White Robed Chief Chapter 605

Chapter 605 Confrontation

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“Wait a minute, wait a minute!” Murong Chun quickly said, “I’d like to know, Miss Liu, why exactly are you looking for our hill master? Is it because of personal grudges?”

“What kind of personal grudges can we have?” Liu Yunxin chuckled, then she said faintly, “You don’t think that we’re romantically involved, do you?”

“Is that not the case?” Murong Chun asked in doubt.

Initially, he thought that Miss Liu might have had personal feelings for the hill master; thus when the hill master abandoned her, she held onto that hatred and intended to take revenge. She might have wanted the hill master to admit his mistake or even beg her for forgiveness.

Since the hill master was unwilling to do either of that, Liu Yunxin injured the hill master and in response, he went into isolated cultivation to deter her.

When she saw that the hill master was avoiding her, she resorted to her last trick to flush the hill master out.

Although it was a presumptuous way of picturing the situation, because it was common, it was easy to assume.

The hill master was physically attractive, and his manhood was its peak. All that, combined with exceptional martial arts and a prestigious position, his attractiveness was deadly toward women. Thus, it was common for a woman like her to be fond of him.

Unfortunately, it was a disastrous love affair; a serious calamity that pushed the life and death of Crouching Bull Mountain to an inch. In truth, the hill master had courted a disaster.

Murong Chun wanted to get a clearer picture of the situation. If the hill master was truly responsible, then the hill master should suffer the grievance and beg for forgiveness.

“Haha…” Liu Yunxin laughed seductively, like an obscene flower blooming in all directions.

Her laughter was gentle and nice to the ear, which caused one’s mind to be undulated. It seemed to have a way to bait and sink the soul of every being around her.

When Murong Chun and Xia Liyan heard her laughter, their minds and hearts rippled, causing them to quickly take deep breaths to calm themselves down.

“Then what’re you doing this for?!” Chu Li rushed her impatiently.

When he was disguised as Zhuge Tian, he imitated his personality extremely well too. It was like an instinct that came from the energy of the Heavenly Demonic Power.

He need not make a deliberate effort to imitate it, as long as he implied that he was Zhuge Tian, he would naturally act and talk like how Zhuge Tian would.

“I can’t let you know.” Liu Yunxin smiled seductively again. “Even if I told you it’ll be useless, you can’t make the call.”

“I’m the young lord, I make half of the calls.” Chu Li said.

“Haha!” Liu Yunxin laughed again, her delicate body that was undulating in peaks and ridges kept on quivering. Each time she quivered, Murong Chun and Xia Liyan’s hearts shivered along too.

Although they could not see her face, her voice and deportment already made them inextricable.

Chu Li said coldly, “What’s so funny?”

“I know that you’re just a trashy young lord.” Liu Yinxin laughed and said tauntingly, “You’re nothing when compared to Zhuge Feng, you should stop boasting. Moreover, do you still have any intention of returning to the mountain?”

Chu Li said coldly, “Do you think that you can make us leave?”

“Presumptuous!” Liu Yunxin spat those words out gently. Suddenly, there was a white flash, and she had instantly appeared before Chu Li, wielding a firm fist that seemed to have appeared out of nowhere…

Chu Li took an angled step forward; as he dodged the Divine Light Fist, the tip of his sword found its way to her throat.

“Ding…” She stretched her left hand in front of her body and gently flicked Chu Li’s sword with her slender fingers, which resulted in a clear sound.

The long sword kept quivering as if it was alive.

While the motion of her fingers looked gentle and graceful as if it was the tease and touch of a playful lover, it contained such an enormously pure energy that it almost flicked the long sword away.

Chu Li did not think that such an enormous energy was accumulated inside of her elegant and delicate body.

It was clear that she was well-prepared for his quick sword. Her attack with her fingers was especially waiting for him to restrain her, in hopes that she could disarm him in one hit by flicking his sword away.

Chu Li shook his long sword. Through that shaking motion, he was constantly stripping off energy from the body of the sword.

He slammed his left palm, and teleported before her with a ghastly body technique, the Shura Palm also caused his speed to be doubled.

Liu Yunxin was secretly astounded, but she was not scared. She did not think that Chu Li’s body technique could be faster, clearly he was holding back from before.

“Bam!” A solid fist collided with Chu Li’s left palm, which released a muffled sound.

“Eh?” Liu Yunxin looked at him in surprise.

Chu Li backed away with Light-body Technique. Suddenly, the Heavenly Demonic Orb appeared in a flash and engulfed the force of Divine Light Fist into a ball of flames, then it disappeared back again.

Liu Yunxin backed off as well as she noticed the oddity in Chu Li’s palm force.

That palm force was engulfing Liu Yunxin’s own inner energy, the more she channeled to get rid of it, the more it engulfed, there was no way to drive it away. She was baffled as she had never heard of such strange palm energy before.

“You’re not performing the martial arts of Crouching Bull Mountain!” Liu Yunxin scoffed.

Chu Li replied, “Who said it’s not the martial art of Crouching Bull Mountain? The martial arts of Crouching Bull Mountain are vast and innumerable. This is an antique study of Crouching Bull Mountain that was passed down from many generations ago, so it’s rare to see anyone master it. I happen to be a little talented and managed to practice it. So what do you think, Miss Liu? Do you like the taste of it?”

He forced a smile to cement his already evident mocking demeanor.

“It’s very good!” A sense of excitement beamed through Liu Yunxin’s long and narrow eyes. “Indeed, an antique study!”

Chu Li said faintly, “It tastes quite well, doesn’t it!”

Liu Yunxin chuckled. “You’ll have to pay the price for making fun of me!”

Chu Li said, “For a martial art like this, you won’t be able to master it even if you learn it, only men can practice this heart technique, it’s a pity, a pity it is!”

After he said that, he shook his head.

Fury was now raging in the long and narrow eyes of Liu Yunxin, she suddenly wielded a fist as she gripped her hand into a fist that looked like it had been carved from white jade.

“Bam!” Murong Chun was sent flying backward instantly. With a loud “Wah!” he vomited blood mid-air.

Xia Liyan’s body instantly tensed up, his face turned ghastly as he broke into cold sweat out of shock.

Logically, he and Murong Chun should not have been so relaxed. For some reason most unbeknown to him, they were just all too distracted by her seductive voice. They could not help but pay full attention to every word she said, and even the sound of each of her breaths was like listening to imperial edict, beautiful and unequalled.

If that fist was hit on him, he would not have evaded it either, he would have ended up just like Murong Chun.

“Bam!” Murong Chun crashed into a tree. With a pale face on, he vomited blood again.

Using Light-body Technique, Xia Liyan dashed over to catch Murong Chun as he slid down the tree, all while channeling inner energy to aid in getting rid of the fist force inside him.

Xia Liyan could only sense a ball of flame burning in Murong Chun’s body. Anytime his inner energy got close, it would be completely engulfed by that flame in a blink of an eye, he could not shake it off.

“Divine Light Fist!” He gritted his teeth and scoffed.

Even though he had not experienced the Divine Light Fist, he impulsively thought about that name.

Murong Chun face turned his pale face as he said with a bitter smile, “I must treat my injury now, you have to lend me a helping hand.”

“Quick!” Xia Liyan said.

The two of them sat with their legs crossed under the tree, they started channeling and soon enough, white steam evaporated from the top of their heads.

Liu Yunxin’s long and narrow eyes were now hinting a smile. She stared at the two of them but did not continue her attack, allowing them time to channel to treat their injuries.

The night wind blew toward her, her white clothing fluttered in the wind, she looked like a fairy that was about to travel with the wind.

The white veil covered her face but did not flutter in the wind instead, its material was rather odd.

Chu Li frowned and stared at her coldly.

Liu Yunxin chuckled. “Zhuge Tian, we’ll meet again.”

“If you kill any more disciples from Crouching Bull Mountain, I’ll go to the Li Dynasty to kill all of your disciples in the Holy Church of Light, I’ll fight ten of them at once!” Chu Li said coldly.

He knew that he could not make Liu Yunxin stay as she was threatening him with Murong Chun and Xia Liyan. If he tried to get rid of her, she would kill Murong Chun and Xia Liyan.

“Haha, alright, kill them then.” Liu Yunxin smiled coquettishly. “Make sure you kill them all!”

Chu Li frowned and stared at her.

Liu Yunxin waved her hand. “Zhuge Tian, we’ll meet again!”

She stepped on the treetops and curled away, she glided away like a cloud, then slowly disappeared in the night sky.