White Robed Chief Chapter 640

Chapter 640 Killed On The Spot

Chapter 640: Killed on the Spot
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“One of the Eight Directions Altar Leaders? What is an altar leader here for? Don’t tell me you’re coming for our Ren Public House?” Lu Yurong’s prominent brows furrowed slightly.

Hou Jingzong deepened his voice. “You’re not worthy to ask what I am here for!”

Lu Yurong responded, “This is the region of our High Duke’s Public House, the House should know about any master that passes through. Your Holy Church of Light is acting all furtive. Which faction are you after and whose secret manual are you trying to snatch now?”

Hou Jingzong’s expression remained unchanged but his heart sank.

Stealing secret manuals was top secret and only patrols should know about it. Even the remaining masters of the Holy Church were unaware of the target, they only executed orders at the command of the patrols. Hence, this matter was most confidential.

This time the patrol was unsuccessful in his mission and lost a number of Grandmasters. Thus, he had received orders to investigate and see if it was the fault of the patrol.

Now it seemed that the matter surrounding them snatching secret manuals was leaked!

Lu Yurong smiled coyly. “Does Altar Leader Hou think that this matter is confidential and that no one is aware?”

“That’s right!” Hou Jingzong scoffed.

He wanted to clarify if it was an issue regarding the patrol or external reasons.

Lu Yurong continued, “Your Great Light Scripture is a combination of two scriptures. From your wild ambitions to nurture more Enlightened Masters, I can already tell what you are planning to do. You wish to gain all martial arts and cultivate them to acquired mastery. It was a fairly simple deduction. You have already laid your hands on the Crouching Bull Mountain and the Snow Lunar Pavilion, and through your earlier reaction, I can confirm that you are indeed snatching secret manuals.”

Hou Jingzong’s face instantly darkened.

He did not think that he would be taken aback by this little girl’s words such that he would lose his cool to the point where his expressions could be read.

She had tricked him!

Thinking about this, he was both embarrassed and frustrated. Hou Jingzong was one of the Eight Directions Altar Leaders, yet he had been fooled by a little uncultured girl. How embarrassing!

Lu Yurong continued, “Altar Leader Hou must be very angry and wish to fight, right?”

Hou Jingzong coldly smirked. “You’re so young yet so scheming. It is a path to self-destruction, so let me send you on your way today!”

“Will it be you sending me on my way, or the other way around? Come out!” Lu Yurong shook her head.

“Yes, young lady!” Voices called out as eight men dressed in black glided into the hall, blocking the door and windows.

Fang Jing’s expression changed slightly. He was cursing at himself for not acting more decisively. Now leaving would not be easy.

He could not help but look at Ji Ruyu. Ji Ruyu, on the other hand, had a completely different expression.

“Junior Ji, don’t panic. Master will surely find a way out for us!” Fang Jing lowered his voice.

Ji Ruyu sighed sorrowfully. “Even if we are able to get out of here, we wouldn’t be able to shake off their pursuit. They have too many men!”

“Master will find a way!” Shouted Fang Jing.

Lu Yurong chimed up, “Altar Leader Hou may have great martial arts but even if you can take me on, can you also take on a few more Grandmasters? It should be more than enough to have the remaining four Grandmasters handle Ji Ruyu and the rest, right? So, it’s best to not struggle… Have Ji Ruyu commit suicide and I will not enquire about the Holy Church of Light sneaking into my Green Mountain Hill. If not, all of you can die!”

With this, Hou Jingzong became certain that Ji Ruyu had obtained some top-secret information such that the Ren Public House needed to silence her.

If this was the case, it was all the more reason why Hou Jingzong could not let Ji Ruyu die. He had to take her back to the saint – surely then he would gain a major meritorious service award.

The eight men in black were all Grandmasters. Hou Jingzong sized them up and his face darkened by a few more shades. He turned to Fang Jing.

Fang Jing saw his master’s expression and knew what he intended to do. He smiled bitterly to himself but slowly nodded, gesturing that he understood.

Lu Yurong called out once more, “I see that you can’t be convinced until you’re faced with the grim reality. Since you want to test me, I’ll have to attack now!”

She lightly glided out a palm and pressed down.

Hou Jingzong hurled his palm outward in response.

“Bang!” The force of the wind surged forward as Lu Yurong’s white garment rippled angrily from the force. The white gauze covering her face fluttered.

She shook her head. “Altar Leader Hou, you are no match for us. Everyone, go!”

“Yes!” The eight responded. Four of them flung themselves at Hou Jingzong while the other four remained at the entrances.

“Bang bang bang bang…” Lu Yurong’s hand swiftly slammed a couple of times as energy from her palms shot outward. Meanwhile, Hou Jingzong was dodging, evading, receiving and at times, blocking.

The four Grandmasters were no wallflowers and, even with cultivation levels inferior to his, they charged ahead to engage in deadly close-range combat.

Hou Jingzong was swimming in the encirclement of these four Grandmasters but was still wary of Lu Yurong’s palm energy. The forces of her palm were peculiar, firm with yin and coldness, it could dangerously slow down his speed.

The battle between masters was fought on a thread between life and death.

Fang Jing drew his sword from its scabbard, spraying a slew of icy mist as he barged toward the other four Grandmasters.

Ji Ruyu stood there without making a move.

Hou Jingzong realized that he had underestimated the Ren Public House, and especially Lu Yurong. With her being so young, he did not expect her cultivation level to be the highest. This was mostly because of her strange inner energy which carried a terrifying presence.
If Hou Jingzong had not cultivated the Great Light Scripture, he would have frozen to death by now. Even so, his movement had slowed down considerably and he required more will to overcome her palm energy. If he knew about this earlier, Hou Jingzong would not have dragged out the fight. He would have killed her first.

It was too bad that he held back due to her identity and had missed the opportunity. Now killing her would not be so easy.

“Hu!” He suddenly leaped out of the encirclement and hurled a fist at Lu Yurong.

Lu Yurong took a step to the side and evaded the attack.

“Wham!” A clear fist print that was at least three inches deep was left imprinted in the wall.

Hou Jingzong was enraged. This little girl was extremely sneaky. She did not take his earlier accumulated energy attack. She must have seen right through it.

At this moment, Lu Yurong suddenly disappeared and shot towards Ji Ruyu.

“Bang!” Hou Jingzong leaped in front of her.

Lu Yurong grinned. “So, Altar Leader Hou believes you’re able to protect her?”

“With me around, you won’t be able to touch her!” Hou Jingzong declared.

“Let’s see about that! You’re thinking of taking her and running, leaving your disciple behind, am I right?” Lu Yurong challenged.

Hou Jingzong smirked. “Nonsense!”

In his mind, he was shocked.

This Lu Yurong’s wit preceded her reputation. She noticed that single gesture he made with his eye and had guessed his thoughts. A woman with such a mind was indeed terrifying. She had the bearing of a saint!

“Ji Ruyu must die today. You all must die too!” scoffed Lu Yurong.

“What arrogance! You little maggots wish to take me down? What a joke!” Hou Jingzong coldly blurted.

“What if there’s another one of us maggots? Chu Li, it’s your turn now!” Lu Yurong chuckled softly.

“Coming!” A clear voice was heard. A white figure flashed before Hou Jingzong’s eyes. His body tensed up and his inner energy increased the speed of its circulation as he cried out, “Be careful!”

Chu Li appeared behind Ji Ruyu. He smiled as he gently patted her back.

“Bop!” A crisp sound rang out, like the sound of a pebble falling into a deep well.

Ji Ruyu’s clear pupils widened. The light in her eyes faded as her body seemed to lose its structure. She became limp as she fell to the ground. Quiet and still.

Chu Li slowly retracted his right palm and smiled. “And the deed is done!”

“Ah——!” Fang Jing roared in rage, turning to hurl his sword at Chu Li like a maniac.