White Robed Chief Chapter 646

Chapter 646 Refused To Meet

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After a moment, the teenager walked back limping on an injured leg. He gave a fist salute with an awkward smile.

Zhuge Feng stared at his leg and asked, “What happened?”

The teenager replied helplessly, “Leader, this is nothing. I fell accidentally.”

“Little Tang, you are getting more capable now I see. You can injure your own leg to this degree by accidentally falling. Where did all your training go?” Zhuge Feng said, “Tell me the truth!”

Little Tang shook his head and said, “Leader, I really fell.”

Murong Chun stepped forward and grinned. “Little Tang, even a three-year-old can see through your lies. Why can’t you just tell the truth?”

“Elder Murong, this is just a misunderstanding!” Little Tang was shocked and looked at Zhuge Feng. His face turned red as he spoke, “I am not that smart.”

Murong Chun sighed. “Tell us, what actually happened?”

“This was… done by Young Master,” Little Tang said softly as he stared at the ground.

Zhuge Feng took a deep breath. “That brat hit you?”

Little Tang replied helplessly, “I repeated your words to him. He said if you want to break his leg, he will break mine first.”

“Then you just let him hit you? You can’t even beat trash?” Zhuge Feng retorted.

Little Tang smiled awkwardly. “Leader, he is really too strong. His attack was so fast I couldn’t even react or escape from there.”

He knew that if he repeated what the leader said, Young Master would go crazy and beat him. He made up his mind that if the situation turned sour, he would run immediately.

However, he felt a sharp pain in his right leg before he even finished his sentence. It was kicked with such force that it almost broke.

He could not see how the Young Master had hit him, so it was impossible for him to react and evade.

Zhuge Feng stared at him. “You are also a piece of trash!”

Little Tang looked down in disgrace.

Murong Chun laughed and said, “Leader, Young Master is not the old Young Master, so you cannot treat him the same way as you did before.”

“Bullshit! Everything can be changed easily except for one’s personality. I know what kind of person he is!” Zhuge Feng exclaimed.

“You never really understood Young Master. Alright, let me go and talk to him.” Murong Chun shook his head.

“Alright, go ahead. See if you can get him here!” Zhuge Feng said.

“Wait for my good news, leader.” Murong Chun smiled and gave a fist salute.

Zhuge Feng waved his hands and turned around. He did not want to deal with this anymore.

Murong Chun walked slowly toward Chu Li’s courtyard and saw Qiao San guarding the door.

When he saw Murong Chun walking toward him, Qiao San took a step forward and blocked his path as he looked at him helplessly.

Murong Chun raised his eyebrow and said, “Qiao San, you are an old man. Young Master is showing his temper, do you want to act recklessly too? Don’t you know to try and talk to him? What’s the point of showing your loyalty now?”

Qiao San smiled awkwardly. “Elder Murong, I tried to talk to him. But you know very well that there is no way he will ever listen to me.”

“Useless, let me try!” Murong Chun waved his hand dismissively and ordered him to move.

Qiao San did not budge and shook his head. “Young Master told me that he is training in isolation. He refuses to see any visitors.”

“You–! You want to stop me?” Murong Chun’s expression became serious.

“Elder Murong, if I don’t stop you, I am afraid he might break my leg. Please don’t make it hard for me, Young Master’s no means no. Come another day,” Qiao San pleaded.

“The leader is angry now. If he doesn’t see him today, their relationship will worsen!” Murong Chun responded.

Qiao San sighed. “You know how bad Young Master’s temper is. Even nine bulls couldn’t change his mind. If he says no then it’s best to just wait.”

“The leader has the same temper! Father and son acting like enemies. Damn…” Murong Chun replied.

Qiao San shook his head sadly. “No matter what, I cannot let you enter, Elder Murong!”

Murong Chun stared at him and growled, “Then I will need to use brute force!”

Qiao San nodded immediately and smiled. “Elder Murong, if you beat me then I will have an excuse.”

He could not wait for it. He was not so strong that Young Master could blame him if that happened.

Murong Chun scoffed loudly as he refused to get baited. If he really did that, Young Master would channel his anger toward him.

“Young Master! Young Master! I am Murong Chun!” Murong Chun suddenly started yelling.

Chu Li replied lazily, “Qiao San, let Elder Murong in!”

“Sure!” Qiao San answered immediately.

He moved away with a smiled and bowed. “Elder Murong, please–!”

Murong Chun ignored him as he quickly pushed the door open and walked toward Chu Li.

Chu Li was lying on his chair. He waved at him as a sign of greeting.

Murong Chun gave him a fist salute. “Young Master, the leader is asking for your presence. Why did you refuse to go?”

Chu Li replied lazily, “I don’t want to see his face!”

“Young Master! This is preposterous!” Murong Chun said.

Chu Li started to laugh. “Why? Why can’t I retaliate when he gets angry at me?”

“No matter what, the leader is still…” Murong Chun said.

Chu Li replied, “You want to say that he is still my father and I am his son, right?”

Murong Chun nodded.

Chu Li continued, “Is he a qualified father? If he doesn’t act like one, why must I act like an obedient son? Elder Murong, you don’t need to try and convince me anymore. I will never go because I don’t have the intention to see his old face!”

“He is not that old, right?” Murong Chun asked.

Chu Li replied angrily, “He is old enough, just not dead! … You go back and tell him this. Ask him to stay as far away from me as possible!”

Murong Chun looked at him helplessly.

Chu Li was acting according to Zhuge Tian’s true personality and following his heart. If this was the real Zhuge Tian, he would not dare to be so ridiculous. Zhuge Tian would act like a cornered mouse when facing Zhuge Feng.

However, now that Chu Li had taken Zhuge Tian’s place, he chose to do whatever he felt like. His martial art skills had improved substantially, so it was alright to be a little reckless.

Murong Chun looked at him as he felt the onset of a headache. Their relationship was terrible, but he never knew it was to the point of hatred.

If this continued, it would be hard for Young Master to become the leader. The leader would not agree to make him the heir and would not be swayed just because he is his son.

“Young Master, you don’t want to become the leader?” Murong Chun sighed.

Chu Li replied, “Why would I? No one dares to touch me as it is. I will have more freedom if I am not the leader!”

“As a man, what is the point of all your skill if you’re not holding any power?” Murong Chun asked.

“So what if I have power, I can still be killed with a sword. Elder Murong, you don’t have to continue. I will not change my mind and I will never see him!” Chu Li responded.

“Ai… This is your best chance to prove yourself. Actually, he was quite happy to know that you have become stronger.” Murong Chun shook his head helplessly.

“He is happy? What does it matter to me? Elder Murong, please!” Chu Li laughed.

Murong Chun saw how he was behaving and realized that it would be pointless to continue trying to persuade him. He would never listen to anyone. He had inherited this trait from his father.

Thus, he gave him a fist salute and left.