White Robed Chief Chapter 636

Chapter 636 Defying Nature

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Lu Yushu returned to his courtyard along with Ji Ruyu.

He asked Ji Ruyu to change her clothes immediately and put on a veil as they were going to take a breather outside. After being anxious for so many days, they finally felt relieved as they managed to get the approval of his youngest sister.

For a period of time, Lu Yurong had not returned to the residence, she was always at Fairy’s Capital which made Lu Yushu very worried.

Although Ji Ruyu could keep it a secret from his eldest brother, she could not hide the truth from his youngest sister who was smart, powerful and exceptionally intelligent. If his youngest sister found out after all and forcefully asked Ji Ruyu to leave, he would be helpless after all.

In the High Duke’s Public House, the most effective words did not come from his eldest brother nor his father, it was his youngest sister.

Their eldest brother and their father’s minds could be changed in an instant just by a few words from his youngest sister. As long as his youngest sister did not disapprove of it, his father and eldest brother would approve of it too. However, once his youngest sister disagrees, their father and eldest brother would definitely not agree to it too.

Never in his mind would he have thought that they were able to pass her stage so easily, she actually approved their relationship and even offered to help him.

The great news really made him so excited that he was not able to control the joy inside of him, he needed to celebrate it.

Ji Ruyu smiled and said, “If we go out now, won’t it be too dangerous? In case we bump into anyone familiar…”

“How can there be so many acquaintances?” Lu Yushu was not bothered at all, he waved his hand. “This is Green Mountain Town, not everyone can just get in as they wish, there won’t be any disciples from the Holy Church of Light for sure, don’t worry!”

“Are you sure it’s a good idea?” Ji Ruyu hesitated.

Lu Yushu said, “Furthermore, you’re being masked by the veil, it’ll be fine as long as you leave it on even in the restaurant.”

“… Alright.” Ji Ruyu was getting bored as well, they should take a breather outside.

Moreover, they had planned to fake a death, it would not matter even if they were discovered, it would be perfect for her to fake a death to extricate herself.

The two of them dressed up, Ji Ruyu wore a white veil and a pink gown, she looked delicate and graceful which also made her look like a woman who did not know martial arts, then she left the High Duke’s Public House together with Lu Yushu.

The two of them took a stroll on the streets and decided to have their meal at Peak Beyond Peak restaurant in the afternoon, they wanted to have an enjoyable time out.

Just as Chu Li and Lu Yurong were haggling, a beautiful maid flew over. “Lady, the Second Young Master and Miss Ji left the residence.”

“This second brother!” Lu Yurong shook his head and said, “He really can’t retain his composure!”

Chu Li said, “Isn’t he afraid of bumping into disciples from the Holy Church of Light?”

“Since when would he consider so much when he does something, he’s too reckless and impetuous!” Lu Yurong said helplessly, “Forget it, let him be, they won’t be so unlucky such that they’ll bump into disciples from the Holy Church of Light right when they leave the residence.”

Chu Li smiled and said, “If there are really disciples from the Holy Church of Light, it’ll be perfect for her to fake death, do you have an idea already?”

“I have a secret medicine.” Lu Yurong said faintly, “It’ll allow one to die for a day, then come back to life.”

Chu Li became interested, so he asked, “Is there such a secret medicine?”

Lu Yurong said, “The spirit herb used to refine this secret medicine is already extinct, hence it’s unusually precious, don’t you think about it!”

Chu Li replied, “You can repay my debt in exchange for this secret medicine then!”

“What do you want this for!” Lu Yurong frowned.

Chu Li answered, “If the Second Lady really despises staying in the King An’s Imperial Residence, she can use this to extricate herself.”

“You trust me?” Lu Yurong asked


Chu Li could not help but laugh as he spoke, “I trust you the most.”

Lu Yurong rolled her eyes at him. “Looks like you can still use your Eclipse Purloin Skill!”

At once, she guessed that the reason Chu Li dared to use the medicine was not because of how much he trusted her but because he was confident in his Eclipse Purloin Skill.

Chu Li sighed and said, “I guess this is already the last chance.”

Lu Yurong suddenly smiled happily, which made her look remarkable. “Let me tell you another piece of news, stop thinking about being an Enlightened Master, you can’t violate God’s will, I heard that being an Enlightened Master is closely related to God’s will and since you used the Eclipse Purloin Skill, you’re violating God’s will!”

Chu Li frowned and looked at him.

Lu Yurong said, “This is just my guess, but it’s very likely to be true!”

“God’s will…” Chu Li frowned and replied, “Could it be that God’s will decides the ascription of an Enlightened Master?”

“Something like that, if not why are they only two Enlightened Masters in the country? The Emperor and the one with the best martial arts would naturally become Enlightened Masters, no matter how the others exert their utmost effort to seek and train, they won’t be able to become Enlightened Masters.” Lu Yurong nodded.

Chu Li asked, “Before spirit beasts enter Hundred-Thousand Hills, there would be another Enlightened Master?”

“Spirit beasts live in a world that’s different from the mortal world.” Lu Yurong continued, “The mortal world apotheosizes, which is apotheosized by God, whereas the world of spirit beasts defies the natural order, so each year many Grandmasters enter Hundred-Thousand Hills.”

“Were there any successful ones?” Chu Li asked.

Lu Yurong said, “Even if they become an Enlightened Master, they won’t be able to escape Hundred-Thousand Hills, the powerhouse among the spirit beasts is much stronger than an Enlightened Master … but there were two who actually managed to escape.”

Chu Li’s face changed. “Is it really possible to become an Enlightened Master in Hundred-Thousand Hills?”

“Yes,” Lu Yurong nodded and said, “But they must first escape the hunting of the spirit beasts, it was a narrow escape.”

Chu Li said, “What happened after they came out?”

“After that, they lived in seclusion and there wasn’t any news about them. One of them was from Amethyst Mountain, whereas another one was from Green Deer Cliff.” Lu Yurong shook her head and said, “Enlightened Masters can’t simply attack those who aren’t Enlightened Masters, or else there’ll be a curse, which is why Enlightened Masters almost never show themselves, and they rarely make any moves.”

Chu Li could not help but laugh and said, “Then what’s the point of being an Enlightened Master? There’s no freedom, and one will feel more restricted instead.”

Lu Yurong replied, “One cannot invade the prestige of Enlightened Masters, once offended, they won’t be cursed for killing that person. Killing unreasonably without being provoked will result in a curse. God’s will can’t be hidden, it’s very just and fair.”

Chu Li nodded slowly.

Lu Yurong said, “Think about what you’ve done and how many you’ve killed, these are all debts, if you want to become an Enlightened Master, it’ll be very tough.”

“What if I’m the best in the world?” Chu Li asked.

“I’m guessing that you’ll be unanswered too,” Lu Yurong shook her head and said with a smile, “For all you know, the second-best in the world will become an Enlightened Master.”

“From what you’re saying, I can’t save people anymore?” Chu Li scowled and said.

“Save those you can but for those that are completely dead, it’ll be best for you to not save them,” Lu Yurong said.

Chu Li sighed. “It seems like I have no hope of becoming an Enlightened Master.”

If he wanted to save people, he would not even bother if they were completely dead or not.

“Then you can only take the path of defying nature,” Lu Yurong said, “Enter Hundred-Thousand Hills, but in order to become an Enlightened Master by entering Hundred-Thousand Hills, you need to cultivate your martial art perfectly but it seems like nobody has ever cultivated the martial art perfectly in more than a thousand years.”

Chu Li raised his brows.

Lu Yurong said, “There are only two sources of martial art in the present world, one is the martial art passed down from Grandmasters, another one is a martial art that evolved according to spirit beasts. If you cultivate the martial art of Grandmasters perfectly and become an Enlightened Master, you’ll elevate into the Grandmaster’s Boundary directly and won’t be able to stay in this world. On the other hand, if you perfectly cultivate the martial art of spirit beasts, you’ll stay in this world and can also choose to enter the Grandmaster’s Boundary.”

Chu Li thought for a while, he was still clueless about all of it.

Chu Li suddenly inquired, “The official disciples from Four Major Sects, why won’t they die even after they were killed?”

Lu Yurong shook her head and sighed. “This is the greatest mystery of the Four Major Sects.”

“Pretending to be profound!”

“The Four Major Sects don’t divulge themselves to outsiders, how would you know?”

“How would you know?”

Lu Yurong rolled her eyes at him, “Looks like you don’t want to know any more!”

Chu Li hurriedly said, “Tell me about it!”

“You owe me one!” Lu Yurong said, “This mystery is worth a debt of kindness.”

“… Alright!” Chu Li grit his teeth and agreed.