White Robed Chief Chapter 604

Chapter 604 Yunxin

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Chu Li activated the Cloud Slashing Power and Cloud Slashing Palm at the same time. They were going to swallow their inner energies.

The two middle-aged men in grey had profound inner energies. Coupled with their secret skills, their inner energies became much more intense and astonishing.

It was a bit strenuous for Chu Li to swallow their energies. He actually felt like he was unable to engulf all of them. It felt like the force of his Cloud Slashing Palm was gradually being driven away.

Chu Li decided to simply withdraw, and the Heavenly Demonic Orb engulfed everything in an instant.

He teleported and appeared behind Murong Chun’s opponent. He then drew his sword.

That middle-aged man in black responded rather quickly, as if he had become a completely different person upon activating the secret skill. Suddenly, he was able to react to things in time which he could not do so before. His agility had improved greatly too, allowing him to dodge the sword just in time.

Chu Li swung his sword again. It was an exquisite and unrivaled move as the tip of his sword struck at the throat of the middle-aged man in black.

The middle-aged man in black could not help but back away to avoid it.

He activated his secret skill which burned the essence of his blood. He still wanted to kill Chu Li before he met Maha-Vairocana. He could not just die in vain.

Chu Li snapped, “Elder Murong, go assist Elder Xia. Leave the rest to me!”

“Alright!” Murong Chun cried out before pouncing towards Xia Liyan’s opponent.

He could tell that the young lord had exquisite Martial Art. It was far better than what he had expected. He could easily go against two men, or even three. Thus, Murong Chun could focus on going against one opponent together with Elder Xia. The tides of the battle would change if they were able to defeat even one opponent together.

Chu Li said, “They’ve already activated their secret skills, and they know they are dead men walking because of that. So be careful. They’ve nothing to lose.”

The two of them shivered in fear. The both of them exchanged a look, and their bodies expanded. They had activated the secret skill of Crouching Bull Mountain. Their speed ramped up, and their palm energies improved greatly. This allowed them to repress the man in black with ease.

Meanwhile, Chu Li’s swordsmanship was both swift and extraordinary. Although the elder in black was overbearing, he had already suffered two hits from his sword. He still fought with no fear of death, and his expression was holy and solemn as though he was doing something noble. He was not at all bothered by the blood pooling on his shoulders and forehead.

Once again, the two middle-aged men in grey pounced on him, attacking him from both sides at the same time.

Even though Chu Li was being encircled by the three men, he handled the situation with ease. He fought them with his exquisite swordsmanship and had taken the opportunity to activate the Cloud Slashing Palm to engulf the three men’s inner energies.

“Bam, bam, bam, bam!” Murong Chun and Xia Liyan were fighting head-on with the middle-aged man in black. Their palm energies and fist forces were colliding non-stop. The middle-aged man in black had a dignified and holy look. White light was radiating faintly from his body. Over time, the white light became more and more vibrant.

Moments later, his entire body lit up. Murong Chun and Xia Liyan quickly backed away. When they opened their eyes again, he had already disappeared.

Chu Li yelled out, “They no longer have anything to lose. Be careful!”

Initially, they thought that those six men would tried to escape if they thought they were losing the fight, but it turned out that they had no intentions of escaping. They wanted to kill him no matter what. It was as though he was really an extremely valuable enemy so much so that they did not hold back on activating their secret skills.

Once the secret skill of Holy Church of Light was activated, it would start to burn their essence of blood and vitality. They would pass away fairly quickly by then and enter the realm of Maha-Vairocana.

“Young lord, why don’t we just retreat?” Murong Chun quickly said.

He was starting to get a little bit scared. These were a bunch of lunatics who were unafraid of death. There was really no need for him to risk his life to take them all down.

Chu Li yelled, “Kill them all!”

“Let’s lend you a helping hand, then,” Xia Liyan said quickly.

Chu Li was being surrounded by three men. He called out, “No need for that. Be wary of your own surroundings!”

When they saw that Chu Li was dealing with the situation with ease, they did not try to approach him anymore. Instead, they took the opportunity to catch their breath and withdrew their secret skills. The previous intense fight had tired them out. They had not experienced something this thrilling in a long time.

After some time, the three disciples of the Holy Church of Light who had activated their secret skills just now slowly began to shimmer. Chu Li watched as they transformed into three pillars of light before shooting up into the sky. After that, the faint silhouette of a door appeared. The three pillars promptly shot into the void and disappeared.

“This is…” Murong Chun and Xia Liyan were shocked.

Chu Li said, “This is why the disciples of the Holy Church of Light are not afraid of death. It’s because death is their ultimate goal in life. Once they die, they’ll enter the Maha-Vairocana’s Ultimate Land of Bliss and enjoy the rest of their lives there.”

“Terrifying!” The two of them heaved a sigh.

Chu Li shook his head and said, “I initially thought that they’ll run away, then we can chase after them to take down their base, but it was all but a wishful thinking. Turns out that they really wanted to kill us which was rather odd.”

Why did they want to kill the three of them so badly?

He turned to look into the distance and frowned. “Miss, I suppose you can show yourself now?”

“Great Martial Art!” A clear and gentle voice rang out. It sounded like it came from all directions at once, omniscient and encompassing. It sounded ethereal, and everyone around was not certain where did the sound came from.

Chu Li came to a sudden realization and sighed. “They’re really lunatics!”

He suddenly understood why those six men had risked their lives. It was all for this woman.

Nevertheless, the woman watched the whole thing with indifference. She did not have the slightest intention to help at all. She merely watched as the six Grandmasters perished.

No matter how powerful the Holy Church of Light was, six Grandmasters was still a serious loss to them. Yet, the woman with the white veil decided to watch on and let them die without lending them a helping hand.

He could tell that the woman had a profound cultivation level that was far superior to his. If he did not use his Heavenly Demonic Power, then he might not be able to defeat her.

He could see that the woman had a graceful and luscious body with the help of the Omniscient Mirror, but he could not see her face. Her white veil seemed to have a strange power that could block the Omniscient Mirror from prying.

The white veil did not just shrouded her face, it even masked away her thoughts. He could hardly make out what she was thinking.

“It’s her!” Murong Chun and Xia Liyan’s expressions instantly changed. They said anxiously, “Young lord, you must be careful. Her palm technique is very powerful. She was the one who injured the hill master!”

Chu Li nodded.

A white figure flashed past them, and a woman wearing a white veil appeared on the treetops. Under the moonlight, her whole body looked snow white and pure. She looked otherworldly and seemed so light that it was as if she was swaying about with the wind.

The white veil had covered her face, revealing only her bright forehead and eyes that were clear like the autumn water.

Her eyes were narrow, shimmering brightly like the water rippling continuously in the autumn. While she was charming, she also possessed a fairy-like figure.

“Are you the young lord from the Crouching Bull Mountain, Zhuge Tian?” the woman dressed in white asked gently. Her voice sounded as if it was coming from the heavens.

Chu Li cast a lazy glance her way. “Who are you?”

“Liu Yunxin,” the woman dressed in white replied gently. “Is your hill master well?”

“He’s in isolated cultivation at the moment. Why are you looking for him?”

“I’m afraid that he’s unworthy to be the master of your faction.” Liu Yunxin, the woman dressed in white, chuckled. “He still refuses to meet me even after I’ve killed so many disciples? Is he really going to be such a coward?”

“You killed so many of our disciples just to meet him?” Chu Li asked coldly.

Liu Yunxin nodded. “Of course.”

Chu Li sighed. “That’s always been how the Holy Church of Light runs things. You never take lives seriously.”

“Life is just one of the many paths you take. Dying is really not a big deal,” Liu Yunxin said with nonchalance. “I wonder if Zhuge Feng will come out if I killed you.”

Chu Li said, “He won’t! The two of us are estranged. He’d like for me to die an early death!”

“Oh, that may not be the case…” Liu Yunxin chuckled and said, “I can try. There’s no harm in doing so anyway. We might be surprised.”

Chu Li said, “Try me then!”

Chu Li slowly unsheathed his long sword and pointed it at Liu Yunxin.