White Robed Chief Chapter 593

Chapter 593 Stealing A Person

Chapter 593: Stealing a Person
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“I heard that Moonfall Peak is not far from the Tempest Temple. Now you finally can deal with them conveniently, so why the long face? Is there any unpleasant news?” Chu Li laughed.

“Sigh…” Fa Yuan shook his head.

Fa Xiang stepped forward. “Thank you, Almsgiver Chu, but how did you manage to obtain this information? Based on what I know, their mouths are extremely tight, it’s basically futile to ask them to divulge anything meaningful.”

Chu Li shook his head as he answered, “There are many kinds of people in this world. As this one feared death, he tried to make a deal with me to let him go if he gave me information, but unfortunately, I broke my promise.”

Fa Xiang chuckled. “To make a promise with this kind of person is indeed inappropriate. What other information did you acquire?”

“In the Divine Church of Asura, there are two high-level Guardians known as the Left and Right Guardians and altogether they have a hundred and nineteen members. There is not much else to know past that. At first, I intended to keep my promise, but after listening to all the atrocities they have committed, I could not stand it any longer, and had to violate this one promise.” Chu Li sighed and shook his head.

“Almsgiver Chu, being able to obtain all this information is indeed extremely rare. I thank you on behalf of my temple, but Almsgiver Chu has to be cautious always. They are constantly eyeing you and want to get rid of you as soon as possible, so they might not give up so easily,” said Fa Xiang as he bowed with pressed palms.

Chu Li nodded. “Now its up to your temple. Strike them hard and fast, like a thunderbolt, eradicate them, restore peace to the world, and then completely seal off the Asura Power Technique for good, to avoid someone else passing it down again.”

“Sigh… Almsgiver Chu, the Elders of this temple have their own concerns, we might not be able to take immediate action.” Fa Yuan stared off into the distance.

He ignored Fa Xiang’s glance and looked directly at Chu Li. “That’s why Almsgiver Chu has to look after yourself and be extra careful!”

Chu Li frowned. “You cannot take action?”

Fa Yuan nodded. “If even one of them manages to escape, they will surely exact vicious revenge on us, our temple cannot afford that loss.”

Chu Li’s expression turned gloomy. “I see… this is truly bullying the weak and cowering from the strong. No wonder the Tempest Temple has been able to pass down thousands of years’ worth of generations without getting cut off. This behavior of being overly concerned about your own interests and pursuing good fortune while avoiding disaster is truly atrocious!”

Fa Xiang exclaimed with dissatisfaction, “Almsgiver Chu!”

Chu Li replied, “If it were some other issue, I would refrain from commenting, as it is normal to pursue good fortune and avoid disaster. It is important that they take into consideration their disciples. However, this time, this entire matter was started by your Tempest Temple in the first place. It was you who let the Divine Church of Asura grow this strong, but now you people don’t even dare to take action against them, you really…”

Fa Xiang hurriedly said, “Please be careful of your choice of words, Almsgiver Chu, how could it be us who caused this?!”

Chu Li laughed coldly. “Don’t tell me you don’t actually know how they cultivate the Asura Power Technique!”

Fa Xiang added, “This matter is only a mistake.”

“It is your mistake! If you don’t take action, do you really expect someone else to compensate for you?! Is this how the leader of the four major sects operates? … You still wish for the Divine Church of Asura to die out by themselves? These people who cultivate the Asura Power Technique will not be so easily exterminated or destroyed, how long do you actually intend to wait? Do you wish for them to keel over and die of old age? How many innocent people will be killed by then?” Chu Li snarled.

Fa Xiang replied in a deep voice, “This affair has been decided by the temple Elders. As disciples, we have no say in the matter, we are completely helpless.”

Fa Yuan chanted a mantra with pressed palms. “Almsgiver Chu, in my opinion, I would undoubtedly take immediate action against them, but Brother Fa Xiang has a point. Everything has to be in accordance with the temple’s orders, we cannot act recklessly.”

Chu Li chuckled. “So the Tempest Temple would rather let these evil individuals run rampant by being tolerant and indulgent? Is the temple waiting for the Divine Church of Asura to become even stronger? They have already tried forcing me to join them, they might do the same to others. As time passes, they will gradually gain power. By then, if the Tempest Temple were to take action, surely there would be an even greater loss. I don’t believe that the Elders of the Tempest Temple would be that ignorant!”

“I will convey Almsgiver Chu’s words to the temple Elders,” said Fa Yuan.

Chu Li pointed to the two men lying at his feet. “Do you want these two?”

“Many thanks, Almsgiver Chu. Leave them to us, this time we will not let them escape,” added Fa Yuan.

Chu Li said, “I certainly hope so. Farewell!”

Chu Li left immediately after saying his piece. Not waiting for Fa Yuan’s reply, he turned and fluttered away.

Fa Xiang frowned at Chu Li’s disappearing figure and shook his head. “Junior Brother Fa Yuan, you should not have said all that to him, you have damaged our reputation.”

“Almsgiver Chu is an exceptionally smart man, even if we didn’t tell him, he would be able to see it clearly. In that case, it would be better to speak frankly.” Fa Yuan sneered.

“Sigh… this Almsgiver Chu is a troublesome one.” Fa Xiang scoffed.

Among the masters of the younger generation, Fa Yuan should have been the best, but Chu Li had stolen his thunder. Chu Li’s fame and reputation had become more widespread, and this made Fa Xiang slightly displeased.

“Brother Fa Xiang, will the Exorcist Brothers be arriving soon?” asked Fa Yuan.

“They will arrive later today,” replied Fa Xiang.

Fa Yuan continued, “There must not be any mistakes this time, I am worried that the Divine Church of Asura might try and snatch them from us, we have to be extra careful.”

“Yes, I understand!” Fa Xiang answered in a low voice.

As they spoke, six mantra chants sounded from the outside. They were so much so in unison that it seemed like they had all sounded at the same time.

Fa Xiang revealed a smile. “They’re here!”

A grey shadow flashed before them.


Six middle-aged monks descended in front of them. The mantra they chanted sounded like morning bells reverberating throughout the Mercy Temple. The temple was completely silent apart from the sounds of chanting, which brought a sense of refreshment to the heart and spirit.

Fa Yuan bowed with pressed palms at the sight of the monks. “My six Exorcist Brothers, thank you for making your way here… Let us now begin our journey!”

“Yes, Junior Brother Fa Yuan.” the six of them bowed back with pressed palms.

They looked toward the two men lying unconscious on the ground, and then to the four others in the house. They each lifted one up and turned to leave.

Fa Yuan and Fa Xiang fluttered after them as they exited the Mercy Temple. They kept to the treetops and traveled quickly, swift like the wind.

Dusk had arrived, and the twilight was luxurious.

They traveled shrouded in the rays of the sunset, not saying a word, their cowls billowing in the wind.

Fa Yuan said, “My six Brothers, it is the evening now. Their acupuncture points will have to be resealed again.”

The six monks nodded and reached out to poke the bodies they were carrying several times, resealing their acupuncture points and extending their unconscious state.

The sunset thickened, and finally, the moon climbed high into the sky. As the night darkened, the moon grew brighter, brilliant and flawless.

They basked in the moonlight as they continued to advance to their destination, calm and solemn.

As time passed, the moon slowly raised to the middle of the sky.

“Amitabha Buddha…” the six monks suddenly uttered a mantra and stopped.

There were ten black-clothed men who stood before them a hundred meters away, standing on the treetops as the leaves swayed around them. Their cold gazes pierced across the hundred meters into their eyes, making them feel uneasy. A chill ran down their spines.

These gazes did not convey any human emotions.

Fa Yuan and Fa Yuan exchanged looks, the ambush had finally arrived!

“Bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam!” the six monks tossed the people they were carrying onto the ground, and silently fluttered over toward the ten black-clothed men.

Fa Yuan turned to look at his comrade. “Brother Fa Xiang, let us first break their limbs.”

“Yes.” Fa Xiang nodded.

The two of them hovered down from the tree and arrived in front of the six unconscious bodies, separately breaking their limbs and rendering them immobile, just in case they woke up in the middle of the battle, and joined the opposing side.

Fa Yuan tied them together using their clothes and separated them into two groups. He then held up three people in each hand and dashed to the side promptly. Fa Xiang hurriedly followed after him.

Two black-clothed men shot out from the darkness and chased after them.