White Robed Chief Chapter 598

Chapter 598 Snatching Seats

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Merry Restaurant’s main hall was filled with tables. It was full of people chit chatting and was possibly livelier than the main street.

The customers were teenagers, middle-aged men and women, elders, and even a few youngsters. It was no different than the outskirts of town; the place was bustling with energy and life.

Chu Li and the others entered, and from time to time would get greeted by random folks.

These people didn’t recognize Chu Li because they had never seen Zhuge Tian before. They only said hello to Zhou Hange and Chu Dazhi.

Zhou Hange and Chu Dazhi waved their hands and nodded while being greeted. Then, they brought Chu Li up to the second floor.

Chu Li understood why nobody seemed to recognize Zhuge Tian. It seemed like Zhuge Tian never showed his face and chose to remain hidden while training.

The second floor was also lively, but most of the people here were teenagers.

“Senior Zhou, Senior Chu!” The others started greeting them.

Zhou Hange nodded toward them, while Chu Dazhi became serious, refusing to smile back.

“Young master, let us sit there.” Chu Dazhi pointed at a table in front of a window.

Zhou Hange hesitated for a while before agreeing.

Chu Li acted like he didn’t know anything. He simply walked towards it after hearing the suggestion.

The surrounding tables were all occupied, but the table nearest to the window was empty. It was obvious that it was left unoccupied for a reason.

The other tenants suddenly became quiet for a moment before returning to their usual selves. However, it was clear that the topic of their conversations had changed as they were discussing their matters softly, whilst occasionally glancing at the three.

Chu Li sat down and looked out the window.

He could clearly see everyone who passed by. When he looked up he could see the beauty of the valley, the view was full of flowers and green grass. It really was a good seat.

“Whose seat is this?” Chu Li calmly asked.

Chu Dazhi replied, “Duan Wuya. Young master has never heard of him, right?”

He admired Chu Li. Chu Li was born gifted. He did not just have strong martial arts, but his inherent talent was also in the upper echelon. He was destined to be a leader among men; a normal practitioner like him should just follow orders. If he did, then his own status might be higher than that Elder Murong once the young master took over the throne.

With this in mind, he decided to work his best and treated Chu Li as a legitimate young master.

Chu Li shook his head. “Duan Wuya… Must be a strong character.”

Zhou Hange laughed.

Chu Dazhi said, “Same level as Senior Zhou.”

The three of them were just chatting about martial arts. From time to time someone would come to greet them or say hello to Zhou Hange.

Zhou Hange would calmly reply with a prideful fist salute.

Chu Li smiled at Zhou Hange. He never knew that Zhou Hange was so well known here.

It was obvious that the people here admired him. Chu Dazhi was slightly less respected as he was just a follower, but Chu Li, on the other hand, was completely ignored because no one recognized him at all.

“Young master, it is too difficult to memorize all the sword styles, even if you have a photographic memory.” Chu Dazhi took the teapot from the waiter and filled three cups before passing one to Chu Li.

Chu Li took the teacup and replied, “It’s the same as you eating twenty buns. It is difficult for others, but for you, there is nothing difficult about it.”

Zhou Hange laughed.

Chu Dazhi was the famed ‘Eating King’ in the Crouching Bull Mountain. He always had an appetite and would eat much more than everyone else; he replied awkwardly, “Young master, let us not talk about this.”

Chu Li continued, “You guys struggled with it, but it was nothing for me. Talent is something inherent to everyone. It’s in your genes.”

Zhou Hange laughed even harder.

The three were laughing and having a good time when suddenly everyone else went silent.

Chu Li did not bother to check what was going on, he simply continued to peer out the window to observe the view outside.

His Omniscient Mirror had revealed that three middle-aged men walked up to the second floor and towards them. Two of them looked furious, only the assumed leader looked relatively calm.

The leader was handsome and had a strong build. He was roaring with masculinity. The two teenagers following him, however, were quite the opposite. One was ugly whilst the other one was dressed badly. The contrast was so great that everyone could not help but stare at them.

Zhou Hange softly said, “Young master, there will be an argument shortly.”

Chu Li replied, “It’s ok, I will just enjoy it.”

Zhou Hange smiled awkwardly.

“Chu Dazhi, you guys are really brave I see!” The badly dressed teenager yelled, “This seat belongs to our Senior Duan, and you guys dare to sit here?”

Chu Dazhi looked at him and growled, “Li Weiran, who said this table belongs to Senior Duan? Is his name written on it? Is this your restaurant? This table belongs to everyone. First come first serve. Why should this seat belong to Senior Duan!”

Duan Wuya just raised his eyebrows and looked at Chu Dazhi and Zhou Hange.

Zhou Hange looked back at him calmly.

Li Weiran yelled, “Who doesn’t know that this table belongs to Senior Duan. What nonsense are you spouting? Hurry up and get lost, Senior Duan wants to eat!”

“How would I know that this table is yours?” Chu Dazhi grit his teeth and replied, “We are also trying to eat here. If you guys want to eat, just wait. Once we finish you guys can take out place.”

“Bullshit!” Li Weiran shouted, “Chu Dazhi, don’t try to act tough!”

“Hahaha, we saw an empty table and sat down to have our meal. Is that acting tough?” Chu Dazhi was not amused. “We came first but now need to give our table to you guys who came later? What you’re saying is bullshit, now you are the one being unreasonable!”

“Chu Dazhi, you are so dead!” Li Weiran shouted at him.

Chu Dazhi replied, “How ridiculous can you get? We just sat at a table and now I am dead?”

“It’s alright. Since others were here first, let them have the table. We will find another one,” Duan Wuya waved his hand and calmly said, “there is no point arguing over a table.”

“Senior Duan you are really generous. There are always others who want to take advantage of you because they know you won’t argue with them. Shameless!” Li Weiran said.

Chu Dazhi replied, “We are right to have our seat, but now you say it like we are being unreasonable. We saw an empty seat, but we can’t sit here? Should we have just looked at this empty seat but squeeze at another table? Li Weiran, you are truly illogical. We are all students of the Crouching Bull Mountain. Why do you guys get the best seat while we have to keep quiet and settle for second best? Hmph, you are not the leader of this mountain!”

“You…” Li Weiran was so angry that he was going to get violent.

Duan Wuya waved his hand once more, “Don’t cause any trouble. Just find another seat.”

“Yes, Senior Duan,” Li Weiran nodded helplessly while staring daggers at Chu Dazhi.

Chu Dazhi just ignored him.

The three of them found a table nearby and sat down, but their gazes were still locked onto Chu Li and gang.

Duan Wuya gazed at Chu Li thoughtfully.

He quickly realized that Chu Li was the leader of the three.

Chu Dazhi poured tea into Chu Li’s cup before helping Zhou Hange. Before this, Murong Liang, the son of Elder Murong, was the only one who got this kind of treatment from him.

It was obvious that this person was of high status.