White Robed Chief Chapter 61

Chapter 61: Tracking

Zhao Ying did not bother to take the horse from the backyard. She used levitation and rushed back to the Public House like a gust of wind. She rode the boat to the East Garden. The atmosphere in the East Garden was still and quiet. It was as if everything in the East Garden had fallen asleep.

Zhao Ying went ashore and wasting no time, she struck the Ancient Jade Xylophone. After that, she used levitation once more and went inside.

When she rushed into the courtyard, the lights in the main bedroom went up and Lee Jiang Chunyue Lee was clothing himself.

Zhao Ying called through the window, "Brother Lee Jiang Chunyue, where is Brother Chu Li?"

"Ah, it's Sister Zhao Ying," Lee Jiang Chunyue pushed open the door and yawned. He walked out with bare feet and asked in a tired voice, "He did not return tonight. Why are you looking for him this late at night?"

He went to sleep quite late, thus, he did not get enough sleep after Zhao Ying woke him up. Now, he felt drowsy and could not muster up any strength at all.

"Did not return?!" Zhao Ying stomped her feet in frustration and prompted, "Chen Ying got kidnapped! We have to find Brother quickly! Is he at the Guardian of Jade Island?"

"Chen Ying?" Lee Jiang Chunyue was wide awake in an instantthe sudden news was like a bucket of cold water poured over his head. He widened his eyes in disbelief, "Kidnapped? By who?"

"We didn't see the kidnappers' face!" Zhao Ying yelled out impatiently, "we need to go to the Guardian of the Jade Island!"

"You can't," Lee Jiang Chunyue shook his head, "the Guardian of Jade Island has tight security. You won't be able to go in!"

"A human life is at stake! The Third Lady will understand!"

Lee Jiang Chunyue shook his head again, "There are layers and layers of security in the Guardian of Jade Island. We don't even know how long it will take to report the situationso, we will have to do it this way!"

He walked over to a small tree at a corner. The tree was planted not too long ago. It only had the thickness of a pinkie. He kicked the tree with all his might and pulled it out of the ground. Looking at the tree that broke into two, he released the breath that he was holding, "He will come back in a while, Sister Zhao Ying. Be patient! Be patient!"

Zhao Ying furrowed her brows, looked at him and the small tree at the ground. She had no idea why he did that.

Lee Jiang Chunyue pointed at the tree and explained, "This is the Nexus Tree. Two trees are like a coupleif one dies the other cannot live too. Brother Chu Li will sense it!"

"Will it really works?" Zhao Ying was full of doubt, "He should be asleep by now. How will he have the time to look at the tree?"

"No worries," Lee Jiang Chunyue shook his head and reassured, "Even if he is in deep sleep, he will know right away when a tree dies! oh ya, how did Chen Ying got kidnapped? Could it be a rapist?"

"Who knows?" Zhao Ying frowned and shook her head in worry, "If it is really a rapist, then this is bad!"

If Chen Ying was kidnapped by a rapist who was sex hungered, then it will be too late by the time they find her. The thought of it made her even more anxious and worried.

She hated her own helplessness and inabilityshe did not know what to do when faced with problems like this, so she had no choice but to look for Brother.

She decided that she must reach innate mastery's boundary. She cannot continue to rely on him every time and be so useless anymore.

"What's the matter?" Chu Li's voice was suddenly heard. He flew and landed in front of them, bringing a breeze with him. He was still wearing his white sleepwear and he was holding his Emerald Tipped Sword in one hand.

"Brother, you are finally here!" Lee Jiang Chunyue clapped his hand in joy and gestured at him to follow, "Quick, we will talk on the way!"

Chu Li dismissed it with a wave of his hand and asked, "There's no need to rush. Sister, what happened?"

"Brother, Chen Ying was kidnapped when she was walking back home!" Zhao Ying eyes reddened and brimmed with tears.

Chu Li frowned, "Chen Ying?"

Zhao Ying nodded vigorously.

Chu Li activated his Omniscient Mirror immediately, "We will talk on the boat!"

"Let's go!" Lee Jiang Chunyue exclaimed.

Chu Li turned him down with a wave of his hand, "Brother Lee Jiang Chunyue, you stay."

"I can help too!" Lee Jiang Chunyue tried to prove himself.

Chu Li shook his head, "You need to guard the East Garden."

"you really don't need my help?" Lee Jiang Chunyue was unhappy.

Chu Li coaxed him, "If anything happened to the East Garden, we will all be in trouble. Don't worry, I will take care of the problem!"

"okay, you should hurry up," Lee Jiang Chunyue stopped arguing.

Chu Li put one arm around Zhao Ying's waist and flew out of the Public House. They reached the girls' home in a few breath. The girls were waiting for them there.

Chu Li activated the Omniscient Mirror and saw the scene from their minds. Based on the silhouettes from their minds, Chu Li was sure that one man was Feng Wen and the other man was his servant. These two audacious fellows! They must have no regards for their livesto do something like this in Chong Ming Town!

"I will go look for her. Sister, you stay here and accompany them!" Chu Li ordered angrily.

Zhao Ying said hurriedly, "I will follow you!"

In the worst case scenario, Chu Li could not do anything to help as he is a man. However, as a woman, Zhao Ying could talk to Chen Ying and make her feel better.

Chu Li frowned in disapproval, "There will be a fight. Do you really want to follow?"

Zhao Ying looked at him in determination, "Brother, I'm not as useless as you think! Two person is better than one!"

"Fine," Chu Li succumbed. It will benefit her to learn more about the world as well, "Be prepared for a fight. Let's go!"

Zhao Ying grabbed the sword from the table and tied it around her waist.

The two of them flew out the house and soon arrived at the corner of the street. Chu Li looked at the footprints. Under his Omniscient Mirror, Feng Wen and his servant's footprints were as clear as the moon in the clear night sky.

He maintained the activation of Omniscient Mirror and flew like a floating cotton [1] until they reached the towering town wall. They climbed the wall effortlessly like walking on the ground and flew over the wall like a bird. Finally, they landed on the other side of the town wall.

All the footprints in a radius of 3 miles were under his sight. When they were 20 miles away from the town, they finally arrived at a manor. They climbed over the wall and went into the manor, silently entering a courtyard.

The manor was engulfed in silence. Only the small courtyard was lit up.

The main bedroom was lit up brightly.

In that bedroom, it can be seen that Chen Ying curled herself up at a corner of the bed. Her clothes torn and her eyes wide in fear. She was waving her hands in front of her vigorously, fighting off and preventing the wickedly smiling Feng Wen from coming near her.

Feng Wen was naked waist up. He was smiling evilly and slowly approaching Chen Yinglike a cat playing with a mouse. He enjoyed teasing and looking at Chen Ying's frightened expression. He was so excited that he couldn't control himself.

"Bang!" the door was kicked open. Feng Wen turned and glared in anger.

When he saw that it was Chu Li and Zhao Ying, not only was he not afraid, his eyes brightened at the sight of Zhao Ying.

Under the lights, Zhao Ying's skin was fair and smooth. She looked gorgeous. Feng Wen who was filled with lust could not help but ogle at her.

Chu Li stepped forward and stabbed him with his sword.

"Uh," Feng Wen was dumbfounded and he stared at Chu Li in disbelief. He looked down at the long sword in his chest and reached out a hand to pull it out.

Chu Li swung his sword and Feng Wen was thrown into the air.

"Bam!" He hit the window and landed in the pitch-black courtyard.

Chen Ying threw herself into Chu Li's arm and cried loudly.

Chu Li held no evil thoughts even though a beautiful girl was in his arms. He only felt sympathy for her.

Chen Ying's delicate and soft body was shaking uncontrollably, like a frightened little bird. She looked pitiful. He patted her back and sighed, feeling bad for her. Her bad fortune had caused her to suffer again.

Zhao Ying surveyed the room and let out a long breath. Fortunately, they made it in time. If they were even a moment's late, it was horrible to even imagine what would happen. She had her heart in her mouth the whole time and now she can finally set her heart at rest.

Chu Li patted Chen Ying and comforted her, "He is already dead."

Zhao Ying walked out and checked the corpse. She stabbed the body to vent her anger. She felt that this type of guy was better dead than alive.