White Robed Chief Chapter 587

Chapter 587 Golden Palm

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Chu Li returned to the main hall in a flash.

Fa Yuan had formed a net of protection, surrounding himself with his finger force. Zhou Lingfeng and the other round-faced man was helpless. Unable to do anything to take him down, they were enraged and furious.

Seeing the reappearance of Chu Li, Zhou Lingfeng and his partner knew that their numerical advantage had been lost and that they would have to fight a hard battle now.

Chu Li said, “You came here to bother us, and sent someone else to capture the Princess, as you forced me to listen to your ludicrous schemes. Not a bad idea!”

“Very good Chu Li! It’s unfortunate that Fa Yuan is here, he’s so stubborn. He’s the one who’s actually foiled our plans!” replied Zhou Lingfeng in a low voice.

Chu Li smiled. “What an amazing idea. If you captured the Princess, how would you threaten me?”

“There are many ways, I don’t believe that you wouldn’t obey us if we had the Princess!” said Zhou Lingfeng.

The round-faced man used his palm energy to ward off Fa Yuan’s finger force as he said, “I didn’t think that Chu Li would be so lucky. How was the situation over there?”

Since Chu Li had already exposed what they planned to do, it was clear that he had already gone and returned from the Princesses’ residence. This meant that their situation was dire indeed.

Chu Li stated, “He has been captured.”

“Captured? Impossible. You couldn’t possibly have captured Brother Qi.” The round-faced man shook his head.

Chu Li chuckled. “I ordered a Protector to seal his acupuncture points every minute, can he possibly still escape in such a situation?”

“Brutal!” the round-faced man scoffed as he furrowed his brows.

Sealing a person’s acupuncture point every minute, even the Body of Asura would not be able to do anything about it. Even if there were such skills to remove the seal on one’s acupuncture points, the opponent would almost certainly notice it if his martial arts skills were even half-decent.

This way, the Body of Asura would be hard pressed to show itself, even if it was totally controlled.

Chu Li continued, “Apart from him, are there any others?”

“There is nobody else. What’s the use of deploying so many people? We didn’t expect Fa Yuan to be here, that’s why our plan did not succeed.” the round-faced man sighed.

Chu Li chuckled. “Is there really nobody else? Then I’ll be blunt, the guy sneaking in from the back porch isn’t one of yours, right?”

“He’s not!” the round-faced man shook his head.

Chu Li scoffed. “That’s good, if he’s not a Body of Asura, then I’ll just go ahead and kill him.”

He disappeared in a flash as soon as he finished speaking.

Zhou Lingfeng glanced at the round-faced man.

The round-faced man shook his head in discontent.

Fa Yuan’s finger forces crisscrossed. “Lying in front of Almsgiver Chu is truly not a wise choice.”

The round-faced man remarked, “Monk Fa Yuan, we are not interested in you. Why do you meddle yourself in such matters? Why not just quickly take your leave? I heard that Chu Li has grudges with the Tempest Temple.”

Fa Yuan smiled slyly. “There is no need for Almsgiver Chu to worry. Today, the two of you will stay here, I shall bring you both back to the temple.”

“Hehe…” Zhou Lingfeng sneered.

Zhou Lingfeng harbored a deep hatred for the Tempest Temple for suppressing him. Whenever the Tempest Temple was brought up, his killing intent would instantly surge. Aside from Chu Li, the disciples of the Tempest Temple was who he wanted to kill the most.

Now that he had such an opportunity right in front of him, Zhou Lingfeng did not want to let it go.

At the thought of that, Zhou Lingfeng inhaled a sharp breath of air. Immediately, his figure and skin started to shift. The flesh on him seemed as if it had been sucked in by his bones like some sort of vacuum effect. In the end, only Zhou Lingfeng’s skin and bones remained, his flesh and blood were gone as if he was a skeleton.

His eyes were glowing red, devoid of any emotion.

“Brother Zhou…” The round-faced man yelled out in worry.

He had not expected Zhou Lingfeng to use his secret technique so early, they were not even dealing with Chu Li yet.

But the man quickly understood his reason for doing so. Zhou Lingfeng really wanted to kill Chu Li, but he was eager to kill Fa Yuan as well. If he could not kill Chu Li, killing Fa Yuan first meant the same thing. Thus, the round-faced man sighed helplessly, and activated his secret skill as well, suddenly becoming a skeleton like Zhou Lingfeng.

The two skeletons had glowing red eyes, it was definitely unnerving.

Fa Yuan sighed.

Both of them obviously had a very high skill level, he might not actually be able to subdue them by himself.

The display of the Asura Power Technique’s secret skill revealed the profoundness of their cultivation level.

If their eyes were glowing red, they were at the sixth level of the Asura Power Technique. There were no changes to the color of their eyes in the first five levels. If their eyes were glowing green, they were at the seventh level of the Asura Power Technique. If they were glowing blue, they would be at the eighth level; if they were glowing purple, they would be at the ninth level.

If one really encountered an Asura at the ninth level with purple glowing eyes, even an Enlightened Master would stand no chance. Only people like Chu Li who had God’s Limbs would have a chance at escaping.

At the thought of that, Fa Yuan grew a little worried. If someone really fully cultivated the Asura Power Technique, it would bring about misfortunate for all living beings. The entire world would be thrown into chaos, and it would be a calamity of the highest order, who knew how many people would die…

“Amitabha Buddha…” Fa Yuan chanted the name of Buddha, his manner was solemn.

The sounds of the Sanskrit seemed to originate from the sky, sometimes appearing, sometimes disappearing.

A faintly discernible golden glow emanated from Fa Yuan, it was like a mist.

Fa Yuan’s entire face seemed to be engulfed by a golden halo. His eyes were devoid of any happiness or anger, there was only kindness and compassion for all living things.

He lightly pressed out his palms, the golden glow flashed brightly.

“Weng…” The palms seemed to emanate the sounds of Sanskrit, as they approached Zhou Lingfeng and the round-faced man.

“Bam!” The red glow of the two men’s eyes flashed as they doubtfully glared at Fa Yuan.

Both of them lowered their heads to look at their palms.

A golden palmprint had appeared on the middle of their palms. The searing heat radiating from it was hard to withstand, it was as if they were being scalded by a hot iron. Waves of burning heat relentlessly surged from the palm print, rushing into their body, disrupting the Asura Power Technique’s circulation.

Zhou Lingfeng and the round-faced man glanced at each other for a moment and rushed to attack Fa Yuan.

Fa Yuan calmly extended his palms outward and pushed them both back as they were overwhelmed with the sounds of Sanskrit.

However, their body movement technique was swift. Like a gust of wind, they circled behind Fa Yuan.

When both their right hands were extended and about to attack Fa Yuan’s back, everything in sight swayed for a moment. Fa Yuan had already turned around in that instant, meeting their fists with both his palms.

“Weng…” The sounds of Sanskrit emanated from his palms once again. The two had nowhere to run, they could only outstretch their right palms to meet with Fa Yuan’s own.

“Bam!” Zhou Lingfeng and the round-faced man were hit and had to take two steps back. They hesitantly looked down at their right palms.

The golden palm print had deepened, a hotter surge of energy was rushing into their body. In a couple of moments, they felt as though their entire body was burning up as if they had been placed in a steamer basket.


Chu Li appeared in the back porch, landing in front of a middle-aged man.

The man had a sharp chin, was of small stature, and did not seem to be well versed in martial arts.

He seemed to have gone the wrong way, and mistakenly ended up at the back entrance of the Imperial Residence.

Chu Li sudden appearance appeared to have frightened him.

He stopped right in his tracks and stared at Chu Li in astonishment.

Chu Li grinned, and slowly unsheathed his Modesty Sword.

He could clearly see what was happening in the main hall.

Fa Yuan was the youth champion of the Tempest Temple and hence, his antique study was definitely not some average skill. The Tempest Temple had hundreds of legendary martial arts, and any single one of them could be a top antique study. Chu Li was already green-eyed, he intended to learn this technique when he had the chance.

The secret skill that Fa Yuan was currently using was something that he had never seen before. It was different totally in distinction to the monks from the Exorcist. It was flashier, and also much stronger. This palm energy was solid and unmelting. It was directly attached to the palm print, relentlessly attacking its opponents.

Receiving one of those palms was like being injured once, it would constantly wear down the opponent throughout the course of the battle.

Chu Li did not know what palm technique it was, but he could clearly see the route of circulation and hastily etched it into his mind.

Chu Li could not help but fantasize. If somehow he could cultivate this Palm technique, and use it together along with the Cloud Slashing Power, the never scattering palm energy along with the consuming power. Not only would it not stop, when it enters the opponent’s’ body, but it would also continuously consume the opponent’s inner energy and grow. That way, it would be even more powerful than when Fa Yuan used it. It was truly amazing!