White Robed Chief Chapter 594

Chapter 594 Kidnapping 2

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Even while carrying six people, Fa Yuan’s speed was still swift like the wind. Fa Xiang could barely keep up with him.

The two black-clothed men who chased after them struggled to keep up as well and soon enough they started to fall behind.

Although they were at a clear disadvantage, the six middle-aged Exorcist monks faced off against the ten black-clothed men.

These black-clothed men’s martial arts were all very good. They were seemingly fierce and unafraid of death as they attacked madly at their opponents with no regard for their own life and safety. Together, they easily suppressed the six grey-clothed monks.

However, the six monks were not flustered and met their opponents calmly. Seeing Fa Yuan and Fa Xiang carry away the bodies and escape, they emptied out the nervous thoughts in their hearts.

Their mission was to bring the cultivators of the Asura Power Technique back to the temple for safekeeping. These people were more important than any renegade of the temple, thus, they spared no effort in capturing them. Even if it meant sacrificing their lives doing so, they needed to let Fa Yuan bring the cultivators back to the temple.

These ten Asuras’ martial arts were undeniably strong. The six monks could only barely fend them off as they continued to battle. Their secret skills proved to be ineffective as the secret skill of the Asura Power Technique was equally as strong. They might not necessarily overcome them even if they activated their secret skills.

Nonetheless, they had to hold them back no matter what and prevent them from going after Junior Brother Fa Yuan.

After a while of chasing, the two black-clothed men turned around and doubled back to face off with the six Exorcist Monks, unable to catch up with Fa Yuan.

When these 2 assailants rejoined the battle, the six monks’ situation rapidly deteriorated and they lost whatever little advantage they initially had. Even though the twelve black-clothed men had the upper hand, they still fought as if they were at a disadvantage, desperately assaulting their opponents without a solid plan of attack.

Fa Yuan and Fa Xiang flew past like a gust of wind. When they saw that they were no longer being chased, they slowly came to a stop.

Fa Yuan placed the six bodies on the ground and turned back to look at the direction they had come from. “I need to go back and help our Exorcist Brothers… Brother Fa Xiang, you take them away.”

Fa Xiang nodded. “If you can’t win, then run.”

“Understood,” Fa Yuan responded and swiftly fluttered away.

Fa Xiang glanced at the six bodies on the ground, picked them up, and bolted toward the temple like the wind.

When Fa Yuan arrived at the tangled battlefield of the eighteen men, two among six of the monks had already suffered some sort of injury, and the remaining four were forced to strain themselves even harder. The situation was becoming more precarious by the second.

“Amitabha Buddha…” Fa Yuan chanted a mantra. His body started to emanate a golden aura of light. His expression was solemn and his eyes seemed full of compassion. Fa Yuan lightly fluttered over and pressed his palms out. The sound of sacred words was only dimly discernable as they coiled around his palms as if trailing from a distant horizon. Fa Yuan activated the Myriad Buddha Palm.

“Bam!” Fa Yuan struck the shoulder of one of the black-clothed men. His movements were slow and he was ultimately unable to evade the attack.

“Bam! Bam!” Fa Yuan’s Myriad Buddha Palm exchanged blows with two men in black clothing.

The movements of the three men that were hit by Fa Yuan stunted slightly as their inner energy circulation became rougher. Although the scorching inner energy from the palmprint was not tremendously powerful, it ceaselessly interfered with the circulation of their inner energy.

“Bam! Bam!” Fa Yuan exchanged blows with another two assailant’s right palms.

The inner energies of the two men also quickly became sluggish.

“Be careful of this little monk!” someone shouted.

Suddenly, two black-clothed men activated their secret skill. Their flesh and blood sunk into their bones, and they transformed into a skeleton in an instant. Their eyes glowed red as Fa Yuan charged towards them. Their movements were abnormally quick as though they were two gusts of wind.

Fa Yuan once again extended his palm outward.

“Bam bam!” The two men in black clothing collided directly with the Myriad Buddha Palm. Without waiting for Fa Yuan to attack again, they stuck close to his side. Their Shura Palm was swift like a ghost, causing Fa Yuan to not be able to activate the Myriad Buddha Palm in time.

It was as if they knew the weakness of the Myriad Buddha Palm, that the palm required a moment of preparation before it could be used.

If there was a distance between oneself and his opponent, this momentary lapse could be compensated for. From the time it took to throw out the palm and it to hit its target, it would be completed. Onlookers would not be able to see the process of preparation, but the shorter the distance, the more obvious it became.

Fa Yuan gave up on the Myriad Buddha Palm and shot out a Spear Finger Strike. The finger forces curled around his body, evenly matched with the two black-clothed men.

The two black-clothed men were both Sixth layer Asuras. When the Sixth layer was perfected, their martial arts would become severely oppressive. For a while, Fa Yuan was locked in a stalemate with them, but the ten other assailants were having a much easier time with the six Exorcists. Two monks were already injured, thus, their movements became slower, which forced their comrades to exert more effort.

“Amitabha Buddha….” The six monks suddenly pressed their palms together and uttered a mantra. Their bodies started to emit a golden light. As the golden light gathered around them, the six monks became purple-golden colored. Their expressions were solemn and sacred looking, and their gazes were filled with pity and sorrow.

“Tss…” the sounds of heavy breathing echoed all around them.

At that moment, the ten black-clothed men each activated their secret skill and transformed into skeletons. Eight of them had glowing red eyes, while the other two were only Fifth layer Asuras.

“Bam bam bam bam…” Muffled noises rang out incessantly. The style of fighting had completely changed.

All sixteen men had transformed into the most barbaric version of themselves and each fist hit extremely hard. They fought recklessly, not bothering with grace or elegance. It was a pure brawn on brawn collision between two groups of barbarians.

The purple-golden hue on the six monks flashed rapidly. As the Sentient Menace circulated and coupled with their secret skill, their flesh body became almost indestructible. The ten black-clothed men relied solely on the Body of Asura and collided with the monks brutally without care for technique.

Fa Yuan looked on at the remaining sixteen people left on the battlefield, feeling secretly anxious.

The six Exorcist Brothers were incredibly strong, but those eight Sixth layer Asuras were even stronger. They were no match for them at all as their Sentient Menace layer was not at a high enough level, it could not possibly compare to the Body of Asura.

After about ten minutes, the six Exorcist monks’ movements slowed down, their fatigue had started to show.

“My Brothers, let’s go!” Fa Yuan yelled out in a low voice.

The six monks nodded, then shook their heads. They wanted to leave but were unable to.

“Junior Brother Fa Yuan, you leave first. We will follow right behind you,” a grey-robed middle-aged monk called out.

Fa Yuan shook his head. He knew what they were planning.

They intended to take those ten bastards down with them. However, these Asuras could not be definitively killed, or else they would become even stronger Asuras after another eighteen years, and might even develop into the Ninth layer of Asura.

“Brother Fa Xing, don’t kill them,” said Fa Yuan.

He frowned secretly. The situation right now was extremely dangerous. Fa Yuan was afraid that none of them would be able to leave this place alive. As Fa Yuan was speaking, a Petrifying Finger was shot out toward a person opposite him.

“Do you need my help, Fa Yuan?” Chu Li suddenly appeared on top of a tree, smiling cheerfully towards him. His white robe billowed, moving with the wind.

“Almsgiver Chu!” Fa Yuan revealed a smile.

“Remember you owe me a huge favor.” grinned Chu Li.

Chu Li had long predicted that the Left Guardian of the Divine Church of Asura was extremely meticulous when carrying out matters. He would definitely not only think about success and ignore the possibility of failure. He would surely have a contingency plan just in case failure occurred, stealing a person was guaranteed.

Fa Yuan laughed. “I didn’t think that Almsgiver Chu has been following us all along!”

“I’m just worried that they’ll escape again!” scoffed Chu Li.

The Heavenly Demonic Orb fell into Chu Li’s heart, and limitless energy surged around fiercely inside his body. He descended the tree quickly and with the Modesty sword in hand, landed a blow just below an Asura’s leg.

The glint of the blade flashed in the moonlight. The body of that Asura suddenly bent over and he fell off the tree, landing heavily on the ground below. The muscles on both of his legs had been severed.

Even if he transformed into a skeleton, the muscles still existed. If Chu Li drew out the Modesty Sword, their tendons would definitely be severed.

Chu Li moved smoothly according to his technique, landing behind another one of Fa Yuan’s opponents. The blade glinted, there was no escape, and the Asura once again fell.

Fa Yuan let out a long sigh of relief and bowed with pressed palms. “Many thanks, Almsgiver Chu.”

Chu Li said, “Just remember to return the favor in the future!”

He appeared behind an Asura again. The Modesty sword glinted and flashed as it pierced the man’s hand.

Chu Li’s figure was only vaguely discernable in the moonlight. The glint of the blade flashed every so often and every strike of his targeted their wrists and severed their tendons. Ten people, twenty hands, Chu Li had severed them all in the blink of an eye.

Fa Yuan and the six Exorcists’ expressions changed slightly. They looked at Chu Li astonishingly.

They knew that Chu Li’s swordsmanship was incredibly strong, but they did not think that he was this amazing.