White Robed Chief Chapter 626

Chapter 626 Crippling Martial Arts

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The air in the main hall seemed to have frozen over, there was pin-drop silence, and not a single person moved.

When Chu Li disappeared, everyone breathed a sigh of relief.

They looked at Meng Chengfan mockingly, shaking their heads.

He ran his mouth so much, but in the end, he was just a coward. He was more annoying than people who pretended to be dead and do nothing. They all placed their inexplicable fury and anger on Meng Chengfan, and they sarcastically mocked him.

Meng Chengfan grit his teeth. His veins were visible on his hands, using all his willpower as if fighting with himself.

His logic told him that he could not move recklessly lest he causes trouble for Green Hill. Chu Li was the Chief of Glory Will’s Courtyard, a figure who carried a heavy role in the Yi Public House, and also a Centurion of the Secret Guardians Hall. The moment he acted, without even mentioning the Secret Guardians Hall, the Yi Public House did not sit idly by either.

They only suffered a small lesson the previous time Green Hill worked together with the four other factions to go against the Yi Public House. Although their vitality was damaged, it was much lighter than Returning Sword Sect which got completely annihilated. The Yi Public House must have been extremely unreconciled, but they did not wish to continue the entanglement and stopped after just giving a small lesson because circumstances forbade it.

Now, the Yi Public House already recovered all their vitality, and Green Hill’s vitality was greatly damaged; one fell and another rose. They were afraid that the Yi Public House was currently watching them like a tiger watching its prey. The moment they acted; they would give them an excuse.

If he really were to touch Chu Li and provoke the Yi Public House into getting revenge, then he would become a criminal of Green Hill!

However, they really did feel indignant in their hearts and were extremely angry. They wanted nothing more than to just smack Chu Li to death to ease the anger and vexation they felt towards themselves and Chu Li.

“That’s right!” a white figure flashed and Chu Li suddenly appeared, smiling. “Since you received the letter, you should write a response letter for me so that I can report to His Royal Highness if you would be so kind!”

Everyone trembled in their hearts.

This time it was completely quiet, and they did not have anything to split their attention with, but they still did not notice Chu Li approaching, they did not see how exactly he managed to appear before their eyes. Such cultivation level, such Light-body Technique, it was truly frightening!

Meng Chengfan’s fist clenched harder, he glared venomously at Chu Li, gritting his teeth, and enunciated each word one by one. “You with the surname Chu. Don’t. Go. Too. Far!”

Chu Li’s eyebrows raised, and he exclaimed. “What do you mean? I delivered the letter, so I want proof I have been here, is that too much to ask for?”

“No!” scoffed Meng Chengfan.

Chu Li shook his head. “Then I cannot make my report to His Royal Highness. Even if His Royal Highness does not doubt that I have delivered the letter, he will feel that I am not efficient in my duties and will most likely rebuke me, right?”

Meng Chengfan laughed coldly, feeling happy in his heart. Imagining him getting rebuked, it really made him feel good!

Chu Li sighed. “Seems like you wish to make things difficult for me.”

“Think what you want!” Meng Chengfan scoffed. “I will not write a response letter!”

Chu Li looked at him mildly. “Could it be that there is something which would be awkward to disclose that you cannot write it in a letter?”

“There isn’t!” Meng Chengfan turned away and said in annoyance.

“In other words, you are doing this on purpose?” Chu Li asked calmly.

“That’s right!” Meng Chengfan said coldly, “I will not write a response letter, what are you going to do about it?”

Chu Li sighed. “I consider myself a logical and particular person and prefer peace over anything else. However, there is always someone who insists on using force to resolve things and clash with me. Faced with someone like this, I can only grant his wish.

“Are you picking a fight?” Meng Chengfan sneered and said disdainfully, “This is Green Hill, not the Yi Public House. This is not someplace where you can act merely as you please, no one here will allow you to act outrageously!”

Chu Li laughed and swept his glance over the crowd, smiling. “Seems like he wants to tie all of you to him and send you all to your deaths.”

Their faces darkened.

For Chu Li to say something like that, he was completely underestimating them!

Such a humiliation, if they simply ignored it they really would all lose face. Even those who did not want to take action would have to take action now!

However, their hearts continued to sink. It was widely known that Chu Li was wise beyond his years. He was incredibly brilliant, but he reacted to Meng Chengfan like so. It seemed that he was thinking the same thing as Meng Chengfan. He wanted to tie them to Meng Chengfan and send them all to their deaths.

It showed that he was prepared to kill them, and he was full of confidence!

“Forget it!” Chu Li suddenly sighed. “Killing you will be easy, but if I kill you all, it would be an offense. I will just take another step back, and take an object of authentication, alright?”

Everyone all secretly sighed in relief.

“No!” Meng Chengfan said coldly.

Everyone immediately filled with apprehension again and cursed him in secret.

Chu Li sighed and shook his head. “Then I can only take it by force!”

He suddenly disappeared from his spot in a flash and reappeared behind Meng Chengfan.

Meng Chengfan realized that things were not going well and struck a fist out behind himself.

“Bam!” Chu Li’s fist collided with Meng Chengfan’s.

Chu Li remained at his spot, but Meng Chengfan took two steps back, his face flushing two spots of red.

A bizarre fist force entered his body, devouring his inner energy like a vortex. No matter how much he tried to drive it out, it only devoured quicker and quicker.

Chu Li reached in front in just one stride and slammed his palm on Meng Chengfan’s chest.

“Bam!” Meng Chengfan’s actions were interrupted. He stood still without moving, standing straight like he had become a statue.

Chu Li reached out to pluck out his waist tag and lowered his head to look at it. It was a white jade waist tag the size of his palm. One side had the character Meng engraved on it, and the other had the words Green Hill engraved in large font. It was valuable beyond measure.

Chu Li laughed. “What need was there for all this? It would have been so much better if you just gave this to me! …Gentlemen, farewell!”

He closed fist saluted at them, smiled and then suddenly disappeared.

Everyone looked at Meng Chengfan with a darkened expression.

“Pfft!” Meng Chengfan suddenly sprayed out an arc of blood and fell backward while still frozen solid.

A martial arts master from Green Hill hurriedly reached out to support him. “Brother Meng!”

Meng Chengfan’s face quickly became pale, his complexion grew gray at a rate that was visible to the naked eye.

“Hurry and inspect what injuries he sustained!” someone cried.

They felt slightly happy at his misfortune. They could not do anything about it if he insisted on courting death, he deserved to be injured. If Chu Li had not held back, they would have gotten injured as well!

The martial arts masters of Green Hills pressed on Meng Chengfan’s wrist, and their expressions darkened.

Meng Chengfan coughed violently for a while and started to gasp breathy chuckles.

“Elder Meng?”

“Haha, my martial arts have been crippled!” Meng Chengfan burst into laughter.

“That’s impossible?” someone said in alarm.

Meng Chengfan turned his head to look at them and laughed loudly. “What a bunch of cowards!”

They felt like they had been slandered, but at the same time, they felt secretly lucky. Chu Li was able to cripple Meng Chengfan in just two moves. If it were them instead, how long would it take for them to escape?

“Hurry and bring Elder Meng down to recuperate.” The round-faced middle-aged man shook his head and sighed. “Even if your martial arts is crippled you can just cultivate from the start again, it is no big deal, what is important is the person is fine!”

“This was not any different from outright killing him.” someone shook his head.

They could imagine the taste of being crippled. Especially to Grandmasters like them, if they did not have their martial arts, it would be like dropping from the clouds down to the mud. They would be better off dead.

“Sigh…” they sighed in secret.

They all secretly felt that Elder Meng invited disgrace on his own head, he brought it upon himself.

Chu Li initially did not have the intention of taking action, but it was Meng Chengfan who repeatedly challenged him. He wanted to drag all of them along to detain Chu Li, but all his schemes failed and he ended up with this fate.

“Cowards! A bunch of cowards!” Meng Chengfan turned his head to glare at them, laughing all the while.

He felt extreme hate and resentment in his heart. These people did not have a shred of the courage of martial artists at all, they were all cowards!

“Alright, hurry and let Elder Meng go down.” The round-faced middle-aged man shook his head. “He is not young anymore, but he still acts like a little boy. The more courage one has, the faster one dies. To not be aware of the situation and act recklessly would be courting your own death!”

They had all seen Meng Chengfan’s plight, and they all rejoiced at how sensible they were.

Courage could only be used when it had to do with the faction’s benefits or harm. It could not be used in fights of personal feelings or fights to save face. Meng Chengfan himself was the best lesson they could learn from.