White Robed Chief Chapter 630

Chapter 630 Working Together

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Lu Yurong scoffed. “Fine then, tell me, who should I kill? …There is always nothing good when we meet, just killing all day and night!”

Chu Li could not help but laugh. “I did not want to kill anyone, but someone else wants to kill me instead, so I can only strike first.”

“Alright then, tell me, who do you want to kill this time?” Lu Yurong’s bright eyes stared at him.

Chu Li replied, “This time King An found a hidden friar from Green Hill. He is trying to kill me, so we shall take care of him first, and gain the upper hand by attacking first.”

“Hidden friar…” Lu Yurong frowned. “King An is really something to be able to find this kind of person.”

Hidden friars were Grandmasters but these Grandmasters live in seclusion, putting in great effort just to break through to Enlightened Mastery. They were similar to monks and Taoists and ignored any happenings in the mortal world.

All these hidden friars have sworn an oath, to not leave the mountains until they reached Enlightened Mastery.

So in order to make hidden friars leave the mountains, they must be offered a high price, and even so, there might not be any hidden friars willing to leave the mountains. They were accustomed to living in seclusion and did not want to cause any grudge which might trouble their future disciples.

Chu Li said, “This hidden friar is close to his end and wants to perish with me.”

“Can the two of us take him down?” Lu Yurong grimaced. “If he really wants to perish with you,

we might not be able to withstand him.”

A Grandmaster that is near his death would have a deeply astonishing cultivation level. If such a master’s perished, it would indeed be earth-shattering.

Although they are strong, they might not back off completely before this kind of might.

“No matter how strong he is, would he be able to withstand both of us?” Chu Li laughed. “It will be fine as long as you don’t hold me back and not purposely cause me any trouble.”

“Forget about it if you do not trust me.” said Lu Yurong said sourly, “So, are we going?”

“Then when can we depart?” Chu Li asked.

Lu Yurong replied, “Anytime, how about tonight?”

“No problem!” Chu Li chuckled, “Straightforward, I like teaming up with you, all because of your straightforwardness; no-nonsense at all!”

“But I don’t like teaming up with you!” Lu Yurong scoffed.

She actually liked teaming up with Chu Li too as not much communication is needed for them.

They can tell what the other side wants to do just from eye contact, being incredibly in sync when cooperating, the two of them would be able to exert their cultivation levels to the limit.

Chu Li stood up, holding his sword with his left hand and reached out his right hand.

Lu Yurong looked at him, walked towards him and let his large hand wrap around her waist.

Her body became stiff and uncomfortable all over.

Chu Li’s hand was exceptionally scorching hot, sticking to her waist. Lines of heat seemed to be leaking from his palm, entering her body. Her cold body seemed to have melted, becoming soft and unable to exert force.

If he had malicious intentions and tried to harm her, it would be very difficult to resist him.

She felt awkward and peculiar towards that feeling, but her expression never showed it. She acted calmly as if she did not care.

The two of them suddenly disappeared from the courtyard.

Zheng Lide and an elder with white eyebrows and beard were riding horses, moving slowly on the main road.

The sky’s moon was like a jade wheel, gently sprinkled its light, the surrounding sounds of birds and insects were heard one after another, adding liveliness to the silent night.

The elder wore a large cambric shirt, his body tall but not burly. Instead, he had a bony appearance, as if he was a sick and lazy tiger.

He sat on the horse, following the undulation of the horse’s back, his eyes slightly closed and not speaking a single word. His whole appearance seemed decrepit and moribund.

Zheng Lide kept quiet while following beside him, with most of the time spent hurrying in silence as he knew that Elder Zhou Kang did not like to talk much.

“Elder Zhou, let us rest for now, it is not too late to continue tomorrow,” Zheng Lide said, “We are not in a hurry anyway.”

He saw another road at the roadside forest, leading to a post-house.

Zhou Kang opened his eyes and gently nodded. “Very well.”

The two of them turned their horses to enter the forest and rode towards the gazebo.

There were two young men in the gazebo meditating with crossed legs.

One of them had a skinny face, whereas the other had a round face. Both were wearing embroidered uniforms, showing an impressive appearance.

As noise was heard, the two young men opened their eyes and looked at them vigilantly. They felt surging energy approach them as if it could engulf them at any moment.

The two young men were Innate Masters with keen senses, they knew that the two people in front of them were Grandmasters.

The skinny-faced man pulled the round-faced man and quickly stood up to close fist salute them. “Do the two Seniors need to rest? Please come in, we can go outside instead.”

Zhou Kang looked at the two of them and faintly said, “It is okay, let us all sit together!”

Zheng Lide scoffed. “Just sit down!”

The two young men hurriedly responded and smiled as they sat down.

“Who are you people?” Zheng Lide asked

“We are disciples of the Ling Long Pavilion,” the skinny-faced man answered quickly.

“The Ling Long Pavilion…” Zheng Lide nodded and asked lightly, “How is pavilion master Wu doing?”

“The pavilion master just exited isolated cultivation; his martial arts have improved greatly.” The skinny-faced man smiled.

Zheng Lide nodded his head and turned around to look at Zhou Kang. “Elder Zhou, do you want to eat something?”

“No need, if Xiao Zheng is hungry, you can eat by yourself. Since I am of old age, my appetite is very small,” Zhou Kang replied peacefully.

“I am not hungry too.” Zheng Lide grinned.

The two young men remained silent, treating themselves as air when facing Grandmasters, their own promising youth was not worth mentioning.

Zheng Lide asked, “The two of you are Innate Masters at such a young age, you would be considered as outstanding figures, your status in Ling Long Pavilion are not bad too?”

“Yes, we are the pavilion master’s official disciples,” the two of them replied respectfully.

Zheng Lide nodded and said, “Pavilion master Wu’s capability of giving directions to disciples is pretty high, the Ling Long Pavilion has a rising prospect.”

The two young men smiled and closed fist saluted. “We trust the Senior’s words.”

Zhou Kang had already sat crossed legged and closed his eyes as if he had fallen asleep.

Zheng Lide did not feel sleepy at all and wanted to kill time by talking to others, so he continued to ask, “You people are martial artists from the South, but do you know about the White-Robed Chief already?”

The two were refreshed and the round-faced man hurriedly nodded his head. “Yes, the

White-Robed Chief is world-famous. We have heard of him too, his name resounded in our ears like thunder.”

“Then have you seen him?” Zheng Lide questioned.

The two of them helplessly shook their heads.

“Unfortunately, I have not seen him too.” Zheng Lide shook his head. “I would really like to meet him when I have the chance, it is said that he is very young.”

“Yes,” the round-faced man said excitedly, “I have heard that he is about the same age as us, it is really amazing!”

“Young and outstanding.” Zheng Lide let out a sigh.

He thought about Head Chief Chu Li, Du Feng in the South, Chu Li in the North. He was aware of the Head Chief’s power. To be equally famous as the Head Chief, imagine how powerful he would be!

“Yes, only the White-Robed Chief is truly young and outstanding, we are nothing compared to him!” the skinny-faced man laughed. “Unfortunately, we did not have the fortune to meet him, rumors say that he is hidden in Snow Lunar Pavilion.”

“Is he a member of Snow Lunar Pavilion?”

“Some people say, the White Robed Chief’s lover is in the Snow Lunar Pavilion.”

“Oh, that might be a possibility too.” Zheng Lide smirked. “Snow Lunar Pavilion is full of beauties.”

The two young men smiled.

“The Ling Long Pavilion is not bad either.” Zheng Lide laughed. “The female disciples there are good looking too.”

The two young men shook their heads.

The skinny-faced man said, “Although our Sisters are beautiful, they cannot be compared to the Snow Lunar Pavilion and now with the White-Robed Chief staying in the Snow Lunar Pavilion, they could hold their heads up even higher, no one would dare provoke them.”

Zheng Lide slowly nodded his head. “The White-Robed Chief, huh…”

He suddenly turned his head around, and under the moonlight, he saw Chu Li and Lu Yurong descend from the treetops side by side silently and slowly walked towards them.

Zheng Lide’s expression changed drastically and quickly stood up. “Head Chief!”

Chu Li nodded and smiled as he looked at the two young men. Then, his sights locked on to Zhou Kang.