White Robed Chief Chapter 608

Chapter 608 Travel Companion

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“Hold up.” Su Ru opened a cabinet beside her and took out a long box.

She placed the long box on the table and opened it up. An ancient brightly colored long sword laid inside.

She took out the long sword and handed it to Chu Li.

Chu Li reached his hand out to take it.

A heroic spirit seeped through his skin the moment he gripped onto the sword. Those who had once encountered the bludgeon of this sword which cut off heads as if it was mowing grass crept into his thoughts. A peculiar sense of connection with the sword was established.

He drew out the long sword. Its blade itself was clear and bright, giving off a chilling sense of gloom.

‘Ding!’ He knocked the body of the blade with his knuckles and a clear ringing noise sounded.

Su Ru took two steps back and exclaimed, “This sword has killed many people. Its killing intent is really strong.”

She could sense a sort of chill coming from the blade. One could not feel it when it was it in its scabbard and in the box. However, once it was taken out, the killing intent that had been once hidden would overflow, and the temperature of the house would drop.

Chu Li took a few swings of the long sword. “The killing intent is intense. Next time, we should sink it into the Crystal Crescent Lake and let the water cleanse it of its killing intent.”

“Uh-huh, alright.” Su Ru nodded.

The sword seemed to be able to sense Chu Li’s keenness to murder. It quivered in his hands

“You’re leaving now?” asked Su Ru.

Chu Li nodded and waved a hand across his face.

Once he put his hand down, he had already changed into another face. He was handsome and his physique was stretched longer. He was taller, and only the sword in his hand and his white rob remained unchanged.

Even though it was not the first time Su Ru had seen him do this, she still found it amazing. It was incredible that he could train his Bone Shrinkage Skill to such perfection.

“Ah…” A low grown was heard.

The two turned and saw that Li Hanyan was regaining consciousness. She called out, “Water… water…”

Su Ru went and supported her back to bring her up on the pillows. She took a cup from the table that was filled with warm water and sent it to her pale cracking lips.

Li Hanyan took two large sips greedily and slowly opened her bright eyes.

Her bright eyes flickered as she yelled in disbelief, “Du… Big brother Du?”

Chu Li let out a warm smile. “It’s me.”

Li Hanyan struggled to sit up. Su Ru smiled and pushed her up to sit, cushioning her back with two pillows.

Chu Li waved a dismissive hand. “Don’t move about. Your wounds are not completely healed.”

Li Hanyan felt a warm current circulating in her body. She felt as though she was in a sauna, feeling so comfortable that she could doze off. She knew that big brother Du had aided in her treatment. She heaved a sigh. “I thought I’ll never see big brother Du again.”

“You thought you’ll never see the light of the day again?” Chu Li chuckled.

Li Hanyan nodded gently.

She had once again experienced death or rather on the brink of death.

If it were not for master, she would have died. Even after master’s attempt to go all out, she still thought she would not live even after regaining consciousness. Darkness enveloped her like the ocean tide. Before passing out, she had predicted she would never awaken again.

Before she was completely engulfed by the darkness, her biggest regret was not being able to see big brother Du again. She could not bid big brother Du farewell in time.

Chu Li added, “This time you got lucky. You really have to settle down and practice your martial arts well. Leave the valley once you’re strong enough so that you’ll never encounter this sort of incident again!”

“Yes.” Li Hanyan nodded obediently.

“Now that you’re awake, channel your skills to treat your wounds. I’m heading out for a bit to take care of those people,” responded Chu Li.

“Big brother Du wants to kill them?” said Li Hanyan.

Chu Li nodded.

“I want to go too!” Li Hanyan jumped in.

“No!” Su Ru said right away. “You have sustained such serious wounds yet you still want to go out!”

“My wounds are nothing to worry about,” Li Hanyan rebutted.

Su Ru continued, “He’s out to kill people. There’s nothing much to watch, plus it’s dangerous. You’re only going to trouble them if you go!”

“Big brother Du, I want to witness how they die with my very own eyes!” Li Hanyan pursed her lips and scoffed, “These six men weren’t just out to kill us. They even disgraced master with their words. I must witness their death!”

“Mm?!” Su Ru frowned, rage boiling inside her.

Master was beautiful and kind. They deserved death! for daring to insult her!

Chu Li fell mulled over it before saying, “Mm, you can come and watch… But you must focus on recovery. I’ll return tomorrow.”

He had intentions to nurture Li Hanyan. She had displayed great potential and could be a top-notch master in the future. The experience she had now would be the most beneficial to her.

As his martial arts practice was taking shape, he finally understood that many masters found difficulty in advancing precisely because they lack the necessary experience.

“Thank you, Big Brother Du. My injuries will be alright tomorrow.” Li Hanyan said while beaming and bouncing in joy.

Chu Li smiled. “Don’t hanker around recklessly. You’ll injure yourself.”

“Understood!” Li Hanyan nodded.

Chu Li looked at Su Ru. ” I’ll return tomorrow. Help her with her treatment.”

“…Yes.” Su Ru could do nothing but agree.

She felt that there was nothing exciting about the killings but to see those that had insulted master being killed, well, just listening about it made her happy. Li Hanyan’s want to go was above reproach. She did not say anything else since Chu Li did not seem to think that she would be a burden to him.


When Chu Li returned to Tianshu courtyard, Xiao Shi was pacing in it.

Xiao Shi went to him when he appeared. “What happened?”

Chu Li answered, “Someone is badly injured at the Snow Lunar Pavilion and almost lost her life. It was fortunate I went over.”

If he did not go over, Shen Yinghu would have lost her life. Li Hanyan could still live with the Spirit Blessing Pill and could recover slowly. Just thinking about the alluring woman becoming a corpse was sinful enough.

“Little sister?” Xiao Shi immediately asked.

Chu Li shook his head. “The third young lady’s master.”

“What went down?”

“Let’s sit down and talk,” Chu Li sat down by the stone table.

Xiao Shi glared displeasingly at him and came to sit face to face with him. She fixed her eyes that was as profound as the bottom of a lake at him.

Chu Li repeated the whole incident to her.

“Holy Church of Light again!” Xiao Shi cursed hatefully. “It looks like they’re unifying the whole martial arts world of the Great Ji Dynasty!”

Chu Li said, “That’s not certain. We’ll need to see about that.”

He could not conclude the motive of the Holy Church of Light. He needed to do a little investigation before doing so. If the Holy Church of Light did not make any move in the Great Li, Dynasty then they would not be unifying the martial arts world of the Great Ji Dynasty.

At noon the next day, the sun shone brightly in the sky. It was the perfect weather to kill someone.

Chu Li appeared at the Snow Lunar Pavilion in a flash.

He has transformed into Du Feng when he was stepping into the pavilion.

He saw Xiao Qi with his Omniscient Mirror. She was sitting still like a jade statute by the lake, blending very well into with the lake waters.

He thought it was a sweet picture. The entire Snow Lunar Pavilion felt exceptionally familiar with her presence.

Shen Yinghu was channeling on the bed, and her breathing was even. Her injuries had been stabilized, and now she only needed time to recover.

Li Hanyan’s wounds have gotten better by a large margin and could recover through channeling. It was apparent that she was awake the whole night and was channeling to treat her wounds.

Chu Li grabbed a hold of the sword handed over by Su Ru and held Lee Hanyna by the sleeve as he glided away.

The two left the Snow Lunar Pavilion and headed straight down the hill to a town twenty miles away. They stopped at a restaurant in town.

The restaurant had a huge banner fluttering in the wind. The words, “Howling Wind restaurant”, in were printed in such a large form that half the town could see it from afar.

Li Hanyan had a white gauze over her face, covering her gorgeous beauty. She was dressed in pink, her figure lithe and delicate. Du Feng was as handsome as ever. He was dressed in a fluttering white robe. A long sword was tied to his waist. They were a beautiful couple.

Once they stepped into the restaurant, they attracted the attention of many.

On the second floor by the window sat six middle-aged men at two tables that were combined. They were whispering with their heads lowered.

They were all dressed in spotless white clothes. The couple’s appearance made them glance their way once before they continued on with their conversations.

Two middle-aged men fixated their gaze on Li Hanyan while falling deep in thought. They seemed to have recognized her.

Chu Li sat down by the table opposite of them and ordered a pot of alcohol and two dishes to accompany it.

“Is the patrol coming over today?” one of the soldierly middle-aged men asked in a deep voice.

“He’ll surely come over,” A handsome middle-aged man opposite him nodded with a solemn look on his face. “We didn’t succeed, so we’re bound to endure some sufferings with the patrol today.”