White Robed Chief Chapter 62

Chapter 62: Hunted Down

Chu Li waited for Chen Ying to calm down. He patted her back and coaxed her gently, "It is okay now. You can just think of it as being bitten by a dog. Let us go back!"

"Master, it was my fault!" Chen Ying pulled away from him and wiped her tears. Her pretty eyes were red and swollen, "I have never taken that bastard seriously. I was too careless!"

Chu Li consoled her, "This type of people is uncommon and it is quite impossible to guard against all of them. We can only blame it on fate."

"Master, I want to learn martial arts!" she stared at Chu Li with her red swollen eyes, "Master, I don't want to continue living with fear!"

"Learning martial arts," Chu Li considered and slowly nodded his head, "Alright, I will think of a way. You girls don't have the foundation so you will need to train from scratch. You must understand that you might not be able to become a master even after years of training!"

"I still choose to learn it!" Chen Ying gritted her teeth and declared with determination.

Chu Li green-lighted, "I will teach you. Although it might be a little late, it is still better than nothing."

Zhao Ying came in and heard their conversation. She sighed, "Sister Chen Ying, you are supposed to build your foundation at the age of 8 to 18. After this period, you might need 20 or even 30 years to establish a foundation for martial arts!"

"I will still choose to learn it!" Chen Ying did not waver in her decision.

Zhao Ying was still in disagreement with Chen Ying's decision, "If you have trained until 50 plus years old and still could not grasp the rudiments of martial arts, you will"

Once someone reached old age, their tendon and bone will lose their flexibility. Moreover, without grasping the rudiments of martial arts, he or she will never become a master of martial arts. She could not bear to just stand and watch Chen Ying wasting her time in this unnecessary training.

Chu Li ended the conversation, "You can train if you want to. Sister, let's go."

"Weird. Nobody came," Zhao Ying was dubious.

Although Feng Wen was killed in one strike, it created quite a commotion. It was strange that nobody came and took a look.

Chu Li snorted, "Let's go!"

Feng Wen ordered the servants beforehand: no matter how much of a ruckus was produced, they were not allowed to come over. This was not the first time he did something like thisraping girls. This was the reason Chu Li had no qualms about killing him. This scum of the society deserved to die.

Feng Wen's father, Feng Shi Cai, was an innate master and he was born in the Azure Faction. His swordsmanship was above average and he had a strong sense of justicehe was always ready to help the weakthus, he had a good reputation in the martial arts world.

It was regrettable that he had a son like Feng Wen, who caused a lot of troubles for him. Everyone tolerated Feng Wen because of his father but this, in turn, made Feng Wen all the more audacious. Now, Feng Wen had met his nemesis. He provoked someone he shouldn't.

Chu Li shook his head when he thought of it. Holding Zhao Ying in his left hand and Chen Ying in his right hand, he flew away. They left the manor without a sound.

Zhao Ying felt streams of heat coming from the hand holding her waist. The heat transferred to her whole body and it made her body limp and weak.

She stiffened and held her breath. Her heart was pounding violently.

Chen Ying was also held by Chu Li at her waist but she felt safe and warm in his arm, separating her from the world, no longer having to fear for her own safety or worry about danger and pain. She even wished to stay like this forever!

Chu Li left the manor and increased his speed, flying faster and faster.

The wind that blew in their faces was cold and cooling. Zhao Ying whispered, "Brother, you don't have to rush."

Chu Li shook his head.

Zhao Ying looked up at him. The moonlight shone onto his face, illuminating his grim face.

Zhao Ying asked, "Brother, what's wrong?"

She felt that his expression was odd and his action was strange too. There must be something that she did not know about.

"Well, there's a slight problem!" Chu Li stopped abruptly.

At that time, they were in a jungle.

Chu Li put the two girls down and ordered in a low voice, "Sister, bring Chen Ying back first!"

"Brother, what's the matter?" Zhao Ying asked.

Chu Li smiled, "I suddenly remembered that there are a few things that I need to do. You girls should go back first!"

"What is it?" Zhao Ying asked again.

Chu Li brushed off the question, "I will tell you once I came back. Bring Chen Ying back quickly to avoid any mishaps!"

"Fine," Zhao Ying saw his serious face and conceded, "Brother, you have to be careful."

Chu Li gave them a smile and flew away. Not long after that, a long and loud cry can be heard coming from afar.

Zhao Ying was bringing Chen Ying on the way home when she heard the cry. She had a feeling that it was Chu Li's and felt that something was wrong.

"Is that Master's voice?" Chen Ying asked, worried, "Maybe he got into trouble?"

Zhao Ying frowned and shook her head to deny the possibility.

Brother was an innate master. Most importantly, he was the best fighter among the youth in the Public House. Even if he faced an innate master who was better than him, he can definitely run away safely.

Chen Ying wasn't too worried as well. She also believed that Chu Li was invincible.

Zhao Ying was still a little worried so she increased her speed.

Once she sent Chen Ying back to the house in the town, she turned and left again. According to Brother's speed, he should have reached here before her but he did not. This could mean that he met some problem.

Just as she went passed the jungle from before, she heard some noise coming out of the jungle.

She followed the sound into the jungle quietly.

Moonlight shone through the jungle, illuminating the scene.

Four people were engaged in a fight in the middle of the jungle. Only the booming sound of hitting could be heard. The sound produced was like the sound of a gigantic wood banging on the wall. Trees split and sand flew wherever the four of them were at. It was as if a big ferocious beast went through here.

Zhao Ying's eyes widened when she saw that the person who was surrounded by three men was Chu Li.

The three men were all covered in black and only their eyes can be seen. Their eyes were ice-cold and it was like they held no feelings at all. It sent chills down Zhao Ying's spine and made her heart tighten when she looked at their eyes.

Chu Li was in a siege by the three men. He was forced to give up his sword and replace it with his palm. Zhao Ying's heart was in her mouth when she saw that.

Chu Li's palms looked as if they were painted gold and they fell onto the three men repeatedly, producing sounds of booming. However, it was like the three men felt nothing from Chu Li's attacks. They just kept attacking Chu Li in a crazy manner.

Chu Li's attacks landed on the three men and at the same time, their attacks also landed on Chu Li. Chu Li's body had already been hit countless of times by both palms and fists of the three men. Two of the men used fists while the other used palms. Their palms and fists were glowing in gold too.

A sudden realization struck Zhao Ying. The three men were from the Temple of Tempest! They were here to hunt down Brother Chu Li!

She bit her lips and moved cautiously without making any noise. She knew that once she was exposed, she will make Brother worried and worsedistract him. He was at a disadvantage. If he was distracted, it will be life-threatening to him!

She hated her uselessness. She cannot even help him. She will just become a burden to him!

She racked her brain to think of a way to help. Oh, how she wished to just go and help him but her rationality stopped her from doing anything reckless. Chu Li's situation was not getting any better, but at the very least he can still persevere for a while.

She turned around and left silently. Once she was out of the jungle, she utilized levitation to the maximum and ran back to the Public House in record time. She went straight to the Guardian of Jade Island.

When she was just 20 meters away from the Guardian of Jade Island, four middle-aged Protector appeared on the shore. There were staring at her coldly.

Zhao Ying was impatient. Every second wasted means less time to save Brother. She shouted, "I am Zhao Ying, a rank seven Protector. I have an important matter to report to the Third Lady!"

"The Third Lady is asleep. Any matter will have to wait until tomorrow!" one of the Protector replied coldly.

"A human's life is at stake here! Brother, would you kindly make an exception for me please?" Zhao Ying pleaded, "This is about the life and death of Brother Chu Li from the East Garden!"

"Please wait a moment!" the middle-aged Protector's expression turned grave when he heard Chu Li's name and instantly turned to report the situation.

Chu Li's name was well-known in the Public House. Everyone knew that he had a bright future ahead. If it was somebody else, they will ward off the intruder. However, this was about Chu Li, so they dared not made their own decision. Even if they got demoted after reporting this, at the very least it will be considered a favor to Chu Li.