White Robed Chief Chapter 629

Chapter 629 Seeking Help

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He took a deep breath and suppressed his wrath. “Liu Xing and the others are currently doing something important, they will be back soon. I will no longer transfer them away after they return and let them remain in Tianshu Courtyard.”

His top priority at this moment was to make Xiao Shi give up on the idea. Otherwise, the Protectors would enter the Imperial Residence and it would spell endless trouble for him.

Once there are Protectors from the High Duke’s Public House, Xiao Shi will undoubtedly become emboldened, the same goes for Chu Li, thus he would require more effort to deal with them.

Chu Li shook his head. “I cannot do anything about this matter, it is up to the Princess to decide.”

“Then what must be done to prevent the Protectors from coming?” King An’s expression slowly calmed down, and said gently, “If Protectors from the High Duke’s Public House were to arrive, would it not show everyone that I am unable to guarantee the safety of the Princess? I would lose face, and everyone’s face would not be looking good either, am I right?”

Chu Li nodded and laughed. “The Royal Highness’s opinion does make sense.”

King An let out a smile. “Chief Chu, you should know what the right thing is, so please advise the Princess.”

Chu Li shook his head. “Unfortunately, I am not the one to make decisions, it is still up to the Princess herself.”

King An wanted nothing more than to hack him to death but he squeezed out a smile. “The only person who could advise the Princess would be none other than Chief Chu, you just need to say some nice words to her. I would be in your debt too.”

Chu Li replied, “You flatter me! Alright then, since the Royal Highness is being so sincere, I will try to advise her, but I am still uncertain about the results, so I can only do my best, as the Royal Highness also knows how persistent the Princess is.”

King An forced out a smile. “No matter how persistent the Princess is, she is still no match for your advice. I am counting on you and I will reward you when the matter is resolved.”

Chu Li said, “I express my gratitude to the Royal Highness, I will try my best.”

As the two of them talked to each other with false friendliness, Fa Zhi stood aside and secretly shook his head. The two of them schemed against each other to this point, exactly as Junior Brother Fa Yuan said. It would be ideal to not be involved and pretend as if he knew nothing.

He sighed to himself, Chu Li had such might, whereas King An could not tolerate anyone at all, just as the saying goes, ‘Two tigers cannot live on the same mountain’. One person was bound to go, and in this case, it could only be Chu Li. It is indeed the Imperial Residence’s loss to lose such a talented person.

To lose a general just for a moment of joy, with such intolerance towards people, King An’s achievements would be limited, it seems that the Emperor’s throne and King An were just not meant to be.

Fa Zhi’s appearance may seem simple but he was actually a master that looked like a fool. His eyes were very sharp, he could see through the situation and future in just one glance. He sighed to himself and shook his head, looks like the temple did not have to offer help to King An. They could not help rotten mud like him; it was truly a shame.

Chu Li said, “Your Highness, I shall return to the High Duke’s Public House to advise the Princess.”

“Hm, how many days will you be there?” King An asked.

Chu Li shook his head. “I’ll have to see the situation. I will return as soon as possible; things keep happening at the Secret Guardians Hall.”

“Alright,” King An said, “Try your best to advice the Princess to come back. After all, she belongs with the Imperial Residence, it would be inappropriate to keep her in the High Duke’s Public House.”

“Yes.” Chu Li closed fist saluted and nodded. He smiled towards Fa Zhi, bowed with pressed palms, and left the cultivation field.

Fa Zhi lowered his head and closed his eyes, muttering chants under his breath.

King An breathed deeply to suppress his anger. That darn Chu Li. The Princess returning to the High Duke’s Public House must have been because of Chu Li’s egging. What a scheming and despicable villain!”

If this carried on, his plan might not come to fruition.

A hidden friar and himself might not be enough to kill him!

However, as long as the Princess did not bring along High Duke’s Public House Protectors, everything would be able to go smoothly.

The color of the night was hazy and obscure. Chu Li was in the courtyard practicing with his sword. He wanted to fuse the Cloud Slashing Sword Technique and the Seven Forms of Godly Sword together, but he needed to do it bit by bit. He still was unable to complete it, but the power had increased exponentially. Yet, there was still a gap from what he expected from it.

He would need to immerse himself and practice diligently, there was also palm techniques besides swordsmanship. He needed to carefully refine the Divine Light Fist and familiarize himself with the technique even more. In the future, he would be able to strike multiple palms at once. If that happened, it would become even more astonishing.

His movements suddenly stalled and he turned his head to look.

Lu Yurong fluttered down in a light blue gown with a white veil over her face, like a fairy descending down to the mortal world.

Chu Li suddenly stabbed his sword.

“Ding…” the sound reverberated, she curved her finger and lightly deflected the tip of the blade.

Chu Li retracted the sword and the body of the sword exuded a bone-penetrating cold flow. The Heavenly Demonic Orb appeared in an instant and devoured it in one go.

“Congratulations.” Chu Li smiled. “Your cultivation level greatly improved!”

“I just exited isolated cultivation.” Lu Yurong lightly pulled down her veil, revealing her face.

Her face was like white jade, glowing like lustrous gems. Her eyes were like icy stars, sparkling.

She looked towards Chu Li and showed a small smile. “How is it?”

Chu Li breathed praise. “Not bad at all.”

Lu Yurong glanced at him, beautiful and enchanting, and said lightly, “Still not quite at your level yet.”

She broke through a layer in her Empyrean Fairy Power, and her inner energy became like ice, but when she saw Chu Li’s expression, it was obvious that he was not affected at all. He was able to change it to his own inner force, which proved that he was still a level higher than her; she still had a long way to go.

Chu Li gestured with his hand and sat at the stone table. He returned his sword to its scabbard.

Lu Yurong elegantly sat across him, her faint, delicate fragrance wafting.

“I heard that King An recovered his martial arts and is now even stronger?” Lu Yurong lightly said.

Chu Li showed a bitter smile.

Lu Yurong said, “Crippling the martial arts of a regular martial artist is a devastating change, but it is nothing much to the disciples of major sects. The Tempest Temple’s Life Returning Pill has this effect, but Green Deer Cliff is very proficient in making drugs, and their Primary Heaven Pill is even more amazing.

Chu Li replied, “I never thought that he would have connections to Green Deer Cliff and would be able to obtain a Primary Heaven Pill.”

“The spiritual herb that these martial arts healing drugs need are becoming rarer. Use one and their numbers decrease yet again, and it is always those that are unable to be cultivated by manpower,” Lu Yurong said, “That is why they are so valuable. The Primary Heaven Pill is the same, and so is the Life Returning Pill. Looks like his relationship with Green Deer Cliff is not just superficial.”

Chu Li slowly nodded his head.

“I need to return to the Public House,” Lu Yurong stated.

Chu Li was startled.

Lu Yurong said, “Although Fairy’s Capital is nice, it is not a place I can stay long-term. I should go back.”

Chu Li chuckled. “Did something happen? You are someone who will not visit without an ulterior motive. If there was nothing, you would not specifically come here to say farewell to me.”

Lu Yurong glanced at him with grace and beauty and scoffed. “That’s right, I have a favor to ask of you.”

“Let me hear it.” Chu Li leaned forward, making the distance between her delicate face and his disappear.

Lu Yurong did not move back but glared at him and scoffed. “My Second Elder Brother fell in love with a girl recently, he wants to marry her.”

“Lu Yushu?” Chu Li laughed. “He is a playboy and extremely lecherous. Can he marry a woman?”

“There is always one thing to conquer the other,” Lu Yurong said.

Chu Li responded, “You want me to break them up? Or do you want me to teach Lu Yushu a lesson?”

“I find this woman a little odd.” Lu Yurong frowned lightly, shaking her dainty neck. “Except I cannot find a flaw. You help me check.”

Chu Li was in charge of Glory Will’s Courtyard, and even until today, he has not taken off the position of the Chief of Glory Will’s Courtyard of the Yi Public House. He was an expert in observing people’s hearts and finding out insiders. His ability was better than hers in this regard, which was why she needed to seek his help.

He chuckled a few times and leaned back, increasing the distance between them.

Lu Yurong looked at how he was acting and instantly knew that he was going to create difficulties. She coldly glared at him. “Speak, what are your conditions!”

Chu Li smirked. “It’s nothing much, just help me kill someone.”

“If it is King An, then you can forget it!” Lu Yurong scoffed.

Chu Li shook his head. “Why would I suggest a request like that!”