White Robed Chief Chapter 624

Chapter 624 Joining Hands

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“Head Chief!” the four exclaimed.

Liu Xing hurriedly asked, “Head Chief, what do you mean by this?”

“There will definitely be an ambush waiting for you in Green Hill.” Chu Li laughed. “Although your Light-body Techniques are good, you are still not at that level yet. It will be better if I go.”

“But…” Liu Xing frowned. “That’s too dangerous. If we go, we can at least watch each other’s’ backs. Since we have the numbers, it would be easier to break through too.”

Chu Li chuckled. “Can the four of you defeat me?”

“Of course not.” Liu Xing and the three others shook their heads.

Chu Li could handle eight Grandmasters by himself. If those Grandmasters dared to challenge him, then they must be confident of their success. If eight were not enough to defeat Chu Li, then it would be impossible for the four of them.

Chu Li spread out his arms and laughed. “I suppose that settles that? You guys just wait here for my news.”

“Head Chief, how about we go and act as your reinforcements,” suggested Liu Xing, “We will wait after arriving at Green Hill. If a fight really breaks out, we can cooperate from within!”

Chu Li shook his head. “There’s no need for that.”

Liu Xing sighed and slowly nodded. “Alright, we would just drag the Head Chief Down and add to the confusion, hindering the actions of the Head Chief.”

Chu Li smiled. “It’s good that you know. Go back and practice more. Don’t be satisfied just because you reached the level of Grandmaster. The difference in abilities between Grandmasters is as large as the difference between Heaven and Earth. It would be a real shame of you encountered someone and failed to preserve your own life!”

“Yes,” responded Liu Xing and the others.

Chu Li waved his hand and fluttered away.


Eight middle-aged men and two elderly sat in the Basilica of Green Hill.

The two elderly men sat in the chapel, each occupying an armchair.

The eight middle-aged men sat in two rows, three in one row and five in the other. The faint aroma of tea wafted within the basilica. They chatted leisurely while sipping on tea.

A middle-aged man put down his teacup, shook his head, and sighed. “This time the Royal Highness called us over to deal with four little runts, that’s going a little overboard.”

“Elder Meng, you think the Royal Highness is making a fuss out of nothing?” The middle-aged man across him laughed coldly. “Those four little runts are all Grandmasters, would it be that easy?”

“They are still young, how strong could their cultivation be. Cultivation requires pure dedication and hard work, and slowly improves gradually. One cannot rely on trickery to succeed.” Elder Meng shook his head. “Becoming a Grandmaster is not uncommon, what is important is the strength of cultivation.”

“Even a young Grandmaster should not be underestimated, or you would be the one who loses. This is something I learned from experience,” added another round-faced middle-aged man.

“Take for example that White-Robed Chief, he is quite imposing. Rumor has it he has killed ten or so Holy Church of Light disciples!”

“Ten or so? Don’t you mean eight or nine?”

“Wasn’t it twenty or so?”

“Haha…” The group started to laugh.

The disciples of the Holy Church of Light who dared step into the Ji Dynasty would definitely be Grandmasters. For a single person to prevail against twenty or so Holy Church of Light disciples, to put it simply, it was a big joke. False reports always worked that way, they would become more and more exaggerated. With each mouth the news passes through, they would add another few more people to the rumor. The original number of just a few Grandmasters became twenty or so Grandmasters.

“In any case, that White-Robed Chief is really amazing.” The round-faced middle-aged man laughed. “Even if we go up against him, we might not have a chance of victory.”

“Youngsters these days are so impetuous, simply declaring that they are the best in the world as if being the best can be so easily achieved.” A bronze-faced middle-aged man sighed and shook his head. “There’s a saying out there which started recently, something like ‘Du Feng in the South, Chu Li in the North’, as if there are only those two people in this entire world.”

“Du Feng in the South, Chu Li in the North, hehe…”

“Chu Li should indeed not be underestimated,” another person said.

“He is but a suckling child!” sneered Elder Meng.

“Elder Meng, even your Green Hill dares to say that?” Someone laughed while shaking his head. “Have you forgotten the might of the Yi Public House from that time?”

“That was the power of the Yi Public House, not his!” Elder Meng scoffed coldly.

He hated Chu Li down to his very bones, and he wanted to show his disdain.

Back when the five factions allied together, their momentum shook the heavens and moved the earth, but in the end, the Yi Public House completely crushed three of the factions, severely damaging Green Hill and Feng Huang Mountain.

Among that, Chu Li’s shadow was present.

They were indeed afraid of the Yi Public House and did not dare provoke them, but that did not mean they did not dare provoke Chu Li. If they could get rid of Chu Li, it could count as restoring the prestige of Green Hill. It was a shame that they did not have the chance. Chu Li was currently residing in Fairy’s Capital, they of Green Hill did not dare to go there and act rashly.

“Didn’t that White-Robed Chief kill until you were forced into a difficult position at that time?” Someone laughed loudly. “Elder Meng, stop being stubborn and admit defeat.”

“White-Robed Chief, hmph!” Elder Meng sneered. “The last time we were caught off guard and were still in Snow Lunar Pavilion. If he were to come here to us, we’ll make sure he never leaves here alive, we’ll strike down the name of that accursed White-Robed Chief!”

“We do not know Chu Li’s capabilities. Rumor has it he can shake Fairy’s Capital, he is very famous. This White-Robed Chief is actually really amazing,” someone said.

At that moment, a young man lightly approached and gave a fist-salute. “Master’s Junior Meng, there is someone at the base of the mountain. He said he is here to send a letter on behalf of His Highness King An.”

“Hm-?” Everyone instantly quieted down, all were staring at him.

Elder Meng lowered his voice. “One person?”

“Yes, a young man wearing white robes. He looks very heroic, his manner does not seem like an ordinary person’s.” The young man nodded his head.

“What is he called?” Elder Meng asked.

The young man rubbed his nape, sheepishly shaking his head. “I did not ask.”

“…Then hurry up and ask!” scoffed Elder Meng.

“Yes!” the young man hurriedly nodded and left.

“I’ll say, Elder Meng, you are being too cautious. It is but one person, you can speak after letting him up the mountain. So what if it is Chu Li!” Someone laughed. “We’ll definitely not allow him to leave!”

“I’m only afraid that he is here to scout.” Elder Meng scoffed. “We were supposed to handle four people, not one. If we fail again this time, we would not have the face to see others anymore!”

“I reckon that it was caused by the ambush on the road, so now only this one was left.”

“The ambush on the road must be very fierce, to be able to escape from it proves he’s quite good.” Someone chuckled. “Looks like this guy should not be underestimated!”

“So what if he should not be underestimated, under our joint attack, how would they be able to survive?”

“If he was able to escape from the ambush, then he might also be able to escape from our joint attack. There will be no harm in being a little more cautious, do not underestimate the enemy!”

“Hm, you have a point. We should be cautious, if we fail miserably in a very easy task, we will lose face completely!”

The two elderly men had their eyes closed in repose, only occasionally glancing at them, but they did not speak.

After a while, the young man from earlier returned, closed fist saluting. “Master’s Junior Meng, he said his name is Chu Li. He entrusted me to tell Master’s Junior Meng that it is hard to enter Green Hill and that it would be better if he did not enter.”

“What?!” Elder Meng suddenly stood up, his burly body rising like an iron tower. “Who did he say he is?”

“Chu… Chu Li,” the young man stuttered out.

Elder Meng turned to glare at everyone else. “Chu Li!”

Their complexions all changed slightly.

“How did it become Chu Li!” Everyone frowned. “Was the Royal Highness mistaken?”

“What should we do?” someone asked.

Elder Meng laughed coldly. “He refuses to walk to heaven even though there is a path, but insists on rushing into hell even though there is no door. Since he dares to come here, he can forget about leaving!”

He scoffed after speaking. “Are you scared of him? Have you been frightened by his reputation?”

“Don’t spout nonsense, Elder Meng,” someone hurriedly said, “what’s important now is that he is not the target His Royal Highness told us about. What will happen if we are mistaken? He is the Head Chief of the Imperial Residence. If we kill him, and His Royal Highness asks, how will we explain it to him?”

“Yes, yes, that’s true,” everyone echoed in agreement.