White Robed Chief Chapter 63

Chapter 63: Levitation

He was quick to report the situation and after a few moments, Su Ru appeared in her white robe. Under the moonlight, her face was as beautiful as crystal and as fair as white jade, "Zhao Ying, what happened to Chu Li?"

Zhao Ying recalled, "Chief, Brother Chu Li was trapped by three masked men who are all very skilled in martial arts, and I think they are from the Temple of Tempest!"

"Hmm?" Su Ru's face turned grave and frowned, "Where is it?"

"The jungle outside the town!" Zhao Ying answered.

"Will we be able to make it?"

Zhao Ying nodded firmly, "The sooner the better!"

Su Ru called, "Sir Lu Chen!"

A green shadow flashed pass and stopped in front of the two of them. It was an elderly with white hair and flushed face. The burning light in his eyes was blinding and piercing. Zhao Ying's mental energy was suppressed by this pair of eyes and she could not focus on his looks.

Sir Lu Chen gave him a fist salute and greeted, "Chief Su Ru."

Su Ru said, "Sir Lu Chen, sorry to trouble you. Please bring her along and help Chu Li."

"Yes," Sir Lu Chen acknowledged.

He placed his right hand on Zhao Ying's shoulder and the two of them flew onto a boat. His blue robe flapped with the wind, and he waved his long and large sleeve backward, setting the boat sailing. The boat disappeared from Su Ru's view in the blink of an eye like an arrow released from the bowstring.

Su Ru furrowed her brows. She believed that her arrangements should be fine.

If it was only one person hunting down Chu Li, that person might be a Grandmaster. Since there were three people, it can only be innate masters. It was unlikely for them to send three Grandmasters against Chu Li.

The Temple of Tempest was arrogant and overbearing. Chu Li was an innate master and to send three innate masters against him was an act of throwing away their pride. This was tantamount to admitting that no innate master of the temple was able to defeat Chu Li.

Sir Lu Chen's levitation skill was top-notch and moreover, he was a Grandmaster so he will definitely be able to save Chu Li!

Lady Siao Yueling's Congenital Godly Clairvoyant was very accurate. She said that Lu Chen had the mark of longevity [1]. Third Lady believed it wholeheartedly, but she was a little worried that it might be wrong.

She stomped her feet in frustration. She did warn him to not leave the Public House. He did not listen to her. Now that something like this occurred, she will make sure to give him a good scolding once he came back!

Moonlight shone onto the lake making the lake's surface sparkled. She sat on the ground, feeling restless.

Zhao Ying led that way. Sir Lu Chen and Zhao Ying went over the town wall like the wind and reached the jungle.

Chu Li was sitting on the ground, leaning against a tree. He was trying to control his breath by taking long breaths. The three masked men in black were lying on the grass, motionless. Their throats were all pierced by flying knives. All of them had died.

"Brother!" Zhao Ying was trembling as she cried and rushed to Chu Li's side.

She was just about to reach out a hand to examine if he was still breathing, when all of a sudden, Chu Li opened his eyes, "Sister, why are you here? "

Zhao Ying gave a long sigh of relief. Her body went limp and she supported herself with the tree, "You scared me to death! How is your injury? "

"Nothing serious," he laughed.

He looked up at Sir Lu Chen and with some difficulties, gave him a fist salute and greeted, "Sir Lu Chen."

Of course, he knew the Protector of the Guardian of Jade Island, Lu Chen, a Grandmaster.

Lu Chen smiled and jested, "Chu Li, it's tough to take your life!"

He pulled the cloth covering the three men's face, exposing the ringed scars on their bald head. He shook his head and sighed, "Monks from the Temple of Tempest You're awesome!"

The monks of the Temple of Tempest were not easy to kill. The monks who can roam outside the temple were all tough guys and Chu Li, being able to defeat three of them in a go, truly lived up to his reputation as the best young fighter. If this news was spread, it will definitely shock the whole martial arts world!

Chu Li gave him a bitter smile, "I was just lucky. Sister, please bury them to let them rest in peace! "

"Brother, are you really fine?" Zhao Ying asked, frowning.

Chu Li smiled to reassure her, "Go."

Zhao Ying reluctantly dug a pit. She was someone who draw a clear line between whom or what to hate or love, so she held no good feelings for these monks who hunted down Chu Li.

Sir Lu Chen threw the bodies of the three monks into the pit and covered it up with soil. He then made a tombstone on it while sighing and shaking his head.

The three monks must be quite skilled in martial arts. In the martial arts world, even the strongest will inevitably end up like this. This made him feel sad for the loss of a member of the martial arts world.

Chu Li stood up slowly and Zhao Ying rushed to aid him. Chu Li declined her help with a wave of his hand, "I am not that weak!"

"Don't force yourself!" Zhao Ying chided.

Their fight just now was too peculiaryou gave me a fist, I give you a palmand they did not dodge at all! It would be strange if he was not injured!

Chu Li smiled without saying a word.

When they got out of the woods, Chu Li was already able to use levitation and the three returned to the Public House.

Chu Li let Zhao Ying go back first while he and Lu Chen went back together to the Guardian of Jade Island.

Su Ru was pacing beside the lake when she saw the two of them appeared. Her face turned angry abruptly and she stared sternly at Chu Li, 'Why aren't you dead! "

She turned and went off after saying that. Her white sleeping robe flapped in the wind and she disappeared from his line of sight in the blink of an eye.

Chu Li laughed. Su Ru was angry and this showed that she cared about him. The thought of this warmed his heart.

Lu Chen patted Chu Li's shoulder, smiled and walked away too.

Chu Li passed through a small jungle and returned to his small courtyard.

In the brightly lit courtyard, Xue Ling was sitting in the small pagoda. The small red clay furnace was making a whistling sound, with white vapor coming out of it. She looked at the night sky, deep in thoughts.

Chu Li pushed open the door and the sound startled her. She quickly went over and asked, "What is the matter?"

Chu Li brushed off her question in a dismissal gesture. He walked towards the Glory's Will Tree and sat on the Spirit Land.

Xue Ling furrowed her eyebrows. She ran into the house and took out a white cattail hassock.

Chu Li glared at her, stood up and sat on the cattail hassock instead. The mud from his body dirtied the cattail hassock but Xue Ling did not care. She stared at him and asked again, "You looked bad. Are you injured?"

Chu Li let out a long sigh. The pure spiritual energy of the Glory's Will Tree gushed into him and he felt his heavy and tired body became lighter in an instant. The Glory's Will Tree's spiritual energy was not only pure, it also had a great healing effect.

Xue Ling did not give up, "How did you get injured?"

"I met the monks from the Temple of Tempest!" Chu Li did not explain further. He then ordered, "Make something tasty for me. I need nourishment!"

"Very well," Xue Ling conceded but after that, she reprimanded with a frown, "You must have gone out. You do know that the monks of the Temple are out looking for you!"

"It was an emergency," Chu Li smiled and told her what happened.

Xue Ling was frowning throughout the story. After hearing the whole recount, she was speechless.

It would not fit Chu Li's personality if he backed away from the Temple of Tempest's hunt when faced with this kind of situation. He was a carefree and daring person. It was impossible for him to withdraw from fear.

"Go and prepare some food!" Chu Li waved her off.

Xue Ling went into the kitchen.

With her nimble hands, four gourmet dishes were served in a short while. Chu Li devoured the food. After that, he sat beside the Glory's Will Tree again to heal himself.

Xue Ling stared at him at a side without blinking. He turned a blind eye to this and continued to heal himself.

He seemed fine so Xue Ling went back to her room to practice Crescent Cryptic cultivation technique.

Next morning when the sun had not even risen, Xue Ling was practicing the eight forms of Crescent Cryptic in the courtyard. The gate of the small courtyard was pushed open and Su Ru strolled in. Her apricot gown flapped in the wind.

"Chief!" Greeted Xue Ling who stopped her training.

Su Ru waved her hand and asked, "Where is he?"

"He is still sleeping. He healed himself until very late last night," she explained and asked in hesitation, "Do you want me to ... wake him up?"

Su Ru snorted, "It's fine! this Nine Transformation Revival Pill is for healing!"

She pulled out a bottle from her pocket and handed it over to Xue Ling.

Xue Ling accepted it and thanked her, "Thank you, Chief!"

Su Ru grunted, "Troublemaker!" and asked, "Did his injury worsen?"

Xue Ling shook her head and answered, "He looked much better now. miss, how many monks were after him last night?"

"Three," Su Ru went to the pagoda and sat down.

Xue Ling brewed tea for her and continued, "Master was able to flee from three monksthat's pretty awesome already. They are, in fact, monks from the Temple of Tempest!"

With Temple of Tempest's reputation, their disciples were, without a doubt, excellent and talented.

Su Ru sipped a small mouthful of tea and shook her head, "He killed the three monks!"

'Ah----?!" Xue Ling was stupefied.

Last night, she would not dare to distract Chu Li when she saw him healing himself. She assumed that he escaped from the three monks' chase. She had no idea that he killed the three monks.

Su Ru sighed, "Now, the Temple of Tempest is even more determined to kill him. ...don't tell anyone about this!"

"Understood," Xue Ling promised.

She understood right away that if the news about this spread and everyone became aware of it, the Temple of Tempest with regards to their reputation, will not let Chu Li live.

Su Ru was lost in her thoughts, holding her teacup motionlessly.

The Temple of Tempest would not let it go that easily. They will be sure to send Grandmasters out for Chu Li next time.

Although Chu Li was strong, the gap between the two realmsGrandmasters and innate masterswas unable to make up for.

At that thought, she shook her head and frowned.

"Chief, does that mean master will not be able to go out of the house from now on?"

"Well, he will need to have a Protector with him when he goes out."

Xue Ling chuckled lightly.

Su Ru shook her head, "Fortunately he is a rank five Scribe. It's normal to have several Protectors with him."

"Chief," Chu Li opened the door and greeted Su Ru with a smile.

Su Ru sulked, "You can still laugh? You are truly big-hearted!"

Chu Li laughed, "Chief is worried about the Temple of Tempest?"

"Don't you?"

"What is the best levitation skill in our Public House?"

"sometimes, no matter how good your levitation skill is, it may not be practical," Su Ru replied coldly, "In a situation like this, are you still able to escape?"

She got the details from Zhao Ying and worked out that Chu Li was unable to escape because of the two girls. He cannot put aside the two girls while he fled alone nor can he flee with the two girls. He will never be fast enough even with the best levitation skill.

Once the Temple of Tempest found his weakness, they would not need to ambush him anymore. Next time, they just need to snatch the women away and Chu Li would go to them himself.

"I was unable to escape because my levitation skill is not good enough," Chu Li shook his head, "The joint attack of the Temple of Tempest is very powerful!"

Su Ru nodded, "The Temple of Tempest knows Formation."

"Formation?" Chu Li frowned, "Formation skills were not lost?"

He read an introduction to Formation before in the Tower of Wisdom but until now he had not seen a book on the Formation.

The study of Formation purely depends on one's talent. If your talent is not good enough, you will never learn the rudiments of formation even though you devote your whole life to it. Therefore, the Tower of Wisdom did not have Codex of Formation, for fear that someone wasted their lifetime learning it.

As a result, hundreds of years had passed and formation study was lost.

"The Temple of Tempest only retain minimal formation study," Su Ru shook her head, "Formation study has been lost elsewhere. This is also the reason for their secured status and position."

"What about the royal family?"

"The royal family has Formation books, but none of the royalty was successful in learning it."

"In this whole dynasty, no one knows Formation?"

"You have experienced how powerful Formation can be and you think the royalty won't mind?" Su Ru said sardonically.

Chu Li nodded his head slowly.

The power of formations was remarkable. Two people can display the power of four-person, while 10 people can exhibit the power of 30 people. The power of Formation was a major threat to the dynasty. It was likely that the loss of formation study might be the work of the other dynasties.

Su Ru said, "Well, speaking of levitation, the world's best levitation is Shrinking Ground."