White Robed Chief Chapter 603

Chapter 603 Trap And Kill

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It was nightfall and the moon was as clear as water.

Chu Li, Murong Chun, and Xia Liyan hopped about the treetops as they traveled.

The trees towered all around them, making them look significantly tiny.

They soon arrived at the foot of the mountain. Then, they continued south towards a small town located a hundred miles away. It was where they usually bought their daily commodities.

Murong Chun asked, “Young lord, how did you know about the Divine Light Fist?”

“I’ve seen it before at the foot of the mountain.”

“Young Lord, you’ve actually seen it in person before?”

“Yes, I’ve fought with the disciples of the Holy Church of Light,” Chu Li said calmly. “I killed two of them during the encounter.”

Murong Chun and Xia Liyan were shocked. They looked at each other and came to a sudden realization.

It was no wonder that the young lord had no fear towards the Holy Church of Light and treated with indifference. It was because he had killed disciples from the Holy Church of Light before.

“I heard that the Holy Church of Light would never let their enemies off easily. They have a secret skill that enables them to find their enemies.” Murong Chun asked. “Is that true?”

“I think it’s true,” Chu Li answered faintly. “The four major sects all have some mysterious secret skills. We mustn’t underestimate them.”

He really did not expect the Holy Church of Light to be so capable.

The Holy Church of Light existed on the same level as the Titanium Temple, so it was not strange for them to have secret skills similar to the All-Seeing Divine Power. However, they had yet to hunt Chu Li down. Could it be that his divine powers and the Omniscient Mirror somehow could interfere with their secret tracking skill?

“You have to be careful of them then, young lord!” Murong Chun said. “They won’t forget their enemies!”

Chu Li gave a small smile. “Do you think that the Holy Church of Light came because of me?”

“Young lord, when did you kill the disciples of Holy Church of Light?” Murong Chun and Xia Liyan looked at each other before asking.

“About a month ago,” Chu Li said.

Murong Chun shook his head. “Then that’s not the case. The attacks started much earlier than that!”

Xia Liyan sighed. “Why exactly are they picking on us?”

Chu Li said, “Maybe we have something that they’d like to steal… It’s probably something that cannot be given away, or else they would’ve simply come to us to demand it. If it can be given away, we would’ve given it away too. Since they attacked us straight away, it’s obvious that they know that there’s no chance that the request will be accepted.”

“Young lord, what you’re saying makes sense!” Murong Chun nodded slowly.

“Is it our Surpassing State?” Chu Li asked.

He activated the Omniscient Mirror as he said this, hoping to find the location of the Surpassing State within their minds.

“Surpassing State?” Murong Chun frowned and shook his head. “The Surpassing State can’t be moved. I don’t think that’s the case. Moreover, the Surpassing State of the Holy Church of Light is much better than ours!”

Chu Li secretly shook his head in disappointment.

The Surpassing State did appear in their minds, but the location of the Surpassing State was not shown. He only knew that it was at a ravine. The scenery was breathtaking. There were birds and fragrant flowers everywhere, and the air seemed to be especially refreshing.

The refreshing air was their most memorable feeling, so much so that they could not forget about it even if they want to.

“We’ll ask them once we capture them,” Chu Li said.

Murong Chun shook his head. “The disciples of Holy Church of Light won’t disclose any information.”

They had run five or six miles while they chatted. Four men in black suddenly appeared a hundred meters away from them. They studied them from the treetops quietly. Their eyes filled with playfulness and excitement.

Chu Li whispered faintly, “Be careful. There are two more hiding out here!”

Murong Chun and Xia Liyan smiled bitterly. These guys were actually so cautious in this game of cat and mouse that they had not only the four men who were in plain sight but two more in hiding. That meant it was six of them going against the three of them!

“The two of you stick together. Don’t get separated,” Chu Li said. “I’ll go on my own!”

Once he said this, he sped away abruptly. He was a step ahead of them as he dashed in front of one of the middle-aged men in black and pushed his left palm out. The glint of his sword flashed from his waist at the same time.

“Ugh…” The middle-aged man in black was defending himself against his palm energy when a cold light suddenly flashed across in front of his eyes. He could not have dodged it even if he wanted to.

The tip of the sword had already pierced his throat just when he was made aware of the oncoming danger.

He could only watch as the sword dug itself through his own throat and punch out a weak fist with discontentment.

“Bam!” Chu Li took the hit in its entirety. The fist force was not pure enough. The Heavenly Demonic Orb did not bother to move at all.

He charged towards another elder in black once again. The glint from his sword flickered again. His swordsmanship was incredibly fast.

The elder in black had already noticed the speed of his swordsmanship. He leaped backward immediately as he wanted to use his body technique to slow down the attack from the sword.

Chu Li, on the other hand, became one with the sword and transformed into a cold light before shooting towards the elder in black.

“Ding…” The clear sound of metal clashing resounded. A sword suddenly appeared in front of the throat of the elder in black, blocking the attack. The sword and the elder were both knocked away.

Inside Chu Li’s sword resided an enormous inner force that had managed to send the elder flying.

Taking advantage of the situation, Chu Li stabbed with his sword again.

The elder in black lowered his head to avoid having his throat cut, but his forehead was scratched open instead.

The tip of the sword was dragged along his scalp. It had been cut wide open, revealing a deep gash. Fresh blood instantly spurted out from it, staining his hair and face. It flowed down along the hair framing his face as though he was sweating profusely.

The elder in black turned around and landed underneath a tree. He quickly took out a medicine bottle and sprinkled some powder on the top of his head.

Chu Li flew down from the tree and stabbed towards him. He wanted to kill him while he was still weak.

The light from his sword flashed, and the elder in black darted behind the tree instantly.

Chu Li was getting impatient. He took a step forward and appeared before the elder in black as if he had just walked through a tree trunk that was as thick as two men’s arm width.

The elder in black was shriveling behind the tree. He thought that it was impossible for him to penetrate the old tree regardless of how good Chu Li’s sword was. Nonetheless, a sense of foretelling arisen in him, and he felt a sharp pain in his chest. Chu Li’s sword had already gone straight through his heart. The tip of the sword was emerging from his chest.

When the other two middle-aged men in grey saw things were not going well, they quickly pounced out from behind the trees. However, by the time they came near enough, Chu Li was already pulling the sword out from the elder in black’s chest. Blood was gushing out from the wound. Chu Li had separated his head from his body.

Chu Li swung his sword and slashed through his neck, cutting off all hope of preserving his life with the spirit medicine.

“Ah…” The two middle-aged men in grey roared in anger. Their bodies suddenly expanded as they activated their secret skills.

Chu Li could see a ball of fire rising from their bodies. The fire burned vigorously. It lit up the vital essence and vitality within their bodies, turning them into surging inner energy.

The two of them became two bouts of wind and launched their fists. It was the Divine Light Fist.

Chu Li did not dodge nor avoid it. A purplish-golden ray of light vaguely flashed in his clothing before two muffled sounds were heard. “Bam, Bam!” Two pure fist forces entered his body. They turned into two flames that burned his inner energy.

The power of the Divine Light Fist was astounding. The fist force was like a raging fire that could burn everything in its path.

The Heavenly Demonic Orb suddenly appeared and engulfed the two ball of flames before returning to the precordium.

Chu Li backed away. He then stripped away the energy from the fist force and smiled.

Sure enough, the fist force of the Divine Light Fist was refined. Moreover, the two opponents had sufficient heat control in their fist techniques that had allowed them to have such pure fist forces.

Chu Li was not in a hurry to kill these two men. Instead, he flew up to a treetop. At the moment, Murong Chun and Xia Liyan were facing one opponent each, and they had the upper hand.

Once Chu Li appeared, the two of them knew that something was not right.

Their opponents seemed to have become thinner by almost a third of their original size. The essence of blood and vitality in their bodies started to burn. Their body technique became quicker, and the strength of their fist forces increased. Murong Chun and Xia Liyan were instantly suppressed to the point that they were unable to lift their heads up.

The two middle-aged men in grey pounced on Chu Li. Their fist forces had already reached his body.

Two loud thuds were heard as Chu Li backed away. He had suffered two solid hits, scaring Murong Chun and Xia Liyan.

When the two of them took another look, they saw that Chu Li had already returned his sword back into his scabbard. Both of his hands were gripping a fist coming from each of the elders. The three men began to compete in a match of who had the most powerful of inner energy.

Murong Chun and Xia Liyan wanted to help but found themselves tangled in another fight with their opponents. They were oppressed to the point they were grasping desperately for air.