White Robed Chief Chapter 591

Chapter 591 Deal

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Zhao Shang felt sick. His inner energy circulation was poor, and his stature was slowing down.

Chu Li swung down his palm once again, like an evil spirit. Zhao Shang was unable to evade the blow, and could only feebly strike back with his palm.

“Bam!” With a muffled sound, Zhao Shang felt that his palm energy had successfully drilled into his target’s body without hindrance as if it were an unguarded house. This made him feel inexplicably satisfied as his blood and breath continued to flow unhindered.

However, after a moment, Zhao Shang felt that his newfound, nearly infinite amount of inner energy was unable to be controlled by him and entered Chu Li’s body.

It was not that Chu Li’s body had the ability to absorb his inner energy, but instead, it was because the palm energy that he had exerted earlier began returning to him. Zhao Shang’s inner energy had been discharged by his own palm strike that he threw out in defense previously, and he no longer had the vigor to control Chu Li’s massive palm energy.

In the blink of an eye, Zhao Shang became completely empty. The inner energy of the Body of Asura constantly replenished itself in endless succession, thus his inner energy was regenerating rapidly. Nonetheless, Zhao Shang could not completely recover it.

Chu Li sensed that the palm power that returned to him was several times stronger. He felt the power swell within as it entered his body, and the Heavenly Demonic Orb devoured all of it instantly.

He then thrust his palm out again.

Zhao Shang attempted to dodge Chu Li’s attack, but as his body was heavy and his movements were sluggish, he could only watch as the palm struck his heart.

“Bam!” Zhao Shang immediately blacked out, and his mind sunk into darkness, quickly sinking into unconsciousness.

Chu Li smiled. It seemed like the combination of the Cloud Slashing Power and the Shura Palm was able to enhance the power of the Shura Palm by one layer.

He picked up Zhao Shang and disappeared in a flash.

He Ju had a smoke-like stature which seemed like it was flickering in the wind. It was oddly fast.

The trees around him blurred as he rushed past them. Strong winds cut across his face, but his heart was as cold as ice.

He Ju had no empathy when it came to killing people. He saw other humans as mere ants, but he cared about his own abilities. He hated himself for having a weak Light-body Technique, rendering him unable to escape swiftly from Chu Li. As expected of the evaluation of the Bishop, he was no match for the Head Chief of the Imperial Residence of King An.

Since Chu Li had not chased after him, it was obvious that he had gone after Zhao Shang instead.

‘Haha, no matter how powerful someone was, he was still not immune to criticism. In this situation, where Chu Li could only chase after one person, he would naturally go after the one who spoke ill of him.’

As He Ju thought of this, he secretly felt pleased. Since Zhao Shang had a higher status, was older and entered the church before him, He Ju was forced to maintain a lowly position in his presence, or else he would be rebuked.

A disciples ranking was adhered to strictly within the Church, He Ju could only listen obediently when rebuked by Zhao Shang, unable to answer back.

A fool’s mouth was proved to be his destruction in the end. Zhao Shang spoke ill of Chu Li and looked down upon him. Now when the time for retribution had arrived, Chu Li had targeted Zhao Shang and let go of him, so He Ju felt extremely satisfied in that moment.

He Ju had despised Zhao Shang for quite some time, as he was a hypocrite that only faked his compassion, and was more relentless than anyone else when killing. He hated people who said one thing and did another, these kinds of people were truly better off dead.

Thinking of this, He Ju grew excited and even cracked a smile.

Cultivators of the Asura Power Technique had murderous intent engraved in their very bones. They were selfish to the core and only cared about themselves. They were unable to tolerate the presence of other Asura Power Technique cultivators.

As the saying goes, ‘two tigers cannot live on one mountain’, the Asura Power Technique cultivators saw the entire world as their own personal hunting ground with all humans acting as their prey, waiting to be slaughtered by them.

This situation culminated with the appearance of the Divine Church of Asura. The Bishop was the born ruler of Asura, none disobeyed him and every single action of a disciple of the church was restricted by the regulations of the Church to suppress their true nature. They avoided killing each other, but the hostility embedded deep within their hearts could not be erased, as if it were constantly coursing through their veins.

As his restrained nature was released at this moment, He Ju felt refreshed, and his smile was so wide that it reached his eyes.

He turned his head to look back. Still, there was no one chasing after him, which made him more cheerful and he upped his speed.

Unfortunately, the strange inner energy within his body was still growing, but He Ju had figured out the trick. As long as he did not confront it directly and refrained from provoking it, the inner energy engulfed would not be of much damage.

“Bam!” He Ju suddenly sensed incoming danger, and hurriedly struck out his palm as he turned around, colliding with Chu Li’s right palm.

Once again, strange palm energy drilled straight into him, merging with the originally subsided energy. It expanded instantly.

The palm energy became active within He Ju’s body once again, engulfing the surrounding inner energy continuously. He Ju’s inner energy circulation grew weak in an instant.

His feet fell back a few steps, retreating from Chu Li. He Ju did not intend to exchange blows again.

Unfortunately, Chu Li was much more superior to him and instantaneously appeared behind him. Still holding Zhao Shang in one hand, Chu Li swung his palm down on his opponent at breakneck speed.

“Bam!” He Ju suddenly felt that all his inner energy had been sucked up by Chu Li’s body.

This was indeed Chu Li’s own palm energy. The strength of the energy had been increased several folds and was entirely consumed by the Heavenly Demonic Orb.

Chu Li felt a rush of intensity from the Heavenly Demonic Orb.

He was far from the Fifth layer, but still not close enough to achieving the Sixth layer. The distance from the Fifth layer to the Sixth layer was large, much more than even the distance of the Fifth layer from the First layer. It seemed that Chu Li had to look for even more skilled masters.

He Ju felt completely spent and empty. His inner energy was depleted, and he knew that he would not be spared. His originally happy mood had faded instantly as if falling from the clouds to the mud. He suddenly he raised his voice, “Wait!”

Chu Li retracted his Shura Palm. “Do you have anything to say?”

“Let’s make a deal. I will tell you any information that I know of, and you let me go, how does that sound?” said He Ju.

Chu Li was surprised. He never thought that there would be people like this among the Asura Power Technique cultivators.

All Asura Power Technique cultivators were strong-willed, or else they would not have been able to cultivate the technique at all. Instead, they would either go crazy or die. These people who cultivated this technique also knew that they would be reincarnated after death, and finally, enter the Asura Realm.

They were neither afraid of pain nor death. It would normally have been extremely difficult to force information out of them.

Chu Li would never have imagined that there would be such a person within the church.

“… Very well. But if you were to conceal some of it or give me fake information, I won’t hesitate to bring you over to the Tempest Temple to be jailed. Trust me, the experience will be unimaginable for you,” Chu Li slowly answered.

“Ask me anything, I’ll tell you everything I know!” He Ju glanced at Zhao Shang.

“Don’t worry, he is already unconscious. Where is the Divine Church?” questioned Chu Li.

“In Moonfall Peak beside the Tempest Temple. It is not far from the Temple,” replied He Ju.

“Seems like your people are quite brave,” said Chu Li.

He Ju scoffed. “Those monks from the Tempest Temple are arrogant, they would never expect our Divine Church to have a religious altar right there!”

Chu Li asked, “Then who is the Bishop?”

“Bishop Wu Jingyan. The Emperor of all of Asura,” said He Ju.

Chu Li continued, “How do you people increase your cultivation?”

“By killing others, of course. The only way for an Asura to advance to the next layer is by killing, there is no other shortcut,” answered He Ju.

“Even the Bishop is unable to increase your cultivation?”

“Self-cultivation is our own personal matter, how can we ask for the Bishop’s help?!”

“What other positions are there below the Bishop?”

“The Left and Right Guardians, that is all.”

“Who are they?”

“The Left Guardian is Zhuo Ludao, whereas the Right Guardian is Meng Luanfeng.”

“When was the Divine Church of Asura established?”

“I don’t know, for quite some time, I suppose? But it has always been silent.”

“What was the reason to set up the Divine Church?”

“To protect ourselves, and go against the four major sects!”

“Whose idea was that?”

“The Left Guardian.”

“If you were to return, what would be your punishment?”

“Banned from killing people for one month.”

“How do you people kill?”

“We look for small factions in remote locations or mountain resorts.”

“You don’t pick who to kill?”

“We kill as long as they are human.”