White Robed Chief Chapter 616

Chapter 616 Martial Arts Recovered

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He became at ease. After all, the Tempest Temple was the Tempest Temple. As long as they made a move, that would put people at ease.

Elder Zhen Jing must have been the senior monk of the Tempest Temple who was proficient in formations.

The Senior monk’s cultivation level in formations was profound. It was a pity that he did not have a chance to learn from him. The power of the formations was too strong, it would definitely not be simply passed down. It was even more precious than the Tempest Temple’s antique study that was secretly transmitted.

As to whether Elder Zhen Jing would be in danger when setting up a formation, it was something he did not have to worry about.

There was no need to speak more of Elder Zhen Jing’s value, his own cultivation level was profound as well. It could be guessed that the Tempest Temple would station a lot of martial arts masters to protect him, possibly even the Enlightened Master himself to personally protect him.

That way, one could say that there was no room for failures. For someone like Zhen Jing who would fail so easily, one would be already dead.

The Tempest Temple’s Pagoda of Conquered Demons was a formation that struck fear in the hearts of people. There were countless people who abhorred purity, but nobody could do anything against him. That showed how tight the Tempest Temple’s security was.

Now that the Tempest Temple knew what the Holy Church of Light was doing, they would not idly sit there and observe, one could leave it to them at ease. Although the Tempest Temple was overbearing, it was luck that made them into one of the best sects. They could handle it well and cleanly, there was no need for him to worry and could finally relax.

“Almsgiver Chu.” Fa Yuan placed his palms together in front of his chest and slowly said, “The disciples of the Holy Church of Light aren’t actually that terrifying, they aren’t completely unafraid of death.”

He decided to return the favor and point out the weakness of the Holy Church of Light’s disciples.

A curious expression hung on Chu Li’s face.

Fa Yuan said, “They aren’t actually unafraid of death, they only wish to step into Sukhavati. Not everyone can enter after they die. Their greatest fear is not being able to enter Sukhavati.”

Chu Li seemed to be in thought, he said in a low voice, “If you put it that way, if they knew that they couldn’t enter, they would be scared. This is their source of fear.”

“That is correct.” Fa Yuan said, “If they have wants and desires, fear will be present. As long as their source of fear can be found, they are not horrific.”

“They wish to enter Sukhavati, which requires a fighting spirit that is strong enough and intense pressure. On the border of life and death, they must summon a boundless fighting spirit, and put the Secret Technique of Great Light to use, burning themselves to turn into a ray of light, rushing into Sukhavati in one go,” Fa Yuan said casually.

“Secret Technique of Great Light… So that’s what it’s called” Chu Li said, “If they are killed before using the Secret Technique of Great Light, they won’t be able to enter Sukhavati, right?”

He had his suspicions before, but he could not make a conclusion. After all, the Great Light Scripture was very strange, it could not be speculated by common sense.

“That is correct.” Fa Yuan gently nodded. “It is quite dreadful or them to meet someone with your martial arts. Your body movement technique is exceptionally swift, you can kill in one clean sweep. They might even be killed before they have time to react, naturally losing their chances of entering Sukhavati. So, they’re actually afraid of you, Almsgiver Chu.”

Chu Li broke into a smile. “They’re afraid of me!”

While dealing with the disciples of the Holy Church of Light, ambushing them and reducing their morale were the key points. As long as they were achieved, they would have no chance of entering Sukhavati, they would be afraid after a few of them were killed.

“If not for that, from how the Holy Church of Light does things, they would have exacted revenge on Almsgiver Chu a long time ago,” Fa Yuan said with a slight smile. “They are even more overbearing than my temple, even more unrestrained!”

Chu Li broke into a smile. “It seems that Fa Yuan knows that the Tempest Temple is overbearing as well.”

Fa Yuan shook his head with a slight smile. “It is the temple’s rules, I can only follow them.”

“Cough!” Fa Kong let out a small cough, reminding Fa Yuan to choose his words wisely.

“I feel that the Tempest Temple’s actions should not be doubted.” King An interjected, he said with a slight smile, “They are firm, yet gentle; balanced in grace and power. It is worthy of the leading Tempest Temple.”

“Thank you, your Royal Highness.” Fa Yuan smiled as he pressed his palms together in front of his chest, Fa Kong followed suit.

King An returned the gesture and smiled. “The Golden Lohan’s Power that I have been cultivating is advancing swiftly, I have you to thank for that.”

“Your Royal Highness, the Golden Lohan’s Power is the proof of your achievements in this life, you cannot consider it as a form of martial arts; it is a supreme dharmic base.” Fa Yuan smiled. “It would not harm your Royal Highness to go through Buddhist texts and comprehend the dharmic base more. It would greatly help in cultivating the Golden Lohan’s Power. Your Royal Highness’s comprehension is above others, you could possibly cultivate the indestructible Golden Buddha.”

“Haha, thank you for your words, Great Master Fa Yuan!” King An let out a hearty laugh. “The technique is indeed wondrous, my martial arts has increased by several folds as of now.”

“As long as you comprehend the dharmic base, your cultivation will have great progress,” Fa Yuan said.

King An nodded repeatedly, he could understand him.

“I am lucky to have the revered sir Xu Ning with me to lecture me in the ways of Buddha, so that I may slowly learn of the dharmic base day by day.” King An smiled. “However, it unfortunate that the revered sir Xu Ning says that the dharmic base of the Tempest Temple and the Titanium Temple are not the same, it’s truly a pity.”

Fa Yuan glanced at Xu Ning and gave a slight nod, “The dharmic base of the Tempest Temple and the Titanium Temple only have slight differences. The Titanium Temple’s dharmic base can only be practiced by the people with the capacity for growth. It can be instantly achieved, enlightenment can be instantly achieved, people who had no capacity for growth could not practice it. The dharmic base of my temple is a gradual austerity. It is refined step by step, any person has the chance to be enlightened.

“Could your temple possibly send a Great Master to accompany me, so that I can constantly learn about the wonders of the dharmic base?” King An asked.

Fa Yuan glanced at Fa Kong, he smiled. “This needs to be reported to the Master, I hope that your Royal Highness will forgive us.”

“I understand, I understand.” King An said with squinted eyes as he smiled, “I shall respectfully wait for good news from you, Great Master Fa Yuan.”

Fa Yuan glanced at Chu Li and said as he placed his palms together in front of his chest, “Almsgiver Chu, I shall take my leave now.”

Chu Li returned the gesture.

King An personally sent them off. He ardently saw them out of the residence, watching as the two grey cowls fluttered away, vanishing from the end of the long street in the blink of an eye.

Chu Li glanced at King An, he smiled indifferently. “Your Royal Highness is in such a great mood, I must really congratulate your Royal Highness!”

King An’s mood immediately changed and his face dimmed. He sneered. “I have nothing to be congratulated for!”

Chu Li said, “Your Royal Highness’s martial arts has completely recovered, it has even advanced considerably, how can I not congratulate you?”

As long as Chu Li was in the King An’s Imperial Residence, he would use the Omniscient Mirror to observe and monitor King An every day. He had been busy going around places these few days and did not pay close attention to King An. He did not expect King An to recover his martial arts, and even improve it by folds. Although it did not amount to himself, he was still a top-notch master, he must have met a unique encounter.

In just a few days’ work, he did not expect such a change. King An suddenly stood up.

King An sneered. “Are you really glad?”

Chu Li nodded. “Your Royal Highness’s martial arts have been recovered, of course, I’m glad!”

“Hmph!” King An sneered, he turned around and left.

Xu Ning placed his palms together in front of his chest to Chu Li and followed him inside.

Chu Li stood in front of the entrance, he furrowed his brows, seemingly lost in thought. How did King An recover his martial arts?

He relived the past few days in his mind. He suddenly recalled that the Protector Commander, Zheng Lide, had been gone for a few days. He said that he had to return to his hometown for something. In that case, he was the problem.

As of now, there were not many people in the world who could let King An recover his martial arts.

Though there were countless strange and eccentric people in the world, and a conclusion could not be made just from that. No matter what, King An had recovered his martial arts, and it had improved greatly. He might have wanted to kill him with his own hands, he had been holding it in for a long time.

Chief Zhu was standing at the entrance. He stepped back, wanting to stick to the door so that he would be ignored.

He uneasily stared at Chu Li.

His Royal Highness had suddenly left from his Isolated Cultivation, it was not good news to the Head Chief. Everyone in the Imperial Residence knew about the feud between King An and the Head Chief, perhaps even the entire Fairy’s Capital knew about it.

Now that Royal Highness recovered his martial arts, he definitely wanted to snatch the power within the Imperial Residence. The Head Chief would be in for some trouble again, sigh…

Chief Zhu sighed to himself, but he was helpless. The underlings were the ones who suffered when the leaders were fighting. He was tired of his duties as a Chief. He had to be careful as if he was treading on thin ice. He did not know when he would lose his position.