White Robed Chief Chapter 612

Chapter 612 Decision

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Chu Li said, “If I were to become an offering, I just have to take them down?”

“Yes.” Liu Yunxin lightly nodded and sighed. “The capabilities of the four major sects are not that far off each other. It’s just that Lady Luck is on our Holy Church, to have such geniuses so we could suppress over various factions. It’s too bad that the people in the martial arts world can’t be tame and won’t listen so there’s a need for constant order.”

“Then what’s the point of you having to search all the martial arts heart techniques of various factions of the Ji Dynasty?” Chu Li asked.

He had found this earlier in Liu Yunxin’s mind and finally understood her motive. They wanted to force the Crouching Bull Hill as well as the Snow Lunar Pavilion out of their trump heart technique.

Liu Yunxin paused. Her alluring bright eyes stared deeply at him. He did not think he could see through her motive.

She considered being able to conceal to herself. Others were unaware. Those who knew did not reveal. No faction would let anyone else know that they were forced to give up their ultimate studies to others.

Liu Yunxin thought about it before lightly shaking her head. “Young master Du must be thinking of heading up the path to become an Enlightened Master? It’s too bad there’s no way to advance to it. The bishop is collecting these secret manuals in an attempt to advance to Enlightened Mastery.”

“Your Holy Church’s Great Light Scripture is a study of Enlightened Mastery, cultivating to its ultimate state is enough. Why find another secret manual?” Chu Li’s interest was piqued.

Liu Yunxin answered. “Martial arts is a way. By collecting all essence of martial arts studies in the world and realizing the way within the art, the Enlightened Mastery could then be cultivated to its ultimate state. The reason why there are Enlightened Masters in Ji Dynasty’s Tempest Temple is due to the enriched martial arts study and support of Buddhism.”

Chu Li frowned as he thought about it before shaking his head.

Having Enlightened Masters from the Tempest Temple was possible, not due to the profound studies in cultivation of Enlightened Mastery but rather from becoming the top in the martial arts world to set the path to Enlightened Mastery.

Except, he would never say this. He smiled. “Then, your bishop isn’t an Enlightened Master?”

“Of course he is.” Liu Yunxin scoffed. “Though the Holy Church can not only have one Enlightened Master!”

Chu Li came to realization and smiled. “How bold!”

The bishop of the Holy Church of Light must be the number one master of the Li Dynasty and not because he cultivated the Great Light Scripture to the maximum. The Great Light Scripture was a defect from the beginning but to become the number one master of the Li Dynasty with a defect scripture showed how dangerous it was.

The Great Light Scripture was frightening. Its powers were shocking. The bishop of the Holy Church of Light was also frightening because his talents were boundless.

But the path to Enlightened Mastery mentioned by Liu Yunxin was something to ponder about.

To have the study of Enlightened Mastery be cultivated to its ultimate state would be harder than becoming the number one in the world. To draw on the strong points of all the martial art studies and find one’s own study path was one way.

For the Holy Church of Light to send that many masters to the Great Ji Dynasty with a huge risk, it couldn’t be just a joke.

The Heavenly Demonic Power depended on external forces to advance at a quick pace but between the fifth and sixth layer, it required heavy accumulations. It was hard to imagine that from the sixth to the seventh layer, or even the seventh to the eighth layer and eighth to ninth layer, how intimidating it would be. Even if the top of the top masters fought with him, it would be simply endless.

To cultivate the Heavenly Demonic Power from the ninth layer to acquired mastery, it would be an unattainable goal!

This road pointed by the bishop of the Holy Church of Light could be worth the try.

He had to achieve the Enlightened Mastery at its soonest of course. First, he had to do it before Xiao Qi and second, to kill King An. King An must be killed but above His Majesty remained a sword hanging above his head that could come down at any time. This made him feel exceptionally aggrieved.

Thinking about this, Chu Li smiled. “For you to tell me all of these, if I don’t agree to it, I’ll die?”

“If young master Du were to disagree, I can’t do anything about it.” Liu Yunxin grinned.

Chu Li shook his head. “I killed your masters and now I know things I shouldn’t. Of course, I’ll be silenced.”

“It really doesn’t matter if young master Du knows of this.” Liu Yunxin shook her head. “But the fact that young master Du killed our six masters can’t be overlooked. You know how the Holy Church functions; we do not allow any intimidation. We will return this favor.”

Chu Li considered. “How about this? I’ll think about it for a while. One month from this day, I will head to Green Mountain Town.”

“One month…, then I shall await your decision.” Liu Yunxin pointed at the white gauze in Chu Li’s hand. “Can you return that to me?”

Chu Li shook his head and smiled. “I’ll hold on to it first.”

Liu Yunxin frowned and glared at him with dissatisfaction, looking as tempting as ever. “Young master Du, if you are going to be an offering then your position is similar to mine. You must not have any inordinate thoughts!”

Chu Li beamed. “Still I do have a courting chance?”

“… You must be prepared then. There are many after me.” Liu Yunxin pursed her lips and softly chuckled. “Just because you have the talent and have knife skills, it doesn’t give you the upper hand.”

“But I must try!” Chu Li grinned. He carefully packed the white gauze. He closed fist saluted as he smiled. He took a few steps and disappeared from Liu Yunxin’s sight.

The smile off Liu Yunxin’s face slowly disappeared and a cold spiritual energy lingered.

This damn Du Feng. He dared to take away the facial gauze. Could it be he could tell how precious this facial gauze was?

But this Du Feng’s knife technique and Light Body Technique was superb. If she could reel him into the Holy Church, she would gain a major meritorious service. During then, not one but maybe ten gauzes would be awarded by the saintess!

The only uncertainty rested on whether or not he would agree to it.

As for the six that died. The six of them could not even face up to one Du Feng. If Du Feng was pulled in, it would be worth it. She could just say that they failed in their mission and were killed by the people of Snow Lunar Pavilion. The dead could not bear witness anyway.

Thinking about this, she turned and glided away. She must use the connections of the Holy Church to investigate the background of this Du Feng and why was he killing for Snow Lunar Pavilion. He could not be unknown for having such a knife technique!


When Chu Li returned to the Snow Lunar Pavilion, Su Ru had a face of helplessness.

Li Hanyan was still in full spirit, playing out vividly Chu Li’s every move and the reaction of his opponents without leaving one single detail out.

Seeing Chu Li return, Su Ru felt liberated. She immediately got up. “Killed?”

Chu Li shook his head. “Couldn’t.”

“It can’t be that she’s such a beauty that you let her go.” A snicker was gestured on Su Ru’s fair face.

Chu Li peered at her.

“Big brother Du, when can I have the same martial arts technique such as hers?” Li Hanyan was envious.

As she spoke, she picked up the soft sword from the table and wielded it. The sword erected and made swishing sounds.

Chu Li smiled. “You’ll catch up to her.”

Li Hanyan was already an Innate Master after this short period. She was a genius at cultivation. The pace of her advancement was astonishing.

Li Hanyan scoffed. “I must defeat her!”

“Then better attend to your wounds and don’t rush into cultivating.” Chu Li advised.

“Alright then.” Li Hanyan knowingly nodded and excused herself form Su Ru’s water pavilion.

She knew that Chu Li and Su Ru had something to discuss.

Su Ru looked at Chu Li with something on her mind. She immediately opened up. “The young lady has yet to leave her seclusion. Master said that her concept of heart has steadied down and advancing at amazing speed!”

Chu Li let out a sigh of relief and slowly nodded.

Su Ru continued. “The young lady and you…”

In the end, she shook her head. She did not know how these two would end up. They clearly adored each other but could not separate and missed each other but tried hard to forget. It was not something outsiders would understand.

Chu Li had never displayed it and forcefully buried it in his heart. He suffered deeply.

Chu Li asked. “What about Xue Ling and the rest?”

“The master mentioned that their accumulation is deep enough and breaking through would be easy.” Su Ru smiled. “Our High Duke’s Public Houses would have another two Grandmasters.”

Chu Li smirked. “Once you return you will find that the High Duke’s Public Houses is now different than before.”

Su Ru sighed. “If the young lady won’t return, then I’m prepared not to return too.”

Chu Li slowly acknowledged. “It’s better that way.”

“I will be in seclusion in two days.” added Su Ru. “I plan to advance to become a Grandmaster.”