White Robed Chief Chapter 611

Chapter 611 Offering

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He stood about a mile away and focused on activating the Omniscient Mirror to view her inner thoughts.

A giant Buddha floated in the void in her mind. Ever shining and mighty merciful. One look and one would have the impulse to convert and be devoted.

This was Maha-Vairocana, the deity of the Great Light Scripture cultivation.

Maha-Vairocana was shimmering as purplish-gold glow flowed around. His hand gestured in chanting and his mouth as if murmuring chants. Great music has the faintest notes while the greatest form was without any shape. His mouth was moving but there was no sound.

There seemed to be a shapeless energy falling in the void, into her body, replenishing it of its fragility in superb speed. Chu Li gasped in admiration. This Great Light Scripture was indeed true to its name.

After he performed his Heavenly Demonic Power, Chu Li was in extreme hunger and in a slightly frail state that he could wallop two cows. He needed to pick a fruit to eat at Spirit Crane Peak.

If it weren’t for the trip to Spirit Crane Peak, the after-effect of the Heavenly Demonic Power would have lasted for days, and no matter how he ate he would not be able to comfort the hunger pang and fragility.

The Great Light Scripture could ease her weak state at such a speed and proved it was not inferior to the Heavenly Demonic Power.

Chu Li wondered if the Great Light Scripture was similar to his Heavenly Demonic Power that came from the outside, but it was for sure a divine power that could direct to Enlightened Mastery.

Now he finally had the time to check out Liu Yunxin’s appearance.

Red lips and a fine nose. A delicate beautiful face. Those long narrow eyes. Enchanting and charming. She was indeed a rare beauty that when men feasted their eyes on her, it was hard to stop the impulse.

No wonder Chu Li had to mask her face. It wasn’t convenient to reveal it and would be a dent to her commanding look. Men would not be revered when they saw her. They would only have a strong desire to dominate her, pushing her underneath their bodies to do whatever they pleased.

Liu Yunxin’s white gauze was placed beside her, folded neatly. It was obvious she treasured it. Her soft sword had already landed in the hands of Chu Li.

Chu Li scrunched up his eyes. He wasn’t in a rush to make a move. He observed the Maha-Vairocana in her mind, in an attempt to mark Buddha so that he could cultivate it once he obtained the Great Light Scripture.

It was a shame that despite his efforts, he found that he could not imprint it to his mind. As just a mirage, the moment he tried to mark it, it became nothingness. After much time had passed, he still came up empty.

He recalled the moment he stole the Asura Power Technique, visualizing the Asura was easier than this. Could it be that the Great Light Scripture was more powerful than Asura Power Technique?

Chu Li gave up since he could not learn it but could slowly find other ways. Moreover, he had the Heavenly Demonic Power. It was not a must to cultivate the Great Light Scripture.

He disappeared in a flash and appeared before Liu Yunxin the next. He extended his arm to grab the white gauze and took off by ten meters with one stride.

Liu Yunxin suddenly opened her big eyes and looked at him in astonishment.

“What treasure is this?” Chu Li smiled as he dangled the white gauze and looked at Liu Yunxin.

The white gauze felt light as a feather in his hands yet sinking down as gravity had it. There was no sign of fluttering. It was a falling waterfall, refreshing and cool.

Liu Yunxin took a glance at the white gauze in a careless way as she dully asked, “Who are you really?”

She had never heard of the name Du Feng and there was no way such a master could not be unheard of.

Chu Li could see her thoughts, so he knew the level of importance she placed on this white gauze. It was a treasured gift from the saintess to steady the heart and mind from disruption.

By wearing this white gauze during cultivation, one could swiftly concentrate the frame of mind and meditate to a higher level. The fruitfulness of the cultivation would increase heavily and shorten the length of cultivation.

Liu Yunxin was afraid that she would spurt blood, hence the reason why she carefully removed it. She did not think that it would give an opportunity to Chu Li to snatch it.

She did not show any signs of it being precious or it would have become leverage.

This item was useless to a man and it was underwear. If it was a gift to anyone, people would toss it away. If Liu Yunxin acted as though it was nothing, he would possibly just discard it.

Chu Li smiled. “Du Feng!… And what is the Holy Church of Light doing in the Great Ji Dynasty?”

“It’s really none of your business, right?” Liu Yunxin gave a light smile. She nonchalantly added, “Young master Du wishes to offend our Holy Church of Light?”

Chu Li frowned and found the answer from her mind but became more and more puzzled.

“I have already killed people. I’ve offended anyway!” Chu Li burst into laughter. “Don’t tell me that if I were to let it go now, the animosity between us will disappear and you will not hover me over the murder crime?”

“That’s right,” Liu Yunxin said, “I know now that you were the one who killed them. If I don’t tell anyone, the Holy Church would not know.”

“Then who killed them then?”

“I will get someone to bear the charges,” Liu Yunxin dully responded. “Young master Du, don’t you want to be a friend of our Holy Church?”

“What friend?” Chu Li was curious.

Liu Yunxin lightly stretched out her waist. Her full bosom slightly trembled, her voice, alluring and sweet, “Becoming an offering to our Holy Church of Light, we don’t need you to do anything to endanger the Great Ji Dynasty. Quite the contrary, you can go and take care of the martial artists of the Li Dynasty.”

Chu Li’s brow raised.

Liu Yunxin’s voice became gentler and charming. “As one from the martial arts world of the Ji Dynasty, you must hate the martial arts world of the Li Dynasty, right? Killing the martial artists of the Li Dynasty is seen as a service to the Ji Dynasty and doing a meritorious deed to the Holy Church, killing two birds with one stone, isn’t it a win-win situation?”

“Then I won’t ever touch the masters from the martial arts world of the Ji Dynasty?” Chu Li continued. “And you won’t change your mind and force me to kill the masters from the Ji Dynasty?”

“Of course not.” Liu Yunxin shook her head. “Worshipping masters is precious power to our Holy Church. Why would we force you to leave? This is definitely not how the Holy Church functions. Become an offering to the Holy Church and your life will be smooth running. You will obtain a life you would never imagine and be in contact with lost divine power studies on higher levels. The rewards of the Holy Church includes these lost studies and even the lost studies of the Tempest Temple!”

Chu Li fell deep into thought.

Liu Yunxin asked, “Is this what young master Du is seeking?”

“You really have the profound studies of the Tempest Temple?” Chu Li frowned.

Liu Yunxin lightly snickered. “And which profound study do you want, young master Du?”

“The Perishable Touch.” Chu Li answered.

Liu Yunxin pondered for a moment before shaking her head. “We don’t seem to have this study. The Perishable Touch is the ultimate study of the Tempest Temple but if it’s the Sentient Menace of the Titanium Temple, we do have that. However, only for the first few stages. The Tempest Temple requires a high level of Buddhist cultivation and not any ordinary man could practice, so the data collection for this is scarce.”

“What about the profound studies of the Amethyst Mountain?”

“We don’t have the Shadow Thunder Palm and Heaven’s Thunder Palm but we do have the Phantom Yin Skill,” Liu Yunxin replied. “The studies of the Amethyst Mountain require a unique endowment that not any Tom, Dick or Harry could cultivate. More so for the Titanium Temple but the martial art studies for these four major sects of the Great Ji Dynasty aren’t much. The Holy Church has more on the major four sects of the Li Dynasty, including the Flaming Sun Divine Power from the Flaming Sun Sect. We have the first six stages of it.”

“Flaming Sun Divine Power…” Chu Li’s brow raised.

He personally knew of the “Flaming Sun Palm” Luo Feng and plucked the Flaming Sun Grass but he had never heard of the Flaming Sun Divine Power. Could there be a connection between the Flaming Sun Palm and Flaming Sun Divine Power? Could Luo Feng be someone from the Li Dynasty?

He quickly dismissed this. There were no issues with the identity of Luo Feng.

It was highly possible that the Flaming Sun Palm that was the profound studies of the Flaming Sun Sect had spread out.

Liu Yunxin continued. “There are also four major sects in our Great Li Dynasty, similar to your Ji Dynasty. Apart from the Holy Church, there’s the Flaming Sun Sect, Tian Luo Sect, and White Tiger Sect. The potential of our four major sects is more powerful than of the Ji Dynasty’s!”

Chu Li smiled.

Liu Yunxin remarked. “And you don’t believe me?”

“If that’s the case, then why are they staying put?”

“That’s because our Church is suppressing them!”