White Robed Chief Chapter 600

Chapter 600 Flinch

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Duan Wuya waved his hand. “The toughest thing now is to find out everything we can about the murderer. Based on our capabilities, it’s isn’t like we aren’t capable of fighting back.”

“The hill master is still in isolated cultivation.” Zhou Hange pondered, then shook his head and sighed. “I actually know something that I didn’t want to initially disclose.”

Everyone immediately quietened down.

Duan Wuya said, “Brother Zhou, I believe that you have some inside news. Tell everyone about it so that you can relieve everyone from their stress. If they know what’s going on, then everyone will then strive to practice and train.”

“That’s right, that’s right.” The people nodded and answered in agreement.

“Eh?” Zhou Hange turned his head and asked, “Young Lord, should I reveal it?”

Chu Li nodded lightly. “Just let them know what you know, they would have to find out sooner or later anyway.”

He knew what information Zhou Hange had in his mind, and that there was no harm in sharing it. The people quickly set their eyes on Chu Li.

“Young Lord? It was unusual for Zhou Hange to be so respectful towards someone. Which sect did this Young Lord belong to?” the people thought.

Duan Wuya glanced at Chu Li for a moment, then looked at Zhou Hange again. He was more interested in Zhou Hange’s news. “Brother Zhou, please go ahead.”

Once again, everyone turned to Zhou Hange.

Zhou Hange said, “According to what I know, the opponent is extremely powerful, even the hill master is not his match.”

Everyone’s jaws dropped.

The hill master’s martial art was the best in Crouching Bull Mountain and was considered top-notch even among the Grandmasters. Although he was not an Enlightened Master, there was rarely an adversary good enough for him, which was also where Crouching Bull Mountain’s confidence came from.

“Impossible!” Huang Tao cried out. “There are only a few people in the whole world who can defeat the hill master!”

Zhou Hange continued. “We think that the hill master is invincible because we haven’t had much experience.” Many grandmasters go through bitter times in isolated cultivation to comprehend the Enlightened Mastery’s Boundary and very rarely explore the outside world for the duration of this time. However, this is not the type of opponent we are encountering right now.”

“Which kind of opponent are we facing then?” Huang Tao scoffed.

Zhou Hange replied, “This time, hill master’s opponent is a young woman, a woman who is about the same age as us. The hill master is no match for her.”

The people immediately piped up and discussed largely the news they had just heard.

It would make sense if the hill master was bested by an old master who had gone through many years of isolated cultivation, but they could not believe that a young master could beat him, what more a young woman. How preposterous!

If such a woman existed, then what would become of their reputation? They would become a laughing stock!

Zhou Hange looked at Duan Wuya. “Brother Duan, you and Brother Murong are grandmasters, if Crouching Bull Mountain has such talents, then why can’t other sects have them too? Currently, most of the powerful grandmasters are youths, such as Fa Yuan from the Tempest Temple, Chu Li from Yi Public House, and Lu Yurong from Ren Public House. They’re all top-notch grandmasters.”

Duan Wuya frowned and looked at Zhou Hange.

He was shocked. How did Zhou Hange know that he was a Grandmaster?

“Is Brother Murong actually a Grandmaster?” Duan Wuya frowned and asked.

Zhou Hange nodded slowly. “Yes, all of you want to amaze the world with a single brilliant feat, but you remain ignorant of the fact that success does not happen overnight. Stop comparing yourselves to others in the Crouching Bull Mountain, you should strive to reach the heights of others in the martial arts world, like Fa Yuan and the rest!”

Duan Wuya laughed. “What you’re saying is that that woman beat the hill master, and that is why he went into isolated cultivation.”

Zhou Hange nodded. “That’s exactly right, which is why we had to seal off the mountain passes. and remain here. How could we possibly defeat this woman at our current ability level?

Duan Wuya asked, “We’re not allowed to leave the mountain just because the hill master couldn’t beat her?”

“Leaving the mountain will only result in death, so we might as well stay here.” Zhou Hange continued. “The elders made this decision with a heavy heart; they would rather let us live in discomfort than let us die in vain. This is because they hope that our generation of disciples will be able to produce a top-notch master. We shouldn’t always think about leaving the mountain, we should be thinking about how to elevate our cultivation level to surpass the hill master so that we can defeat that woman!”

“If the hill master is no match, then what chance do we have.” Li Weiran said, “Who among us can fight the hill master!”

“That’s not necessarily true!” Zhou Hange snapped. “Look at Brother Duan and Brother Murong, they’re both prodigies, it might not be the case that they won’t be able to fight the hill master!”

Duan Wuya waved his hand. “Brother Zhou, I don’t deserve such praise. I’m far from the hill master!”

Zhou Hange said, “This is the hope of the elders, which is also the hope of our hill master. It’s too much for him to save the Crouching Bull Mountain all alone, the rest of us have to assist him. The elders’ old age is inhibiting their progress, which is why they can only pin their hopes on everyone else!”

Duan Wuya shook his head and sighed. “Still, how is it possible?”

Zhou Hange looked frustrated as he snapped at him. “Why is it impossible!?”

“Which one of us can surpass the hill master?” Duan Wuya said, “There’s no one in Crouching Bull Mountain.”

“That’s what you think. The young lord is on a whole other level than the rest of us,” Zhou Hange said.

“Which young lord?” Duan Wuya frowned.

Zhou Hange pointed at Chu Li and said out loud, “This is the young lord of Crouching Bull Mountain!”

Chu Li looked at him then shook his head lazily. Zhou Hange was quick with his words.

The people looked towards him. They instantly despised him when they saw that he looked uninterested and unwilling to acknowledge the others.

Chu Li sighed. “Brother Zhou, you talk too much!

Chu Dazhi said, “Young Lord, the people need to know who you are.”

Chu Li glanced nonchalantly at the people. “What does it matter if they recognize me or not, let us eat.”

When Zhou Hange saw that he was being so cold, he knew that he was uninterested, so he dared not say anything else.

The people still looked at him in astonishment from time to time.

They knew that Crouching Bull Mountain had a young lord and that the hill master had a son, but they had not seen him all this while, it was almost as though he was a myth.

As for those who were well-informed, they knew that the hill master was not satisfied with the young lord and did care much for him, to the extent that he actually threw him to a corner of Crouching Bull Mountain so that he would not have to bother about him anymore.

They did not think that he would suddenly appear and happen to be about the same age as them.

Li Weiran called out loud. “Chu Dazhi, is the young lord’s martial art really that powerful?”

“Of course!” Chu Dazhi yelled without hesitation. “It would be a piece of cake for him to beat Brother Duan up!”

“What arrogance!” Li Weiran said in disdain, “Brother Duan is a Grandmaster!”

“So what?” Chu Dazhi smirked. “It would still be a piece of cake!”

Li Weiran scoffed, “Don’t boast so much, have a fight then!”

“Not a problem!” Chu Dazhi turned to look at Chu Li excitedly.

However, Chu Li merely shook his head. “I’m not interested!”

“Yes.” Chu Dazhi replied respectfully, then he said out loud, “We’ll leave that for next time.”

“Haha!” Li Weiran laughed out loud, Huang Tao was laughing along as well, even Duan Wuya who was showing a cold look all the while broke into a smile.

Statements such as “not interested” and “they could fight another time” were clearly excuses. He dared not fight with Duan Wuya as he was afraid of failure, which would make the people look down on Chu Li even more.

Chu Dazhi fumed and glared at Chu Li.

Zhou Hange sighed and said, “Young Lord, I think you should just show them!”

Chu Li stood up and snapped. “Forget it, forget about the meal as well, let us leave.”

He walked outside right as soon as he said that.