White Robed Chief Chapter 641

Chapter 641 Teased

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Chu Li shook his head and gently flicked his right palm. His right palm became phantasmal and attacked the long sword.

“Ding…” The sword flew away. Fang Jing’s body was paralyzed as though he had been hit by thunder.

Chu Li took another step forward, striking Fang Jing right in the chest.

With that, Fang Jing flew towards Hou Jingzong.

Hou Jingzong glided to catch him, then took a few steps in the air before making his way out of the hall.

The few steps in the air unloaded the pouring energy from Fang Jing’s body. He was amazed by the strength of this energy. If he were to take it, he may not even be able to win unless he unleashed the Secret Technique of Great Light.

Lu Yurong scoffed. “Ji Ruyu must die. Your lives will be spared. Let Ji Ruyu serve as an example the next time you decide to sneak into Green Mountain Town.”

Hou Jingzong stared intensely at Chu Li and coldly announced, “Chu Li, the Holy Church will not let this go easily!”

Chu Li smiled. “Your Holy Church wants to enter paradise, but it’s a shame that you can’t get what you wish for with me standing in your way. If you’re not afraid of death, then game on. I want to see if the Grandmasters in your Holy Church of Light are more numerous than I can handle!”

“Great! Great!” Hou Jingzong coldly nodded. He held Fang Jing and glided away.

“No need to go after them! You guys head back. Thank you for your hard work,” Lu Yurong ordered.

“Yes,” The eight Grandmasters answered before leaping away.

Lu Yurong looked at Chu Li and smiled. Their teamwork was impeccable.

Ji Ruyu had already consumed the secret medicine prior to arrival. It would need an hour to take effect.

Lu Yurong dawdled with her chit chat after she arrived to pass the time. Since the last step was the hardest to execute. It required calculated precise amounts of inner energy and permitted no slip-ups. Thus, it was handed over to Chu Li to carry out.

Lu Yurong approached Ji Ruyu and shook her head. “I’ve troubled you with my issues. With this, the Holy Church of Light will now hold a deeper grudge against you.”

Chu Li responded, “There’s just too much debt going on to be worried about it. The Holy Church of Light already hates me to the core, I don’t mind giving them one more reason.”

“Alright then, I owe you another one. Do we need to wait a little longer now?” replied Lu Yurong.

“He will return once more. We have revival pills and the sort. How can the Holy Church of Light not have the same?” answered Chu Li.

Lu Yurong sighed. “This Hou Jingzong is dangerous.”

Chu Li nodded.

Hou Jingzong’s cultivation level was high and far more powerful than any regular Grandmaster. If it were not for their teaming up and heavy scheming this time around, the ever-cautious Hou Jingzong would not have just focused on escaping.

If Hou Jingzong was dead set on killing them, less than half of the Grandmasters present would have been able to escape.

“We’ll have to use a secret skill the next time. Should I kill him?” Chu Li frowned.

“Leave it as is.” Lu Yurong shook her head.

She did not want to cause a huge conflict between the Holy Church of Light yet. Killing an altar leader was not like killing an ordinary master. The Holy Church of Light would surely seek revenge no matter what. The Ren Public House simply was not in the state to respond to the Holy Church of Light’s bloodlust.

Chu Li suddenly raised his voice, “However, since Altar Leader Hou is here anyway, why don’t you show yourself?”

Hou Jingzong glided forward and appeared in the hall. His composure was calm and cold, filled with killing intent.

They had predicted his movements again. This left him aggrieved, feeling as if he was an idiot, like a child in their eyes. These sort of people with superb martial arts that were his equal posed a huge threat. They must be dealt with.

Chu Li responded, “We guessed that Altar Leader Hou would not give up and wish to retrieve Ji Ruyu’s corpse in an attempt to revive her.”

“Have you thought about the outcome of killing a disciple of the Holy Church of Light?” Hou Jingzong asked coldly.

Chu Li nodded. “I have killed many of your disciples.”

Hou Jingzong exclaimed, “Chu Li, you best not be full of yourself! The Holy Church hasn’t had the time to go up against you. We will sooner or later come for you!”

“I see. So, you’re saying, rather than being a sitting duck, I should take the opportunity to up the stakes, right?” Chu Li smiled.

“I will take your life today!” declared Hou Jingzong.

Chu Li shook his head. “You wish to retrieve Ji Ruyu’s corpse.”

He extended his arm to grab Ji Ruyu and laughed out loud. “Let’s see how you do then. En garde!”

Chu Li shot towards Hou Jingzong like a blazing wind.

Hou Jingzong struck out with a fist.

“Bang!” Lu Yurong cast a palm which promptly clashed with his fist. Strong winds immediately rushed out from the impact.

Meanwhile, Chu Li had swept past Hou Jingzong and exited the hall.

“Where do you think you’re going!” Hou Jingzong yelled out in a rage.

Hou Jingzong could awaken Ji Ruyu with his secret skill as long as it was within six hours. However, once this time limit had passed, then there was nothing he could do. So, he needed to get Ji Ruyu’s corpse immediately.

Chu Li glided away with Hou Jingzong hot on his tail.

The two left Green Mountain Town one after the other, racing past the rivers and over the mountains, leaping on branches all the way.

Each time Hou Jingzong increased his speed, Chu Li accelerated even faster. The distance between them both did not decrease at all, leaving Hou Jingzong devastated.

Unknowingly, Hou Jingzong lifted his head to observe the moon in the night. He realized that four hours had passed, and they were still playing cat and mouse. As his cultivation level was high and long-lasting, he was trying to exhaust Chu Li of his inner energy.

Now it seemed it was naive to do so. Chu Li’s pulse was long-lasting as well, showing no sign of running out.

He would not be able to save Ji Ruyu if this continued. Hou Jingzong could only resort to demonstrating the secret skill.

A raging flame appeared within his body as his spirit was cast into a flame to forge into surging inner energy. His inner energy expanded four-fold, hastening his speed and appearing behind Chu Li in the blink of an eye.

Chu Li took one stride, increasing their distance apart by twenty feet. Then he took another step, increasing it by another twenty feet.

Hou Jingzong howled and his speed increased.

He became obsessed, refusing to believe that he would not be able to keep up with Chu Li.

The two were like phantoms gliding under the moonlight. Their figures could not be seen clearly as they flashed into the light briefly before disappearing a split second after.

Chu Li suddenly burst out laughing. “Altar Leader Hou, just how much longer is your life?”

“Even if I die, I will drag you down with me!” Hou Jingzong roared as he foamed at the mouth, increasing his speed once more.

Chu Li laughed. “Isn’t it a waste to throw your life aside? If I were you, I would return home. It’s just one person – this is Ji Ruyu, who is worthless to you. Why bother?”

As he said these words, Chu Li increased his speed as well, disappearing out of sight in a flash, blending into the faraway night skies.

Hou Jingzong immediately stopped in his tracks, calling off his secret skill.

His face was as pale as a sheet, as though he could collapse at any moment. Hou Jingzong immediately sat on the ground with his legs crossed.

It was easy to activate the secret skill of Great Light but difficult to halt it. Its consumption was massive, leaving his body fragile yet his blood boiling. He needed to recuperate.

Chu Li’s voice was heard behind him. “Altar Leader Hou, remember you owe me one life.”

Hou Jingzong hurriedly turned over and saw Chu Li standing twenty feet behind him, quietly looking at him from above.

“You…” Hou Jingzong’s face was glum.

Chu Li shook his head. “You better come up with something to take me and the Ren Public House out or else the next time we meet, your time is up. I mean what I say!”

After taunting him with these words, Chu Li vanished.

“Bang!” Hou Jingzong turned red with rage and smacked his palm to the ground. Dirt and dust went flying in the air.