White Robed Chief Chapter 607

Chapter 607 Reappearance

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Upon seeing the change in his expression and his immediate disappearance right after, Xiao Shi knew right away that something major had happened.

She frowned as she stood up and paced in Tianshu Courtyard.

It should be the Sarira beads that made him able to feel such a sudden sensation. There were only two or three people who possessed such beads. Could it be that something had happened at the High Duke’s Public Houses again?

She did not have the appetite to eat and waved her hand as a sign for Yang Xu to take the meal away.

Chu Li appeared in a water pavilion at the Crystal Crescent Lake. His face was solemn.

This was the water pavilion of Su Ru.

The glow of the morning sun rays cast over the pavilion made it bright and warm. The atmosphere was pleasant and elegant.

Li Hanyan’s eyes were shut tightly as she laid in bed. She was in deep slumber, and Su Ru was keeping watch beside her.

Su Ru let out a long sigh of relief when she noticed Chu Li appearance.

Chu Li nodded his head as a greeting and looked at Li Hanyan. He reached out to feel her meridian. His eyebrows knitted together before he asked, “Has she consumed the Spirit Blessing Pill?”

The Omniscient Mirror could assess one’s body from inside and out already, so feeling her meridian was a habit to cover up for the divine powers. The situation he saw left him frustrated and enraged.

Her internal organs had been damaged severely, and her vitality was a mess. If it were not for the vitality replenishment from the Spirit Blessing Pill, she would have lost her life. There was still a little flame burning inside her. Although it had been suppressed to a corner, it was burning on her vitality.

Su Ru nodded gently. “She has taken two Spirit Blessing Pills.”

“Where’s everyone?” Chu Li turned and looked around.

Su Ru answered, “Everyone did come over for a visit, but her wounds can only be left alone to heal by herself. No one else is of help.”

“How did she sustain such injury?” Chu Li scoffed. “Divine Light Fist!”

He plucked away the fist energy of the Divine Light Fist from within Li Hanyan.

Li Hanyan’s Crescent Cryptic was cold and could counter the Divine Light Fist, but her cultivation was far too weak compared to her opponent. It was then the survival of the fittest. Her internal organs took a great hit and any ordinary person would have lost their lives.

Waves of spiritual force from all around them surged into Li Hanyan’s body, nourishing her internal organs. Under the interference of Chu Li, Li Hanyan’s inner energy started to circulate the Minute Pulse Cleansing Technique.

Su Ru continued, “Junior Lee couldn’t stay put in the valley and followed master down the hill but were met with an ambush. She and master had suffered severe wounds and could only keep their lives safe because they’ve got the Spirit Blessing Pill.”

“Senior Shen is wounded as well?” Chu Li frowned.

He put the Omniscient Mirror out and saw the Shen Yinghu was lying on her bed. She was alone in the pavilion.

“Mm, the master is injured more severely. After consuming the Spirit Blessing Pill, she tried to break out of the ambush with Junior Lee and return to the faction.”

“There’s nothing wrong with Hanyan now. Have her rest well. I’ll head off to see Senior Shen,” said Chu Li.

With the Omniscient Mirror, he saw that Shen Yinghu sustained more serious injuries and was on the verge of death.

Su Ru added, “Master did not allow anyone to visit her. She said she was in seclusion.”

Chu Li frowned and shook his head.

He disappeared in a flash and reappeared in Shen Yinghu’s water pavilion.

Shen Yinghu was in a coma. She was short of breath and had a weak pulse. Her pale face had two dazzling red flushed cheeks. She appeared to be having a high fever.

He reached out for Shen Yinghu’s wrist. Her skin was scorching hot, and her bones were chilling.

Her internal organs were beginning to fail since her meridian had been wounded deeply. Vitality could not enter her body anymore. She was like a lamp running on low oil that was about to extinguish. Her meridian was ruined at this point. Even if her life was saved, her martial arts would be destroyed.

Chu Li snorted. There was no one in sight. She must have chased them away. It was obvious she had no will to live anymore.

A gush of spiritual force surged into Shen Yinghu’s body, nourishing her like rain on a long drought.

Chu Li took out his needle box, and the needles took flight. They covered her alluring body in a blink of an eye.

Under the nourishment of the spiritual force, Shen Yinghu slowly came to. Her eyes were still dazed.

She muttered, “Tian Ming…”

Chu Li froze for a moment before looking into her mind. He knew she had mistaken him for someone else.

“Tian Ming…” She struggled to lift her arm.

Chu Li stretched out to touch her icy hand. It was delicate and soft yet cold to the touch, as if her bones were made of ice and were setting off chilly air to her surrounding.

“You…” Her bright eyes suddenly were clear. She gave a sad smile as she loosened her grip.

Chu Li called, “Senior Shen.”

Shen Yinghu sighed. “Why are you here?”

“You’ve met the disciples of the Holy Church of Light now, haven’t you?” asked Chu Li.

“How did you know?”

“The Divine Light Fist,” answered Chu Li. “How did that happen?”

“Six disciples of the Holy Church of Light,” Shen Yinghu broke into a smile. “Almost did not make it back.”

“First encounter?” Questioned Chu Li.

Shen Yinghu lightly nodded, “I didn’t think that the Holy Church of Light dared to come over.”

This place was not the north that was near the Great Li Dynasty. This was the south of the Great Ji Dynasty and was very far from the Great Li Dynasty. There weren’t any sighting of the disciples of the Holy Church of Light in recent years.

Chu Li said, “They are all Grandmasters?”

“Yes.” Shen Yinghu exhaled heavily. “Six Grandmasters.”

Chu Li let out a smile. “It says a lot about Senior Shen’s capabilities to be able to escape from them.”

Shen Yinghu smiled dully. “If Hanyan wasn’t there, I would’ve dragged them to hell together!”

Amongst the six Grandmasters, four of them were inferior in strength to her and two others had capabilities with her. If she would not be able to spur herself to have such potential and escaped if she did not have to save Li Hanyan.

Chu Li smirked coldly. “How dare they!”

Shen Yinghu said, “They must be prepared since they had been so confident. Six Grandmasters are enough to exterminate a rank 2 faction!”

“This time we’ll not let them return!” Chu Li gnashed his teeth.

He was fuming with the raging desire to kill just thinking about the heavy wounds sustained by Li Hanyan and the awful state Shen Yinghu was in.

“Pavilion Leader wanted to seek revenge but was stopped by me.” Shen Yinghu shook her head. “I’m just afraid that they’re trying to lure him away from the base to rid of the disciples in the valley. Now they must have escaped. We can’t catch up now!”

Chu Li nodded. “Leave it to me. Xiao Qi doesn’t know about this?”

Shen Yinghu gave a small smile. “What do you think?”

Chu Li smiled embarrassingly.

He saw Xiao Qi through the Omniscient Mirror. She was sitting with her legs crossed by the lake in an uncharted region. She looked like a jade statue. Her beautiful face was calm and composed.

A long sword laid on her lap, untouched. It seemed to have blended in with the water of the lake that was as clear as a mirror.

Chu Li advised when he sensed Shen Yinghu’s fatigue. “Please rest, senior. Once you’re awake, your injury will be mostly gone.”

“What medical skill is this?” Shen Yinghu asked.

Her median was being nourished by a stream of warm current. She was recovering slowly. Her martial arts had been retained.

“Nine Transformation Meridian Reforming Technique,” replied Chu Li. “Remember to inform the Pavilion Leader not to have any disciples leave the valley. Keep a low profile. The Holy Church of Light may come again.”

“Have they lost their minds?” Shen Yinghu frowned her beautiful brow.

Chu Li responded, “They may have other plans. I’d obtained some news from the Secret Guardians Hall saying that the Holy Church of Light is assassinating people at other factions. Their motives are unclear. We’ll have to wait and see. Anyway, don’t let any disciples leave the valley.”

“I will let the senior know,” Shen Yinghu gently nodded and resumed her deep rest.

One hour later, Chu Li removed the needles and returned to Li Hanyan’s bedside. She has yet to awaken but her breathing was now regular and steady.

Su Ru asked, “Master she…?”

Chu Li replied, “There’s nothing to worry about now. Don’t leave the valley for now. This time, the disciples of the Holy Church of Light were all Grandmasters.”

“Holy Church of Light…” Su Ru’s brows were locked in a tight knot.

Chu Li continued, “You’re about to reach the Surpassing State now?”

Su Ru was at perfected Innate that was about to burst open. She was at the verge of an advancement.

Su Ru responded, “Xue Ling is almost at a breakthrough. I can’t slack off!”

Chu Li smiled. “Your foundation is solid, advancing would be easier… This time, the White-Robed God of Knife is making a comeback!”

“You want to go after them?” Su Ru regained her spirits.

Chu Li nodded thoughtfully.