White Robed Chief Chapter 645

Chapter 645 Disdain

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Qiao San said, “Young Master…”

Chu Li looked at him lazily. “What they say doesn’t matter!”

“Even if so, the leader might be affected. The leader always treated you… without the help of those around him, I am afraid he might not choose you!” Qiao San replied.

Chu Li responded calmly, “Relax, he will choose me.”

“This…” Qiao San shook his head.

Chu Li smiled. “You go and do your task. You will follow me down the mountain tomorrow!”

“Alright,” Qiao San answered.

The next morning, Chu Li brought a group of people down the mountain.

He was riding a horse and most of the disciples came and looked at him. He ignored them and either rested on the horse or talked with Qiao San.

Zhuge Tian had gained some fame. The disciples saw how strong he was and changed their views on him.

No one dared to get near someone so skilled and full of pride like him, as they only dared look from afar.

Initially, when he was weak the others thought he was anti-social to hide his weakness. Everyone laughed at him inwardly. However, now that they had seen how strong he really was, they no longer looked at him that way. They felt that someone skilled like him had the right to be anti-social, as the strong always had eccentric attitudes, so it became acceptable to them.

They looked at him with envy and admiration.

The morning soon turned to night and the trip was smooth. Thankfully, no masters ambushed them. Chu Li felt relieved as he returned to his house.

Seems like those in the Divine Church of Asura were not targeting the Crouching Bull Mountain in particular and the previous attack was just a coincidence. However, they somehow managed to come to the mountain. Have they not already been eliminated by the Tempest Temple?

If the temple failed and the disciples from the divine church managed to escape, that will be bad news. A random disciple will cause enough chaos among normal men, and it will be hard to estimate how many people he would kill. It was time to talk to Fa Yuan.

Qiao San suddenly came running in and said excitedly, “Young Master, the leader has finished his isolated cultivation!”

“Alright. If he is out then let him be.” Chu Li sat on his rocking chair and continued to relax.

The whole courtyard was painted red by the setting sun.

Qiao San continued, “If he has come out from his cultivation, it means that his power has improved significantly. Maybe he will lift the ban… More importantly, Young Master, your time has come!”

Chu Li replied lazily, “What time has come?”

Qiao San was excited as he answered, “The leader must be ready to pick his heir. Young Master your chance is here!”

“His heir? I am not his heir?” Chu Li laughed.

“You were supposed to be, but… The leader said you are not qualified to lead the mountain, so you are not the heir.” Qiao San shook his head.

“I see… Fine then. I don’t see the point of being a leader,” Chu Li said.

“Young Master, this was the outcome your mother was hoping for!” Qiao San added.

Chu Li looked at him.

Qiao San continued, “Your mother was the daughter of the previous mountain leader. If your mother didn’t get married to your father, he might not be the mountain leader today. That’s why the next leader must be you, Young Master. If someone else is chosen, your mother will not be able to take it even in her death!”

“Alright then, I will try. But I won’t just beg him relentlessly. I am so skilled in martial arts, it will be stupid for him not to choose me!” Chu Li replied.

“Ah… The leader has a deep misunderstanding toward you, Young Master. Regardless of how strong you are, he might not agree to it!” Qiao San shook his head.

“Hmm… Just wait and see. We are not in a hurry,” Chu Li retorted.

“…Yes.” Qiao San nodded helplessly.

Chu Li looked at the situation in the main hall through his Omniscient Mirror.

“Mountain leader!” Murong Chun and five others gave a fist salute toward a middle-aged man sitting on the main seat.

The man, Zhuge Feng, was tall and big. He was extremely intimidating and his face was fierce. He waved his hand. “Take a seat. Don’t need to be so polite!”

Everyone sat down.

Murong Chun described everything that happened after Zhuge Feng went into isolated cultivation.

Zhuge Feng raised his eyebrow as his face turned sour. “Bunch of assholes, I will not let them get away!”

“Leader, what was their true intention?” Murong Chun asked curiously.

Zhuge Feng replied angrily, “They want me to surrender our martial art to them.”

“What?!” Everyone was shocked.

Zhuge Feng continued, “I will never say yes, but I can’t defeat that lady. All I could do was train as hard as possible in my isolated cultivation. Fortunately, my power has increased now, and I am no longer afraid of her!”

“Congratulations, leader!” Everyone gave him a fist salute.

Murong Chun smiled. “Congratulations, leader. Those people had been taken care of by Young Master. He killed six grandmasters and made the lady run in fear – she hasn’t appeared since!”

“What? Wait, who killed those six grandmasters?” Zhuge Feng replied immediately.

“Young Master. Leader, there’s no way you knew he had learned such powerful martial arts, right?” Murong Chun replied with a smile.

“Powerful martial arts? Him? Impossible!” Zhuge Feng waved his hand and laughed.

Murong Chun retorted, “Leader, it has been a while since you last saw Young Master, right?”

“Hmph, what is the point of seeing the useless piece of crap! If he is not my son, I would have killed him with a slap!” Zhuge Feng replied.

Murong Chun stared at the ground. “Leader, Young Master is no longer the same Young Master from the past!”

“What kind of improvement can he have gone through? He’s a piece of rubbish!” exclaimed Zhuge Feng.

“Young Master is now very skilled in his martial arts. The lady couldn’t even handle him. So that means you might lose to Young Master,” Murong Chun quietly said.

“Haha…” Zhuge Feng started to laugh.

Murong Chun and Xia Liyan looked at him helplessly while the others just smiled.

He laughed for some time before shaking his head. “Murong, when did you learn to say such jokes.”

Xia Liyan replied, “Leader, he is telling the truth.”

Zhuge Feng raised his eyebrow.

If one person said it, he could take it as a joke. But now that two elders had said it together, most likely they were telling the truth.

“You guys claim that he is very strong?” Zhuge Feng asked.

Everyone in the hall nodded.

Zhuge Feng became serious. “Alright then, I want to see it for myself. Someone, go and bring the bastard over!”

“Yes,” a blue-shirt teenager replied immediately before leaving the hall.

After some time, the teenager came back alone.

“Where is he?” Zhuge Feng asked.

The teenager replied helplessly, “Leader, Young Master doesn’t want to come.”

“He refused? This bastard is getting bolder!”

Murong Chun piped up, “Leader, how about we go find him!”

Zhuge Feng waved at him. “No, no!”

He turned to the teenager. “You go and tell him. If he doesn’t come over here today, I will break his leg!”

“Yes,” the teenager replied and rushed out again.

Everyone looked at Zhuge Feng.

“Ah… Leader, you should know about the Young Master’s temper. It’s more effective to treat him kindly rather than force him. Why must you fight with him, all we need to do is go and see him,” Murong Chun advised.

“Bastard, how dare he show his temper toward me, I will break his leg today regardless! No one is to stop me. If not, don’t beg me for mercy later!” Zhuge Feng became angry and fumed.

“Leader, I think Young Master can become the next person to lead the mountain,” Murong Chun said.

Xia Liyan agreed, “Yes!”

“You two are seriously ill! Is it because you guys have been so busy recently?” Zhuge Feng shook his head.

“Leader! Young Master really has changed!” Murong Chun said.

“No one can change their character so quickly!” Zhuge Feng replied.