White Robed Chief Chapter 639

Chapter 639 Altar Leader

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It was deep into the night and the moonlight was as clear as day.

Ji Ruyu glided into one of the residences where the compound was brightly lit.

She trod near and saw the two in the hall. Her face instantly changed.

There sat two people in the hall, one was Fang Jing. His figure was long and lean and his complexion, as clear as jade. Under the light, he had the kindest features, thriving in spirit.

Sitting at his end was a middle-aged man, round-faced and short. The skin of his face was rough and uneven. His pair of eyes leaked of an edge.

Ji Ruyu’s face slightly changed when she saw that he was present. Throbbing in her heart, her thoughts turned quickly. She could not make use of the excuse prepared earlier.

It was fortunate that prior to her arrival, Lu Yurong had given two excuses to prevent such circumstances from happening.

At the moment she considered herself lucky. If it were not for Lu Yurong’s meticulous planning to think of an additional plan to hold in crucial times, she would think of one herself and that would end up with many loopholes. The one sitting in the hall was none other than altar leader, Hou Jingzong!

She softly coughed and responded with her sweet voice. “Altar leader Hou.”

“Come in,” Hou Jingzong said with a deep voice.

Ji Ruyu treaded into the main hall and curtseyed.

Fang Jing smiled. “Junior Ji, you’re finally here. I thought you couldn’t recognize your senior!”

Ji Ruyu peered at him and coldly blurted. “Senior Fang, you foiled my plan!”

Fang Jing was stunned. “That person next to you is the second young master of the Ren Public House, right?”

“That’s right!” Ji Ruyu nodded.

“When did you get with him? You never entertained men, don’t tell me you’ve fallen for him?” Fang Jing shook his head and burst into laughter. He spoke using a humorous tone of voice.

He did not believe it even for a minute.

Ji Ruyu had exquisite taste and gave a cold shoulder to those around her age within the church. She was always brushing men off and set no sights on them.

Furthermore, this Lu Yushu was only a profligate man. Apart from his good looks, he was empty inside. An airhead that was only good at the exterior but nothing in the interior. With the likes of Junior Ji, what could she possibly see in him!

Ji Ruyu responded, “You’re so smart, why would you do something like that?”

Fang Jing went blank and slowly nodded. He bitterly smiled. “Did I do something wrong?”

Now that he thought about it, it was indeed improper for him to do so. He was overtaken with emotions and acted on impulse.

That sort of action was inappropriate. Junior Ji clearly acted as though they were not acquainted and he should not have interfered. It was highly possible that she was onto something. He could have just looked for her after!

“I have originally penetrated the High Duke’s Public House but your show…” Ji Ruyu shook her head. “All my efforts are in vain, I can’t stay there another minute.”

“I mentioned that I was a disciple of the Feng Huang Mountain, it should be enough for a cover?” Fang Jing said in disbelief, “I see that Lu Yushu isn’t that clever.”

“Lu Yurong is back,” Ji Ruyu answered, “She has never believed me and is investigating me. Once you appear, they probably already found your residence. We have to leave quick!”

“Master?” Fang Jing looked towards Hou Jingzong who sat in silence.

Hou Jingzong darkened his face and dully replied, “What’s the rush!”

“Altar leader Hou, I’m afraid they’re after me,” Ji Ruyu said, “Lu Yurong is sharp and witty. She does not let the slightest suspicion slide. Moreover, I have obtained some news on the High Duke’s Public House.”

“What news?” Hou Jingzong asked.

Ji Ruyu hesitated.

Hou Jingzong said, “Relax, I wouldn’t hover over your little merit deed, would I?”

“This is top secret information,” Ji Ruyu answered, “I wish to personally deliver this to the saint.”

Hou Jingzong frowned. “You don’t trust me?”

Ji Ruyu shook her head. Her expression was fragile yet firm. “This is a matter of great importance and not to be leaked.”

“I think it’s just sheer fiction?” Hou Jingzong said, “Why the sudden sneak into the High Duke’s Public House? The Church did not ask this of you!”

Ji Ruyu sighed. “It’s actually a coincidence. I did not think of going there but to just pry some intel from the Green Hill Road. I then met the second young master of the High Duke’s Public House in a restaurant by chance. It was love at first sight for him so I went with the flow and entered the High Duke’s Public House. I gathered a lot of secret intel that can’t be pried from the outside.”

“How diligent of you.” Hou Jingzong nodded. “Quick-witted, not bad!”

He knew that Ji Ruyu refused to submit to the present role nor be inferior to men. She saw the chance and grabbed onto it tightly. To enter the High Duke’s Public House was a rare opportunity as entering was harder than one could imagine.

Fang Jing quickly added. “You’re too silly to enter the High Duke’s Public House this way!”

Ji Ruyu dully responded, “Relax Senior Fang. I can protect myself. I won’t let Lu Yushu near me.”

“That’s true.” Fang Jing nodded. “That airhead’s martial arts is too lame.”

“Altar leader, we need to leave as soon as possible,” Ji Ruyu said. “Lu Yurong cannot be underestimated. There are eyes and ears of the High Duke’s Public House around the city. She would probably be led here by now. We need to leave quickly. They’ll try to silence me.”

“It is said that Lu Yurong’s martial arts is not bad,” Hou Jingzong dully replied, “I wonder how so.”

“Altar leader Hou?” Ji Ruyu turned pale in fear. “You’re going to fight them?”

“No harm trying,” Hou Jingzong said.

Fang Jing smiled. “Master’s martial arts is the best, small fries like High Duke’s Public House is nothing!”

“But…” Ji Ruyu helplessly added. “Lu Yurong seems to have a friend around, his name is Chu Li.”

“Chu Li is here?!” Fang Jing exclaimed.

Hou Jingzong peered at him and dully responded, “Chu Li of King An’s Imperial Residence?”

“Yes,” Ji Ruyu said, “He is similarly sharp and witty. With him together with Lu Yurong, I can’t take cover much longer, so I left immediately. I wish to seek shelter with altar leader Hou to leave Green Mountain Town. I’m afraid that I’m unable to escape them alone!”

“Chu Li!” Hou Jingzong coldly smirked. “Then even the more we shouldn’t leave!… How about this, Fang Jing, you take Miss Ji and leave first!”

“Master, you’re staying?” Fang Jing immediately jumped in. “I wish to stay too!”

“You two are just a burden. I will hold them off for a while so that you can travel further,” Hou Jingzong answered, “Or else if they really catch up then it will be troublesome. The High Duke’s Public House has major influences. I might not be able to protect you.”

“… Yes, master.” Fang Jing could only nod in helplessness.

“I think it’s best if you all stay!” Suddenly, a clear crisp voice was heard.

A woman dressed in white glided and landed in the hall. A white gauze masked her face, revealing only her cold sparkling eyes. Her gaze was distant and cold, like a fairy not known to mortals.

“Lu Yurong?” Fang Jing blurted.

Lu Yurong’s distant eyes glared at Ji Ruyu. “You’re indeed suspicious. I didn’t think you’re a disciple of the Holy Church of Light!”

Ji Ruyu was expressionless and fell silent.

“Just commit suicide,” Lu Yurong dully declared, “I’ll save you some dignity and not force you on the information on the Holy Church of Light. It is also me saving some dignity for second brother.”

Ji Ruyu remained silent and did not meet her eyes.

Hou Jingzong coldly stated, “Humph, what tone!”

Lu Yurong looked towards Hou Jingzong. “Furthermore, who are you from the Holy Church of Light?”

“Hou Jingzong!”

“Hou Jingzong…” Lu Yurong dully replied, “You’re supposed to be famous?”

“My master is one of the Eight Directions Altar Leaders!” Fang Jing raised his voice.