White Robed Chief Chapter 621

Chapter 621 Primary Heaven

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Chu Li waved his hands and sighed. “This is all because of me!”

“Don’t say that, Head Chief!” Liu Xing quickly shook his head. “When we pledged yourselves to you, we expected this day would come!”

Chu Li smiled. “If you feel like you want to stay in the Imperial Residence, you could go to the Public House. Over at the Public House, there won’t be a need for second-guessing, the eldest master will make good use of you!”

The four of them were startled. They glanced at each other, their eyes glinting.

Chu Li smiled. “If you wish to go to the Public House, then there is no need to deliver the letter, just go. I’ll send someone to meet you, his Royal Highness can do nothing about it!”

The four of them did not say a word.

The suggestion made their hearts skip a beat.

They could imagine that staying at the Imperial Residence would cause them endless grief. His Royal Highness was a petty person, and he showed it whenever he met the Head Chief. He was definitely not a kind person.

He would constantly look for trouble when he felt slighted.

As long as they were in the Imperial Residence, his Royal Highness would definitely not forgive them. If one plan did not work, there would be another. Endless troubles would constantly plague them.

If they heeded the Head Chief’s words and headed to the Yi Public House… Xiao Tieying of the Yi Public House had a good reputation. He was right and unbiased, the Head Chief still had some face there as well. They could be considered to be under the Head Chief’s direct command there, they naturally would not be treated unfairly.

Besides that, the Public House’s treatment was levels above the Imperial Residence’s.

But the Public House needed to deal with the martial arts world within its territory, so it was more dangerous. It could not compare to the peace of the Imperial Residence, and there was also the absence of the hustle and bustle of the Fairy’s Capital.

They could not make a choice at that moment.

Chu Li smiled. “You can go back and consider it, there’s no rush. It’s not too late to make a choice after this, you can leave whenever you want.”

“Yes, thank you, Head Chief. We will think about it.” Liu Xing and the others made a closed fist salute, bidding their farewells.

Chu Li watched them as they left, his eyebrows were furrowed.

He was worried that while King An was recovering his martial arts, he was thinking of how to exact revenge and deal with him. So the moment he finished his Isolated Cultivation, he could not wait to act on it. Step after step, plots were organized and coming one after another.

Was his final goal kicking him out from the Imperial Residence?

King An hated his guts, it would not be so simple. Would he cut off his wings first, then deal with him and kill him?

But with his martial arts now, he could not deal with him. He must be looking for a top-notch master on the sly. But as of now, how many people were there in this world that could handle him? He was curious as to who King An would hire.

Right now, King An relied on Zheng Lide the most, he could get information out from him.

He did not care about what King An did, all that about taking away his position as the Head Chief, and using a honey trap. It was all a child’s game. If he ever angered him again, he would just pretend to be a disciple of the Amethyst Mountain and cripple his cultivation again, forcing him to go into Isolated Cultivation.

But King An wanted to clip his wings and deal with the people around him. But he could not be treated seriously, he wanted to mess up something he was efficient in. If he used the Eclipse Purloin as well, there would be big trouble.

He decided to teach King An another lesson so that he wouldn’t cross the line and grow even more overbearing.


The bright moon hung high in the sky, there was a gentle wind blowing.

Zheng Lide was cultivating in the courtyard, basking in the cool moonlight.

Zhu Tianhua’s voice could be heard from outside. “Commander Zheng, Chief Chu is looking for you.”

“Chief Chu?” Zheng Lide was startled.

He instantly felt shivers in his heart whenever Chu Li was brought up.

As much as he pledged himself to his Royal Highness, going against Chu Li, he still had a fearful respect for Chu Li in his heart. He would try to avoid him if he could.

“It is already late at night, I am already sleeping,” said Zheng Lide, “We shall talk tomorrow.”

Zhu Tianhua said in a low voice, “Chief Chu said that if you don’t go, he will personally come. It would be better for you not to make him personally come to you.”

“…Alright then.” Zheng Lide helplessly nodded.

If Chu Li personally came, it would definitely not be good. He would surely want to deal with him. If he wanted to be tactful, he could only go now.

He pushed open the door and saw the well-built Zhu Tianhua standing outside, coldly glaring at him.

Zheng Lide said, “Let’s go.”

Zhu Tianhua replied in a low voice, “Please!”

Zheng Lide walked together with him, he talked to drive off the uneasiness in his heart. “When did Protector Zhu come to the Imperial Residence?”

“Not long ago.” Zhu Tianhua was a man of few words.

He knew that Zheng Lide was loyal to his Royal Highness, which meant that he was an enemy, there was no need to be polite.

Zheng Lide saw his expression and helplessly shook his head as he sighed. There was no need to say anything more.

As they arrived at Chu Li’s courtyard, Zheng Lide stood there, hesitating. His heart still felt uneasy, there was fear. He dared not enter.

Zhu Tianhua stood there, unmoving. It was as if he was taking precautions in case he wanted to run.

Zheng Lide glanced at him, and let in a huge breath. He slowly raised his hand and knocked on the door. “Du Du.” The door sounded, but it was so light that the sound was unheard. He quickly knocked again, this time harder.

“Du du.” It was loud this time, especially in the night sky.

Chu Li’s bright voice could be heard from inside. “Come in.”

Zheng Lide took another deep breath, pushing the door and entering. He was upright as he entered the courtyard, he made a closed fist salute and said, “I’ve come to meet you, Chief!”

Chu Li was sitting beside the stone table as he drank. The white jade teacup was emanating a warm glow under the moonlight. His entire body seemed to emanate a warm glow as well.

His calmly looked at Zheng Lide. He stretched his hand as he said, “Come have a seat.”

Zheng Lide sat across him.

Chu Li smiled. “Would you like a glass?”

“Thank you, Chief, but there’s no need.” Zheng Lide shook his head, solemnly looking at Chu Li.

Chu Li said in a gentle voice, “His Royal Highness was able to recover his martial arts, Commander Zheng has accomplished a great feat. It’s a pity that his Royal Highness cannot be explicit, so nobody knows.”

Zheng Lide expression changed a little, he shook his head. “I don’t understand what you are saying.”

Chu Li broke into a smile. “You think that you can hide it from me?”

Zheng Lide stayed silent.

He had witnessed the Head Chief’s power in the Imperial Residence the most, even his Royal Highness was not as aware as he was. There was almost nobody that did not support the Head Chief, his power was truly widespread. Going against the Head Chief was only asking for trouble for yourself.

Chu Li asked, “You’ve been to the Green Deer Cliff?”

“…Yes.” Zheng Lide silently let out a breath of air. It seemed that the Head Chief really did know, he was not feigning it.

Chu Li sighed. “I didn’t expect there to be such a miraculous pill at the Green Deer Cliff! …With whom is his Royal Highness connected with at the Green Deer Cliff?”

“His Royal Highness saved the mother of a Green Deer Cliff’s disciple once. This disciple gifted his Royal Highness a Primary Heaven Pill, as thanks for his Royal Highness’s favor,” answered Zheng Lide.

Chu Li let out a slight smile. “Commander Zheng, you’re smart.”

Zheng Lide was not stubborn, he did not persistently refrain from spilling the beans. Instead, he just truthfully spat it out, he was indeed tactful.

If he really wanted to be stubborn, Chu Li decided that he would put up a show for King An, letting him he was not the only one who could clip wings. He could do the same thing too, let’s see who had the better capability!

Zheng Lide made a closed fist salute.

Chu Li asked, “After that, his Royal Highness sent you to hire martial arts masters, right?”

“…Yes.” Zheng Lide slowly nodded.

He felt bitter. The Head Chief was truly too smart, he was also too well informed, nothing could escape him.

“Which Martial arts master?” asked Chu Li, flatly, “I’d like to see which martial arts master can handle me.”

“That…” Zheng Lide hesitated for a moment, he helplessly said, “There is a hidden friar from the Green Hill. He seems to have boundless life vitality, his cultivation is unfathomably profound.”