White Robed Chief Chapter 610

Chapter 610 Hunt

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“Patrol!” The three middle-aged men each gave a fist salute as greeting.

Liu Yunxin stared Chu Li down. “Go and kill that little girl!”

“Yes!” the three men responded. Their Divine Light Fists were pushed at Li Hanyan’s direction.

Li Hanyan snorted in her sweet voice, and the chair she was sitting on moved the distance of a table away, evading the attack of the Divine Light Fist successfully.

While they were pushing out their fists, Chu Li’s left hand had given out a Petrifying Finger in silence.

“Puff!” A soft noise was heard.

A middle-aged man’s movement became momentarily sluggish.

Chu Li took one step and arrived in front of him. A sliver dash of light swung right across his neck, and his head fell to the ground.

‘Ding…’ The soft sword came stabbing right at him, but it was too late. The long knife had already made its course across the neck before it came colliding with the knife. The sound of the weapons clashing emitted a crisp clang.

Chu Li’s left hand put out another Petrifying Finger as the remaining two middle-aged men’s faces went blank.

‘Puff!’ Another of the middle-aged man’s movement was frozen.

Chu Li took a step forward and swung his knife across his neck, trimming his head off.

Liu Yunxin’s narrow eyes flickered with coldness as she flew towards Li Hanyan. Her soft sword was stabbing forward like a meteor racing across the sky. Her lithe figure gliding delicately like a fairy in her own realm.

It was as though Chu Li did not take notice of her actions and was not concerned with the safety of Li Hanyan. He put out another Petrifying Finger while swinging his knife.

The Petrifying Finger consumed quite a bit of inner energy, and each time it would take away half his inner energy, so it could not be used continuously.

Chu Li, bearing the Life and Death Scripture, was able to overcome this weakness. Before his inner energy could disappear, the surging spiritual force would sneak in and instantly circulate his entire body to become pure inner energy. The Petrifying Finger would have just been brandished, and the inner energy would have already filled the void. This enabled him to demonstrate another Petrifying Finger almost immediately.

He could achieve this effect with the Life and Death Scripture as well as his capability to multitask.

The last middle-aged man felt fortunate that it was not aimed at him.

His thoughts of being fortunate had yet to disappear when he felt his body went limp and was restricted by an invisible force. He could not move at all.

A bright flash of the knife then blinded his eyes. Blinding white was all he could see. When he could finally see clearly, the scene before him toppled over as if he had somehow fallen over. Darkness overtook him right after that, and nothing else was ever known again.

Li Hanyan leaped and stomped on a unique step technique to evade the fairy-like knife.

Chu Li’s long knife had already made its way across the last middle-aged man’s neck.

Liu Yunxin’s strike was a miss. Her sword curled up before erecting like a venomous snake slithering out of its nest at an extraordinary angle and in a terrifying speed.

Lee Han Yan’s barely managed to dodge the sword the first time. She was powerless to evade this peculiar yet swift strike of the sword for the second time.

‘Ding…’ A silver streak collided with the sword.

The tip of the sword curled down like a snake when it was hit on its head.

Liu Yunxin felt that it was a shame that her wishful thinking was in vain.

Normally, her plan would work. If she were to attack a target, the opponent would attempt to save the target. Thus, the opponent would not be able to attend to everything at once, and she would be able to do anything she wanted to them.

It did not quite work this time. This man had not seemed to care about the life of this young lady.

It was clear now that he just had confidence in the young lady’s skills and knew that she would be able to dodge her attack. That was why he had taken the opportunity to take down the three useless men.

‘Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!’ Streaks of bluish-white light shot towards Liu Yunxin.

Liu Yunxin’s soft sword was stabbing straight at the daggers throwing her way continuously. She was forced to take a few steps back while doing so.

The boundless energy coming from the daggers had surprised her. Her soft sword could not dissolve this ruthless and domineering energy, and she could not block out the knife from charging into her body.

‘Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!’ Chu Li’s knife was lightning, majestic and thunderous. Its assault had left Liu Yunxin gasping desperately for air.

These violent swings of his knife had given her an illusion where she thought she was under the assault of lighting strikes. The sky so looked mighty and devilish that she could only quiver under it and submit obediently to it with no other choice.

Chu Li closed in inch by inch. The flash of his knife still striking like lightning.

Liu Yunxin could only retreat step by step. Her sword was weak but infallible. She could always block the attacks of the knife accurately.

One of them was advancing and the other was retreating. It was not long before Liu Yunxin was forced into the corner of a wall.

“What is the Holy Church of Light planning on?” Chu Li asked in the midst of swinging his knife.

Liu Yunxin’s narrow eyes gave nothing away. Her gaze was fixated on the long knife. She did not allow even a second of distraction, or else her head would not be intact for long.

Chu Li scoffed, “How furtive! And this is the way of the Holy Church of Light?”

Liu Yunxin swung her sword and did not deem him a reply. Her arms were growing sore. She would not be able to take much more hits.

‘Ding…’ Liu Yunxin’s sword had collided with a finger force sneaking her way. Her soft sword trembled as its current of inner energy was halted by the Petrifying Finger.

Chu Li’s long knife was right before her eyes in a second.

Liu Yunxin’s body shrunk as if a fish was slithering away while it was pressed on the springboard. She shot towards Li Hanyan.

Chu Li snorted and took a large stride over to Li Hanyan. He swung his knife and chopped it downward.

Liu Yunxin could do nothing but dodge the knife. Her arms were so sore and could no longer hold up to face off with him.

Chu Li smiled coldly. “Speak and your life will be spared!”

“Humph, my life will be spared?” Liu Yunxin chuckled dryly. Her chuckles reeked of scornfulness. A Divine Light Fist was punched towards Li Hanyan.

Chu Li extended his arm and blocked the Divine Light Fist. It had collided with his left palm.

‘Bang!’ A dull crash sounded. Violent winds were rising all around as if a tornado had invaded the restaurant.

Liu Yunxin scoffed, “I’ll find you the next time!”

After saying that, she flung herself through the window and glided off.

Chu Li narrowed his eyes as he watched her glide further and further away. He disappeared in a flash and reappeared right above her the next moment. He had calculated the exact course of her path. Then, he slammed his knife down.

The glisten of the knife looked like a lightning strike, full of power and grandeur.

This strike was an energized hit. Its impact was magnificent.

‘Ding…’ Liu Yunxin could only swing her sword around to block, but it had sent her flying with her white garment fluttering in the air.

“Ding…” Her soft sword slipped out of her hand and landed on the ground.

Liu Yunxin stretched out her body in the air as the forces in her body resumed its circulation. Her heart was palpitating. She would have never thought that Chu Li’s knife would possess such power. It was much stronger than earlier, a truly horrifying and scary force to be reckoned with.

Chu Li took a step toward her and flung his knife.

This time she was without her soft weapon, so she immediately shrunk her body, folded, changed her course of direction, and shot out.

A flame was raging within her body, allowing her to speed up a notch. She had disappeared without a trace in a matter of seconds.

Chu Li extended his hand out and gestured. The soft weapon on the ground flew to his hand.

Li Hanyan glided over and smiled. “Big Brother Du!”

Chu Li said, “Let’s go after her!”

“Can we kill her?” Li Hanyan asked.

Chu Li shook his head. “We’ll try.”

He had finally encountered a disciple of the Holy Church of Light who was normal. After demonstrating her secret skill, she did not try to attack him madly until one of them died but had rather turned and escaped. She was one to value life. Such a rare find.

He was not afraid of those who valued their lives but fear those nut jobs that were unafraid of death.

His left hand held on the soft sword while his right hand grabbed on Li Hanyan’s wrist above her sleeve. They then disappeared.

Liu Yunxin glided like smoke. The sceneries all around her flashed past in a blink of an eye. The flame within her body was burning feverishly. The rage within her heart was burning as well. If she did not have to complete her fate as a Saintess, she would have dragged that fellow to meet death together!

Where did this powerful person come from whose knife technique could be ranked first?

She was fairly confident with her sword technique, but under the crazed and thunderous swings of his knife, her technique was nothing.

‘Wu…’ A silver streak blocked her livelihood path ahead.

She gnashed her teeth, hastened her speed, and managed to escape just before the flash of the knife would come into contact with her body. The flame in her body was burning even more wildly. She estimated that she had just burned off five years of her life.

Chu Li frowned without saying a word. He stopped his movements.

“You’re not going after her?” Li Hanyan was filled with excitement.

Chu Li shook his head. “There’s no rush. Let’s head back.”

“Already heading back…” Li Hanyan was still very much high on adrenaline.

“Let’s go.” Chu Li grabbed her wrist from above her sleeve and glided away.

The two returned to the Snow Lunar Pavilion without startling anyone.

This time, he was rather satisfied. He had exterminated six men in total, and this would be a huge set back for the Holy Church of Light.

Even if the Holy Church of Light was as resourceful as the Tempest Temple, it would be impossible for them to have endless Grandmasters. Now that twelve of them were dead, it would be a huge hit on them. He was somewhat contented.

Li Hanyan was grabbing onto Su Ru and describing everything that had happened in such excitement it was as if she was the one who had made the moves.

Chu Li left right away and appeared in a forest.

He checked out the surroundings and saw Liu Yunxin through the Omniscient Mirror. She sat beneath a pine tree with her legs crossed and was treating her wounds in silence.

The white gauze on her face was taken down.

Chu Li let out a smile. Now, this was what he had wanted!