White Robed Chief Chapter 613

Chapter 613 Wind Rising

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Chu Li smiled. “It’s about time to become a Grandmaster!”

Su Ru rolled her eyes at him. “I’m not like you guys, it might not happen the first time.”

Chu Li smirked. “Your foundation is very solid. There shouldn’t be a problem.”

“I hope so.” scoffed Su Ru.

As Chu Li was having a conversation at the Snow Lunar Pavilion, Fa Yuan was channeling at the meditating room. His position was upright and his complexion was filled with solemnity.

Suddenly, a slight sound of footsteps was heard. A Xiao Monk crept over outside the room. He whispered. “Master’s junior, master’s junior.”

Fa Yuan opened his eyes and calmly asked, “What’s the matter?”

“Master’s master is calling,” the Xiao Monk said.

Fa Yuan slowly replied, “Alright.”

He slowly got up from his seat, rubbed his legs, tidied his grey cowl and paced out of the meditating room.

Fa Yuan headed west after leaving the meditating room, passing through rows of meditating rooms and continued on a blue stoned path.

This hill had rows of meditating rooms. At the peak was a lofty and mighty temple of Buddha that overlooked all living beings. The top of the temple was of gold tiles that glistened. It was resplendent and magnificent. Solemn and divine.

He stepped into the temple and the smell of incense lingered, awakening the spirit.

On the golden cattail hassock within the temple, there was senior Fa Kong apart from master Ming De.

Monk Ming De had a big tough build and round bald head. He had white brows and beard and his face was flush red and delicate like a baby’s. His eyes sparkled and glowed.

Fa Kong had a square face and big ears. His face was fair and carried a dewy glow. His exceptionally huge eyes were beaming with spirit. As Fa Kong looked around, he emitted a spiritual energy of poignance. He bore an imposing character.

“Master, senior,” Fa Yuan pressed his palms together and sat on a golden cattail hassock opposite of Fa Kong.

“Fa Yuan, I just received some news from the Pagoda of Conquered Demons. It’s said that Chu Li, the Head Chief of the King An’s Imperial Residence is well versed with our Spear Finger Strike.” Monk Ming De pressed his palms together and relayed the news.

Fa Yuan paused. “Almsgiver Chu?”

Ming De nodded. “It can’t be wrong. It’s said by an Asura.”

Fa Yuan said, “Is it not the Asura that was captured by Almsgiver Chu?”

“It’s them.” answered Ming De.

Fa Yuan shook his head. “They bore hatred toward Almsgiver Chu, could they be trusted?”

“It’s better to believe the worst rather than to be optimistic and learn the worst.” sighed Ming De. “The Spear Finger Strike is a secret hand down of our temple and never leaked out. If it really is cultivated by Almsgiver Chu, then it can’t be taken lightly.”

Fa Yuan shook his head. “I have fought with Almsgiver Chu several times but never seen him use the Spear Finger Strike but I have a few times.”

Fa Kong added, “Master, could it be that he secretly learned it from junior Fa Yuan?”

Fa Yuan and Ming De both glanced at him.

If he could learn it just taking a few looks and witnessing it a few times, then it would not be the secret hand of profound martial art study of the Tempest Temple.

Fa Kong continued, “Do not underestimate the cunning of the world. It’s said that this Chu Li is very clever. What if he witnessed the impact of the Spear Finger Strike and pondered himself to create a finger technique?”

Ming De shook his head. “Being so young, how many martial arts studies did he come across out of observing. The Spear Finger Strike is the accumulation of high monks’ wisdom from our founders of past generations in order to create this profound study!”

Fa Kong responded, “Then how did he learn it? The Spear Finger Strike was not leaked. The Imperial House would not have a record.”

As he said this, he looked towards Fa Yuan.

Fa Yuan shook his head. “Senior, how can I leak the Spear Finger Strike?”

“That’s true.” Fa Kong nodded. “Then it’s really odd.”

Fa Yuan asked, “Master, could it be that Asura is trying to frame Almsgiver Chu?”

Ming De replied, “Asura assumes a haughty air and thinks of himself as above all. They wouldn’t lie and found it hateful to lie.”

Fa Yuan said, “There are always exceptions.”

“What if it’s really the Spear Finger Strike?” Fa Kong added, “What would the next course of action be for the temple?”

Ming De sighed. “He can only join the Tempest Temple, shave his head and convert.”

Fa Yuan shook his head. “Almsgiver Chu will never agree to it.”

“What about becoming a lay Buddhist follower?” Fa Kong asked.

Ming De shook his head. “The Spear Finger Strike cannot be cultivated by those who are not official disciples nor monks!”

“If he does not agree to it?” Fa Kong asked.

Ming De answered, “Then we have to dispatch the disciples of Exorcist to capture him and force him to become a monk.”

“Master…” Fa Yuan frowned his speared brows.

Ming De sighed. “Fa Yuan, I know you value the companionship of Chu Li but rules are rules. The Tempest Temple has its principles as a temple and it can’t be defied. It’s not just him, if I were to break the rules, I will have to face it as well!”

“Sigh…” Fa Yuan shook his head. “Let me go and ask Almsgiver Chu.”

“Fa Kong will follow you.” Ming De continued, “This is a serious matter and the elders are paying close attention to it. Fa Yuan, you must not put aside your feelings and refrain from mistakes!”

He turned to Fa Kong and gave him an order. “You will be in charge of this matter and Fa Yuan will aid you. You must be impartial but don’t go too far. Just make clear of the matter and leave the rest to the temple to handle.”

“Yes, master!” Fa Kong answered in a deep voice.

Fa Yuan immediately cut in. “Master, how about letting senior Fa Xiang go?”

“Fa Xiang and Chu Li are acquainted.” Ming De shook his head. “His head might not be in the clear and wouldn’t be able to carry this out impartially.”

“But senior Fa Kong, he…” Fa Yuan took a glance at Fa Kong and shook his head.

Senior Fa Kong cultivated the Lion Zen. His character had become fiery and violent. He would fly into a rage in the slightest provocation. Chu Li’s character was also a tough one. Once the two of them meet, a fight would ensue.

Fa Kong smiled. “Junior, you’re not at ease with me?”

Fa Yuan nodded. “You’re too easily provoked. It’s easy to let matters get out of hand.”

“It doesn’t matter if it gets out of hand as long as things are clear.” Ming De shook his head. “Fa Kong has a fiery temper but it is just at execution and would not let his feelings get in the way. Even if they fought, he would not bring this to heart or talk bad about him.”

“… Yes.” Fa Yuan could only nod.

“Make a move now and try to get things clear within three days,” Ming De said. “The elders in the temple are waiting.”

“Master, the elders won’t be touching the Moonfall Peak?” Fa Yuan could not hold his tongue. “Don’t tell me we’ll just watch them grow and kill innocents?”

“The elders will handle this matter. You need not worry.” Ming De commented.

Fa Yuan shook his head. “I simply cannot comprehend. Where is the compassion of Buddhists to allow the existence of the Asura?”

“The existence of the Asura has its reasons.” Ming De sternly rebuked, “If it was as simple as you think, wouldn’t the temple have already made a move?”

“It’s a dirty job but someone has to do it. Master, I wish to head to Moonfall Peak!” Fa Yuan said, “The more I can capture to suppress, then one less Asura can save many more innocent lives.”

“Master, I want to go too!” Fa Kong solemnly declared.

Ming De shook his head. “There have already been countless disciples who died in their hands. The Moonfall Peak is no less a hell. Do not barge in there and trust in the wisdom of the elders.”

Fa Yuan fell silent.

After a brief moment, he sighed. “Master, you should know the plans of the elders. I don’t believe that the elders dare not make a move because of fear.”

Ming De sighed and slowly nodded.

“Master!” Fa Yuan pressed on.