White Robed Chief Chapter 590

Chapter 590 Interception

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In the evening, the sun started to set.

Smoke emerged from kitchen chimneys in a small village located within the boundaries of the Chong Ming Road. The small village was shrouded in the rays of the setting sun and the atmosphere around the town was exceptionally lively.

There were sounds of dogs barking, chickens clucking, weary birds returning to their nests, children playing cheerfully and even adults drinking and laughing. All of the sounds mixed together, creating a vibrant picture, filled with the delightfulness of life.

This small village known as the Lee Family Village was filled with harmony and bliss.

Zhao Shang and He Ju were two handsome middle-aged men.

Their tall and slender figures fluttered in the wind like two wisps of smoke. They kept to the canopy of the forest as they slowly approached the village.

The two men stopped on a treetop located halfway up a hill and looked downwards at the townspeople.

Some were busy preparing dinner, others were busy pulling their naughty children home. Some of them were even disciplining the children as their crying sounds could be heard all over the village.

“Brother Zhao, when do we start? Should we act now or do we wait until midnight?” He Ju glanced over the village and asked with an expressionless face.

“… It would be quite troublesome to take action now. Killing them right now would inevitably cause a racket, and there would be too much movement. It will be better to move at night when everyone has fallen asleep, then we can kill them off silently, without letting them feel any pain. They will die in their dreams and can leave this earth peacefully. Hence, they will not have too many evil tendencies in the afterlife.” Zhao Shang scanned through the townspeople indifferently.

“Hehe, Brother Zhao is thoughtful as always.” laughed He Ju.

Zhao Shang replied, “I’m not being thoughtful, I just cannot bring myself to do it.”

He Ju chuckled.

Ever since they had begun cultivating the Asura Power Technique, they did not see other humans as their own kind, but more as pheasants and hares, wanting to pounce on each and every one of them at every opportunity they got. Even if they could not ultimately eat them, they still had the desire to hunt.

Zhao Shang turned to look at He Ju and faintly asked, “You don’t believe me?”

“I believe you, I do,” He Ju hurriedly answered.

Zhao Shang added, “No matter what, a life is still a life, it would be pitiful simply to die.”

“There is no choice, these are their lives, and everyone has their own fate. Even if we don’t kill them, they would still die from some other cause because it is their destiny,” said He Ju.

Zhao Shang sighed. “I really never thought that the Bishop would give this kind of order, to kill people unreasonably.”

“All this is for Chu Li. The Chief of the Yi Public House, the Head Chief of the Imperial Residence of King An, a Centurion from the Secret Guardians Hall, we can ascertain his strength just by listening to these titles.” chuckled He Ju.

“Hmph, that’s not true at all! Just think about it, sure, he has lived up to his title as the Chief of the High Duke’s Public House, but as for the title of Head Chief of the Imperial Residence of King An, the only reason he even has that position is because he was the Chief of the High Duke’s Public House. Furthermore, since he’s become the Head Chief of the Imperial Residence of King An, he would definitely want to be an officer in the Secret Guardians Hall as well, and he easily obtained his title as Centurion. In the end, this Chu Li has simply made use of his connections, he’s not as amazing as we think!” Zhao Shang replied coldly.

“That’s true. Chu Li is merely basking in his fame he obtained from the High Duke’s Public House! This time, we will be able to pressure him all the way. When we force him into a corner, he will have no choice but to obediently join the Divine Church.” laughed He Ju.

“This ploy is indeed canny. The Left Guardian is a wise person, he has managed to seize hold of Chu Li’s fatal weakness in just a matter of seconds,” Zhao Shang added.

“After we destroy this village, we will destroy two more, and incur the wrath of the High Duke’s Public House. Only anger will cause them to lose reason and deal with Chu Li without hesitation.” He Ju grinned.

“I don’t know why the Bishop values this Chu Li person so much. It is said that he is not even in his twenties. He is still wet behind his ears, how strong can he possibly be!” Zhao Shang scoffed coldly.

He Ju replied, “The Bishop is a farsighted person if he is willing to spend such a large amount of resources to obtain Chu Li, then he is probably a valuable person indeed.”

“He is still only in the prime of his youth and there are many people who also have similar status as him. Why are they not as famous as him? In the end, it’s all just rumors.” Zhao Shang grew even more dissatisfied and laughed.

He Ju smiled. “When he joins the Divine Church, Chu Li will be our junior, and then we will teach him a lesson!”

Zhao Shang said, “I don’t want people calling me a bully.”

“Never mind then, Brother Zhao, I will deal with him myself and let him know the true extent of our power!”

“Deal with who yourself?” a voice suddenly boomed out from behind the two of them.

Bot the men’s complexions changed drastically, and they quickly turned around, only to see an imposing youth standing about ten steps away from them. His white robe fluttered in the wind and his figure was painted red by the sunset. The youth’s rose red colored aura gave off a mild appearance.

The two of them did not feel any mildness at all, but instead, they felt a chill in their hearts.

They were being watched all along! Even though there were two of them, their carelessness had appeared at the forefront. They really could not sense this man’s presence as he approached them, if he were an assassin, they would probably be wounded or dead by now.

“Who are you?” The two of them stared at Chu Li with dark expressions.

Chu Li stood on a treetop. His white robe billowed in the breeze as he looked at the two of them. His killing intent was boiling, but Chu Li knew that he must not kill them no matter what. If they were thrown into the Tempest Temple and secured, it would be an adequate punishment for them.

Although he possessed his own formation and it would not be a problem at all to trap them in it, Chu Li would still need to deliver food to them every day. In addition, he had to constantly stay on guard, or else they might escape. If that were to happen it would be a serious offense, so it would be best to hand them over to the Tempest Temple.

Jiang Kuai and Xue Ling were currently in isolated cultivation, attempting to advance themselves to the Grandmaster’s Boundary, and it was unknown when they would return. Even if they were here right now, Chu Li still could not pass this matter over to them as it might be too hard for them to handle.

“My name is Chu Li. The Chu Li that you speak about!” Chu Li looked at the two of them calmly.

“So you are Chu Li! Huh! You’re nothing!” Zhao Shang jeered.

Chu Li replied, “It’s true. My reputation does not match reality, but I never thought that you would actually remember it. That being the case, there is nothing else to say, so let us battle!”

Chu Li extended his palms outward after talking, activating his Shura Palm. He swiftly flashed and appeared in front of them, using each palm for each person, covering the assailants separately.

“Bam!” the two of them could not dodge in time and received the blow.

Strange inner energy entered the bodies of the two men, but in the heat of the battle, they failed to pay no attention to it.

The heart technique of the Asura Power Technique was truly bizarre. Hot and cold empathized with each other, and it was both refined and abnormal at the same time. Any inner energy that invaded would melt, so there was nothing to worry about.

Suddenly, the complexions of the two men shifted.

The strange inner energy that had entered their bodies engulfed their own surrounding inner energy in the blink of an eye and was rapidly strengthened, which allowed it to impede the smoothness and quickness of their respective inner energy circulation.

Chu Li’s palms once again swung down on them.

As the two men hesitated, they lost the chance to dodge Chu Li’s blow and was forced to receive the attack head-on.

“Bam!” The two men met Chu Li’s palms with their own, and bizarre inner energy once again invaded their bodies and fused with their inner energy. This strange inner energy quickly grew stronger, becoming more tyrannical after devouring the original inner energy.

The two men attempted to escape, wanting to rid themselves of the strange palm technique taking hold of their bodies. If they could not eliminate this bizarre inner energy, it would be impossible for them to beat Chu Li in battle.

The white figure flashed. Chu Li appeared in front of them, and once again thrust his palms out.

The two shot off to the sides, one to the left and one to the right.

Chu Li chased after Zhao Shang and hit his back with an outstretched palm.

Zhao Shang hissed in pain and immediately focused all of his efforts into changing his flesh and blood into a skeleton. His eyes were as cold as ice as he threw out a palm strike of his own.

“Bam!” The two palms hit each other. Contrary to Zhao Shang’s expectations, Chu Li did not get blown away. In fact, he stood his ground firmly, and yet another fist technique invaded his body once again, fusing with the original energy, and growing even stronger.