White Robed Chief Chapter 614

Chapter 614 Integrity

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Ming De seemed to be in thought, he did not say a word.

“Master!” Fa Yuan said hastily, “What for?”

Fa Kong said, “Isn’t it because they are scared of our temple’s disciples being exacted revenge on?”

Ming De shook his head and said, “The elders have always comprehended a single antiqued study. If they managed to comprehend the antique study, they will be able to subdue the Asura and become the Guardian of the temple!”

“Guardian?” Fa Kong said, astonished, “Can they be subdued, with their attitude?”

The Asura’s temperament was proud and stubborn, nobody could control them.

It was not that the temple did not want to subdue them, persuading them to convert to a dharmic base. Every day, there would be senior monks who would share the Dharma with them and chant Buddhist prayers, but they were even more stubborn than rocks, unwilling to change. Even the elder monks could do nothing, they could not just kill them.

Ming De said, “The temple has an antique study called the Trailokya’s Integrity Technique that awakens the people’s buddha nature, awakening the Buddhist within them, making them become one of the Buddhists.

Fa Yuan and Fa Kong shook their heads, they had never heard of such a technique.

Ming De said, “Cultivating this skill requires refined dharmic base and utmost devotion. The stronger the faith, the stronger the power. However, it is difficult to cultivate, several elders are trying to comprehend it. If they manage to do that, their cultivation will succeed. Then, the Asura’s evil tendencies can be resolved. They will be converted to the ways of Buddhism and become Buddhist Guardians. It will be considered a feat of boundless beneficence, which will surely shock the world, paving a straight road to the Grandmaster’s Mastery!”

“Can the Trailokya’s Integrity Technique really be cultivated?” Fa Yuan asked with furrowed brows. “If it was really that easy, the Asura would not be willful up till now.”

Fa Kong nodded as hard as he could, agreeing with what Fa Yuan said.

“Turning the impossible into possible is our temple’s business.” Ming De said, “The elders are confident they will surely succeed.”

“Then are we going to allow the Asura to kill indiscriminately for now?” Fa Yuan asked. “That’s undue of! …Why don’t we just capture them, and slowly subdue them? That way, it doesn’t matter when the cultivation is completed.”

Ming De said, “We won’t just let them freely kill, the temple’s Elder Zhen Jing has already started to prepare a formation on Moonfall Peak. Once the formation is complete, Moonfall Peak will become a desolated area, the Asura will not be able to descend the mountain!”

“It’s great that Elder Zhen Jing is making a move!” Fa Yuan smiled.

“It’s unfortunate that the formation is difficult to set up.” Ming De sighed, “It is required to be hidden from the Asura as well. If they destroy it, all our previous efforts will be gone to waste. Hence, we’d rather take it slow and steady.”

“Alright…” Fa Yuan nodded.

As long as the temple did not cross their arms and just watch, he would be at ease and no longer feeling guilty.

“Master, why are there so many of the Asura on Moonfall Peak?” Fa Yuan asked. “Their numbers are too shocking!”

Ming De glanced around and sighed. “This is actually because of what the previous generations did, it was what they started. The temple once lost a batch of the Heart of Asuras. They later killed a few Asuras. Those who were killed then were reincarnated into Asuras with a high cultivation level.”

“This…” Fa Yuan furrowed his brows.

Ming De said, “The Asuras on Moonfall Peak are gathered from the five countries. According to what Elder Zhen Jing said, Moonfall Peak is a sacred place for cultivating Asura. The advancement is swift, which is why there were so many Asuras of such a high level. The other four countries’ Asuras slowly gathered there.”

“Then, where did these Heart of Asuras come from?” Fa Yuan asked.

Ming De shook his head. “This is a secret that nobody knows. Even the elders are unsure, it existed before the temple was built.”

Fa Yuan slowly said, “All of the Asura are gathered there. If they really went on a killing spree, would the Great Ji Dynasty be able to handle them?”

“Only the Tempest Temple can fend them off!” Ming De nonchalantly said, “There is a fine line between calamity and blessing. If the cultivation of the Trailokya’s Integrity Technique is successful, the Asura will become guardians, which will greatly boost the power of the Tempest Temple. This will also be able to deal with the threat of the other four countries.

Fa Yuan gently nodded.

Both of them left the basilica and immediately started making their way. They left the hill and went to Fairy’s Capital.

Their cowls were fluttering as if they were moving with the wind.

“Junior Brother do tell me about Chu Li,” Fa Kong said in a deep voice.

“Almsgiver Chu is a brilliant person. He is great in inferencing; he will know what you are going to say next from your first sentence. He seems to be brave in doing things, but he acts appropriately.”

“I didn’t expect Junior Brother to hold him in such high esteem.”

“I’m truly not as smart as he is.”

“If he was that smart, why did he secretly learn our Spear Finger Strike?”

“Elder Brother, it is too early to conclude that he learned the Spear Finger Strike.”

“Heh, that’s true.”

“Junior Brother Fa Yuan, your aptitude is exceptional, how is it compared to his?”

“He became a Grandmaster in two years, I cannot compare to him.”

“You should not undervalue yourself. Your foundation is deeper, you will travel further than him on the road of becoming an Enlightened Master!”

“Yes.” Fa Yuan lightly nodded.

He believed in that as well.

Chu Li’s aptitude was exceptional, but that was not an important factor. Knowledge was the most important thing. The Tempest Temple was rich in the knowledge of martial arts, none of the other factions could compare. Even if Chu Li was smarter, there would be no use. Most of the unique skills were unimaginable, they were the condensation of several thousand years’ worth of wisdom.

When the two arrived at the King An’s Imperial Residence, it was already the morning of the second day.

Chief Zhu quickly welcomed the two people, he stood at the main gate and apologetically said, “Two Great Masters, it really is a coincidence, but the Head Chief is not here.”

“Where did he go?” Fa Yuan asked as he pressed his palms together in front of his chest.

“It seemed like he was going to the Secret Guardians Hall.” Chief Zhu smiled. “Please enter and take a rest, two Great Masters. Or would you like to head to the Secret Guardians Hall to take a look?”

“I shall have to trouble Chief Zhu to send a report to the Secret Guardians Hall”

“Right, I shall send the report immediately.”

The two arrived at the main hall.

Chief Zhu went to the Secret Guardians Hall to look for Chu Li.

After a quite a while, Chief Zhu entered and helplessly said, “Great Masters, the Head Chief has left the Secret Guardians Hall, nobody knows where he went.”

“…For us to miss him like this, could it be that he’s avoiding us?” Fa Kong said with furrowed eyebrows.

Fa Yuan shook his head.

Chief Zhu smiled. “The Head Chief really did not know the two Great Masters would come, or he would definitely have respectfully awaited your arrival.”

“Alright then, we shall wait in the residence. Please find a courtyard for us.”

“Yes, yes. Please follow me, Great Masters.”

Chief Zhu brought the two of them to a serene and fine courtyard.

The two sat for a while. Footsteps could be heard from the outside, but it was King An, under the company of Xu Ning, who entered the courtyard.

King An pressed his palms together in front of his chest, he said with a slight smile, “Great Master Fa Yuan, this is…?”

“I am Fa Kong.”

“Great Master Fa Kong, for you to come to the Imperial Residence, your presence brings light to my humble dwelling. Are the Great Masters looking for the Head Chief?”

“It’s a pity that Almsgiver Chu is not here,” Fa Yuan said as he pressed his palms together in front of his chest.

King An said, “Head Chief has been busy lately, he rarely stays in the Imperial Residence. I hope that the Great Masters forgive him!”

“There is no need for your Royal Highness to be courteous, this was an impromptu visit.”

“Why are the two of you looking for the Head Chief?” King An raised a teacup, he feigned innocence as he smiled. “Could it be that the Head Chief crossed the line with the Tempest Temple again? …If it really is so, I will heavily reprimand him, I owe the Tempest Temple a huge favor.”

“Your Royal Highness is over-exaggerating.” Fa Yuan smiled. “I still have to thank your Royal Highness for your righteousness and generosity.”

“There’s no such thing.” King An waved his hand and smiled. “Has the Head Chief caused trouble?”

“It really isn’t nothing, it’s related to the Spear Finger Strike.” Fa Kong said, “We want to ask if Almsgiver Chu learned the Spear Finger Strike.”

“Spear Finger Strike?” King An was astounded. “The Tempest Temple’s antique study?”

“Yes.’ Fa Kong said.

King An said in a low voice, “The Head Chief does know of a powerful finger technique and killed many people that finger technique. Though it couldn’t possibly be the Spear Finger Strike, right? The Spear Finger Strike can’t be learned from anywhere.”

“It seems that he really is proficient in finger techniques,” Fa Kong said in a low voice.