White Robed Chief Chapter 615

Chapter 615 Soul Devourer

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“Your Royal Highness, would you happen to know who had died by Almsgiver Chu’s finger technique?” Fa Kong asked.

King An furrowed his brows and thought for a moment. “I can’t really remember, but I’m sure there are many. The Head Chief has killed many people, but I have been in Isolated Cultivation lately, so I’m not sure. You could personally ask the Head Chief.”

“Yes, we shall do so,” Fa Kong said.

As they were speaking, Chief Zhu’s voice could be heard from the outside. “The Head Chief has returned!”

“Hehe, what a coincidence.” King An smiled.

Chu Li entered the courtyard in large strides, his white robe was fluttering, he was calm and steady. He made a closed-fist salute. “Fa Yuan, Great Master, I didn’t expect your Royal Highness to be here too.”

King An’s face dimmed as he scoffed. “Head Chief, these two Great Masters took the trouble to come here, you are too slow!”

Chu Li smiled. “Yes, for the two Great Masters to come, I am indeed slow. Let’s sit at my courtyard.”

“No need for that, let’s just talk here,” King An said in a low voice, “The two Great Masters want to ask if you learned the Spear Finger Strike.”

Chu Li’s eyebrow twitched, he let out a small laugh. “I’d like to learn the Spear Finger Strike, where can I learn it? Can Fa Yuan pass it down to me?”

“Then what finger technique are you putting to use?” Fa Kong asked in a low voice. “I, Fa Kong, have come under the orders of the Elder. There is an Asura from the Pagoda of Conquered Demons who said that you used the Spear Finger Strike.”

Chu Li suddenly lifted a finger.

He was merely four steps away from Fa Kong, Fa Kong did not expect him to make a move.

His foretelling warned him. He was about to evade, but the finger force had already hit his shoulder.

His shoulder hurt a little, followed by an intense wringing feeling in his heart. It seemed as if there was a strong force that was trying to break his heart meridian.

“Hah!” He hastily started channeling to stop it.

The strong force was relentlessly devouring his power. In only a short while, the finger force had made great progress and was only growing stronger. It seemed as if it was going to wring his heart meridian until it broke.

“Brother!” Fa Yuan saw that the situation was dire. He quickly pressed his palms against his back to assist him.

Their inner energy and heart technique were similar, the two energies formed into one after interchanging, it managed to control the strange inner energy.

“Pu!” Fa Kong spat out a mouthful of blood. He had finally rid of the finger force, his face suddenly turned ashen and started to break into a cold sweat.

Chu Li looked at the two of them with a slight smile. “So, was it the Spear Finger Strike?”

“You…” Fa Kong’s face darkened. He hatefully glared at him as he slowly outstretched his hand, wanting to retaliate.

However, Chu Li did not seem to care. He smiled. “Fa Yuan, Great Master Fa Kong, is this your temple’s Spear Finger Strike? If you do not personally experience it, there is no use even if I explain more.”

“This…” Fa Yuan glanced at Fa Kong.

This finger force was strange, but it really was not the Spear Finger Strike.

The Spear Finger Strike’s finger force could make a cleaner cut. It was like a slash of a blade; it would end a life if it sliced through. If it did not, that would be the end of that, the person would avoid death.

Fa Kong furrowed his brows in silence.

The finger force was also somewhat similar to the Spear Finger Strike.

“Almsgiver Chu, what is the name of this finger force?” Fa Yuan asked.

Chu Li smiled. “This is the finger technique I came up with myself, the Soul Devourer Touch, how is its power?”

He used the Cloud Slashing Power in tandem with the Spear Finger Strike. The finger force changed, it was different from the original Spear Finger Strike, so he was not worried that they would notice.

He had already expected that the Asura would spill the beans, but he did not care. What he relied on was the Could Slashing Power.

“What a finger technique!” Fa Yuan nodded, looking at Fa Kong.

Fa Kong scoffed. “A good Soul Devourer Touch! …You were imitating the Spear Finger Strike, right?”

Chu Li nodded. “I’ve tasted Fa Yuan’s Spear Finger Strike before and was constantly pondering on how I could create such a finger technique. I had a stroke of inspiration, and it actually worked, you could say that I was lucky! Right, I actually have some serious business to discuss with you, Fa Yuan.”

Fa Yuan asked, “What is it?”

Chu Li sat beside the table; his expression was solemn. “I’ve received news that martial arts masters from the Holy Church of Light have entered the Great Ji Dynasty’s martial arts world. They are moving on the sly, do you know about this?”

“What have they done?” Fa Yuan asked with furrowed brows.

“To force answers out from different sects of martial arts. So far, they have been to the Snow Lunar Pavilion and the Crouching Bull Mountain. Did the Tempest Temple actually not know about this?”

Fa Yuan’s eyebrow twitched and looked at Fa Kong.

Fa Kong shook his head, his expression was solemn.

He had not heard of it and did not think it was a simple matter.

The Snow Lunar Pavilion and the Crouching Bull Mountain were all top tier sects, not far from the four major sects. If the Holy Church of Light learned their heart technique, the two sects would be done for.

Chu Li said, “I also received news that the Holy Church of Light is starting to shrink in the Li Dynasty. It seems that they aren’t doing well in power, and are constantly pressured by the other three major sects. But they are still snatching the heart techniques of different sects, is that not abnormal?”

“Almsgiver Chu, what do you mean?” Fa Yuan asked.

Chu Li said, “They are currently cultivating Enlightened Masters, the Grandmasters do not care about engaging other people, and are in Isolated Cultivation for the Great Light Scripture! Once the two parts of the Great Light Scripture are assembled, their level of cultivation can reach an Enlightened Master. They are collecting the heart techniques to comprehend the Great Light Scripture.”

Fa Yuan shook his head and said, “It is hard to become an Enlightened Master these days.”

Ever since the Spirit Beast entered the Hundred-Thousand Hills, the road to the Enlightened Master was cut off. Only the best of the world could become an Enlightened Master, the others would not be able to become an Enlightened Master, no matter how profound the heart technique they cultivated was. There were no exceptions, even until now.

Chu Li said, “If the Great Light Scripture is assembled, it might be possible to break the limits and become an Enlightened Master.”

Fa Yuan remained silent.

According to legends, the Great Light Scripture originated from Trayastrimsa, it was the root scripture of the Great Sun Ru Lai. Those who cultivated it could get enlightenment and incantations and you would achieve the highest prestige and become the embodiment of the Great Sun Ru Lai.

However, it was only a legend. Nobody knew if it could actually happen. This was because the Great Light Scripture ceased to be complete a long time ago; it was split into two halves. The Holy Church of Light had the upper half, but the location of the lower half was unknown.

It was never expected that they would actually find the lower half, and finally combine the two halves into one, forming the complete Great Light Scripture.

The upper half of the Great Light Scripture was already powerful enough to make them one of the Four major sects. Now that they had the complete Great Light Scripture, who knew how terrifying they were!

Chu Li said, “If another Enlightened Master appears, the balance of power in the world will see a sudden change. The Tempest Temple had better take precautions!”

“Thank you, Almsgiver Chu!” Fa Yuan slowly nodded.

Fa Kong scoffed. “Our temple will definitely not just sit and watch, letting them do as they please. This is the Great Ji Dynasty, not the Li Dynasty!”

Chu Li said with a small smile, “They are sending tens of Grandmasters over, for sects like the Snow Lunar Pavilion and the Crouching Bull Mountain, it’ll be hard for them to hold them off.”

“We shall return to the temple immediately and make the temple send aid to different sects,” Fa Yuan said.

Chu Li nodded. “Right, what about the Asura? Are you not making a move yet?”

Fa Yuan let out a sigh. “The Elder is setting up formations to control them.”

“That’s actually a good idea.” Chu Li nodded.

He had the same idea as well and did not expect the Tempest Temple to make a move earlier.

Chu Li saw the Trailokya’s Integrity Technique in Fa Yuan’s mind, as well as the Tempest Temple’s intentions. He was shocked. The Tempest Temple was truly not to be underestimated. To able to think of such a great plan, they had big ambitions.

There were over a hundred Grandmasters, if they all became Tempest Temple Guardians at one go, there would be an astonishing growth to the Tempest Temple’s power. It would be unsure if the Great Ji Dynasty would be able to hold them, the Emperor might not be able to sleep peacefully.