White Robed Chief Chapter 602

Chapter 602 Divine Fist

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“Elder Murong, the young lord has arrived!” the youth in blue clothing who stood outside of the basilica called out.

A young man in blue clothes stood just outside the basilica. He had an ordinary face, but his youthful spirits were undeniably charming.

“Young lord, please come in!” Murong Chun responded.

After reporting their arrival, the youth in blue clothing turned around and stood to one side of the basilica. He looked straight ahead without moving an inch.

Chu Li waved his hand at Zhou Hange and Chu Dazhi, then he entered the basilica alone.

The basilica was bright inside. Stones that looked like white jade were laid out on the floor. A warm sensation crept through his body as he stepped on them.

Four elders stood at the center of the basilica.

Other than Murong Chun and Xia Liyan, there were two more elders with white hair and crusty complexions. Their expressions were grave, so much so that an oppressing atmosphere permeated the brightly lit basilica. The air turned heavy.

“Young Lord, come and take a look.” Murong Chun waved his hand.

Chu Li did a fist salute and walked closer to them leisurely without saying a word.

They were surrounding a corpse. Its face was peaceful. It was as if it had just fallen asleep. Their cheeks were still tainted pink. However, Chu Li knew that the person’s vitality had disappeared, and he had died a long time ago. Even Chu Li himself was powerless to reverse the situation.

“This is Gu Tie, an elite disciple in our faction. He was killed when he was travelling down the mountain,” Murong Chun said in a hoarse voice. “Two of our Grandmasters were wounded as well. These people are getting overboard!”

Chu Li swept his eyes across Gu Tie’s body lazily. “He died very peacefully. One punch and he was gone. It’s the Divine Light Fist.”

“Divine Light Fist?!” Everyone was stunned.

Chu Li spared them a look. “You don’t know about the Divine Light Fist?”

“Which faction is this Divine Light Fist from?” Murong Chun quickly asked.

Chu Li looked at them, perplexed.

Technically, the Holy Church of Light was a rank higher in the Li Dynasty than the Tempest Temple. How could a first-class faction like Crouching Bull Mountain not know about the Holy Church of Light?

“It’s from the Holy Church of Light,” Chu Li replied. “Elder Murong, don’t you know about it?”

“The Holy Church of Light from the Li Dynasty?!” Murong Chun’s expression immediately changed.

When Chu Li saw his expression, he knew that Murong Chun was aware of the Holy Church of Light and knew about how powerful they were.

“The Holy Church of Light?!” Xia Liyan and the three other men’s expressions changed dramatically.

Chu Li continued, “So you know about the Holy Church of Light but couldn’t recognize the Divine Light Fist?”

“We’ve only heard of them and have never encountered any disciples from the Holy Church of Light.” Murong Chun shook his head and said, “We only know that they’re extremely powerful, and that they’re not afraid of death.”

Chu Li nodded. “It’s very clear that it’s the Divine Light Fist. Moreover, it’s a Grandmaster who had made the attack.”

“How dare they!” Murong Chun’s expression darkened furthur.

If it was the work of another faction, then although they should be worried, they need not lose hope. The hill master would no doubt seek revenge once he finished cultivating in isolation. The faction would be decimated when the time came, and then everyone would move on from it.

Once they heard that it was the Holy Church of Light though, they knew that things had taken a turn for the worse. Their hearts sank.

“Actually, there’s no need for you to be so worried,” Xia Liyan said. “The Holy Church of Light is indeed overbearing, but they’re located in the Li Dynasty after all. It’s impossible that they’ll transfer too many men over to the Great Ji Dynasty.”

“So a few masters are all it takes to give us this big of a headache.” Murong Chun smiled bitterly.

Chu Li was dwelling on what exactly was the Holy Church of Light up to.

It was understandable that they were acting surreptitiously because the four major sects would attack for sure if the identity of the perpetrator was revealed. With only one group of people, they would not be able to go against the siege of the four major sects regardless of how powerful they were. It would also be impossible for them to move all the martial arts masters from the Holy Church of Light over as well.

Why are they going against Crouching Bull Mountain?

Is it in order to exterminate Crouching Bull Mountain? Or did they want to terrorize Crouching Bull Mountain so that they could snatch the Surpassing State and use the concentration talisman and formation to nurture countless Grandmasters for themselves?

The Holy Church of Light was not short of the Surpassing State, though. It was him who needed it desperately. This meant that they must had a different motive.

Was there anything in Crouching Bull Mountain that they wanted to take? Like how it was at the Fairy’s Capital in the past?

His mind was spinning out of control as he fell deeper and deeper into his own thoughts. The crease between his eyebrows deepened.

Nonetheless, it was quite odd that they had used the Divine Light Fist to kill someone. How could they be certain that Crouching Bull Mountain would not be able to recognize their technique? How were they not afraid that their identity would be exposed?

Xia Liyan said, “Young lord, do you have any ideas?”

Chu Li looked up and glanced at the four elders. “I’m still thinking. What about the rest of you?”

“I think that we should invite the senior monk from the Tempest Temple over,” Murong Chun said. “The Tempest Temple will definitely lend us a hand once they learn that it was the people from the Holy Church of Light that had assaulted us.”

Chu Li nodded lightly.

Xia Liyan replied, “But the Tempest Temple can only help us this once. They couldn’t exactly help us forever.”

“Let’s just deal with what’s before us at the moment,” Murong Chun said. “We’ll talk about what to do next after we overcome this obstacle. We can’t just watch as our disciples die one after another!”

Xia Liyan sighed and nodded with a helpless expression.

Chu Li pondered and said, “It might not be necessary to seek the Tempest Temple’s help. I’ll do it!”

“Young lord!” Murong Chun quickly waved his hand. “Young lord, I’m aware that your swordsmanship is excellent, but the people from the Holy Church of Light are no ordinary people. Besides, this woman can defeat the hill master. How should we explain ourselves to the hill master should anything were to happen to you?”

From his point of view, although the young lord’s swordsmanship was powerful, it was not necessarily true that he would be stronger than the hill master. The hill master was incredible and had a cultivation level as deep as the sea. What chance would the young master have if even the hill master himself would not be a match for the woman?

The young lord had such cultivation level at such a young age. It was obvious that he was the hope of the sect. Crouching Bull Mountain depended heavily on him.

His passing would the greatest loss for Crouching Bull Mountain. They would rather sacrifice more disciples than to let the young lord take the risk.

Xia Liyan said in a hoarse voice. “Young lord, be careful!”

Chu Li cast a leisure look at them and remarked faintly, “You don’t think that I’m strong enough to fight them. Am I right?”

“Well…” Murong Chun sighed and said, “After all, it’s the Holy Church of Light!”

Chu Li said, “That’s enough. Leave this matter to me. I’ll handle it personally.”

“Young lord!” Murong Chun and Xia Liyan grew anxious.

Chu Li waved his hand and smiled. “You can’t stop me!”

“Young lord, what do you plan to do?” Murong Chun asked.

“It’ll be an easy job,” Chu Li continued.”I’ll leave the mountain and become the bait. I’d like to see how many martial arts masters the Holy Church of Light will sent. Let’s see if there are going to be enough numbers to kill me!”

He did not want to reveal that he had mastered the tracking technique and All-Seeing Divine Power. It was rare that anyone knew of that kind of divine power, and people who had mastered the tracking technique were a dime a dozen as well. If they learned of this, then they could easily put the pieces together and discover his true identity.

“This…” Murong Chun was troubled. He sighed and said, “They might not be fooled.”

Chu Li replied leisurely, “Right now, they’re playing a game of cat and mouse. They won’t even bother if the mouse is trapped. They’ll naturally go for the kill as soon as they see you!”

“But young lord, you…” At last, Xia Liyan let out a sigh. “Very well then, Elder Murong and I will personally protect you.”

Chu Li laughed. “Alright.”

He knew that they would pester him for a long time if he refused to let them go. He could not be bothered about it, so he simply agreed to it.

“We’ll leave the mountain tonight!” Chu Li said.

“Alright.” The two of them nodded and looked at each other.

The other two elders suddenly quipped, “Count the two of us in too.”

Chu Li shook his head. “Don’t let them break into our nest. It’ll be enough if Elder Murong and Elder Xia come along.”

Every single one of the founders of the sect was exceedingly wise. The elders of Crouching Bull Mountain and the Grandmasters lived halfway up the mountainside, protecting the entrances of the ravine behind which was occupied by the disciples of Crouching Bull Mountain.

Should anyone attempt to attack Crouching Bull Mountain, they would first have to go through them.

“Yes, yes. We must be wary in case they’re luring us away from the mountain.” Murong Chun nodded.