White Robed Chief Chapter 609

Chapter 609 Killing With Glee

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Someone heaved a long sigh. “Who would have thought that beauty was that ruthless, going all out and was even more ruthless than we are. The most poisonous thing on earth is a woman’s heart!”

“There really are all kinds of people in this world.”

“We’re at fault too,” The soldierly middle-aged man shook his head. “We should’ve just killed the younger one. That older beauty wouldn’t have escaped that way. She’ll just fight back!”

“Old Gu, who would’ve thought of that.” Another handsome middle-aged man shook his head. “We thought of holding up the younger one and keep her hands full so that she can’t escape. Who would’ve thought that she would bring that young one and escape that quick!”

“The Light-body Technique of the Snow Lunar Pavilion is that good?”

“It’s her individual Light-body Technique.”

“We six older gentlemen are no match for those two weak women, and one of them is only an Innate Master. How embarrassing!”

“Everyone makes mistakes. It’s unavoidable.”

“Say these same words to the patrol and see if she’ll let you off the hook!”

“The tactic of the patrol…” The soldierly middle-aged man shook his head and sighed. Everyone’s expressions sunk.

He suddenly lifted his head to look at Chu Li and Li Hanyan, his forehead crumpling.

Chu Li was taking a slow sip of his alcohol. He looked composed and at ease.

Li Hanyan’s eyelids were shut. She looked like she was taking a nap but was actually channeling to treat her wounds. Chu Li was nourishing her body with spiritual force and aiding her in circulating the Minute Pulse Cleansing Technique. Her injuries were constantly recovering.

She had lowered her lids because she did not want the men to notice the rage and hatred burning in her gaze.

She realized that Big Brother Du was not in a hurry to kill. Instead, he sat on the side and listened to their conversation. He must be trying to pry on their background and intentions. She did not want to ruin the moment for him.

“Could this lady here take down your gauze?” the soldierly man raised his voice and asked.

Chu Li turned and spared him a glance. He responded dully, “What?”

The soldierly middle-aged man met his gaze and replied slowly, “I wish to see the face of this lady here!”

Chu Li shook his head. “How ridiculous!”

The soldierly man burst into laughter and stared at his five companions.

“Old Gu, what are you doing?” one of them exclaimed with dissatisfaction. “What time of the day is it already? You’re still having this kind of thoughts?”

“Don’t you think that this lady is familiar?” The soldierly middle-aged man pointed at Li Hanyan.

The five stared at Li Hanyan for a bit and grown thoughtful.

One of the middle-aged men nodded. “She does look familiar… Don’t tell me it’s the young beauty from yesterday?”

“Yes, her!” the soldierly man replied.

“But it can’t be?” one of them rebutted and chuckled. “Old Gu, you must be going blind. The young beauty bore severe wounds. She’s probably half dead by now. How could she be jumping around and sitting here?”

“That’s true…” The rest of them nodded in agreement.

“Humph, but it’s her!” the soldierly middle-aged man scoffed. “I believe my own eyes. They won’t deceive me!”

Chu Li thundered, “Who are you people? How impolite! And arrogant too!”

“Hehe…” The soldierly man chuckled. “It’s better if you don’t know who we are!”

Chu Li said, “So you’re saying that you’re a heretic? You’re doing unspeakable things and yet you dare to be arrogant!”

“Youngster, are you asking for death?” the soldierly middle-aged man responded impatiently. “If you don’t want to die, then you better take down that lady’s gauze. We’ll only take a quick look. It’s not as though we’re into her looks!”

Chu Li shook his head. “Impossible!”

“Then you’re asking for it!” The soldierly man’s expression sunk, and he demanded coldly, “Either you die or take down the gauze. Pick one!”

“You die!” Chu Li announced simply.

“Haha!” All of them laughed out loud.

They could sense that Chu Li was only at the Innate Mastery’s Boundary, and his companion was the same.

If these two were to wander about the martial arts world, they could go anywhere they liked since Grandmasters were not common. They would be fine as long as they stay away from Fairy’s Capital.

They were all Grandmasters. This young fellow and the lady should have sensed that by now, and yet they still had the guts to do what they did. They must be so arrogant that they could not keep their head down. This sort of people was unsuitable to wander about the martial arts world. They would meet their ends sooner or later.

“Young fellow, let me send you on a trip!” the soldierly man spat the words out. “Take this!”

His fist cut through the air just after he spoke. It was the Divine Light Fist.

The two tables were three or four steps apart. The force of the fist came right at Chu Li one it was had been pushed out.

The Heavenly Demonic Orb dropped to his precordium, and boundless energy surged through his body. Chu Li got up and took a large step, arriving in front of the soldierly man. He swung his sword right at the Divine Light Fist.

A flicker of silver cut through the fist force and sliced across the neck of the soldierly middle-aged man and the person him beside before returning to Chu Li’s waist.

Everyone felt the restaurant lit up, and it was followed by an immediate dimming. A chilling sense of gloom permeated every corner of the room, sending shivers down spines.

‘Swish!’ Two heads flew into the air with the sound of ripping linen and scattered somewhere far away on the ground.

The two bodies were still sitting upwardly in the chair. Flesh blood has yet to spill.

The body of the blade was icy cold. The wounds on the bodies were sealed instantly, so no blood was splattered.

“Old Gu!”

“Old Pang!”

The four men cried out in alarm. The intention to murder surged like a wave in them.

“Kill!” they yelled out and charged towards Chu Li without hesitation.



The crowd reacted finally. They ran away crying and screaming. There was chaos on the second floor, and it was not long before it was emptied out.

If it was a fight between ordinary martial artists, they would have stayed to watch on. However, they had just seen two heads being flung from their bodies. It was a cruel sight and had given them too much of a visual impact. Most of them were almost on the verge of breaking down and only knew to react with yelling and running.

Chu Li has made the Seven Forms of Divine Blade into the Seven Forms of Godly Sword. He was able to gain a deeper understanding of the concept of the Seven Forms of Divine Blade.

After mastering the Cloud Slashing Sword Technique, he attempted to blend the sword technique into the Seven Forms of Godly Sword as well as into the Seven Forms of Divine Blade.

Although he had yet to blend them together successfully, he could see that it could actually work. The power of Seven Forms of Divine Blade was stronger, and the speed of the knife was much faster even though it looked slow as if a length of cloth was fluttering very slowly past your eyes.

Moreover, he had demonstrated the Heavenly Demonic Power and became the Heavenly Demonic with boundless energy. The speed of his blade was much faster and surprising.

The four displayed the Divine Light Fist to assault him. They were at close range and it seemed unavoidable.

Chu Li lightly scoffed and did not bother to dodge as he wielded his knife and his treasured knife once again streaked a silver stroke.

“Swish!” Another linen cutting sound appeared as a head flew off and scrambled onto the floor.

“Wham!” A headless body fell straight onto the ground.

“Old Meng!” the three cried out with deep sorrow.

Their Divine Light Fist presented on effect on him. It was as though he bore no senses, neither avoiding nor backing down.

The Divine Light Fist was a top fist technique in the whole of the martial arts world. Its forces were to be reckoned with and had never failed. It was their go-to move. They had never met with this sort of circumstance before. This left them both enraged and puzzled.

“Kill!” The remaining three men exchanged glances before retreating two steps and pushing out their fists at the same time.

Three fist force of the Divine Light Fist combined in mid-air. Its speed was heightened, and it hit Chu Li in an instance.

It pushed Chu Li back a few steps with a bang, and yet his face showed no pain.

The fist force penetrated his body like a raging flame, wanting to burn him alive but was quickly enveloped by his inner energy that in turned engulfed it. The flame quickly weakened.

Chu Li took a step forward and came near to the three men. His treasured knife turned to silver streaks when he drew towards the three. He was prepared to take their heads with one move.

‘Ding…’ A crisp clang was heard when suddenly the sword crashed into the knife. The knife clattered to the ground.

The sword stabbed forward, driving a large wave of energy towards the knife.

Chu Li’s knife froze, and the three men quickly took a step back to dodge. They were shocked to the point of cold sweat. They could not dodge in time and could only look on as the long knife dashed towards them. This sword technique was so peculiar!

Chu Li took a step back. In front of him was a woman dressed in snow white. She has a graceful carriage with a white gauze masking her face and was holding a flexible whip-like and blade-like tremor gently as a spirit snake.

It was hard to imagine that such a powerful force came from this soft weapon.

Chu Li scoffed internally. Liu Yunxin!