White Robed Chief Chapter 595

Chapter 595 Matchmaking

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Chu Li nodded toward the monks. “Fa Yuan, I think there will be no more killing here. I will leave first then.”

Fa Yuan bowed to him. “Thank you Mister Chu!”

Chu Li waved his hands and bowed at them before leaving. He flew away and disappeared under the moonlight, blending into the night sky.

” Mister Chu is so strong with his sword!” One of the monks in grey sighed and said.

Fa Yuan replied, “Senior Fa Xing if it wasn’t for the help we got from Mister Chu, we would certainly not have been able to escape this situation. It is fine for us to sacrifice ourselves, but if those Asuras had managed to escape, we would be in huge trouble!”

“Yes, we need to thank him,” Fa Xing agreed.

Fa Yuan smiled. “We’ll get our chance. Let us move. Senior Fa Xiang is up ahead with the bodies.”

“Let’s go,” Fa Xing concurred.

The group sealed the acupuncture points of the defeated Asuras and tied them all up. Each monk carried two of the Asuras and disappeared into the night sky in a flash.

Fa Yuan also moved along quickly. He was satisfied with the outcome of the battle.

Another twelve Asuras had been captured, and a total of eighteen of them had been defeated. The Divine Church of Asura only had a hundred and nineteen people in it.

Those in the church would definitely be furious and would undoubtedly try their best to rescue their comrades.

These Asuras had abnormal body builds. Even though they were being sealed in the Tempest Temple, their power could be restored if they ever escaped, and they could become a force to be reckoned with yet again.

Fa Yuan hoped that the Asuras’ actions would incite anger in the elders, and force them to decide to eliminate them immediately. The disciples of the Divine Church of Asura were slaughtering innocent people every day which caused them to feel great guilt.

Dawn. Chu Li appeared in a small courtyard in the Crouching Bull Mountain. He slowly brandished his long sword, appreciating all the details and techniques of the Cloud Slashing Sword Technique.

The Cloud Slashing Sword Technique was really incomparable. No wonder swordsmen from the previous era ruled the world with such might.

However, Chu Li was also equipped with better qualities. He was disciplined and his slashing speed was also faster than the swordsmen from the previous era. He would most likely be a lot better than those swordsmen.

Suddenly, a loud bang blared out. The door to the courtyard had been kicked open, and Xia Wei walked in with her long legs.

Chu Li looked at her for a moment before proceeding to ignore her. He continued to appraise his sword.

Xia Wei was dressed in a pink colored gown and deer-skin boots. Her skin was fair with just a slight hint of redness. Her eyes were clear and there was without a doubt that she possessed a great figure.

She stared at Chu Li angrily. “Zhuge Tian!”

Chu Li continue practicing and replied casually, “Junior Sister Xia Wei, what do you want?”

“What did you tell my father?” Xia Wei asked.

Chu Li answered calmly, “Do I need to report to you what I have told Elder Xia? What position do you hold? Are you the mountain leader?”

“You…” Xia Wei could not believe what he had said.

Chu Li completely ignored her and continued to train.

“Junior Sister Xia!” Zhou Hange and Chu Dazhi ran in.

They saw how Xia Wei was staring at Chu Li with anger and realized that they were already much too late. “Young Master, please don’t be annoyed, Sister Xia always has a bad temper.”

Chu Li looked at them. “You guys choose to chase after a girl instead of training your martial art skills?”

“No, we are not… We have no special feelings toward Sister Xia, and we are definitely not chasing after her.” Zhou Hange waved his hand.

Chu Li nodded. “Well, I believe you guys. Who in their right mind would want to be with her?”

“Zhuge Tian, what are you saying?!” Xia Wei yelled.

Chu Li waved his sword in the air. “Hear no evil, see no evil. If that’s the case, why are you guys here? Train if you are supposed to. If you are meant to be sewing, go do that. Leave now.”

“Zhuge Tian, damn you! Who here is supposed to be sewing?” Xia Wei was at her boiling point and could barely hold her anger back anymore.

Chu Li replied lazily, “You are a woman. If you are not sewing, what should you be doing?”

“Are girls only good for sewing? Is that so? I can’t train and hone my martial art skills?” Xia Wei laughed.

Chu Li continued, “You’re not that talented, so better not waste your time.”

“Bullshit! I am talented!” Xia Wei snarled.

Chu Li shook his head and refused to continue.

Xia Wei grit her teeth. “Zhuge Tian, are you looking down on me?”

Chu Li answered casually, “Yes.”

“You… You…” Xia Wei pointed a slim finger at Chu Li. She was so angry that her chest was heaving up and down vigorously from breathing too heavily. Her face was flushed red.

Chu Li had not even bothered to look up at her. His eyes were locked onto the tip of the sword as he waved it around nonchalantly.

Zhou Hange and Chu Dazhi thought that he was being incredibly wasteful.

To have a lady of such beauty standing in front of him, Zhuge Tian had refused to even bat an eye at her. All he did was gawk at the damn sword. The focus and dedication he had for martial arts was the reason he had such skills in the first place!

Xia Wei stared at Chu Li angrily while he still refused to look at her.

She was not at all satisfied.

Chu Li’s sight slowly followed the graceful movement of his sword as he calmly asked, “Why aren’t you leaving?”

“I’m not leaving! What did you say to my father?” Xia Wei said.

Chu Li remained silent.

Xia Wei continued, “Why does my father suddenly want me to treat you better?”

Chu Li chuckled. “It seems as though Elder Xia wants me to marry you.”

“Dream on! Don’t even think about it!” Xia Wei rebuked him angrily.

Chu Li laughed. “Take it as me thinking of the unthinkable.”

“You… You…” Xia Wei was at a loss for words.

Chu Li finally looked up from the sword to her. “Well, you are still considered a beauty, so it will be beneficial for you to help me warm my bed. As long as your temper isn’t too bad, you’re actually quite useful.”

“Zhuge Tian, you are an asshole!” Xia Wei sneered.

Chu Li added, “Nonetheless, even if you have a bad temper it will still be fine. I’ll just help you fix it.”

“I will never agree with him!” Xia Wei smiled.

Chu Li’s sight presumptuously swung around her busts. “So what if you disagree? As long as Elder Xia says yes.”

“You will never touch me even when I’m dead! Keep dreaming!” Xia Wei scoffed.

She felt as though hundreds of ants were crawling across her breast whenever Chu Li looked at them. Xia Wei felt chills running down her spine as she shivered. She would rather die than be with this kind of man!

Chu Li said, “Then stay away from me and never come here. Don’t blame me for being disrespectful! I’m not going to send you off, so leave now!”

“Zhuge Tian, just you wait!” Xia Wei stomped away angrily.

Zhou Hange and Chu Dazhi laughed before turning to leave themselves.

“Asshole! Asshole! Ass—hole–!” They arrived at the forest where Xia Wei usually trained. They saw how she was cutting trees down violently with her sword, and looked at each other helplessly.

Zhou Hange walked toward her and said calmly, trying his best to not annoy her further, “Junior Sister Xia, what did Elder Xia say?”

“Hmph, you don’t need to know what he said, I will not listen!” Xia Wei yelled while waving her sword in the air.

Chu Dazhi asked, “Is he trying to match you with the Young Master?”

Xia Wei stared at him.

Chu Dazhi’s eyes widened. “Really? Did I just hit the nail on its head?”

Zhou Hange added, “Looks like Elder Xia is really fond of the Young Master… Ai, what will Murong think If he heard this.”

Zhuo Hange guessed that if Murong heard this news he would be so angry he might even straight up explode. He could not wait to fight Zhuge Tian but he could never beat him.

Xia Wei continued, “My father is crazy. He can’t see who this guy for who he truly is!”

“Elder Xia knows better than us,” Zhou Hange replied.

Xia Wei snarled. “Senior Zhou, whose side are you on?”

Zhou Hange laughed. “Fine fine, I will just keep quiet… Junior, better not let this news reach Murong.”

“Understood.” Chu Dazhi nodded.