White Robed Chief Chapter 634

Chapter 634 Identity

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Chu Li coughed softly and looked at Lu Yurong.

Lu Yurong squinted her eyes and said faintly, “Second brother, Chu Li is my guest.”

“Little sister, why are you associating yourself with him!” Lu Yushu said with dissatisfaction, “You don’t know what kind of person he is!”

Lu Yurong replied, “I know what kind of person he is, but I don’t know what kind of person Miss Ji is.”

“What do you mean by Miss Ji, you should call her your second sister-in-law!” Lu Yushu called out with discontent. “Xiao Yu is your second sister-in-law, nobody can change that!”

“Miss Ji, come over and take a seat.” Lu Yurong smiled at Ji Ruyu and said to her, “This is our first meeting, am I right?”

“Nice to meet you, Miss Lu.” Ji Ruyu smiled and said, “I’ve always heard about you from Yushu, and I truly respect you, Miss, he said that you have a manly spirit and can defeat all the men in the world, sure enough, you have an elegant demeanor!”

“Don’t listen to my second brother’s raves, he has only seen a few heroes in the world.” Lu Yurong waved her hand and cast a sidelong glance at Lu Yushu. “Moreover, my second brother’s words aren’t reliable, out of ten things he says, you can only take one to be true.”

As she said that she put her hands out, then Ji Ruyu took a glance at Lu Yushu.

Lu Yushu scoffed and said, “I’ll take a seat then, what’s the big deal!”

Deep down, he was feeling very nervous.

Truthfully, he was most afraid of his youngest sister, as all the little tricks would be useless against her, she could see through him with just a few sentences, then she would mock and speak ironically to him without any mercy.

Usually, it would not be much but Xiao Yu was present at that moment, if she mocked or tormented him in any way, what would become of his image then?

He pulled Ji Ruyu along and sat down in the gazebo which was right opposite of Chu Li.

Chu Li nodded and smiled, then she smiled at Ji Ruyu too.

“Little Sister ask him to get lost. We’re having a conversation as a family, why is he butting in!” Lu Yushu scoffed and said. He then stared at Chu Li ruthlessly. “As long as he’s here, there won’t be anything nice!”

Chu Li laughed and said, “Second Young Master, you’re too narrow-minded, I just lost control and slapped you once.”

“You—!” Lu Yushu’s face immediately turned dark.

Lu Yurong waved his hand and replied, “Alright, you’re quarreling the moment you meet each other, can’t you just sit down and talk it out if there’s anything! …Miss Ji, where are you from?”

“I was born in Mo Shan Town.” Ji Ruyu smiled and continued, “Then I’ve stayed in Feng Huang Mountain to learn some skills, I returned home last year.”

“Feng Huang Mountain…” Lu Yurong raised her brows, then she looked at Chu Li.

Chu Li said with a smile, “I’m not familiar with Feng Huang Mountain.”

He had actually seen disciples from Feng Huang Mountain, yet he had never entered.

“That’s a renowned and huge faction with outstanding students,” Lu Yurong smiled and said, “But you must have suffered a lot of hardships.”

Ji Ruyu shook her head gently, then she looked at Lu Yushu. “I’m alright.”

Lu Yushu showed a pitiful look. “She has me now, both her parents are not around anymore, the others in the same faction are also suspicious and jealous of her.”

Lu Yurong grinned and said, “Love is really something that can make someone risk their own lives.”

Martial art factions and the High Duke’s Public Houses were enemies, they were like cat and mouse.

Once Ji Ruyu entered the High Duke’s Public Houses it meant that she would alienate herself from Feng Huang Mountain, so it would be difficult for her to return to the mountain. Even if she did return, she would be given cold looks by the disciples from Feng Huang Mountain as they would treat her as a traitor. It was different from a Grandmaster working for the High Duke’s Public Houses and Fairy’s Capital.

For one, a Grandmaster had an aloof identity. Furthermore, Grandmasters were undoubtedly loyal to their own factions.

Lu Yushu jeered and said, “Little Sister, I spent a lot of effort in finding a woman that I truly am fond of, don’t you stir things up for nothing!”

He was very clear about how Lu Yurong dealt with matters, for a woman like Yuru that entered their residence abruptly, she must have passed through a heavy investigation by Lu Yurong, where she would only stop once she finally affirmed that she was reliable.

“Second Brother, how did you and Miss Ji meet each other?” Lu Yurong beamed and asked, “It’s rare for you to be so fond of a woman.”

“It’s actually quite a coincidence, we met upstairs in a restaurant.” Lu Yushu smirked and continued, “I went to Mo Shan Town, then I coincidentally met Xiao Yu in the restaurant, and I liked her from the first time I saw her.”

“Love at first sight.” Lu Yurong forced a grin and glanced at Ji Ruyu while she said with a smile, “Nonetheless, Miss Ji is certainly very beautiful, it’s no wonder that you like her, Second Brother.”

“Haha, everyone thinks that Xiao Yu has an ordinary look,” Lu Yushu scoffed and said proudly, “They’re all shallow people!”

Chu Li kept playing with the white jade cup that he was holding on to, he seemed to be absent-minded.

Lu Yushu acted as if he did not see Chu Li.

It was rare for him to have a good conversation with his young sister, so he had to take care of her image. Although Chu Li was very hateful, such that he could not wait to just slap him to death but he was the guest of his young sister after all. He was afraid that his young sister would be outraged should he go against Chu Li at all, then he would suffer bad luck in the end.

Lu Yurong talked to Ji Ruyu for a while then she looked at Chu Li. “Don’t just drink, say something.”

Lu Yushu scoffed and said, “Little Sister, at least he has a clear estimation of himself, just don’t fret about him.”

Ji Ruyu pulled Lu Yushu gently.

She felt that Lu Yushu’s action was not very right, she could tell that Chu Li and Lu Yurong had an unusual relationship between them, so saying anything about him would mean aggravating Lu Yurong.

Lu Yushu shut his mouth madly and stared at Chu Li.

Chu Li looked at Lu Yurong. “Do you really want me to be the evil person?”

“What evil person?” Lu Yushu scoffed and asked.

Lu Yurong replied, “Say it if you should.”

Chu Li glanced at Ji Ruyu, then he sighed and shook his head as he said, “Forget about it, she’s such a beautiful woman, I really don’t have the heart to.”

Lu Yurong said snappily, “Quickly say it!”

Chu Li beamed and responded, “Do I really have to say that, Miss Ji is a disciple from the Holy Church of Light, does your second brother know about that too?”

“You with the surname Chu, what nonsense are you talking about!” Lu Yushu “soared” up at once as he stood up, he pointed at him and yelled out loud, “What are you up to?!”

Chu Li smirked at Lu Yurong.

Lu Yurong’s face immediately turned ghastly, he looked at Lu Yushu coldly, “Second brother, tell me the truth!”

Lu Yushu put his hand down and curled his lips. “Don’t listen to him blabber!”

“I’ll ask you again, which faction is she from exactly?!” Lu Yurong’s clear eyes looked like a cold star. She stared at Lu Yushu intensely. “You’re the Second Young Master in the High Duke’s Public House!”

“… Alright, alright.” Lu Yushu stared at Chu Li hatefully, he then grit his teeth and said, “Indeed, Xiao Yu is a disciple from the Holy Church of Light!”

Lu Yurong laughed after being extremely mad. “Second Brother, do you feel that there’s not enough trouble in our residence? You dare to incur a disciple from the Holy Church of Light too?”

“I don’t care what her identity is, it’s her that I like!” Lu Yushu scoffed and said.

Lu Yurong looked at Ji Ruyu. “Miss Ji, excuse me for my impoliteness.”

Ji Ruyu smiled forcefully. “It’s alright, we knew that it was going to be like that, so we wanted to hide this from you temporarily, but in the end, we failed to do so Miss Lu.”

Lu Yurong said, “Miss Ji, do you really like my second brother, or you’re getting close to him for an alternative reason?”

“The meeting between Yushu and myself was a very accidental encounter.” Ji Ruyu sighed softly and said, “After I knew about his identity, I was ready to leave but I really couldn’t let him go. If you really disapprove of us of being together Miss Lu, I won’t force it too, I’ll leave the Great Ji Dynasty.”

“Xiao Yu, if you want to leave, I’ll leave with you!” Lu Yushu quickly said.

Ji Ruyu shook her head gently.

“Second brother, if you leave to the Li Dynasty, your head will be chopped off by the Holy Church of Light and it will be dumped back here the next day.” Lu Yurong said faintly, “Do you want your life, or your love life, you make your own choice, I won’t control you.”