White Robed Chief Chapter 644

Chapter 644 Trouble

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“Out of the way, I want to enter!” Xia Wei scoffed.

Qiao San was in a difficult position. “The Young Master is currently cultivating. It’s better not to disturb him. Miss Xia, why don’t you wait?”

“I want to enter now! Qiao San, are you going to stand in my way?” Xia Wei displeasingly declared.

Qiao San immediately answered, “Miss Xia, I dare not, but if I were to let you in, the Young Master will skin me alive. I hope Miss Xia can take pity on me and wait a while?”

“It’s useless to fake pity with me! He isn’t the hill master yet. How can it be this hard to see him?” Xia Wei was not the least bit pleased.

“You can see him once the Young Master is all done with his practice. I will not stand in the way then,” answered Qiao San.

Xia Wei snorted. “He’s not inside, is he?”

“Mm——? How could that be!” Qiao San was surprised but shook his head and smiled.

“Then I must take a look!” exclaimed Xia Wei.

Chu Li shook his head and listlessly sighed. “Let her in.”

“Yes, Young Master,” Qiao San responded.

Xia Wei kicked open the doors. Her beautiful face had a cold expression upon it.

Chu Li had tucked his sword back into the scabbard. He did not even bother to glance at her as he made his way to sit by the stone table. He lazily said, “Speak if something is on your mind.”

“Where were you the past few days? You weren’t here each time I came around!” Xia Wei questioned.

“In seclusion,” answered Chu Li.

“Where? More likely you went down the hill to fool around.” Xia Wei scoffed.

Chu Li peered at her. “It’s none of your business.”

“Do you know that when you’re not around, another disciple died!” exclaimed Xia Wei.

Chu Li frowned. “Impossible!”

He has already scared Liu Yunxin away and killed the disciples of the Holy Church of Light. The underlings of Liu Yunxin should not be this numerous or so bold.

Moreover, Hou Jingzong was here to investigate around the Ren Public House at Green Mountain Town. Liu Yunxin should not be far from there. It was quite a distance away, so she could not have possibly killed anyone here.

“He’s clearly dead, so why is it impossible! What did you say before? You will guide those disciples to leave the mountain? But look at what happened! When you’re needed, you’re not around!” Xia Wei coldly smiled.

Chu Li took a deep breath. “Where’s the corpse?”

“You wish to apologize? What’s the point of apologizing now? You should have done something!” Xia Wei coldly snorted.

Chu Li answered, “I wish to check out the wounds.”

“… You’re cold-blooded! Don’t you have any semblance of guilt?” Xia Wei gnashed her teeth and glared at him hatefully.

“What’s the point of having guilt? Bring me to see the corpse!” Chu Li coldly glanced at her.

“… Okay, I want to see what you can tell of it!” Xia Wei scoffed.

Chu Li waved his arm. “Lead the way and stop with the nonsense!”

Xia Wei gave him a death stare. She then turned and left.

Chu Li followed. Qiao San immediately asked, “Young Master, should I follow?”

He felt that he should not be bothering them during their time alone. Although the air between them was tense, it still was an opportunity to build their relationship.

“Let’s go.” Chu Li sneered.

The trio entered a courtyard and immediately saw the young man’s body. Chu Li took a few good looks before turning and leaving. He returned to his courtyard without saying a word.

Xia Wei followed him closely. She arrogantly smiled after he entered the courtyard, “How do you feel? If you pathed the way, Senior Ning would not have died!”

Chu Li nodded.

Xia Wei scoffed. “If you really were in seclusion, then there’s nothing we can do about it. But you left to fool around!”

“What do you know! It’s not those people. This was done by someone else.” Chu Li impatiently frowned.

“Mm——?” Xia Wei was not convinced as she stared at him.

Chu Li suddenly turned. “Qiao San, have Elder Murong and Elder Xia come over.”

“Yes, Young Master.” Qiao San quickly nodded and left in a scurry.

Chu Li’s finger lightly tapped onto the table surface, frowning deeply.

Xia Wei spared no time to ask, “Who did it?”

“Let’s talk in a bit,” Chu Li’s answered.

Xia Wei was not satisfied. “What suspenseful game are you playing. Just spit it out already!”

“I can’t be bothered to repeat myself.” sighed Chu Li.

Xia Wei glared hatefully at him. Then, she took a deep breath. Her voluptuous chest dramatically puffed up and down as she swallowed her pride, and all the curses she wanted to throw.

Murong Chun and Xia Liyan soon hurried over.

When Xia Liyan saw Xia Wei, he chuckled. “Young Wei, you’re here too.”

Xia Wei cried out in dissatisfaction when she saw Xia Liyan’s expression, “Father, I’m not here to see him but to reprimand him. Another senior died because of him. It’s his fault!”

“Don’t get caught up by it. It is also our mistake, we should have personally escorted him.” Xia Lide shook his head.

Chu Li pointed at the stone table. “Please sit.”

Murong Chun and Xia Lide did not look too comfortable.

They were indeed unhappy with Chu Li. It was already agreed that they should call him if anyone wanted to leave the mountain, yet he could not be found. Hence, a disciple had died from his negligence. They regretted the incident and at the same time were unhappy with Chu Li’s indiscreet tone.

But this matter was also a result of their carelessness. They did not personally escort the disciple down the mountain so even if they wanted the blame him, they knew they carried part of the sin.

“We have a major issue,” announced Chu Li.

Murong Chun and Xia Lide were flabbergasted.

“Young Master, what do you mean?” asked Murong Chun.

Chu Li continued, “He was struck with the Shura Palm, a martial art unique to the Asura.”

“Shura Palm… Asura?!” their expressions changed.

They had heard of the famous Asura but had never seen them before. Although yet to be seen, they knew how powerful they were.

Chu Li nodded. “Have you heard of the news that there’s a Divine Church of Asura and its followers were Asura?”

The duo immediately shook their heads.

The Crouching Bull Mountain had concealed itself recently, limiting its contact with the outside world. Thus, they quickly lost touch with the happenings of the martial arts world.

Chu Li explained, “Whether it was a lone Asura or the Divine Church of Asura, it is very problematic! Isn’t the hill master about to leave seclusion, let him decide on the matter!”

“Young Master, why would the Asura come here? It doesn’t make sense!” Murong Chun frowned.

Chu Li replied, “There’s no reason to how they function. We may bump into him at any given moment… In any case, it’s better to leave the mountain less from now on.”

“Young Master, we need to leave the mountain tomorrow. We have to take care of the accommodation and livelihood of our disciples, we can’t just coop ourselves up here.” Murong Chun helplessly sighed.

“… Alright then, I will follow,” answered Chu Li.

Murong Chun revealed a smile as Xia Lide let out a sigh of relief.

They felt pressured each time it was time to leave the mountain in fear of receiving bad news. They were always afraid of disciples dying, and last time around their worst fears had been realized.

Xia Wei sneered. “Would having you follow guarantee there’d be no problem?”

“No, I can only say that before he kills any disciples, he has to go through me first!” Chu Li listlessly answered.

“Humph, finally something,” commented Xia Wei.

Xia Lide frowned as he glared at Xia Wei. This sentence revealed how merciless she was toward the Young Master. How could she win his heart?

Chu Li waved his arm. “Go about your matters, I still need to practice my sword.”

Murong Chun and Xia Lide got up and closed fist saluted. They then turned and left.

Qiao San sent them to the door with reverence.

Xia Wei coldly smiled as she gave Chu Li an angry glance. She then left together with the other two.

“Young Master…” After Qiao San returned to the courtyard, he cautiously mentioned, “The two elders are the hill master’s left and right-hand men. They still have a voice.”

“What are you trying to say?” Chu Li glanced at him.

Qiao San shrunk his body as he gritted his teeth. “It’s better to be more respectable to them. We still need to depend on them to speak well of Young Master.”

“There’s no need for that!” Chu Li scoffed.