His fist energy was overflowing, and he did not give the middle-aged man any time to breathe.

“Wa!” The middle-aged man abruptly spat out a spurt of blood.

Zhu Tianhua turned his body sideways to avoid it and followed up with another fist. He was enraged.

This man seemed like he had a body of steel, it would not break no matter how many blows he landed on him. After taking so many hits, this man should have had many broken bones and torn ligaments, his body should have been a pile of mush by now.

Yet, it was still sturdy. There was still some resistance when Zhu Tianhua’s fist energy hit him as if it would be reflected every time.

The middle-aged man lifted his head and widened his eyes, he furiously struggled to get up. Seeing this, Zhu Tianhua flinched.

Almost immediately, Zhu Tianhua grew even angrier and struck his fists at the man even more wildly than before.

After receiving another bout of blows from Zhu Tianhua’s fist energy, the middle-aged man still did not seem to be softening. His body was still as solid as it was before, giving off a slight feeling of reflection. The fist energy had landed on his head, shoulders, and precordium, but they were all blocked by a layer of invisible energy. No matter how hard Zhu Tianhua hit the man, his fist energy could not penetrate him.

Zhu Tianhua decided that he might as well not use his fist force anymore, and just swung his fist instead.

“Bam!” the man suddenly held out his hand and grabbed onto Zhu Tianhua’s fist.

Zhu Tianhua instantly felt a flash of pain emanating from his fist. The power of the man’s palm was unusually huge, Zhu Tianhua’s fist felt as if it was being crushed, he could feel his bones slowly breaking under the pressure.

Zhu Tianhua hit the man with another fist as he clenched his teeth in pain.

The middle-aged man used his other palm and caught Zhu Tianhua’s other fist as well. Both of Zhu Tianhua’s fists were being crushed by the middle-aged man, he could feel extreme pain as if his fists were breaking.

Zhu Tianhua grit his teeth and stretched his leg out to kick at the man.

“Bam!” The middle-aged man used his own leg to block Zhu Tianhua’s attack.

Zhu Tianhua felt as if he had kicked a metal rock, his toes seemed like they were about to shatter.

“Hehe…” The middle-aged man leered, he seemed as if he wanted to swallow Zhu Tianhua.

The hairs on Zhu Tianhua’s neck stood up, he was enraged by his lack of courage. Ignoring the pain in his legs, he continuously kicked out at the man but started to feel numb after a couple times.

“Pu!” A dull thud came from the middle-aged man’s body once again.

Zhu Tianhua felt that his fists had suddenly loosened, the man’s hands that were gripping on his fists had loosened as well.

Zhu Tianhua was overjoyed. He maneuvered based on instinct as his fists hit the middle-aged man’s temples.

“Bam!” The middle-aged man’s body started to sway as he received the blow.

Zhu Tianhua followed up the attack with an Ear Striking Fist, striking the middle-aged man’s ears.

The middle-aged man seemed as though he was about to go down at any second.

Zhu Tianhua could not allow him to fall down. He ferociously struck the man’s precordium with his fist. Although Zhu Tianhua’s fist was still throbbing with pain and was obviously injured, he could not care less.

“Pu!” The middle-aged man spat out a spurt of blood once again.

Chu Li’s voice rang out from the inside, “His weakness is his precordium!”

“Head Chief?” Zhu Tianhua was startled for a moment. Then he hastily attacked the middle-aged man’s precordium again.

“Pu!” The middle-aged man spat out a mouthful of blood again. He shook his head as if he was trying to shake off the damage.

“Pu!” Another dull thud rung out from his body.

Zhu Tianhua’s spirits rose, he knew that his opponent had been unlucky again, he could no longer move. Knowing this, he madly attacked the man’s precordium.

After spitting out two spurts of blood, the middle-aged man finally slumped down against the wall.

Chu Li emerged from the bedchamber, Xiao Shi followed beside him.

“Head Chief!” Zhu Tianhua knew that Chu Li was helping him all along. The middle-aged man groaned, he was finished. He was probably being scanned by the Head Chief, Zhu Tianhua’s luck had given him the advantage in the end.

Chu Li nodded his head satisfyingly. “Zhu Tianhua, you’ve managed to stop the attempt at assassinating the Princess. Your deeds are truly remarkable, there will be rewards given to you after this incident. Seal this man’s acupuncture point, seal one acupuncture point after every minute.”

“Yes!” said Zhu Tianhua excitedly.

He looked at Xiao Shi.

Xiao Shi let out a slight smile. “Protector Zhu, you’ve done well this time!”

Zhu Tianhua chuckled. “You flatter me, Princess!”

Chu Li looked at Xiao Shi and said, “Let Zhu Tianhua protect you, I shall head back and take a look.”

“Mm. Kill him if you have to,” added Xiao Shi.     ( Box novel.c om )

Chu Li let out a smile, he nodded and disappeared in a flash.

Xiao Shi glanced at the middle-aged man slumped against the wall and scoffed. “Teach him a lesson!”

“Yes. Princess…” Zhu Tianhua smiled, he was a little embarrassed.

Xiao Shi waved her delicate hand. “If you really cared about such things, I would’ve lost my life a long time ago. I don’t blame you, only this person for darting into the house.”

“Thank you, Princess,” said Zhu Tianhua.

Xiao Shi swept her gaze at him. “It’s me who should be thanking you. Enough talking, get him out of here!”

Zhu Tianhua answered, and hastily moved the middle-aged man out of the house.