White Robed Chief Chapter 622

Chapter 622 Instigation

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Chu Li’s index finger was lightly tapping on the stone table, he seemed to be deep in thought. “A hidden friar with boundless life vitality, it seems like he wants to take me down with him.”

Zheng Lide remained silent.

He believed in the Head Chief’s intellect, what he said was already enough.

Chu Li sighed. “Sigh… His Royal Highness is really racking his brains to kill me! …Commander Zheng, do you know about Revered Sir Xu Ning’s divine power?”

Zheng Lide was startled, he shook his head.

Chu Li said, “Revered Sir Xu Ning harbors the Eye of Insight, so you can’t hide your ideas from his Royal Highness.”

“Ah–?” Zheng Lide turned pale with fright.

Although he was fiercely loyal to his Royal Highness, he had done a few shameful deeds as well. It was hard not to reap some benefits for his own.

But if Revered Sir Xu Ning has the Eye of Insight, everything he did would be exposed, it could not be hidden from his Royal Highness.

Chu Li added, “But his Eye of Insight isn’t omniscient. It can only see what you’re thinking, and it can’t see any complicated or muddled thoughts, it can only hear the clearest thought at that moment.”

Zheng Lide stood up and bowed. “Thank you, Head Chief.”

Chu Li smiled. “You’re a smart person, you should know how to deal with it.”

“Yes,” said Zheng Lide in a low voice.

He immediately understood what the Head Chief meant. When he was facing the Revered Sir Xu Ning, he must think only of his loyalty to his Royal Highness. He had to deceive himself and stop himself from thinking about other things.

That way, Revered Sir Xu Ning would not be able to know about his other thoughts.

Chu Li asked, “His Royal Highness is racking his brains to kill me, do you think he’ll be able to get away with it?”

“About that…” Zheng Lide hesitated for a moment, he helplessly said, “I’m afraid that would be hard.”

He had witnessed the Head Chief’s capabilities, especially his Light-body Technique. If he wanted to get away, almost nobody could stop him, unless if they attacked the Princess. But with the Head Chief’s intellect, he must have thought of that and made a precaution.

His Royal Highness was aware of it, he also knew that it was hard to kill the Head Chief. But the hatred in his heart was hard to swallow. He had lost his logical reasoning, there was only the desire that was left. He had to kill the Head Chief to appease his anger, only then his mind would be clear.

As his subordinate, he dared not give too much advice, in case he got himself into trouble. He would be deemed a traitor to his Royal Highness, that he was standing with the Head Chief.

His Royal Highness was very sensitive about that right now, he would suspect if you were standing with the Head Chief at the slightest excuse.

Chu Li smiled. “As the Protector Commander of his Royal Highness, you must make a move on me. But, I do not wish to be forced to remove you, maybe you can notify me things in advance. Working easily between the both of us, isn’t that a great thing?”

Zheng Lide put up a bitter smile. “Head Chief, that’s playing with fire.”

Chu Li smiled. “It’s still better than throwing your life away, right? Moreover, you don’t have to come next time. I will quietly go, you will only have to make a mark at the door, I will secretly go at night.”

Zheng Lide muttered and did not say a thing.

He was wondering if it was right to do this and if his Royal Highness would find out or not.

Chu Li said, “Whatever happens today, if you go and tell the Royal Highness yourself and he understands you, he will then let you just tell him about it the next time when you encounter a similar situation.”

“I’m just afraid that he won’t…” Zheng Lide smiled bitterly.

His Royal Highness was not as understanding as the Head Chief. If he actually told him about what happened today, the Royal Highness would definitely hold a grudge and think that he would not be suited to hold any important positions because of his cowardice. His Royal Highness would then slowly give him the cold shoulder and look for someone else to replace him.

Chu Li smiled. “Even if the Royal Highness is not understanding, let’s get over what happened today, in case you keep worrying about it and give the game away when you face the Revered Sir Xu Ning.”

“…Understood,” said Zheng Lide in a deep voice.

He inwardly scratched his head, he was someone with a straightforward mind, he could not speak in a roundabout way. It was still fine for him to fight, but using his brain was what he was bad at. His Royal Highness knew this part of him and that’s why he was using him with ease. Dealing with someone who was as smart as Head Chief would mean that he would be led around.


The moonlight was as clear as water, Chu Li was in the courtyard practicing his fist technique.

He gently made a gesture and a concentrated inner energy formed. It left his hand swiftly and shot towards the sky.

He shook his head, he was not satisfied. The key point of the power of the Divine Light Fist was that the fist force would have the ability to burn one’s inner energy. It was extremely hard to deal with, if you could not keep the fist force outside of your body and it happened to enter your body, it would mean a lot of trouble.

To keep the fist force outside of the body, it would require two people with an extreme difference in the refinement level of their inner energy. If the refinement level of their inner energy was the same, it would be endless trouble if they met the Divine Light Fist, the fist force would not removable.

It was kind of similar to the Cloud Slashing Power.

What would be the effect be if the Cloud Slashing Power was used to activate the Divine Light Fist?

The heart technique of the Divine Light Fist was very complicated, not anyone could successfully cultivate it. It took even him some time to cultivate it, he could not just simply attain it.

He grew more familiar with it with each fist. He was slowly mastering the Divine Light Fist.

He hit himself once and attentively felt the fist force.

The fist force did not burn, but it devoured. It was similar to the inner energy fight while activating the Cloud Slashing Power. The ball of inner energy was continuously devouring the inner energy and slowly growing.

In this case, it was the same as him using the Cloud Slashing Power in the air. The strategy he used to get rid of enemies was even better now.

He was experiencing his own cultivation level, he smiled.

With the Life and Death Scripture and the Cloud Slashing Power, the progress of his cultivation level was amazing.

Endless spiritual force entered his body and turn into the inner energy of the Cloud Slashing Power. After a few circulations, it became extremely refined. It was then being devoured by the Heavenly Demonic Orb, the process was then repeated, and the spiritual force was endless. His energy was strong too, as long as nothing else was bothering him, he could continue to cultivate and the Cloud Slashing Power would be constantly activated.

With all these, the Cloud Slashing Power’s inner energy that was devoured by the Heavenly Demonic Orb was far more than the people around him, he was closer to the sixth stage now.

According to his estimation, as long as he cultivated for another half a year, he would be able to reach the sixth stage of the Heavenly Demonic Power.


Liu Xing and the other used their Light-body Techniques to speed up their journey.

To them, it was a burden to ride a horse. Their Light-body Techniques was extremely high, their speed was far faster than a fine horse. Moreover, they had a never-ending supply of inner energy. The inner energy spent on their Light-body Technique could never catch up to the restoration rate of their inner energy, their inner energy was always enough.

The moonlight was as clear as water, they entered a canyon.

Both sides of the stone walls were not slanted, they were completely vertical and extremely tall.

The canyon only exposed a sliver of the sky, just enough to see the moon. The moonlight shone onto the canyon, making it feel secluded, the environment was especially quiet.

“This is a great place for an ambush!” said Huo Yuhao.

Xiang Feixue said, “They will have to catch up to us first before they can talk about an ambush.”

They had been rushing at flying speed ever since they left the King An’s Imperial Residence and the Fairy’s Capital. Other than meditating for four hours and eating, they almost never stopped.

With their Light-body Technique, they were confident enough that the opponent would not be faster than them and have time to set up an ambush.

What could they do even if the letter was smeared with the strange smell. These schemes were just shrewd and petty, but it was nothing compared to powerful martial arts, Even if they could be tracked, what mattered most was still whether they could catch up to them.

“Hehe…” Xiang Feixue suddenly felt like laughing, she shook her head. “It’s funny thinking about these guys trying their best to catch up to us. It would be funny if we already reached the Green Hill and they are still trying to catch up, how interesting!”

Ying Wuqiu did not really talk the entire time, and he finally spoke, “Let’s not look down on the Royal Highness’s schemes, I am afraid that he actually anticipated all this!”

“Ah, that’s true too,” Liu Xing nodded, “it is still better to be more careful.”

“Bang!” A dull sound could be heard.

“Bang!” Another one sounded.

The four of them turned their heads and looked. A few boulders were dropped in the front and back of the canyon, completely blocking the both of them, trapping them inside.