White Robed Chief Chapter 631

Chapter 631 Dexterous

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Zheng Lide quietly groaned.

He had been worried about that throughout the journey, he was worried the Head Chief would show up and confront Zhou Kang in advance. All along, the Head Chief had been pre-emptive when dealing with matters, he always took a step ahead and would not resign himself to death.

Sure enough, his worries came true, he really came!

He smiled and said, “Head Chief this is Zhou Kang, Senior Zhou.”

Zhou Kang felt a gush of energy nearing him, he looked at Chu Li and Lu Yurong, then stood up with a calm and peaceful look and did a fist salute as he said, “I’m Zhou Kang.”

“Commander Zheng, you should leave!” Chu Li said with a smile.

Zheng Lide replied, “Head Chief, there’s no need for that.”

“Senior Zhou is here to kill me, am I right?” Chu Li turned to look at Zhou Kang. “I’m Chu Li.”

“Yes.” Zhou Kang nodded slowly.

The two youths were shocked, they wished that they could just disappear at once.

(The South has Du Feng, whereas the North has Chu Li, so this is Chu Li!) they thought to themselves.

As expected, he seemed to be around their age, yet he was like the mountain and the sea, such that his imposing manner could almost crush them. It felt like they would not be able to withstand one hit from him, he really had a well-deserving reputation!

It was a battle between Grandmasters, so they thought that it would be best for Innate Masters like themselves to stay as far as they could away from them. One they were involved, they might just lose their lives from just one palm energy.

However, the timing was not right at that moment, as the fight was already on the verge of breaking out. If they bid their farewells them, they might actually stir up trouble and would cause an explosion, whereby they would really lose their lives them. So, it would be better for them to wait it out and act according to the circumstances.

Although they were afraid, they were vaguely excited as well. After all, it was a fight between Grandmasters, it would be a huge scene. Moreover, it was Chu Li from the North who had the most prominent power in the martial arts world at that time, when they returned to Ling Long Pavilion, everyone would definitely gather around them to listen to their legendary experience.

Chu Li asked, “Senior Zhou, you’re not going to change your mind?”

Zhou Kang shook his head. “I’ve received great kindness from King An, in which I must pay off this debt of gratitude, so I can only show up with this weary old body of mine and I hope that you’ll forgive me, Chief Chu.”

Chu Li sighed and said, “I have no enmity with you, Senior Zhou, are we really going into a deadly fight?”

“Given this pressing situation, we can only blame that you provoked King An,” Zhou Kang said slowly, “I feel sorry that I’ll have to kill you for repaying a kindness, unfortunately, I can’t eat my cake and have it too, I can only go with one.”

Chu Li nodded slowly as he said, “From what you’re saying, Senior Zhou, if I end your life you’ll have no regrets?”

“If my skills are more inferior than yours, I’ll have nothing to say about it!” Zhou Kang nodded slowly, he had a calm look.

Chu Li smiled, he turned to look at Zheng Lide. “Commander Zheng, you haven’t decided?”

“Head Chief, if I leave now, how am I going to explain to the Royal Highness?” Zheng Lide said helplessly, “I can’t just do nothing and not attack at all, can I?”

“That’s true.” Chu Li nodded his head lightly.

He suddenly flashed and appeared behind him, he pressed his palm down, with a ghostly speed.

Once Zheng Lide saw that Chu Li disappeared, he realized that something was off, so he immediately put his fist out to face the attack.

“Bam!” A muffled sound of the thunder was heard, the two youths only felt that there was a cresting of vigor, such that they only wanted to cover up their ears.

However, they saw that a strong wind blew from the ground, causing the grass and leaves around them to curl and to fly up, which shot out to both sides, whereas the trees around them rustled as if a fierce wind swept past.

Zheng Lide staggered three steps backward, he felt that the palm force was growing rapidly after it entered his body, which was interrupting him as he tried to channel his inner energy. Just as he was trying to stabilize his body for channeling, Chu Li’s fist was already at his chest, which left him no time to respond.

“Bam” a muffled sound was heard, Zheng Lide’s chest took a hit from his fist and he flew straight away.

“Bam!” he crashed into a pine tree and then slid down softly.

Pine needles rustled down causing a layer on the top of his head and shoulders, blood was also seen from the corner of his mouth.

Chu Li nodded with satisfaction. “Now you have an excuse to not attack, right?”

“Head Chief…” Zheng Lide smiled bitterly, he wiped the blood away from the corner of his mouth, his face looked extremely pale.

All of his organs shifted away from their places and he was severely injured, he might not actually recover in a short period of time even with the help of miraculous pills and medicine. It would take him half a month to recover, disregarding the acute pain that he was suffering at that moment.

The two disciples from Ling Long Pavilion secretly trembled in fear, they did not even get a clear look at Chu Li’s body movement, if it was them instead, they would not be able to take a hit at all!

Chu Li turned to look at Zhou Kang.

Zhou Kang had snow-white hair and brows, his beard was waving gently as if it was floating on water.

His long robe that was made out of coarse grass linen fluttered in the wind, he looked like he was located within an enormous swirl that was surging. Grass and leaves flew up from the ground and fluttered around his body and they surrounded him.

The two youths subconsciously backed away and kept backing away as they were being pushed by an invincible energy. After they rolled out of the gazebo, they were still being pushed outwards, then they finally managed to stand still after staggering away for twenty steps and their backs were against a pine tree.

The two of them looked at each other and were both struck dumb with amazement.

Chu Li turned to look at Lu Yurong. “It looks like we’ll have to exert our utmost strengths too!”

Lu Yurong wore a white veil, her bluish-white gown looked spotless under the moonlight and her clear eyes looked like shining cold stars, she chuckled. “It’s time to defy death, don’t hold back!”

“Of course!” Chu Li said with a hoarse voice.

A shot of brilliance suddenly fell onto Lu Yurong’s body, which was absorbed by her.

Her bluish-white gown fluttered in the absence of wind and her eyes seemed to be gradually stripped of emotions, such that there was neither sorrow nor joy, as she overlooked all creatures with a cold look. Her forehead which was seen above her veil emitted a certain warmth and luster as if it was carved by white jade and her whole body was wreathed with an otherworldly magical energy.

As the Heavenly Demonic Orb fell to Chu Li’s heart, it seemed like he had no changes at all.

Nonetheless, a vast inner energy was surging within his body and spiritual force from all directions gushed into him as well. It operated according to the path of Cloud Slashing Power, whereby one circulatory circle was completed in a blink of an eye and it became purer with every complete circulatory cycle.

His spiritual force was very strong and his speed in promoting the circulation of his inner energy was far beyond what an ordinary person could achieve. When he transformed into the Heavenly Demon Body, his spiritual force became much stronger and the circulation of his inner energy became much faster, such that it was another circulatory circle again in an instant, he had achieved a stage that was frightful to one’s ear.

Chu Li took a leap at once as if shrinking the ground to inches, he arrived before Zhou Kang with just one leap then he launched a fist.

“Bam!” Zhou Kang countered with his palm, causing an explosion that gave off a muffled sound of thunder.

Chu Li did not budge at all, while Zhou Kang also stood still on the ground he looked calm and peaceful.

The two disciples from Ling Long Pavilion immediately covered their ears as their vigors crested, they almost vomited blood.

Lu Yurong took very light and gentle steps, then she appeared behind Zhou Kang and slammed her palm down softly.

“Bam!” Zhou Kang faced it with another palm.

Chu Li launched another fist as well, causing Zhou Kang to counter it with his palm.

“Bam, bam, bam, bam…” A series of explosive sounds were heard continuously.

Zhou Kang knitted his eyebrows together.

He was already using his secret skill as he heard about Chu Li’s prestige, he planned to just kill him right there right then, instead of returning to Fairy’s Capital. If he killed him in Fairy’s Capital, it would bring upon huge consequences and he was afraid that it might harm his posterity.

He thought that regardless of how profound Chu Li’s cultivation level was, it had only been two years after all, on the other hand, he had a cultivation level of almost two hundred years, so he must be more superior.

However, it never crossed his mind until after they started fighting, that Chu Li had a pure and profound inner energy and it seemed like it was endless, he felt that he might not be able to withstand it anymore.

‘Am I about to fail miserably in such a simple task?’ thought Zhou Kang. As he thought about that, he turned his palms into claws and grabbed onto Chu Li’s fist, a gushing inner energy immediately went into him as they fought hand in hand.

Chu Li had the exact thoughts at that moment, so he allowed him to grab onto his fist as he wished.

Lu Yurong swayed gently and backed away to avoid them.

Chu Li smiled as a spiritual force from heaven and earth gushed into him madly, which transformed into a pure inner energy, the both of them fought with their utmost energies without any fancy tricks.

Indeed, Zhou Kang’s cultivation level for a near two hundred years was very profound, he could not wear it off in such a short period of time, both of them ended up in a deadlock.

Lu Yurong shook her head and slammed her palm from a distance.

Zhou Kang could only stretch his hand out to face that attack forcefully but to his surprise, it was an empty hit, whereby the palm energy was very light. Zhou Kang was very weak such that he could not withstand the energy anymore, so the operating of his inner energy paused instantly.

“Bam!” He flew straight away and shot an arrow of blood in the air.

Lu Yurong cast a look at Chu Li with a vague smile, a dexterous hit as such was able to gather together such energy!