White Robed Chief Chapter 638

Chapter 638 Idea

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Chu Li originally wanted to leave but Lu Yurong persuaded him to stay for two days to excite High Duke Lu enough before leaving. The debt would be paid then.

Chu Li considered it and since there were no matters to attend to at the Imperial Residence, Xiao Shi was back at the High Duke’s Public House without worries and it did not matter if he visited the Secret Guardians Hall as it was mainly for him to gather intel.

As for the Crouching Bull Mountain, he had already entered the mountains to be in seclusion. They would not be able to seek him out. It would be just right for him to return once a fortnight.

Hence, he agreed to stay at Ren Public House for two days.

The two of them sat in a gazebo at the backyard, sipping tea and chatting away on anecdotes concerning the martial arts world and deeds of past Enlightened Masters.

Lu Yurong was familiar in recounting these Enlightened Masters.

She was clear on the background, the kind of martial arts they cultivated and how they became Enlightened Masters. Chu Li could only gasp with admiration on how far away he faired in comparison.

It was this time when the sound of footsteps was heard. Lu Yushu and Ji Ruyu rushed in.

Seeing them drinking tea leisurely, Lu Yushu felt a burst of rage. He sulked. “Little sis, someone has recognized Xiao Yu.”

Lu Yurong waved her arm, “Come over here to sit and speak.”

Ji Ruyu was embarrassed. “It’s one of my seniors. I didn’t think it would be such a coincidence to bump into him here.”

“He’s familiar with you?” Lu Yushu asked.

Ji Ruyu lightly nodded.

Lu Yushu recalled the situation and felt uncomfortable. “How could he be so familiar with you?… He likes you!”

Ji Ruyu rolled her eyes at him. “Uh-huh, he likes me.”

“It’s no wonder!” Lu Yushu snorted. “I could tell this fella’s look at you is not right!”

Ji Ruyu turned his head and looked at Lu Yurong. “Miss Lu, now the Holy Church must know about me.”

“Let them know then,” Lu Yurong calmly replied, “It’s only but a step earlier. I wonder why the Holy Church of Light is here.”

Ji Ruyu frowned as she thought about it before shaking her head. “In the beginning, it’s just to pry on some information with no interior motive.”

“So it’s to obtain information on our Ren Public House.” Lu Yurong light nodded. “It’s not just him alone, right?”

“It should be just senior Fang himself,” Ji Ruyu answered.

Lu Yurong did not ask further questions to prevent Ji Ruyu from thinking she was trying to spy on the Holy Church of Light. “How’s the character of this senior Fang?”

“Senior Fang is very smart.” Ji Ruyu sighed.

Lu Yushu scoffed. “Smart!”

Ji Ruyu took a glance at him before pursing her lips into a smile. “Senior Fang indeed is an extremely clever person, more intelligent than Yushu.”

“And handsome?” Lu Yurong continued.

“Yeah, right handsome!” Lu Yushu exclaimed. “A far cry from me!”

“Then he must be really handsome.” Lu Yurong nodded. “Handsome and extremely smart. He likes you too. Miss Ji, why don’t you like him and rather chose an idiot like my second brother?”

“Little sis!” Lu Yushu cried out in dissatisfaction. “Who’s an idiot!”

Lu Yurong added. “No matter how I think about it, it’s hard to believe.”

Ji Ruyu lightly shook her head. “No one can be too sure of feelings… It could be because he’s too smart.”

Lu Yurong’s brow raised as she looked at Lu Yushu then at Chu Li, clearly finding it hard to comprehend.

She really did not take to idiots too well. She felt that no words or actions could crush her. Thinking about it could throw her in deep rage. How one could be that stupid was beyond belief. A simple matter could not even be executed well.

Although Lu Yushu was her second brother, she still found it hard to believe that Ji Ruyu from the Holy Church of Light would fall for him.

However, Chu Li could somewhat relate to Ji Ruyu.

Because he was too smart, he was calculative. His feelings were not pure. This Fang Jing still adored Ji Ruyu but more so to fame and wealth. Ji Ruyu placed importance on sentiments and wanted the purest of feelings.

Although Lu Yushu was not clever, it was love at first sight. He did not know her identity. It was just plain love that he sought after her with such passion. Even when he found out about her identity and knew the heavy obstacles ahead, he still firmly wanted to be together, he wished to be together at any means.

He sighed internally. It was said that there are people with dumb luck and it was true!

“Little sis don’t speak nonsense and think of an idea. Can we kill this guy?” Lu Yushu asked.

Ji Ruyu glared at him.

Lu Yushu added. “He is such an eyesore, smiling like a fox. You can tell he’s not a good guy just by one look!”

Lu Yurong thought deeply about it. “If he’s such a clever person, then let’s make use of his wittiness. Miss Ji, you have to play a part and meet him in the dark.”

“What?!” Lu Yushu widened his eyes. “Meet in the dark? No way!”

Lu Yurong said, “Then fine, I’m not going to bother about it.”

“Little sis!” Lu Yushu contested. “Why the trouble? Just kill him, then have Xiao Yu play dead. The Holy Church of Light would think that they died together and no one will suspect anything.”

“This is an idea. Simple and blunt.” Lu Yurong softly chuckled and looked at Ji Ruyu.

Ji Ruyu lightly shook her head. “That would welcome the revenge of the Holy Church.”

“Revenge would come no matter what, huh?” Lu Yushu snorted. “If you die but he doesn’t then there’s no revenge?”

“There’s a difference between one person dying and two,” Ji Ruyu answered, “Moreover Senior Fang is in a different position, far more important than mine.”

“What position is he in?!” scoffed Lu Yushu.

Ji Ruyu replied, “His master is an altar leader while mine has long passed.”

“This…” Lu Yushu shifted his attention to Lu Yurong. “Little sis, what should we do?”

Lu Yurong responded, “How about this? You go ahead and tell him that you’re at the High Duke’s Public House to pry information. Have him leave quickly before he exposes you.”

“Mm.” Ji Ruyu nodded.

Lu Yurong stated, “Then I’ll send men after you two. You’ll fake death while he escapes, that’s about it. The Holy Church of Light would not come again, right?”

Ji Ruyu cracked a smile. “This is good.”

“Then that’s decided!” Lu Yurong finalized. “Tonight, you’ll see him.”

Lu Yushu’s eye widened and wanted to butt in.

Lu Yurong swept her glance at him. “Second brother, please do not mess this up. This is something major and if it goes bad, don’t even think about being together!”

“Alright, alright.” Lu Yushu helplessly agreed.

Once they departed, Lu Yurong looked at Chu Li. “What do you think of my idea?”

Chu Li smiled and acknowledged. “Sounds good but are you really going to agree to them being together?”

He had a better idea which involved more complex planning but decided not to cut in to refrain from being nosey.

“What can I do if second brother likes her.” Lu Yurong sighed. “He is a Casanova, never really liked a girl. Now that he finally found the one, I will fulfill his wishes.”

“You should know that it will be troublesome.” Chu Li sighed.

To have a connection with the Holy Church of Light was a huge problem. Even if she could fake death to extricate herself, it was still unknown if it could stir up anything in the future.

Moreover, once the Ren Public House has a conflict with the Holy Church of Light, which side would Ji Ruyu take?

Lu Yurong slowly answered, “I can handle it!”

“Okay, but let’s hope that it doesn’t call on bigger roles to come,” Chu Li said, “You take care of your second brother.”

“As long as Ji Ruyu does not harbor disloyalty,” Lu Yurong responded.

Chu Li smiled. “Who would know the heart of a woman? Now her whole heart is on second young master. We could only wish second young master good luck to hold onto it.”

Lu Yurong pursed her lips into a smile. “Are you a tiny bit jealous that such a beauty is taken by my second brother?”

Chu Li grinned. “I do think that it’s like a beautiful young flower stuck on a pile of cow dung. A shame, it is!”