White Robed Chief Chapter 637

Chapter 637 Godly Pill

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Lu Yurong smiled and said, “It’s actually very simple, they have the Godly Pill of Enlightened Master!”

“Godly Pill of Enlightened Master?” Chu Li shook his head. “Is that the highest grade of spirit medicine? Consuming it will save one’s life?”

“It’s similar to the Buddhist’s sarira.” Lu Yurong continued, “It’s something that an Enlightened Master leaves behind in this world as one enters the Grandmaster’s Boundary, it’s called the Godly Pill of Enlightened Master.”

“What’s the magical effect?” Chu Li asked.

Lu Yurong answered, “The Godly Pill of Enlightened Master is able to form an Enlightened Master’s dojo that looks like a dream, once a person manages to cultivate his or her martial art to a certain state, one will be able to resonate with the Godly Pill of Enlightened Master, then enter the Enlightened Master’s dojo. Even if one’s body perishes, his or her soul will remain in the dojo instead of rebirth, that person will be reincarnated at once and returned to his or her own faction.”

“If that’s the case, all the disciples from Four Major Sects won’t die or perish anymore?” Chu Li frowned.

He thought about the stupa in Titanium Temple, whereby the sarira formed a golden shield from within, it was probably a dojo like what she mentioned.

Lu Yurong shook her head and said, “How could there be such a good deal, entering the dojo is not an easy matter, there aren’t many disciples from Four Major Sects who leaves the mountain, this is because only those disciples who can enter the dojo are allowed to do so. Once they die, their souls leave the dojo for them to be reincarnated, it would be ten times or even a hundred times harder for them to cultivate again, and they would probably be more than a hundred years old when they enter the dojo again. So once they get used to the calm life in their sect, it’s very likely that they won’t leave the mountain anymore.”

Chu Li nodded slowly. “I see, being an Enlightened Master has such wonderful powers.”

“Or else how could they be called the Four Major Sects?” Lu Yurong scoffed and said, “They’ve produced Enlightened Masters before.”

A multitude of feelings rushed to Chu Li’s mind. “That’s the inner secret!”

“That’s right.” Lu Yurong said, “This is also where their essence lies.”

“Initially, I thought that there were only around two hundred Grandmasters in the martial art scene of the Great Ji Dynasty,” Chu Li shook his head, sighed and said.

Lu Yurong replied, “More than two hundred sounds about right, the strength of Four Major Sects is truly unpredictable but they’re very strict in choosing their disciples, they only pick those who are hopeful in becoming Grandmasters. They haven’t been taking in any disciples for over ten years and since Grandmasters only have a lifetime of two hundred over years, they won’t take in too many of them. Moreover, each time a disciple enters, a Grandmaster will be sent to Hundred-Thousand Hills.”

Chu Li thought for a while. “Apotheosize, becoming God… interesting.”

“You used the Eclipse Purloin Skill, so there’s only one path left for you. You have to defy the natural order to become an Enlightened Master,” Lu Yurong said with a smile, “So, stop thinking about being the best in the world, practice your martial art conscientiously until you perfect it.”

“Practice until perfection…” Chu Li shook his head and could not help but laugh.

Lu Yurong declared, “I can tell that you’d like to stay in this world, so you can’t rely on the martial art of Grandmasters, you’ll have to practice the martial art of spirit beasts. In order to perfect the martial art of spirit beasts, you must have a broad knowledge of all the martial arts in the world and obtain a true meaning from each of them. You have to achieve a greater understanding in martial art study and polish them bit by bit, it’ll be a rocky road, I have a much easier path!”

Chu Li laughed and replied, “You hope to become the best in the world?”

“That’s right!” Lu Yurong nodded. “I wish to perfect the Empyrean Fairy Power, which requires me to rely on the concept of heart. The concept of heart is the most unpredictable and most mysterious one. I can’t think it through, so I don’t have much hope in that, so it’ll be easier for me to be the best in the world.”

Chu Li’s face changed slightly.

He suddenly thought about Xiao Qi.

Xiao Qi was cultivating the Regal Sword Scripture, it was probably an antique study of Grandmasters.

One she perfects it and becomes an Enlightened Master, she would leave the world, it seemed like he could not bring her into Hundred-Thousand Hills and must stop her from entering Hundred-Thousand Hills too.

If that was the case, she would not be able to enter the Enlightened Mastery’s Boundary, which would defy what she wanted.

Nonetheless, it would not matter if she defied it, he could also protect the High Duke’s Public House if he became an Enlightened Master!

“I have another question.” Chu Li pondered and asked, “The Emperor is also an Enlightened Master, so does the imperial house have the Godly Pill of Enlightened Master too?”

“The Emperor can’t.” Lu Yurong shook her head. “Enlightened Masters who succeed in apotheosizing can’t have the Godly Pill of Enlightened Master.”

“Only those who defy nature to become Enlightened Masters will have them?” Chu Li asked.

Lu Yurong nodded. “In order to prevent their sects from being exterminated, they have to defy nature to become Enlightened Masters, each time Four Major Sects recruit a new disciple, a Grandmaster will enter Hundred-Thousand Hills. Unfortunately, none of them succeeded all these years but their understanding of Hundred-Thousand Hills is far beyond what one could imagine. I’m guessing that it wouldn’t take a thousand years for one of them to defy the natural order and become an Enlightened Master.”

“A thousand years…” Chu Li shook his head.

He secretly sighed a long breath of relief, if there was also a dojo in the imperial house, how could he kill King An then?

Lu Yurong said, “It’s a pity that it’ll be useless no matter how well they know about Hundred-Thousand Hills, the spirit beasts are too powerful. Once Grandmasters enter that place, it’ll be like a child entering the den of a ferocious beast, it’s considered to be good enough that one will still make a narrow escape, so a thousand years will be the fastest time for them to succeed.”

Chu Li nodded.

Lu Yurong said, “Oh, you better not kill King An, once King An dies, the Emperor will make a move to take revenge for sure!”

Chu Li sighed.

Lu Yushu and Ji Ruyu strolled around Green Mountain Town joyfully, then they arrived at Peak Beyond Peak restaurant and went straight up to the third floor.

Once they reached the third floor, Ji Ruyu stopped abruptly.

Lu Yushu asked as he was confused, “Xiao Yu, what’s the matter?”

Ji Ruyu quickly pulled his sleeves and turned around to leave.

When Lu Yushu walked down as he was being pulled by her, he asked curiously on the stairs, “Xiao Yu, what’s wrong?”

“Sister Ji?” Suddenly, a clear voice was heard, a shadow flashed, then a handsome youth appeared on the stairs.

He had a slender and tall physique, he had a supple waist and a lean back, he carried a gorgeous antique sword on his waist and he had a complexion as clear as jade, eyes as shiny as stars, and was looking at Ji Ruyu with surprise.

Lu Yushu suddenly understood, they were really unlucky, such that they really bumped into someone who knew Ji Ruyu!

“Who are you?!” Lu Yushu said with a hoarse voice, he blocked in front of Ji Ruyu. “You got the wrong person!”

The handsome youth shook his head and said with a smile, “Not only with a veil, even if Sister Ji covers her entire body, I’ll be able to recognize her! … Sister Ji, who is he?”

“You’re such an insensible fellow!” Lu Yushu said snappily, “This is my wife, she’s not Sister Ji, move aside, we’d like to go downstairs!”

The good-looking youth did a fist salute. “I’m Fang Jing.”

Lu Yushu asked, “Which faction or sect are you from?”

“I’m a disciple from Feng Huang Mountain.” Fang Jing beamed and said, “Since when did Sister Ji get married and become your wife, how did I not know about this!”

“We got married a year ago, you got a wrong person, move aside!” Lu Yushu scoffed impatiently. “Or else, don’t blame me for being rude!”

“Sister Ji?” Fang Jing was not bothered at all, he stuck his head out to look at Ji Ruyu who was behind Lu Yushu.

“Help!” Lu Yushu scoffed in a hoarse voice.

“Second Young Master!” Two Grandmasters appeared behind Fang Jing.

“Beat him up!” Lu Yushu pointed at Fang Jing.

“Yes!” The two Grandmasters did fist salutes in response to his orders.

Fang Jing took his sword out from his scabbard and said in a low tone, “Who are you people, how dare you launch an attack in Green Mountain Town under bright daylight!”

“Hmph, I’ll let you know what daring looks like, slaughter him!” Lu Yushu scoffed and said.

“Yes!” The two Grandmasters responded, yet they knew that they were not supposed to kill him, they only needed to chase him away.

Ji Ruyu said softly, “Yushu…”

“I know, I know, I’m only scaring him.” Lu Yushu quickly nodded.

Ji Ruyu followed him upstairs and said softly, “This is terrible, I’m afraid that the people from the Church will find out.”

“They don’t know my identity.” Lu Yushu said.

Ji Ruyu shook her head. “They’ll know once they ask and they know that I’m in Green Mountain Town, based on the capability of the Church, they’ll be able to investigate it right away.”

“Hmph, if they want to seek information in Green Mountain Town, they’ll have to ask if the High Duke’s Public House agrees!” Lu Yushu was very confident, he did not bother about it and said, “Let us quickly return, we’ll discuss this with my youngest sister, she has plenty of ideas!”

“That sounds good too.” Ji Ruyu lamented and said, “She’ll blame us for being too reckless.”

“How is this being reckless!” Lu Yushu twisted his lips and replied, “Regardless of what she says with that mouth of hers, she can even say that a person is trying to commit suicide, if you believe it, you’re just making life difficult for yourself, she just has a sharp tongue but she means well.”

“Yes.” Ji Ruyu nodded gently.

The two of them stuck their heads out to take a look downstairs, Fang Jing was fighting with those two Grandmasters who were his Protectors, he fought and moved away simultaneously, in a blink of an eye, they arrived at the end of the avenue and he was about to escape.

Lu Yushu called out. “Just let him get lost.”

“Yes.” The two Grandmasters, who were Protectors, stopped attacking and watched as Fang Jing made his escape.