White Robed Chief Chapter 625

Chapter 625 Prestige

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Elder Meng sneered and glanced sideways at the group. “You all are afraid!”

“Ahem!” Someone coughed lightly. “Elder Meng, everyone has a grudge against Chu Li. However, this is not the order from His Royal Highness. We were ordered to kill Liu Xing and the other three, not Chu Li. If we act independently and kill, not only were we unable to kill Liu Xing and the other three but if we kill Chu Li instead, that would be two huge mistakes. By letting Chu Li go, we do not need to hope for rewards, only that we do not accidentally make mistakes. Since His Royal Highness did not say anything anyway, at most, we will just be unable to kill Liu Xing and the other three.”

Elder Meng laughed coldly. “You are afraid!”

The other’s faces burned with the ridicule and embarrassment.

In the end, they were all just making excuses for themselves. They were indeed afraid.

Chu Li’s reputation was not exaggerated, it was beaten out from Fairy’s Capital.

Fairy’s Capital gathered more than half of the Grandmasters in the martial arts world of the Ji Dynasty. For Chu Li to be able to gain such a reputation, his reputation was certainly not unearned. He obtained his reputation by defeating Grandmaster after Grandmaster and earned it through grueling obstacles. Otherwise, how would they allow themselves to be overshadowed by a brat younger than them? Who would accept that?

They were indeed ten Grandmasters, but in Fairy’s Capital, they were no match for even one Imperial Residence.

Furthermore, they did not stand a chance against the might of the Imperial Residence, even the Imperial Residence of King Cheng was helpless against him and had to let him come and go as he pleased. Even if they were to take action, they would only suffer losses, they would receive no help!

Elder Meng sneered. “What a bunch of spineless cowards!”

“Elder Meng, go to him if you have the guts, we will not stop you!” Someone said in dissatisfaction, “You are from Green Hill, you cannot act out of your own accord. We are from Feng Huang Mountain, we also cannot act recklessly and cause trouble for our faction. If we are unable to kill Chu Li, you should know very well what the consequences are!”

“It is only taking revenge, he wouldn’t dare!” scoffed Elder Meng.

That person chuckled and refuted as if in disdain, “He wouldn’t dare? Are you talking about Chu Li or the Yi Public House? Do you think they are afraid of Green Hill or of Feng Huang Mountain? What a joke!”

“Elder Meng, stop being so stubborn and recognize the current situation. Even if His Royal Highness finds out, he will not be able to punish us!”

“That’s right, that’s right.” The others hurriedly nodded their heads, easing their anxiety. “No one could have expected that person to come here himself. We did not prepare for this and did not send more martial arts masters over, so we cannot be blamed!”

“Hmph!” Elder Meng chuckled coldly and sat down in anger. “I’m really ashamed to be associated with you all!”

They cursed him deep in their hearts.

Seeing Elder Meng act like this, they understood why in an instant. Elder Meng achieved a great reputation, but when he committed disgraceful acts, he does not want people to criticize him. He cursed others to be cowardly and weak but took advantage of the situation to save himself. He really was detestable!

“Elder Meng, if you dare, then you should go and look. Chu Li might still be waiting at the bottom of the mountain!”

“That’s right, that’s right, hurry and go look. If he is really there, you can thoroughly and viciously deal with him. It will be best if you completely get rid of him. That would ease one of the concerns of our hearts too. We will give all the credit to you, and your reputation will soar and shake the martial arts world!”

Elder Meng said coldly, “What use is reputation? Since all of you do not dare to go, I will stop flaunting my superiority and make it seem like I am not a team player!”

They cursed him in their hearts even harder, wishing nothing more than to go up to him and slap him a few times.

Doing this, all of their good reputations had been seized by him, and he made them out to look like wimps. They would be ridiculed by others!

“Elder Meng, I think you also do not dare to go after him, and that you are only running your mouth right?” Someone finally could not take it anymore and sneered. “You speak as if you have the guts to go deal with Chu Li!”

“I don’t have the guts!” Elder Meng nodded. “Same as everyone here, a wise man submits to circumstances after all!”

“You are really something!” Everyone glared hatefully at him.

“Are you looking for me, gentlemen?” A burst of cool and bright laughter suddenly sounded.

A white figure flashed past everyone’s eyes. Chu Li already stood in the middle of the main hall, donned in his white robe. His gaze was calm as he slowly glanced at every single person in that place.

They all felt that his gaze was peaceful and calm, and did not have any particularly strong sense of oppression or sharpness, but for some reason, their bodies felt intensely uncomfortable, as if all of their deepest, darkest secrets could be seen through by him with nowhere to hide.

“Who are you?!” Someone scoffed coldly.

Ever since they became Grandmasters, the disciples of the faction worshipped them, and even the respect from their peers towards them had increased. When they were looked at like that, they hated the feeling that it produced extremely.

Chu Li smiled while closed fist saluting. “I am Chu Li!”

“Chu Li!” Their expressions all changed slightly, and they looked at him in shock.

They were all taken aback.

For him to be able to soundlessly approach them, his cultivation level must be higher than their own. Furthermore, he was just a young man. It seems like it would not be strange for him to be Chu Li.

Elder Meng’s voice boomed out, “You sure have guts to dare to barge into Green Hill!”

Chu Li appraised Elder Meng with his round face, burly, large build, and extraordinary momentum.

“Your surname is Meng?” Chu Li asked calmly.

“Indeed, my surname is Meng!” Elder Meng scoffed. “Meng Chengfan!”

Chu Li asked, “Have you received His Royal Highness’ letter?”

“Where are Liu Xing and the others?” asked Elder Meng, “His Royal Highness ordered them to deliver the letter, so why are you here instead?”

Chu Li replied, “They became injured and are unable to move, but are afraid of tarrying His Royal Highness’s matters, so they could only entrust me to come on their behalf. To be gathered in such a large reception, is it to welcome Liu Xing and the rest?”

“Who do they think they are!” Meng Chengfan scoffed.

Chu Li nodded his head. “This is an important matter from His Royal Highness, I must help them. Since I have delivered the letter, I have finished what was entrusted to me, so I can go back now. Do my fellow gentlemen need anything else?”

“Hmph, you with the surname Chu, since you’re here, you can forget about going back!” Meng Chengfan sneered. “To dare to come up to the mountain alone, you are looking down on us!”

Chu Li laughed. “How would I know that so many people have gathered here? I thought that you all were discussing something important.”

“We are discussing on how to deal with you!” Meng Chengfan scoffed. “To kill you!”

Chu Li grinned and said, “I am here to send a letter on behalf of His Royal Highness, but you want to kill me. Are you not afraid of offending His Royal Highness?”

“Hmph, His Royal Highness’ urged us to kill the person who delivered the letter anyway, we are just carrying out his orders, he will not say anything!” Meng Chengfan scoffed.

He swept his glance at the people after speaking.

Their expressions were all very calm and did not have the intention of acting on it at all.

They all personally saw Chu Li’s cultivation level. It was something that they could never achieve. What they were afraid the most was his Light-body Technique.

With such a Light-body Technique, even with so many people attacking him together, they might not be able to take him head-on. Since they had no guarantee, they would have to prepare to receive retribution. He carried an identity from the Secret Guardians Hall, and even when the rumors about the Cloud Slashing Treasure Manual first started circulating, the four great sects also did not try to bother him. It would be better if they were more careful!

Meng Chengfan shuddered deep in his heart and looked towards the two elderly men.

The two seemed to have really fallen asleep in their armchairs, they did not budge an inch.

Chu Li chuckled. “You really want to kill me?”

“That’s right!” Meng Chengfan scoffed.

Chu Li shook his head. “In that case, you can kill me next time. Gentlemen, farewell!”

He closed fist saluted, directed a smile towards the crowd, then turn around and fluttered towards the gate of the main hall.

His movements were unhurried, deliberately tempting Meng Chengfan to make the first move.

Meng Chengfang gnashed his teeth and glared at him, his fist clenched so hard that even bulging veins became visible. However, he did not move and only stared as Chu Li left the main hall.