White Robed Chief Chapter 633

Chapter 633 Flinch

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King An looked at Xu Ning who was at the corner.

Xu Ning shook his head lightly.

King An secretly sighed a breath of relief and regained his composure.

He was also worried that his most trusted man was bribed to betray him. If so, he would really be left with nobody that could work for him.

In such a huge imperial residence, he felt sorrowful for himself just at the thought of not having anyone that he could employ to feel reassured.

It was all because of Chu Li and his mischief as he was good at winning over popular support and befogging the minds of the people. Almost all the maids, Scribes, Protectors in the entire imperial residence, even his Princess and his daughters were siding with Chu Li!

On the other hand, he was opposed by the masses and deserted by his followers, the prestigious reputation that he earned through many years of hard work vanished in just a day.

Each time he thought about that, an incessant murderous intent rose within him, he could not wait to kill Chu Li right then, to shred him into pieces so that he could relieve himself of that hatred.

“Alright, I know that you’re loyal and devoted!” King An scoffed and said, “You’re too careless with your missions, how could Chu Li even find out about it, I’m guessing that he secretly sent someone to follow you, knowing that you’re carrying out a task for me.”

“Yes, yes.” Zheng Lide quickly nodded his head with force. “Thank you for trusting me, Royal Highness!”

“You may leave!” King An waved his hand.

Zheng Lide immediately left.

Once he left the study room, he wiped his sweat away as he finally managed to pass the test. It seems like the method that was given by the Head Chief worked well, he only had one thought in his mind at that moment. He thought that he was wrongly accused, very wrongly accused, really very wrongly accused.

By the looks of it, Revered Sir Xu Ning must have read through him, so he believed him.

“Sigh…” King An shook his head and sighed. “Revered Sir, do you have any other ideas?”

Xu Ning put his palms together and bowed, he remained silent.

King An smiled bitterly as he said, “From the looks of it, I’ll have to slow things down.”

Xu Ning nodded. “Royal Highness, you’re wise.”

King An continued. “Life isn’t always sunshine and butterflies, even as the Prince, I’m being beset with all sorts of trouble for wanting to kill someone, I can’t kill him even if I wanted to and I can only hold it in bitterly, when I think about it, being a Prince is useless after all.”

Xu Ning said with a gentle voice, “The Head Chief is first class, moreover, he’s exceptionally intelligent and has outstanding martial art skills. In order to kill someone like him, you must have greater patience and stronger martial art skills. Royal Highness, the key is still by cultivating your martial art.”

“That’s right,” King An said with a sigh, “It’s better to depend on myself than on others, I can’t count on anyone else. If I want to kill him, I’ll have to do it myself, I’ve decided to go into isolated cultivation again!”

“Royal Highness, you’re very wise,” Xu Ning said slowly, “Now that there’s Monk Fa Zhi, it’ll take you half the effort yet yield twice the results if you cultivate Golden Lohan’s Power, Royal Highness. It’s a rare opportunity and it’s essential to focus on working hard on practicing.”

“When my Golden Lohan’s Power becomes a level higher, I won’t need anyone else and I don’t need to do those little tricks to play with his mind, I can just kill him straight!” King An sneered and said, “When that time comes, he’ll die with content!”

Xu Ning nodded his head slowly.

While Chu Li had an exceedingly sharp mind, King An’s tricks were like child’s play, hence playing those tricks on him was just like children’s tricks to him.

“Revered Sir, who should I hand the imperial residence over to?” King An frowned and said, “The imperial residence is a massive place. Once I go into isolated cultivation, I won’t have time to manage it, I’m afraid that things will go wrong.”

Xu Ning shook his head and said nothing.

“Chu Li again?” King An scoffed.

“Other than him, is there anyone else?” Xu Ning sighed and asked.

King An remained silent.

He could imagine it, once Chu Li regained his position as the Head Chief, his majesty would cease to exist. Such that he would become a joke to everyone else in the imperial residence and become a laughingstock. With an unsteady prestige like that, who would still listen to him!

King An shook his head. “No matter what, I can’t reinstate him as the Head Chief!”

Xu Ning said, “You can hand it over to the Princess, after all, the Princess is the Princess, it’s her duty to do so!”

“Hmm, that’s reasonable.” King An nodded slowly.

In that case, it would be the best of both worlds, he need not reinstate Chu Li as the Head Chief, hence Xiao Shi would not be able to manage the imperial residence since she needed Chu Li to help her with it. It would be best for him to do it without any power or position.

Chu Li and Lu Yurong appeared in her courtyard in Ren Public House.

There were three parts to her courtyard, whereby there were rockery, a small lake, and a water pavilion in her backyard making it look like a landscape garden.

The two of them appeared in the gazebo in her backyard.

The moonlight shone like water during that time and her backyard was very quiet, her maids were not around as well, so there were only two of them in the spacious backyard and it was silent around them.

Lu Yurong coughed lightly.

Instantly, nine ladies flew over with white clothing that looked like the snow, they surrounded Lu Yurong with faces of joy and happiness.

Chu Li who was standing aside was being neglected, it was as if they did not see him at all.

Lu Yurong pursed her lips and smiled; she did not ask the ladies to greet Chu Li as well.

After the ladies were done talking to her, she and Chu Li sat in the gazebo. Soon enough, a pot of tea was being served to them, then the ladies left the gazebo and disappeared among the flower shrubs.

Chu Li could not help but laugh. “Your nine maids aren’t easy to be dealt with.”

“If I join hands together with them, you won’t be a match,” Lu Yurong said faintly.

Chu Li laughed and said, “You won’t be able to unite, I’ll win.”

Lu Yurong cast a sidelong glance at him and did not refute anymore.

Chu Li’s Light Body Technique was indeed too powerful. He would not let them join powers, so she said faintly, “You shall rest here tonight, then meet my second brother’s woman tomorrow.”

“Is she in the residence already?” Chu Li asked.

Lu Yurong scoffed. “My second brother is quite clever, he knew that we won’t agree, so he simply acted first and brought her to the residence directly.”

“Seems like he has totally fallen for her.” Chu Li laughed and said, “To be able to attract a playboy like him, this lady is certainly not ordinary, no wonder you’re worried.”

“Don’t gloat over this, don’t you trick me if something is really wrong!”

“Of course.”

“Follow me then.” Lu Yurong stood up.

The two of them left the gazebo, then arrived at a courtyard in her backyard. It was a quiet and isolated courtyard that was managed with cleanliness as someone always took care of it.

“This is where I do my isolated cultivation, you shall stay for one night,” Lu Yurong said, “Don’t simply touch anything!”

Chu Li smiled and nodded.

Lu Yurong did not say much after that, she curled away and left.

Chu Li entered the courtyard and went straight to the bedroom inside the house, it was decorated very well that it gave a warm feeling.

Chu Li laid on the soft bed as he started having some thoughts, he wondered as to why Lu Yurong allowed him to stay over there. Logically, it was a private area for her, she would not have let him stay there.

There were many guest houses in the High Duke’s Public Houses, so why did she not let him stay in one of those guesthouses instead?

After he thought for a while, he stopped thinking about it, he could not see through Lu Yurong’s mind and it would be useless for him to overthink, so he sat up with his legs crossed to practice.

Early in the morning.

Lu Yushu looked just as his name implied. He was dressed in white clothing, looked neat and was tall and handsome.

He had a graceful presence and was in high spirits as he brought a beautiful lady to the backyard, then he saw Chu Li and Lu Yurong who were sitting in the gazebo.

Instantly, his face changed, he called out involuntarily, “Why is it you!”

Chu Li turned and smiled. “Second Young Master Lu, long time no see, how have you been?”

“You with the surname Chu, why are you here!?” Lu Yushu yelled angrily with a ghastly look, “This is not the Yi Public House!”

Chu Li nodded. “This is the Ren Public House, this lady is…?”

He looked at the beautiful lady carefully.

She seemed to be those that looked pretty at first glance and she looked slightly more beautiful than an ordinary person. She seemed to be even prettier as he looked at her for a longer time, it was as wiping off the dust from a gem, she began shining with a bright sparkle.

He subconsciously exclaimed to himself, she was definitely not an ordinary lady!

Lu Yurong said, “This is my future second sister-in-law, Ji Ruyu.”

Chu Li did a fist salute and said with a smile, “I’m Chu Li, greetings, Miss Ji!”

Ji Ruyu did a curtsey and smiled gracefully.

“You with the surname Chu, get lost immediately!” Lu Yushu scoffed coldly and said, “This is not a place for you to be at!”

Chu Li smiled. “Second Young Master, why do you have to be like that, this isn’t the right way to treat a guest!”

“What kind of guest are you!” Lu Yushu said with disdain, “Our High Duke’s Public Houses don’t just allow anyone to be our guest!”