White Robed Chief Chapter 619

Chapter 619 Menglan

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Chu Li smiled.

Leng Qiu and Leng Qing had been staying in the Imperial Residence, they rarely left the residence and were not involved in any family feuds. The two were not locked in constant strife, so they were pure in nature.

This was also because of King An’s false kindness. He maintained his righteousness and did not show them the demonic side of him. They did not know of the viciousness of humans and the strife of the outside world.

Both of the girls pushed open the courtyard’s door and gently walked in, they saw Chu Li cultivating his swordsmanship. They smiled. “Head Chief.”

Chu Li smiled. “The both of you still dare to come? Are you not afraid of his Royal Highness being mad?”

“We don’t care if our father is not in his right mind.” scoffed Leng Qiu.

Leng Qing said, “What exactly happened between you and my father, Chief Chu?”

Chu Li helplessly shook his head. “Both of you know about it too… Come, have a seat while we talk.”

He sat down beside the stone table with the two girls and sighed. “It is actually because of the ten Grandmasters we met while escorting the bride. It severely hurt the strength of the Imperial Residence, the Royal Highness was shocked too. So, he felt ashamed because of this and it weighed heavily on his mind, he just couldn’t let it go.”

“Ten Grandmasters, it indeed is your fault, Head Chief, that’s too ruthless.” said Leng Qing.

Chu Li said, “I was escorting the Royal Highness during that time, they were disguised as assassins and tried to assassinate the Royal Highness. I overdid it out of rage and it ended up in a situation with no right moves… His Royal Highness knows that I bore no ill intentions. but he just can’t let it go. I destroyed his hard work that he built for the past ten years, I can understand his rage.”

“So that’s what it is!” The two girls were surprised.

They only knew about Chu Li killing ten of the Grandmasters from the Imperial Residence, they always thought that their father’s rage could be understood, but little did they know that the Head Chief killed all those Grandmasters just to protect their father.

If that’s the case, it was their father that shot himself in the foot. Their father only had himself to blame, which was why he was so mad. He was constantly reminded of the pointless things he did every time saw the Head Chief, it was hard for him to remain calm, his pride was hard to swallow.

They shook their heads and sighed. “Head Chief, we really can’t help you on this.”

Chu Li said, “This is between me and his Royal Highness, you shouldn’t interfere. You should probably not come over again, so that his Royal Highness doesn’t fly into a fit of rage.”

“Let him rage.” Leng Qiu pouted her soft lips.

“Let’s just cultivate our swordsmanship.” said Leng Qing. “We should master our swordsmanship as swiftly as possible. Leng Tao won’t just give up like that, he’ll be looking for another opportunity. He must be training hard, desiring revenge. We must continue holding him down!”

“Right, let’s cultivate!” Leng Qiu sprung up.

She felt energized when she heard Leng Tao’s name. She wanted to train for twelve hours a day, and in the near future, beat Leng Tao again until he knelt on the ground and begged for forgiveness.

Chu Li was all smiles as he watched them cultivate their swordsmanship, occasionally giving a few words of advice.

Soft footsteps could suddenly be head from the outside. A beautiful lady who was wearing a white veil entered the courtyard under the lead of the Interior Chief, Song Sansi.

“Du! Du!” Song Sansi knocked on the door.

“Come in.” said Chu Li.

He saw the lady’s face from under the veil. Her face was quiet and exquisite, only paling slightly compared to Xiao Shi. Her looks were above Leng Qiu and Leng Qing, she was truly a rare beauty.

Song Sansi pushed open the door and entered, the beautiful lady gently followed. She was wearing a pink gown, her waist was willowy and her appearance was elegant.

Song Sansi solemnly made a closed fist salute. “Chief Chu, under the orders of his Royal Highness, I have brought Miss Ru Menglan over. From today onwards, she will be Chief Chu’s maid. Her contract will belong to you as well, here is the contract.”

He produced a white paper from his sleeve and handed it over.

Chu Li received it and gave it a glance. It was a contract, with it, this beautiful lady belonged to him, not the Imperial Residence.

“Please thank his Royal Highness for me,” Chu Li made a closed fist salute, and kept the contract in his sleeve. He smiled. “Does his Royal Highness have any other orders?”

“There are none.” Song Sansi hastily said, “He only asked me to send Miss Menglan over.”

“Alright, thank you for your work, Chief Song.” Chu Li nodded.

Song Sansi was a little startled, the speech that he prepared had gone to waste, he did not get to say it.

He actually thought about it for really long, he put in all his effort and thought about it for the entire night for him to muster up his courage and tried to convince Chief Chu to accept her.

The evening before, the Royal Highness ordered him to convince Chief Chu to take her in no matter what, or he could not return to his Royal Highness anymore.

When he was trying to sleep at night, he lay on the bed as he tossed and turned for most of the night. He managed to come up with a convincing speech after racking his brain, he never expected all the effort to be this pointless.

Song Sansi glanced at Menglan whose face was covered by a veil. He felt a sense of loss as a sense of unwillingness rushed to him. It really did not feel great to give such a beauty to someone else, how nice would it be if the Royal Highness gave her to him instead!

“Is there anything else, Chief Song?” smiled Chu Li.

“Uh, uh, no, no.” Song Sansi quickly shook his head, he made a closed first salute and said, “I shall take my leave.”

“I shan’t be seeing you off,” Chu Li made a closed fist salute.

Song Sansi slowly stepped out of the courtyard, he unwillingly looked at Menglan before he left.

He sighed to himself. It was as they said, beautiful women suffer unhappy fates. The more beautiful one was, the worse one’s fate would be. Princess Xiao was an example, so was Miss Menglan.

Being stuck in the middle of the Royal Highness and Chu Li, it was useless no matter how smart Miss Menglan was. Her pitiable fate was destined, King An was used her as a pawn, a tool to lure Chu Li.

Chu Li had to be be very wary of her, he was not going to treat her well. He was not sure how much suffering she was going to go through, sigh…

At the thought of that, he shook his head. He steeled himself as he turned and left.

In this world, kind people would not live a long life. If one wanted to live well, one had to be cold hearted, uncaring about the well-being of others, even if one was an extreme beauty!

Leng Qiu and Leng Qing sheathed their swords into their scabbards, and they looked at Menglan with curiosity.

Menglan’s bright eyes were like a clear spring, her was slightly looking downwards, showing signs of shyness.

Chu Li smiled. “Menglan, take off your veil.”

“Yes, Master,” Menglan obediently answered as she lifted her delicate hand. She elegantly took down her veil and showed her lucid and elegant face that was suited to make all kinds of expressions.

Leng Qiu gasped in admiration. “She is truly a great beauty!”

Leng Qing attentively sized her up, she could not help but to say that she was pretty. Her face was delicate, her skin was white as snow, her gaze was clean and bright. It was all probability that all men would fall for her.

She turned her head and looked at Chu Li.

Chu Li smiled and said, “Menglan, you are from the Verdant Cloud Brothel, right?”

“Yes.” Menglan gently nodded, she looked lovely.

Leng Qiu and Leng Qing slightly furrowed their brows, it was the Verdant Cloud Brothel!

Both of them knew that the Verdant Cloud Brothel was the best brothel in the Fairy’s Capital, and that Prince Bao was its backbone. Although the ladies of the brothel only sold their skills and not their body, they were still putting themselves out there. They had seen thousands of people, their characters were naturally smooth and evasive with the ways of the world.

It is not suitable to have this kind of woman around someone, it was easy to cause problems.

Chu Li said, “The Royal Highness put in a lot of effort. From now on, you shall do your work properly and stay here at ease.”

“Yes, Master.” Menglan held on her sleeves and showed courtesy.

“Yang Xu.” he raised his voice.

Yang Xu answered from the Tianshu Courtyard beside them and gently came in.

“Help Menglan settle in.” said Chu Li, “This is her first time here, teach her the rules of this place.”

“Yes, Chief.” Yang Xu replied with a smile.

She left with Menglan.

Chu Li smiled toward the two girls who were furrowing their brows. “Miss Menglan hasn’t finished her apprenticeship yet, the Royal Highness must have used quite some money and favors.”

“But our father…” both of them were confused.

Looking at how generous their father was by rewarding Chu Li with a maid, he did not seem like he loathed the Head Chief.