White Robed Chief Chapter 618

Chapter 618 Distance

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King An asked, “You do not believe me, Chief Chu?”

Chu Li smiled. “Although the martial arts of the Tempest Temple is refined, it is not that wonderful. You must have other methods, it’s just that your Royal Highness doesn’t want to tell anyone else. But as long as you have this method, you don’t have to worry about your cultivation being crippled again.”

King An scoffed. “The Amethyst Mountain!”

Chu Li asked, “What is there between the Amethyst Mountain and you, your Royal Highness? Why do they want to cripple your cultivation?”

“Who knows what they’re on about!” King An sneered. “I will definitely make them pay for it!”

Chu Li quickly said, “Be careful of what you say, your Royal Highness, we wouldn’t want the people from the Amethyst Mountain to come for us again!”

“They wouldn’t dare!” scoffed King An.

Chu Li shook his head. “It might not be the case, if they dared to cripple your cultivation once, why would they refrain from doing it again? Is it because your Royal Highness is under the protection of the Tempest Temple, so the Amethyst Mountain have their reservations?”

“Protection from the Tempest Temple?” King An stared at him with displeasure.

Chu Li smiled. “The Tempest Temple and the Amethyst Mountain were not on friendly terms to begin with, now they have even more of a reason to deal with your Royal Highness.”

‘If they dare to cause any trouble again, I’m willing to risk the Emperor’s throne just to ask for my father’s help!” sneered King An.

Chu Li said, “That’s actually a good idea. The Emperor is an Enlightened Master, the Amethyst Mountain will definitely be afraid of him.”

King An sneered as he stared at him.

He could feel the irony from Chu Li’s voice. “Under the protection of the Tempest Temple”, “Ask for help from the Emperor”, it was all implying that he was useless, even admitted it in front of his wife and daughters!

He impatiently waved his hand. “Alright, you can go now.”

Chu Li’s facial expression did not change, he made a closed fist salute to Song Liuying, Xue Ningyu, Leng Qing and Leng Qiu, and smiled. “Princess Song, Princess Xue, the two missus, I shall take my leave first.”

Four of the ladies nodded with a smile, they looked apologetic.

Chu Li smiled, he seemingly did not care about what just happened. He left the Precious Light Courtyard.

He felt annoyed inside, it seemed that he needed to show how great he was to King An for being so furious and arrogant. If he did not teach him a lesson, he would actually think that he could control everything, and was able to suppress him as he wished!

Xiao Shi was waiting for him in the Tianshu Courtyard, she quickly welcomed him, “How was it?”

Chu Li smiled. “You have great foresight, my lady, you guessed it correctly.”

“Did he really strip your position as the Head Chief away?”

“Mm. From today onwards, I am the Chief of Tianshu Courtyard.”

“Damn that person!” exclaimed Xiao Shi with hatred.

Although Chu Li could not care less about that position, there was a difference between not wanting it and having it taken away from him. It seemed that King An was ready to flip the table and kick Chu Li out from the residence, he was not going to give the Public House any face.

Chu Li could guess the intentions of King An, he was relentlessly trying to wipe him out. He would definitely not let him go that easily, taking away his position as the Head Chief was only the first step.

He sighed. “King An wants to kick me out from the Imperial Residence. But, it’s not only for him to vent his anger, he’s also planning for the future.”

The two of them sat down under the gazebo. The wind was blowing gently, Yang Xu served them some tea and left them alone.

“Don’t tell me that he is trying to offend the Public House?” scoffed Xiao Shi.

Chu Li slowly nodded.

Xiao Shi furrowed her brows and muttered as she nodded. “He is actually quite smart, but seems too obvious. Is he not afraid of being laughed at by the others?”

Chu Li said, “He doesn’t care about what the others think, he’s only considering about what the Emperor thinks!”

The Yi Public House now was not like how it was before. It was not as popular and prestigious as it was before, but they actually made the Imperial Court even more cautious of them. The closer King An and the Yi Public House were, the more distrustful the Imperial Court and Emperor was of them.

“Is he going to kick you out of the Imperial Residence next?” Xiao Shi furrowed her brows.

Chu Li nodded. “Most probably.”

“What should we do then?” scoffed Xiao Shi.

“I will have to hide myself for a bit,” Chu Li smiled. “No matter what, I am still rank 1. Without an actual reason, he can’t just kick me out. I will just have to stay put in the Secret Guardians Hall so that he doesn’t have any excuses to kick me out.”

“We will have preemptively strike to gain the initiative.” said Xiao Shi.

Chu Li smiled as he nodded.

Xiao Shi rolled her eyes at him and scoffed. “What cunning scheme have you thought up again?”

Chu Li said, “The Royal Highness is trying to tempt me with women. He is assigning maids to me, it seems that I cannot refuse his offer.”

“Tempting you with women… that means he won’t kick you out immediately!” said Xiao Shi.

Chu Li smiled. “I’m guessing that he’s going to take it slow, step by step, so that I cannot resist.”

“A beauty…” Xiao Shi glanced at him sideways. “aren’t you excited?”

Chu Li said, “I’m not sure what kind of beauty his Royal Highness is going to get me.”

“Men, men.” Xiao Shi shook her head. “You will have to be careful, don’t fall into his trap.”

Chu Li smiled. “Beauties are actually hard to resist, it can be considered as an open conspiracy.”

In the second morning, Chu Li felt that something was off. He kept feeling like there was something missing, he then suddenly realized that it was because Leng Qiu and Leng Qing did not come.

Usually, they were already cultivating in the courtyard at this time. They will not interrupt themselves, and treated the small courtyard as if it was their own. But today, he could not find any traces of them.

He furrowed his brows. Leng Qing and Leng Qiu were not talkative, they would only nod and greet him when they saw him and continue cultivating their swordsmanship. They were very tenacious towards the cultivation of their swordsmanship, they were way more hardworking than the average person.

He really liked the two ladies. He usually did not feel that way, but now that they were suddenly gone, he suddenly felt a little down.

He used the Omniscient Mirror and saw where they were.

Both of them were cultivating in the Cultivation Courtyard, they were pouting as they slowly cultivated their swordsmanship.

They stopped after cultivating for awhile, dispirited. They sat down on the chairs beside and started talking.

“Our father is really petty,” Leng Qiu scoffed. “Does he really have to go this far on the Head Chief.”

“He is no longer the Head Chief, choose your words carefully so that you won’t enrage our father,” Leng Qing wiped the sweat away from her fair forehead and lightly said, “our father is still angry, you better not speak too much.”

“But this is too much!” Leng Qiu scoffed again. “When our father was in his Isolated Cultivation, the Head Chief was painstakingly taking care of the Imperial Residence. He put in so much effort and thought, but our father just ditched him after he finished his Isolated Cultivation. He stripped him of his position and forbade us from approaching him. Isn’t this destroying the bridge after crossing the river!”

“Let’s talk about this after some time.” said Leng Qing, “Our words don’t mean anything, we shall let our mothers convince him.”

“They almost quarreled with our father, it’s useless!” Leng Qiu twitched her mouth.

“Sometimes, things between the adults are not that simple. We should worry less,” Leng Qing shook her head. “Let’s find the chance to talk to Chief Chu for a bit.”

“The Head Chief must be very angry,” scoffed Leng Qiu. “If it was me, I would just put down the load and not do anything!”

“Maybe that’s what our father is hoping for Chief Chu to do,” Leng Qing shook her head and sighed, her bright eyes were flickering, she looked like she was in thought.

Both of them talked for a while, then stood up to continue cultivating their swordsmanship.

Usually, the Cultivation Courtyard would be the most suitable place to cultivate their martial arts, but they always felt uncomfortable. They just could not muster up the enthusiasm while cultivating their swordsmanship, it felt like the air in the Cultivation Courtyard was strangely stale. Breathing over here made their body feel heavy and stiff. They did not feel a bit relaxed and comfortable like when they were in the Head Chief’s Courtyard.

“What if we just ignore our father’s order and go secretly?” smiled Leng Qiu. “He is not going to know anyways. Even if he does know, it doesn’t really matter.”

“…That works too.” said Leng Qing.

Even if their father knew, they would get scolded at most. It was not going to be as bad as how he hit the maids.