White Robed Chief Chapter 642

Chapter 642 Crippled Again

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It was dawn when Chu Li returned to the backyard of the Ren Public House. Lu Yurong was sitting in a gazebo reading a book with a calm demeanor, the lamps were brightly lit and her maids in waiting had left.

Lu Yushu was pacing about outside the gazebo, full of anxiousness and insecurity.

After a few rounds, he stopped to enquire, “Little sis, that person with the surname Chu can be trusted, yeah?”

Lu Yurong’s eyes peered from above her book but her gaze quickly returned to her reading material. She ignored him.

Lu Yushu came to the gazebo and sat down. He picked up a cup and gulped down its contents. “If he holds a grudge and takes it out on Young Yu, I…”

“What would he do?” asked Lu Yurong.

“Would he hand Young Yu over to the other side?” Lu Yushu enquired.

Lu Yurong burst into laughter. “You think he’s that kind of person?”

“Humph, who knows! I don’t see eye to eye with him. He’s bad news. It’s better you distance yourself from him. Little sis, although you’re smart, he’s smarter.” Lu Yushu frowned.

Lu Yurong laughed. “So in your eyes, I’m no better than him?”

“You won’t stand a chance against him,” Lu Yushu lowered his voice, to the point where it was almost illegible.

“What did you say?” Lu Yurong narrowed her eyes.

Lu Yushu waved his arm. “Just pretend I didn’t say anything. Little sis, you must never let your guard down around him!”

“Alright, I will not,” Lu Yurong scoffed. “Father asked you to convey this to me, huh?”

“This…” Lu Yushu shifted uncomfortably. “I can’t fool little sis huh.”

Lu Yurong snorted. “If he has something to say, why can’t he say so himself?”

“He wouldn’t dare,” Lu Yushu muttered in a low voice. Watching Lu Yurong glare at him, he quickly began to smile. “Father said he is a man and that it is inappropriate. Anyway, no man is all good. Just be wary.”

“Tell him to care less!” Lu Yurong displeasingly replied.

Lu Yushu answered, “Alright, alright, I won’t bother you anymore, but this fella is not a good guy!”

“Yes, yes, he is a bad guy, worse than you,” Lu Yurong said in disdain. “If you can’t stay put then return to your courtyard. Don’t be an eyesore here.”

“Little sis, I’m just anxious. He’d surely come here first.” Lu Yushu smiled in embarrassment.

“Second Young Master Lu is talking bad about me again,” Chu Li’s voice was suddenly heard. He had appeared at the gazebo.

He placed Ji Ruyu onto the stone table.

Lu Yushu quickly ran over and looked at Ji Ruyu. He was filled with compassion as he ran his fingers across Ji Ruyu’s face. He quickly turned around. “Little sis, nothing out of the unexpected will happen, right?”

He had been on edge, in fear that something bad may happen.

Lu Yurong comforted him. “Relax, she will awaken tomorrow night. Take her back.”

“Okay,” Lu Yushu carefully lifted Ji Ruyu before leaving quietly.

Chu Li shook his head and laughed. “Such blind passion.”

“Mm, Second Brother really has changed. Let’s not talk about him, let’s talk about how we can eliminate King An.” Lu Yurong revealed a smile and then sighed.

She owed Chu Li big time, and thinking about it, she decided to help him come up with a plan to kill King An.

“With His Majesty around, we must control our actions to avoid involving the innocent. Unless I did not wish to live, in which case I could easily drag him to hell with me! Neither the Holy Church of Light nor Divine Church of Asura dares touch King An.” Chu Li shook his head and sighed.

He had thought of killing him with the hands of others, such as the Holy Church of Light or the Divine Church of Asura, but it was hard.

When the penalty was His Majesty’s brutal revenge, the Holy Church of Light may very well never appear in the Great Ji Dynasty ever again whilst the Divine Church of Asura would be uprooted.

Lu Yurong added, “If you become an Enlightened Master, killing King An would be easy peasy.”

Chu Li burst into laughter.

Lu Yurong smiled. “To go against His Majesty, I think it’s better to do so in the open or else there will be endless trouble in store. You have great endowments, who’s to say you can’t be an Enlightened Master!”

Chu Li fell deep into thought.

Lu Yurong continued, “If you want to kill with the hands of others, for example, if you wish to use the disciples of the Holy Church of Light to kill King An – it will just end up in you having to face two Enlightened Masters. That is an even more dangerous situation. You might as well wear a mask and kill King An then make a great escape.”

Chu Li smiled bitterly. “Escaping after killing King An?”

“As long as you can get to the Li Dynasty, then His Majesty cannot act. With your divine powers, it will be as easy as pumpkin pie,” said Lu Yurong.

Chu Li scoffed. “Escaping is not hard, but the young lady and the others will suffer the consequences.”

“The High Duke’s Public Houses will remain unharmed. His Majesty will not touch those of the High Duke’s Public Houses unless it is an issue of national betrayal.” Lu Yurong shook her head.

“If His Majesty becomes so desperate for revenge, then wouldn’t it be easy for him to have the High Duke’s Public Houses betray their nation?” Chu Li responded.

Lu Yurong commented, “Or you could squabble with the High Duke’s Public House then separate your ties. You can then kill King An.”

Chu Li frowned. “His Majesty won’t fall for something so simple.”

“Then becoming an Enlightened Master is the only option left on the table. Accumulate all the martial arts in the world and become an Enlightened Master or find an Enlightened martial arts study to cultivate to acquired mastery. By then, you need not be afraid of anyone. How carefree!” Lu Yurong smiled.

Chu Li grinned. “It looks like you’re interested in Enlightened Mastery, which is why you’re pushing me to seek death.”

“If you can become an Enlightened Master then I want in,” Lu Yurong retorted.

Her Empyrean Fairy Power may be awesome but it still stood no chance against Chu Li. With him around, the world’s number one spot would never be hers, much less Enlightened Mastery.

“It doesn’t work that way, I’m prepared to be conferred,” said Chu Li.

Lu Yurong glared at him. “Then we’ll see just who’s capable!”

King An exited the Nine Dragons’ Tripod Cauldron and paced about in a yard with his hands behind his back.

His Golden Lohan Power advanced by leaps and bounds. Naturally, the Golden Lohan Power was exquisite, more so when embodied through the Nine Dragons’ Tripod Cauldron.

Excessively cultivating in the Nine Dragons’ Tripod Cauldron for one day was equivalent to multiple days of other’s efforts. He estimated that in another month, he would be able to advance to another stage.

If he could advance to an additional stage, then he could be sure that he could defeat Chu Li!

He need not hire another master. He could finally depend on himself to take down Chu Li and torture him fully. Even if he wanted to die, he would not be able to do so.

King An never thought that he could cultivate this fast. The combination of the Nine Dragons’ Tripod Cauldron and Golden Lohan Power wielded unimaginable strength. This surprise must be kept for Chu Li such that he may fully embrace it, haha!

He stretched his body and let out a sigh of relief. Contemplating his future success of killing Chu Li with his bare hands, his eyes could not help but glimmer with excitement.

However, his face suddenly changed as he turned to push forth a palm.

With a rumble, distant thunder was heard from afar.

A man dressed in black appeared from the darkness as both their palms met.

King An’s body paused as he felt a wave of heat rush into his body. He instantly felt numb all over, losing control.

A distinct rumble was heard again as the man in black’s right palm met with his left palm.

King An gnashed his teeth as his eyes popped wide open. Rage burned in his eyes. This palm was a display of all his strength. Even so, his body went completely numb, to the point of paralyzation.

He could recognize that this was the person that dispelled him of his martial arts. He could recognize him even if he were blind sick and old. This was the bastard from the Amethyst Mountain!

“Rumble!” Another Heaven’s Thunder Palm marked his dantian.

King An opened his mouth wide. Hiccups echoed endlessly from his esophagus as he glared at the man in black in disbelief.

The man in black carried no expression. He only stared back at him with utmost seriousness.

“Wh… Why?” King An strenuously asked.

He felt the raging inner energy from his body leaking through his dantian. In a flash, his body was rendered powerless and could no longer sustain the weight of his body. His body went limp as King An collapsed to the ground.